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Anonymous Hack Philippine Disaster Website ahead of Deadly Typhoon

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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 07:39 PM
I think fox news manage to discredit themselves about any knowledge about anonymous. I mean, exploding vans! LOL

Anyone remember this? hahaha.

But seriously, anonymous for the most part is not aggressive against people and wouldn't (for the most part) do something that could kill people.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 07:52 PM
Some anons are jerks and some are heroes... they're also scapegoats. If a local group to the Philippines was gaining notoriety and popularity, it only makes sense to pin something ugly on them... or they could just be jerks. That's pretty horrific for a person or persons to do though.

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 03:24 AM
reply to post by evarei

might have been the CIA 'anonyous' group

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 03:42 AM
Just doesn't seem like their normal MO.

Latest Anon Actions:

Beginning in January 2011, Anons took a number of actions known initially as Operation Tunisia in support of Arab Spring movements.

In Operation Egypt, Anons collaborated with the activist group Telecomix to help dissidents access government-censored websites.

Tflow, Sabu, Topiary, and Ryan Ackroyd (known as "Kayla") collaborated in February 2011 on a cyber-attack against Aaron Barr, CEO of the computer security firm HBGary Federal, in retaliation for his research on Anonymous and his threat to expose members of the group.

Several attacks by Anons have targeted organizations accused of homophobia. In February 2011, an open letter was published on threatening the Westboro Baptist Church, an organization based in Kansas in the US known for picketing funerals with signs reading "God Hates Fags"

In August 2012, Anons hacked the site of Ugandan Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi in retaliation for the Parliament of Uganda's consideration of an anti-homosexuality law permitting capital punishment.

In April 2011, Anons launched a series of attacks against Sony in retaliation for trying to stop hacks of the PlayStation 3 game console.

When the Occupy Wall Street protests began in New York City in September 2011, Anons were early participants and helped spread the movement to other cities such as Boston.[11] In October, Anons attacked the website of the New York Stock Exchange while other Anons publicly opposed the action via Twitter.[89] Anonymous also helped organize an Occupy protest outside the London Stock Exchange on May 1, 2012

Anons launched Operation Darknet in October 2011, targeting websites hosting child pornography

On January 19, 2012, the US Department of Justice shut down the file-sharing site Megaupload on allegations of copyright piracy. Anons responded with a wave of DDoS attacks on US government and copyright organizations, shutting down the sites for the RIAA, MPAA, Broadcast Music, Inc., and the FBI.

In response to Operation Pillar of Defense, a November 2012 Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip, Anons took down hundreds of Israeli websites with DDoS attacks.

On 5 November 2013, Anonymous protesters gathered around the world for the Million Mask March, Demonstrations were held in 400 cities [1] around the world including Washington D.C., London, Rio De Janeiro and Tokyo to coincide with Guy Fawkes night.

Wiki Anon

This latest one just doesn't seem to fit their pattern.

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 05:33 AM
reply to post by mOjOm

Also a few notable moments:

- Anonymous fought against the cruelty of the cult of Scientology and released information about the cult. This lead to Scientology being banned in a few countries.
- Anonymous also found and had a few people arrested after they committed gruesome crimes against kittens.
- Anonymous was heavily involved in OWS

I don't really remember much else. There's no evil M.O. Anonymous is about free speech and against tyrants in general. But, it's not organized and there are no real groups. There are some groups that are formed from time to time during a hacking / raid / DDoS but that's about it. It's not like you can raise your hand and ask to be a part of it. You either are or you're not.

But if we're just talking about /b/, then it's usually a bunch of people trying to one-up each other by posting stupid stuff, nothing too fancy but sometimes there are legendary moments like solving crimes or worse, when someone talks about a crime they are committing. I haven't been there in many years but it's probably the same.
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posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 06:16 AM
msm reporting 275 mph winds from the typhoon. worst since 1069. Just terrible, I am going over to Art Bells site to see what he has to say as they have family and friends over there.

Bless this situation.

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by mOjOm

Ah, but how do you know any of that was Anonymous and not just some other group of cowards who chose to remain anonymous?

Anyway, the hacking of the Philippine Govt websites ties in with other activities in SE Asia also by cowards claiming to be the Anonymous Group

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by AndyMayhew

How do I know?? That's what ya wanna know??? How do I know?!?!?!

Because.........I'm Batman!!!

No, you're correct I don't know obviously who is actually doing what when it comes to Anon since as we all know that is the point after all.

Maybe what I should have said is that if this story is actually correct it doesn't seem to be the typical pattern that fits Anon so far. I just don't see why the same people who typically hack for reasons of "helping the common person" and/or "fighting against the power structures for abuse of power" would all of a sudden do something that might put others in harms way.

But what do I know...........I don't have a Batcave..........Damnit!!

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 05:48 PM

Just like any other group if it was Anonymous members they will make a statement saying they were acting on their own and the hack does not constitute an action of the group.

I believe it was either a different group of people or an accident. They did not attack the actual site (if I am reading this correctly) they attacked the db that housed the data. Which could house data for other things too and it was just an "innocent bystander"

I believe this would be placed under the category of "collateral damage"

I don't see anon being a group to harm infrastructures utilized by everyday people for their own benefit, at least not knowingly.

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by Vortiki

Sure they do. Sony ring a bell? Epilepsy support webpage? Off the top of my head.

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