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Am I being visited??

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posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by Asherz189

I think this thread deserves my first post here on ATS, and this is why:

I work for an agricultural contractor, and around 3-4years ago after getting home to the yard after a job, i was standing outside refueling my tractor. This was around 1:30am in the middle of the summer, with nothing better to do while the fuel was being pumped I started staring up into the almost clear night sky. This was when i spotted what was looking like a jet with it's landings light on coming in from the west. I'm only 20mins drive from the 2nd largest airport here so it's quite normal with planes coming in low like that. As I'm into all kinds of machinery, with airplanes being among my favs. I kept watching it coming closer. When it crossed me on it's west to east flightpath to the south of me I got this really creepy feeling coming over me as I realized that it was definitely not any kinda aircraft i had ever seen pass over me, there was no visible fuselage, no nav, strobe or beacon lights, no engine sounds, infact it was just this bright white/yellowish light the size of a my palm with it being aprox. 1-2km from me at that point. Now the landing light on a plane would point forwards and hence I would be unable to see them any more at that point, at least not like when they where coming towards me, but the light kept looking the same even when it was moving away from me it still was just this big light and nothing else, so it could not have been landing lights. It was also a tad to low and slow for it's position relative to the airport with it having to be a commercial jet or turbo prop for it's size I think. it never changed speed, altitude or made any turns it just kept going.

Some time after this event I started having odd rashes and marks on my legs, even bruises as of lately. with my job i often get a lot of scratches, bruises and burns. However I couldn't account for any of these on my legs and the bruises never hurt or were sore in any way they would also appear in a pattern. First on one leg then a couple of month later it would be mirrored on the other.
What I really found interesting in this thread was the marks on your legs in the pics you posted and the fact you have seen things in the sky as i have.
Now your target marks look almost identical to some of my marks, only with mine being half the size and they would itch like a ******** and the outer ring would start to kinda bulge up.
To make things more strange or interesting if you will, your target marks seems to be at almost the same place as some of the ones I have had.
I have also had something similar if not identical to your smaller marks around your foot.
I do not have as many at the same time as it appears you have, I would have a max of around 4 at a time. maybe once or twice a month. it varies a lot.
The latest thing i got was an odd looking bruise with to small clean cut / punctures in the middle. It doesn't hurt in anyway and i have no idea how I got it. The cut's also seem way to nice and clean compared to my usual injuries often acquired at work.

The most odd experience I have had with my marks was a night I woke up or got woken up. The first thing I thought was that it was my mom trying to wake me up. Next thought was no I don't wanna get up so I tried to dig deeper into the bed if you can say that. Only to realize I was only barely able to move, and laying on my stomach without the cover on, and it was dark. Next thing i felt something touching my legs like griping a hold on them but with hands soft as silk and with no force and a voice or something in my head calming me down, can't remember exactly what words were used. I still thought it was my mom talking. I had this warm loving feeling all the time and was not scared only slightly annoyed that I was interrupted in my sleep. I don't know what happened after this but i woke up again later when it was light and I was still laying the same way but I had crawled back to my pillows. I then remembered that I had woken up with someone in the room and thought it was really strange especially because my door was locked from the inside ( no way to open from the outside except to rip the door out) so there was no way it could have been my mom. So this ofc freaked me out quite a bit. I noticed shortly after getting out of bed that i had two marks on the backside of one of my knees, like your targets but smaller and itching quite badly. I did not have them prior going to bed, I know because I have been checking my legs regularly before going to bed because of what have been going on.
I can only ever recall having one sleep paralysis and this was nothing like it, noting at all. I would rather have something touching my legs again in the middle of the night than that sleep paralysis i had, because damn that was some ugly scary freaky stuff.
Sometimes after i find marks and such after a night, i will feel like I have not been sleeping or even feel kinda ill.

