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XBox One or PS 4...or Steambox...or Alienware x51...

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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 08:16 AM
reply to post by finitedualities

Tho not the majority, there are many PS3 games that are native 1080p. PS3 had the potential but did not have developers wasting time and money making 1080p quality games esp when they can make 720p and cross platform with xbox360.

posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by luciddream

That's why Steam has more unique users than MS? Look, it's funny enough that you still play games like a ten year old child, but to justify it through lies, ignorance, and outright deception is hilarious. It's easy enough to find an equal build...all the parts are over 2 years old. Shocking, yes? Want me to Google that for you, since you lack enough tech knowledge to play games without papa Sony telling you what you can and can't do? Want me to screenshot the delicious sales we are getting in a couple of weeks? How about the even better deals we get around X-mas, while you plebs will shell out $70+ per game because the big-wig companies know you don't realize the rip-off? I'll bet some Star Citizen shots will suffice (read:consoles will never get this game, because their tech is already too old to handle it).

I love the price argument, because the beauty of PC is that it's what you make of it. Want an underpowered system that just passes the build to play ports for the next 7 years (the bloodsuckers will likely push this gen for 10 years, mark my words)? You can. Want to spend a massive amount of money to enjoy 4k gaming NOW? You can.

Now combine the flexible hardware with daily sales all over the net. The deals I have gotten over the years almost make me feel dirty. Borderlands 2 with all dlc last year was 20 bucks. Arkham City:GOTY on release for $10. The list is endless, while you're lucky if Gamestop gives you a 10% trade-in bonus, lol. Enjoy paying $60+ for online services that should be free as well.

And to the guy saying PS3 could natively run 1080p, this is true, at the cost of massive quality, as a 256mb gpu could only do so much. Nearly all the more geometrically "advanced" (for the system) ran at 720p. My Lord, you peasants need to learn about the tech your using someplace other than console circle-jerks...

Enjoy barely being 1080p once again.
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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by finitedualities

wow dude slow down there, dont let those "peasants" get to ya.

But really your not saying anything new, and the reason why most games ran at 720 is again simple because the people and companies who made the games did not think it was worth there time to make them run at 1080p. Even on the new systems that seems to be true, game developers just are to lazy to do that, and not because they cant or because of hardware limitations. I mean there are games that run at 1080p on the ps3 and look real good, but in the end it was all just because they wanted it to run at that, and put the effort in to make the game run at that. In the end however most people would not even notice a difference or care.

And steam while cool, is not as good as the ps network or the x-box network, it just isn't. I dont know what they are thinking but I think they will pull out with there plans on making a steambox or whatever, they just cant compete, there is really nothing they can do short of making a system that has more power and hardware functionality then both the ps4 or the x-box one. And sorry to say, I dont even see them doing that because frankly they would go bankrupt trying to go against the big boys, and who would want to buy a console which you would have to upgrade in a year or so, that's not an improvement that is just not thinking on there part and you may as well buy a PC. And while you say you can get a better PC or graphic card then the ones that are in the PS4 for your computer.

You got to think that while that technically may be true. Its also a bunch of bull#, as for the price and all that it comes with there is not way you can get that on a PC, and not only that everything is integrated from the start, from the PS4 controller with its motion sensor and touchscreen capabilities, to the face recognition software and hardware that comes with the x-box one, not to mention a bunch of other little details, such as the free to play online network that the ps4 has and all the nifty little add-on's which come with the systems.

PC for game do not even have unified memory, which is a big drawback, and no. While you can buy a better graphic card then the one in the PS4 or the x-box, its not the same thing by a long shot, those chips were designed with one purpose in mind, to make everything more streamlined and more efficient, while pc graphic cards are just general purpose powerhouses which go out of style in a year or two. And it would cost about as much as the whole system just for that alone, much less all the other things that come in box.

