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Full Enlightenment and OOBE help

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posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 01:58 PM
Hello my dear fellow ATS'ers.

I write to you today to talk about 2 subjects I hold VERY close and dear to my heart.

#1. Having a successful OOBE (Out Of Body Experience)

Let me first start by telling you how I came to the point of even knowing what OOBE's are. A few years back, I was petrified to go to bed at night as 9 times out of 10 these weird and strong vibrations would jolt me awake. My heart would pound and I thought there was something medically wrong with me. I went to see my physician who thought I was crazy at first but sent me for a CT scan just to be safe. In the end, the scan was clear and he concluded that I was getting anxiety attacks. He put me on anti anxiety medication which I started taking right away. Well after a few months, the vibrations were waking me just as much as they had before so I immediately stopped taking the prescribed meds. I was determined to find out what the heck was wrong with me. With very little internet research, Astral Project came up. The vibrational stage was a pre curser to a full blown OOBE. You can imagine how relieved I was to find out I was as healthy as they come with the exception of this magnificent gift that I thought I was heading towards
I was so exited, I couldn't wait to start developing my amazing talent.

I read many books such as Robert Munroe's " Journeys Out of The Body", William Bulhman's "Adventure Beyond the Body" & "Secret of the Soul", Robert Bruce's "Astral Dynamics" just to name a few. Anyhow, I thought I was ready to start my journey being full of knowledge on the subject. Boy was I wrong. Lol. Don't get me wrong, at first it was going extremely well. Almost every time I meditated, I would bring myself to the vibrational stage. I would let it completely surround every part of my body. After a few seconds, I would start to hear grinding metal. It was surprisingly very very loud. I knew at this stage I was ready for separation, but never had any success beyond this point. I would always open my eyes thinking "am I out?". Nope. Lol.

For years now, I have been trying faithfully 3-5 times a week to no avail. It has consumed me to the point of affecting my daily life. I am constantly trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong and what I can do to improve. I have read dozens and dozens of books, read online OOBE self help forums, different techniques etc... I finally came across the 7 Chakras, which brings me to...

#2. Full Enlightenment

The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through. I though if I could open all chakras I'd be perfectly balanced. Surely this would help me attain my OOBE. I read a book called "The Chakra Bible" by Patricia Mercier and thought opening my chakras would be easy peazy as it's right up my ally. Although I was born Catholic, I was always more spiritual. I first started with my Root Chaka and worked my way up to my Sacral Chakra etc... Once I felt the first 5 were opened and balanced, I got to the 6th Chakra (Third Eye) and felt it was impossible to open. I have always believed in the super natural and have always experienced super natural phenomena and so I know it's not because I'm not open to it. Maybe it's already open? Who knows. What do you think?

The point of all this is I hope with all hope that someone out there within the ATS society will be able to me.

So far I have tried...

-rope technique
-Theta, Beta and Alpha binaural beats
-The Munroe's technique
-Lucid dreaming (successful lucid dreams, but no OOBE)
-Awareness technique
-Jump technique
-William Buhlman's technique (this is the one I prefer)

I have even gone as far as writing William Buhlman asking for help in which he responded with "don't give up. Try everyday without an over intent and eventually it will happen. Some successfully achieve it after a few tries, and other it could take months or even a year. Keep at it". Huh, well it's been YEARS! Lol.

I have read time and time again that we can ask our Guides to help us. Many times as I get close to the vibration stage, I will ask my spirit guide and departed loved ones to help me out. I keep waiting for a hand to grab me and pull me out but nothing. I have also read that travelers (someone like you and me, alive like you and me who is in the astral world) can help as well.

You know the saying "Ask and Ye Shall Receive"? Well this is it. Are there any, and I mean ANY experienced travelers out there who can validate this for me and help? I would appreciate the little nudge that it would take for me to actually separate and experience the astral worlds and higher planes. Please feel free to send me a private message, as complete discretion is something I value as well.

Any techniques on opening my third eye would be greatly appreciated as well

Well, my fingers and toes are crossed. I surely hope I find the help I need to achieve a full conscious OOBE, alls I need is a little push or pull
. Lol

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and who might be able to help.


posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 04:18 PM
I may be able to give you a little assistance, as I have been able to develop my own personal technique for OBE.

