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Want to lose weight? Get some sleep

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posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 09:55 PM
This is interesting if true, Midnight snacking has never been good for anyone, but people who can't sleep might eat from boredom, which would be a vicious circle to get away from!

LAS VEGAS - Weight-loss experts have a novel prescription for people who want to shed pounds: Get some sleep.

A very large study has found a surprisingly strong link between the amount of shut-eye people get and their risk of becoming obese.Those who got less than four hours of sleep a night were 73 percent more likely to be obese than those who got the recommended seven to nine hours of rest, scientists discovered. Those who averaged five hours of sleep had 50 percent greater risk, and those who got six hours had 23 percent more.

I have always heard that you still burn calories while sleeping, so if you are hungry and already consumed enough calories taking a nap be the way to do it!

posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 11:24 PM
Ahhh -- another thing I can blame on my insomnia -- and it might even be true

Actually, thanks for the link -- I am going to keep the name of the doctor from NY --

I fall into that 73% area -- I usually get around 4 hours sleep - maybe if I am lucky 5 --and on the rare rare occasion 6. I will never understand how you can be so tired you can't think but you also can't go to sleep


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