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Two UFOs in my adulthood that I thoroughly could not explain

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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 11:02 AM
It seems the standard before ranting on about UFOs is to introduce ones belief system and elaborate on ones intent in offering their experience.

In respect to this; I'm a firm believer that there is life that exists beyond our planet. In my opinion, it is also feasible that a race 'alien to earth' could establish the technologies required to come and go on a whim. This being said; I also feel that until this is proven or disproven, it is everyone's duty to coalesce their sightings and other data in an effort to ensure the possibility that we come to a conclusion some day, as to what is flying around over our heads at mach 2 million, and maneuvering tighter than an average dragonfly.

Before I go into my experiences, I must apologize for a lack of photo or video evidence, but can attest to the validity of the statements to follow due to the level of coherence and clarity in each situation. The stories aren't entirely unbelievable, but perhaps negatable if over-examined.

Likely my first memorable sighting:
I was house sitting for a boss/friend of mine in a semi-rural town in the area. This was a little over a year ago, so I would assume I was 25 at the time. The town is effectively at the end of a peninsula, that on the north side has a large bay, and on the south side steep cliffs that meander the coastline down to one of the finest beaches on the pacific west coast. Location is likely not super relevant, but perhaps.

I was sitting outside of my 'friends' home on his porch, smoking a cigarette with nearly as much focus as I had on the sky overhead. For some reason I was particularly enthralled with the stars this evening, as it was a clear night in a dimly-lit area.

I observed a couple of satellites, perhaps the space station ( no telescope handy ), saw a couple of planes, and then something of interest caught my eye.

As I was trying to take it all in; what I can only describe as an orange light, came into view to the south-west of where I was. It appeared to me that it was outside the atmosphere - just based on the brightness and size of the object, but what really got me staring was it's trajectory.

To say that it was 'wobbling', would probably be an invalid statement - as at that distance your eyes will play tricks on you, but I can say for sure that it was not moving in a 'straight' line. My best guess, is that the object was in some sort of a spiral - The object was moving 'horizontally' across the sky, from south to north, but it's 'vertical' position from my point of view was changing rapidly - my best explanation of the path I saw was that of a very short wavelength, if you can picture such a thing.

The time it took the object to move from where I initially sighted it ( maybe 20% of the way across the horizon ) to the time it took for it to disappear over the horizon, was about 30-45 seconds. My relatively educated guess is that the space station doesn't move that quickly.

I've since looked for it every time I look at the stars, and never seen anything like it since.

My second memorable sighting:
The exact timing of this incident I can't recall, but it was shortly before or after the incident mentioned above, and occurred while I was driving to the same town I mentioned above.

On this drive there are about 8 very long straight-aways, all paralleled by farmland and cattle. There are no street-lights, very few turnouts to said ranches, and one road that will take you off path toward a neighboring city.

Where this sighting occurred, is about a mile out of the last city ( the largest one in the area ) - there are a couple of locations in this stretch where large power lines pass overhead - like the 200 foot kind.

I was driving along at about 55-60 miles an hour, when off to the right I noted a bright light over one of the fields, and if I recall properly not too far from the power lines, and at perhaps the same elevation. As soon as I saw the light I started to slow down and reach for my phone to take pictures; as it had definitely sparked some curiosity at this point...

I had been staring at the object for a few seconds while stumbling around for my phone, when I realized that not only was this object odd in the respect that it was pointing a giant spotlight at me, but also that it wasn't really moving... like at all.

My first instinct was a maintenance helicopter doing work on the line - but at night, this seems silly, and helicopters 'bob about' a little - even when just hovering.

I was still slowing down when I realized that there were cars starting to catch up to me and I better get back up to speed, so I did so, and started recollecting the image of what I had just seen in my head, trying to verify again that I had seen what I had.

It took about two minutes, before I looked in my rear view mirror again, to realize that there were no more cars behind me.

Three options... 1. They saw the light themselves and stopped; 2. They got abducted
; 3. They turned onto a ranch. My inclination is toward the first and the third.

I've since driven the road a hundred times, and every time I look out that way, hoping to see a set of football stadium lights or something. There is no such structure.

All said and done, these are probably two of my most memorable experiences, as unexciting as they may be, but experiences none the less. Hope someone enjoys the read.

Cheers gents.

posted on Jun, 13 2014 @ 01:03 PM
Activity bump for comments? Or that boring?

a reply to: DigitalJedi805

posted on Jun, 13 2014 @ 03:10 PM
a reply to: DigitalJedi805

The first sounds like a large satellite in low orbit which may have been rotating, and you were seeing reflections from different points.

There are non-public surveillance satellites (signals) which have some very large inflatable reflectors.

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