And there is no way games on the PC can run on 4k. You know why? Because there are currently no games that run on that, even movies which supposedly are 4k are just "retouched" to make them appear 4k, in fact to make any game now a days run at 4k it will not only have to be remade to add in the extra detail, but would be twice or 5 times as massive as if it were running at 1080p. Which is why you will not see many games run at that in even in the future its just not worth it for developers and game makers to put in that much effort for little payback, most especially when most casual gamers wont even notice it.

posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 05:44 PM

reply to post by finitedualities

wow dude slow down there, dont let those "peasants" get to ya.

But really your not saying anything new, and the reason why most games ran at 720 is again simple because the people and companies who made the games did not think it was worth there time to make them run at 1080p.

Stopped reading right there. Please go educate yourself, as according to ATS standards. Embarrassing attempt at many strawmen that I don't even want to start, haha.
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posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 08:16 AM
The heck, gaming for 10 yrs old? the fuk, what is this 1980s?

PC gamers are a dieing breed, holding on to your master race status. Imma hypocrit tho, i mostly spend time playing games on PC, but Console games gives a different effect than PC. It seems more enjoyable.

I never buy a game fresh off the sale, ill wait 2 months and get it for 50% the price, im in no rush(not like i need to upgrade my console every other year lol).

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posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by luciddream

Little pleb using retired memes because he doesn't even understand internet culture, lol. I'd be mad too if someone got down to the truth about my complete lack of technical knowledge and embarrassing gaming choices. Papa Sony gonna do you good, promise. 900p on launch rlly stronk.

For the last time, Steam has more users than MS by a mile, so no clue where the dying comes this the mid-90's??
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posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by finitedualities

You are just pissed of because a "inferior" console is leading in the market, while PC for gaming is hitting the dirt.

Steam will NOT be famous, it will cater to a niche and that's the end of it, nobody in 10 yrs will talk about Steam as a competition or rather a contestant in the console war.

Steam should just stick to whatever its doing. They will go bankrupt if they challenge Consoles.

Comparing these two is like Mafia vs high school kids in a shootout.

I use to be a Hardcore PC MMO gamer 10 yrs ago, which is always on PC. sadly, developers don't give a shiz about Hardcore anymore, the games now are easy as hell. and the Casual won the Hardcore vs Casual war. Casuals are the majority and have the money. Game developers don't make the game to attract you, they make the game for one thing; Money, the entertainment you get is just the side effect.

Same thing will happen to PC, because PC is not specifically made for games, it will all ways be that guy who could do all but does not shine in any specificity for anyone to notice.

Console games are a ripoff? yes. Is it winning the war? yes. Stop being a sour loser and accept the fact the PC games are dead. Money is in the Console and that is why even Alien ware and Steam are trying to get in the market. Trying.
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posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by luciddream

Yes, 20 million more users on Steam than XBL, they really hurting. Little children that play consoles are so cute today, after the revelation that their pre-built trash tier PCs are "too limited" for Oculus Rift. Guess you'll need your daddy Sony to come up with one that runs sub par res and fps. You've deluded yourself, like all console circle-jerkers, because I wouldn't want to admit I game like a child either.

posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 06:01 PM


reply to post by finitedualities

wow dude slow down there, dont let those "peasants" get to ya.

But really your not saying anything new, and the reason why most games ran at 720 is again simple because the people and companies who made the games did not think it was worth there time to make them run at 1080p.

Stopped reading right there. Please go educate yourself, as according to ATS standards. Embarrassing attempt at many strawmen that I don't even want to start, haha.
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Relax dude. Its just a game. And yes I am correct, you can even see it in the current games that are coming out for the new systems. The fact is that nobody really cares all that much what resolution there games run on as long as it HD barely passable most gamers outside of people like you or really winded up people. The casual gamers do not care all that much. And yes its not that far of a stretch to make games run on the same settings that your awesome PC would, all it would take is a bit of effort and more time. And generally companies do not want to do that, I mean look at the games which are coming out. Games like COD Ghosts runs at 720p but has a patch which would make it run at native 1080p, and Battlefield 4 runs at 920p. And the same games on X-box one run at 720p and will be unscaled to 1080p.

