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Politics in the Spam

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posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 11:47 PM
We all get tons of spam for Viagra, porn, software etc. I started looking at the headers on this email after someone wrote an artical about the fact that spammers were using a strange form of random poetry in spam to foil the filters. Two political consiracies came out of this in the last few days.
A few months back I started watching one company that sent me spam on a regular basis. I traced it back two a group of companies in the Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Miami areas. These companies are large operations, and it appears that Jeb Bush and the politicians down there are not interested in stopping them. I back-tracked to the company that handles the media content creation and emailed the web hosting contact there to see if they could remove my email addy. The spam stopped immediately and ceased until just after the election and when noticed an email from a republican bragging about all the red on the map, You all probably got this email since I know several people that did. When I examined the headers on this email, there it was again, the same people out of the Miami area sending politcal propaganda through spam. I noticed that the links were to the rightwing NewsMax website. This is where the second part of the conspiracy started, whois revealed the contacts for newsmax are in West Palm Beach go figure.
Too many lines cross this region. Link to WhoIs search below

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