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Polling places, cameras and the news

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posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 05:19 PM
What is the opinion of members on polling places and news photographer access. This may not apply in other states or countries.

A statute Texas

Sec. 61.014. USE OF CERTAIN DEVICES. (a) A person may not use a wireless communication device within 100 feet of a voting station.

(b) A person may not use any mechanical or electronic means of recording images or sound within 100 feet of a voting station.

(c) The presiding judge may require a person who violates this section to turn off the device or to leave the polling place.

(d) This section does not apply to:

(1) an election officer in conducting the officer's official duties;

(2) the use of election equipment necessary for the conduct of the election; or

(3) a person who is employed at the location in which a polling place is located while the person is acting in the course of the person's employment.

Election Code

For instance, The Houston Chronicle is full of pictures taken inside of polling place(s). Given a voter cannot use a camera or phone, does anyone believe it is OK for the news to use one? Do people really need to see pictures inside a polling place during voting in the news? Should the paper be treated differently?

I personally do not think they should be allowed. The law makes no exception for a news agent.

I understand it probably isn't going to compromise a voting ballot, at this point either.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 05:39 PM
They couldn't have some smart person with a smart phone gathering evidence, could they?

It is illegal in some municipalities to record audio or video of a conversation with a police officer. It is illegal to record a conversation with your boss with the intent to implicate them in wrongdoing in the workplace and is also inadmissible in court, were such a recording or video taken, in some places.


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