Yet there are games on the ps3 which were running on 1080p 60fps no problems, thought the majority of those games came out from companies which took the time to learn the ins and outs of the PS3. I bought uncharted 3 some weeks ago for 10$ and the game ran and played beautifully.

And really if your whining about resolution and frame rate, even the ps3 was quite capable of all that on pretty much any game which came out for it. And the ps4 sure as hell is more then capable of competing or blowing out today's current gaming PC, in a few years that may not be so, but it sure as hell is capable of delivering on that part today and for some time to come. Really if your whining about all that it all comes down to the game companies/makers and most of them like to cut corners, especially during console launch dates as there on a timescale to deliver, but you can believe if they put a bit more effort and had more time all those games could run at 1080p and 60fps without any patches or upscaling.

Another company Gorilla games which makes the Killzone games seems to have no problems making there games run at 1080p and 60fps at all, and with the more universal user friendly tech and PC based kits I see no reason outer then laziness, or lack of tech knowledge why any of the companies who are making games on the ps4 or even porting over from PC should not be able to do the same. But really I may be just an ignorant peasant unfit to touch the gaming godliness which is PC gaming awesomeness. Yet you still have yet to name or show one game which would justify all that drama your putting out. Its just games bro, they both cater to a bit different markets, and that is all. So chillax.

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posted on Nov, 21 2013 @ 01:38 AM
reply to post by luciddream

Steam has 20 million more users than XBL. You have yet to acknowledge this because it destroys your casual perspective on gaming, lol. Little child that needs to be surrounded by other children to feel welcome it seems. End of.

posted on Nov, 21 2013 @ 07:37 AM
reply to post by finitedualities

Last time i checked, XBL isn't the only console... you forgot to integrate PSN and w/e the heck Wii uses.

PSN alone topples Steam account by over 30M.

PC gaming has not way of beating console gaming population.

posted on Nov, 27 2013 @ 12:14 PM

I'd avoid Xbox if I were you...

Apparently Xbox Kinect is eavesdropping on Skype conversations and censoring what it considers to be profanity. So it would seem as though Big (retarded) Brother has finally suceeded in recruiting Lara Croft.


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posted on Nov, 27 2013 @ 12:23 PM
Ha! funny to see the bickering.

When really we should all be united and angry w publishers releasing POS games, Coasters as I call them, that's all the DVD becomes good for, setting a drank on.

Really each has its own benefits, but lets be honest if you are trying to go for the best of the best its a PC hands down. Consoles have the benefit of big name console only titles, as well as PC having PC titles(as a console can't handle some of them) Consoles are better device for having company over, however if you know what you're doing you can set up a PC for an ultimate answer but lets be honest most wont, either because of know how or funds.

Oh and Alienware? Your money could be spent much better, watch videos on how to assemble your own PC and order the parts, its not really that hard at all, just gotta let go of the preconceived doubt. And if you just don't feel up to it, order the parts and find a local shop thatll put them together for you for maybe 100 or less.

Steam box or whatever they are calling it, looks interesting but I don't care for the controller.

Also the new Rome: Total War II, anyone played this? What happened to that game? They gutted it of so many things that made a total war game a total war game....

My only gripe is the dumbing down of video games, and its across all platforms. Nobody knows how to read a manual anymore?
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posted on Jul, 7 2014 @ 08:21 AM
a reply to: Darkblade71

I eventually broke down and bought an xbox one.

I call my new machine Big Brother....


posted on Jul, 7 2014 @ 08:39 AM
Only recently I began gaming, and use a PC. Along with all the other pros mentioned here, is that PC games are modifiable.
The first thing I do when I get a game, particularly an older, popular one is check for ENB lighting and texture mods. Many beautiful games can easily look way more beautiful.
Beyond this is a bounty of super tight content across the board, from gameplay tweaks, to new maps, to complete overhauls of the games. And on and on...
For example, I got my GTA 4 to look so so nice, something like this,

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posted on Jul, 7 2014 @ 01:16 PM
Project Morpheus was in development before the Oculus was, some people need to get their facts straight.... If you think Oculus is gonna be leaps and bound better than Sony's you have your head in the clouds! Sorry PC elitists, consoles have a lot better games than PC, you're the ones getting our ports! lol... Sure besides graphics and better frame rates, what's the difference....