I have had this going on since that encounter with the flying light that night '4' years ago and it's still going on to this day, being 26 now i would have been around 22 at that time.
It seems our experiences are quite similar, though I do not recall anything from when i was a kid. And no visual contact with any beings ever.
I have had two more sightings of odd lights on the sky after the first encounter.
It don't do any drugs or meds, and my party drinking have decreased heavily in that period. I don't have any other conditions as far as I know. I find myself quite normal and so do people i know.
I'm not really scared of all this that is going on, I'm just getting tired of it all being done behind my back at night. That is if something / one is actually doing things to me.
Btw. I live in Europe, english is not my native language so don't over analyze the way I explains things as I might have formulated / translated it wrongly in my head

Might have some pictures of my marks, I will see if I can find them and post them.

Sry for the wall of text

posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 05:04 AM
reply to post by Asherz189

Yea I kind of rationalized it as a dream thing don't have problems sleping in my bed. Even if it wasn't a dream after all that's going on in the world and I've had to put up with over the years I just don't care about those experiences/dreams ... whatever they are.

posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 05:22 AM
I wonder myself about being scared to go to sleep at night. Sometimes, I MUST have a light on when I go to sleep, other times I don't care. Sometimes I will not go to sleep, until almost dawn, then sleep about 4 hours. Sometimes I'm absolutely terrified of the Greys, other times, I can't wait to invite one into my house for a coke and a fried bologna sandwich LOL

I do have one odd incident that happened the other night: I went to bed in my bed, and woke up the next morning in my recliner. I don't recall ever sleepwalking before.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 05:40 PM
From what i feel, they are good. They love you.

I feel a Pleiadian presence.

posted on Dec, 25 2013 @ 10:58 AM
reply to post by Asherz189

>>> 30 years ago my brother and I had a missing time event that probably involved my whole family, along with an earlier odd event a few years prior. I've detailed it here and maybe two years ago I finally started posting about it. I can say that I witnessed a year ago UFO at a distance and it spooked me, big time. Like unpleasant memories and feelings of uneasiness came back and some very unpleasant dreams. Then later I started getting some very unpleasant feelings that when I got home at night this past summer I'd find MIB waiting in my house for me. Those feelings have since gone away and I'm not skywatching like I was. I still do from time to time and do wonder about "being taken" while I sleep and I do have some belief that we're close to having aliens reveal themselves as puppet masters of our government and the world.
But there's little if anything I can do about it so that kind of takes the pressure off.
I was quiet about it for a long time since I had a feeling that if I said anything about it, I or my family would be harmed. But there are so many of us with similar stories that would raise eyebrows if they started offing abductees. And really I was just mad that it happened to me, a sense of violation being strong.
I believe you may have had something happen to you for what that's worth.

posted on Dec, 2 2015 @ 01:14 AM
This might sound weird, but what is your blood type? Apparently there is a high percentage of O- people who claim to have similar experiences. I'm O- and have had some weird stuff happen. One night my grandmother and I saw 3 lights flying around each other in the sky above my tiny balcony in queens. I saw it first and called her out hysterically. We tried to take a Polaroid but they all came up blurred. Shortly after, one night I woken up my cat growling in the kitchen. I was sleeping on a sofa bed in the living room because it was cooler. Middle of summer in queens with no central a/c. All of a sudden, my cat lets out a yowl and I see a 3 ft high mass running out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. It was darker than the night. At the same time, I heard static in one ear and a boyish voice saying "hello, girl, are you there". I was frozen. Next thing I know, it's morning. Throughout my life after that, I've had sleep paralysis, and odd abduction dreams that I'm not 100% sure are dreams. I don't think you're crazy. But I also think these things are not benign. They seem to be inter dimensional. Secretive, advanced and without any sense of respect for our space or consent. The first time I heard the aliens as demons theory, I got chills because it fit so well. As a child, I was awed by the fact that they came outer space. Now I think they take on many faces. But doesn't it seem like there are some rules of engagement that only they know? Seeing a child ghost is common in cases with extra terrestrial like activity. I think your stories are fascinating. Keep us up to date with your ghostly activities please!

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