Like you, when I first noticed some strange things going on during or immediately before/after sleep I thought there may be something wrong. Unlike you, I did not experience the intense vibrations at first, instead, I was experiencing chronic SP (Sleep Paralysis).

Even though I have experienced SP for many years, I never connected the episodes to OBE - mainly because I didn't believe in OBE. Based on everything I'd heard growing up, I assumed OBE to be an explicit form of 'quackery' - which is ashame, due to the fact that I never knew the specifics of OBE before I completely discounted it.

My idea changed quickly and unexpectedly.

One morning, around 3.00a, I awoke with the intense urge to use the bathroom. As with any other night, I slowly sat up and then walked to the bedroom door on my way to the BR in the hall.

I reached down for the doorknob and missed it. I thought I was simply groggy, so I reached for it again, and missed again. I looked down at the knob and reached for it again. This time I saw my hand go completely through the handle, I thought I was a ghost. Then a feeling came over me that I must have died in my sleep and that alarmed me, but not excessively.

I turned to go back to my bed and was really, really suprised to see a guy's body in my bed. I realized it was me, although it looked absolutely nothing like myself. At this point, I knew I had died and that gave me a severe shock. Because of the intense fear accompanying the realization of death, I was instantly slammed back into my body and jolted awake.

That was my first OBE and it opened my eyes to some things I'd ignored for one reason or an other.

I searched to understand OBEs and looked at many different reports and many different techniques. They ranged from meditative OBE, to pre & post sleep OBE techniques.

I notice a lot of people decide to induce an OBE through meditation techniques and I suppose it may work for some, but I never got anywhere close to a full-on OBE using meditation as a platform for OBE incudtion.

The sleep pattern induction sounded like it could work for me, especially when I realized the SP (Sleep Paralysis) that was being described fit the definition of the frightening sleep episodes I had for several previous years.


What I realized, as I worked to develop a personal technique to allow for eay OBE episodes, is that we all have a process our body and mind follows each time we go to sleep.

SP is generally reported to be one of the most frightening experiences one can have and this was definitely true for me. This fact also helped me realize something too, our mind & body has built in 'fail-safes' to ensure we follow the proper sleep process. If we consciously experience SP, then we have obviously strayed from the proper course that leads to a natural sleep session. When this fact is recognized, our mind uses a fear fueled alarm in SP that is suppose to startle us awake, so we can restart the process and fall asleep in a natural manner.

The key to inducing your own OBE is to understand the only way to have success realigning the steps in the process of falling asleep.

Our mind falls asleep before we enter SP, this is the natural way. SP keeps us from acting out our dreams and potentially harming ourselves during sleep. SP is also the pre-cursor to the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep and the release of D.M.T. (Dimethyl Tryptamine *sp) - thought to be the catalyst for our dreamscapes.

It is not easy to realign your sleep pattern, but it is possible and it becomes easier with time and practice.

The main thing is to remain 'lightly' conscious as you begin the OBE induction.

- You need a very, very dark room (Because you are likely to slightly open your eyes during the seperation stage. If any light enters your eyes, you will essentially terminate the process by coming 'too' consciously aware) and you need to feel very safe.

- You need to be very comfortable in your bed, with no need to re-position yourself ever few minutes. You need to remain completely motionless - absolutely motionless.

- You need to remain aware, but not too aware. Try something like counting sheep to keep your awareness, but work to make sure you don't drift into a full sleep state. It can be a tight-rope to walk, but it possible and easier than other methods.

- When you begin to feel a warm, heavy-as-lead blanket being draped over you, from your feet and slowly moving to your head, you need to remain calm and allow the process to run it's course.

- You will begin to feel a wierd humming/buzzing/vibration and potentially even auditory hallucinations that can sound like falling rain drops or shattering glass.


Once you reach this point, you are ready for separation. Earlier, you mentioned that you have tried several methods for achieving separation, including 'climbing the rope' (which can be effective for some, but not for others - obviously).

Instead of trying to use a method for separation, simply try something you are already very, very familiar with. Once you reach the separation phase, simply try to sit up, stand up, or roll over. This is what I do and it ends with me rolling over and right out of my body.

Be careful that you do not try to sit up or roll over too quickly or too aggressively. This could potentially lead to induction termination.