Who said Morpheus is going to be $1300, are you insane??? I'll pay the the 400 for the PS4, easy access, no upgrades and there is no rig you can build for 400-500 that will out perform the PS4, show me the proof and I'll admit defeat, until then your opinion is just that!

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 08:28 AM
My preference is Xbox One. Some will applaud the choice, others will be in disagreement, or even vehement on 'why their system rocks' - it comes down to preference, plain and simple.

Both boxes can do 1080p.

Both boxes will mature with their Dev kits, making visuals and hopefully game play better as time progresses.

Both boxes are heavily marketed

One box has tech that's not yet fully realized nor utilized by current dev kits, due to it being rushed to market (XB1)

One box has current tech that is fully realized and only the dev kit can advance what's there.

One box uses OpenGL (PS4)

One box uses DirectX and future variants as time progresses (XB1)

One box has a great online community - IMHO (XB1)

One box learned from it's shortcomings last gen and made adjustments (PS4)

One box took the place of cockiness from Sony last gen and made some fatal steps that they've since been correcting (XB1)

One box has a very comfortable controller - for me (XB1)

One box has an odd feeling controller - for me (PS4)

Both boxes are the same price.

One box is available worldwide currently (PS4)

One box is not yet available in every country/territory. When it is, sales numbers will reflect that. (XB1)

One company is financially stable and making investments (on top of the many partnerships) including the 3.5 BILLION dollar R&D for their current gen hardware. (MS)

One company is financially hurting and has sold off several divisions of their company off and have laid off a great deal of people from their video game side of the business. (Sony)

One company has a great line up of games currently and even stronger lineup down the road - IMHO (MS)

One company has great indie relationships in tow, but their future line up is looking shorter than originally planned. (Sony)

If one is trying to decide what's best for them, take all this with a grain of salt and if you need, either rent, borrow, or go to a friends house who has one and play it for several hours total. How does the controller feel in your hands? Comfortable? Odd? Does it have the games you want? Are you a social player or prefer to play alone?

For me, it's Xbox One. I've now two units and will be getting a third. It does well in all areas, for myself and my family. We use them every day, several hours per day. Movies, media, games, net browsing - and other apps are being introduced more and more often.

My choice may not be yours. You may agree or disagree. Your choice is exactly that, yours. My, or anyone else shouldn't try and make that for you. Get what fits your needs/wants best.

Kudos and Ciao.

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 01:55 PM
Good....Fast....Cheap: Pick any two.

There's not a person here who could not build or buy a cheap computer and brag about it. For people whose only criteria is a cheap price, by all means go for it. You can buy Lucerne Ice Milk or Dreyer's, too. I've built many computers with that in mind for my work early on. Some of the cases look like they were made of pot metal sand cast on the beaches in Taiwan. You can buy cheap power supplies, cheap motherboards, cheap memory, cheap everything. You can cheat on the operating system and software and come up with a very cheap computer. You can also buy "old," as in a previous generation. Things like graphics cards, for example, are the "hottest thing on the market" for about 6 months before they are superceded by newer, faster, better models.

So when you hear, "Never buy an Alienware because you are just buying the name" ask yourself this: Have you ever looked at an Alienware machine? Or did you just read the ads? Can you tell us the difference in the laptop power cords, for example, between an Alienware and, say, a typical Toshiba or HP? Well, the Toshiba power cord is 1/8" in diameter. The Alienware power cord is 1/4" in diameter. Of course some of you will claim such a trivial thing makes no difference, in which case you have never dealt with one of those laptop fan coolers that fits beneath the computer and plugs into the USB port. If you had you would know that this is a frequent point of failure. An Alienware has a robust cord that will take some abuse; the Toshiba does not.

And how about graphics? You can buy a motherboard with "built-in" graphics that claims to support "gaming" or you can buy something like an Nvidia 700 series for $500, or a dual card for $1000, or a very high end card for $2500. Now because you are so very smart you will be able to tell that buying the high end card won't make that much of a difference to contemporary games that only work at X resolution anyway. You may also realize that dual cards that use Crossfire aren't that much faster than a single card, certainly not twice as fast, so that may be an unnecessary expense as well. But you may also be bragging that you use the on-board graphics on your motherboard and that the result is a "much cheaper build."

And you'd be right: Cheap. It's so cheap you won't know what you are missing because you won't be able to compare what a good GPU even looks like. Oh, and cooling. You DID pay attention to cooling, right? Surely you did not depend on the power supply's fan to do the job for you! Or the fan supplied on the GPU. Because you know those cards put out a tremendous amount of heat and that there needs to be a way to channel air away from the interior to the outside. Some people even use water-cooled components and copper piping that "stops by" the CPU, GPU, and other major chips and heat sinks to channel away the heat. Some computers have built-in air channels that move air away from those hot components. The better ones do anyway.

The cheap ones don't. In fact, when you look closely, everywhere you look there are subtle differences. I have a Toshiba and the keyboard letters are painted on. In fact, they keys themselves are painted. I know because the "E", "I", "O", "A", "H", "T" and "N" keys have worn through the paint. Not only are the letters worn off; the paint on the keys themselves has worn off the expose the plastic beneath.

The Alienware shows no such signs. The keys are embossed, and backlit, and more robust than the Toshiba's. In fact, the whole build quality is far superior. It's kind of like comparing an old VW bug to a new BMW or Mercedes. Both cars get you from Point A to Point B. But if you had the choice, which one would you rather drive?

Now Alienware has a rep for being pricey, and, indeed, you can spend some bucks on them. But they are far cheaper than the ultimate $20,000 gamer you could buy, and the fact is you can get a very decent Alienware for less than $1000 these days, such as the X51 and you won't be worrying about whether it has sufficient graphics capability.

So if "CHEAP" is your most important criteria, by all means buy the cheapest gamer you can buy. Note that lots of computers that are advertised as "gamers" *such as Best Buy, just as one example, are nowhere near robust enough to offer a quality gaming experience. They may say they are, but pay attention to those specs. They are marginally capable. I would think graphics, speed, and sound would be your primary needs. That means a fast CPU, good GPU, and sufficient memory to handle today's intensive games. If you short change yourself, it is only you who will suffer.

Good, fast, cheap: Pick any two. Your choice.

posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 02:18 PM

originally posted by: BlackboxInquiry

One box has a very comfortable controller - for me (XB1)

One box has an odd feeling controller - for me (PS4)

That right there is my only reason for getting an XB1... I actually want a PS4 more than an XB1 but I cannot use the PS4 controller... it's just awful and too cramped where the analog sticks are.
I've held off getting either yet because game choice is poor at the moment and the price is too high.
Xbox have always had the best and most ergonomic controllers and it is a deal breaker for me.

Shame because I would like to get a PS4 eventually even after I get a XB1.... but because of the game pad issue, I probably never will.
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posted on Aug, 4 2014 @ 02:30 PM
Well, I have had my xbox one for almost a month now, and I LOVE it.

One word of advice though.

If you buy one, AVOID the game Need For Speed Rivals.

It is an awesome game, however, I got to level 21 (finished the main police route),
and the game glitched sending me all the way back to level 5.

After reading up on this glitch, I found that the company shut down, and laid people off, which means this glitch will probably never be fixed, risking your saves forever while playing the game. Not that I minded repeating the missions, but knowing that my game could be lost at any moment sucks.

Other than that, with xbox gold and the free games you get, this system is awesome.

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