You will notice a very familiar sensation as you try to achieve separation. It will feel as if you are trying to pull to magnets apart - one magnet being your physical body, the other magnet being your astral body.

Once you achieve separation, you will likely find yourself being in an exact model of your physical surroundings. You may notice mild variations in your surroundings, such as a different color bed blanket or a different style of window blinds.

You will also experience feelings that can be quite overwhelming, which can lead to the premature termination of your OBE. You may experience feelings of unconditional love or of a sexual bliss nature, either can be distracting and could hinder your OBE, even causing it to end and leaving you to be 'slammed' back into your body.

If you can manage the emotions, you will find yourself with superhuman abilities of flight, teleportation, extreme intellect and the ability to move through material objects.


Hope this helps some and if you have any questions or need more clarification, let me know and I'll do my best to assist you. If you ask me in this thread and I don't reply directly, feel free to send me a U2U and I can help from there on.

Everyone should experience an OBE at least once and more often if possible. I hope this is your time to successfully induce your own OBEs!

Good Luck!!

and please excuse any tyops of other bad literary skills -

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 06:42 PM
reply to post by esteay812

esteay, you seem to be quite knowledgeable on the subject and I can't thank you enough for your reply.

I have tried your technique, actually it's the one I utilize the most. I usually lay in bed flat on my back, and repeat to myself "now I'm out of body" (instead of counting sheep). Lol. That was cute btw. Anyhow, I repeat this affirmation hundreds of times to keep my mind sharp and awake until suddenly I can no longer feel my hands and feet. It's almost like they are none existent, and gradually my whole body feels as though it's cocooned in some type of energy field. It's unlike anything I have ever felt. I can see how some people can find this a little frightening. After a few moments, I usually start getting the vibrations or I lucid dream. Yes I have tried the rope technique before but I usually try to sit up slowly or try rolling out of bed to no avail.

Now in your opinion, is there such a thing as wanting to achieve an OOBE too much that it renders you to fail at every corner? Or does trying too hard get you the results your looking for in the end?


Have you ever traveled with anyone, or have you always journeyed solo?

Alright, I think I'm going to end the questions for now. Lol.

Again thank you so very much for taking the time to reply and help. You have no idea (or maybe you have) how exited I am to travel the astral planes and discover my higher self.


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posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 08:30 PM
Just passing it along - One of the ways that I used to attempt projection was by using some of my favorite music - Basically, you lay on your back, and use a pair of small earbuds (Hated wearing the giant noise-canceling variety to bed) - Pick some music that you are not used to listening to. It might also help to space out the time between listenings, as the body tends to filter out the music as background noise.

Another couple techniques that worked for me was keeping track of when I tend to wake up at night - I found that my attempts are usually better when attempting at these times.

My favorite one is listening to your heartbeat - What you try to do is focus on your heart, and expand the vibration out to the point where you can feel it throughout your entire body (supposed to bring out the vibrations).

Treat astral projection like any other hobby; as if your subconscious determines that you are spending too much time on it, then it might take longer to achieve success (then again, I practice every night).

Also, just for your benefit - out of all the authors that I read on the subject, Bedeekin and Xanth over at Astral Pulse were the most informative (I'm a little biased here, as Xanth & myself used to be members over at Astral Society, back when it was about the size of this entire website - Imagine a huge site filled with nothing but people that have experienced/worked with astral projection for a long time). Robert Monroe & William Buhlman tied for second, with Bruce Moen coming in third.


posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 05:40 PM

reply to post by esteay812

Now in your opinion, is there such a thing as wanting to achieve an OOBE too much that it renders you to fail at every corner? Or does trying too hard get you the results your looking for in the end?


Have you ever traveled with anyone, or have you always journeyed solo?

Putting too much stress on inducing an OBE does absolutely have an adverse result. Being intensely focused can easily put you in a place of heightened consciousness and, in-turn, render OBE induction impossible.

It can be a tough thing to achieve for those who have never experienced SP or those who haven't consciously experienced other characteristics of the sleep process. This is because they do not understand the state of consciousness required to have a successful induction.

Most rookies think they must be incredibly conscious, while allowing their physical body to enter SP and other phases of the sleep cycle. This is not the case at all. In fact, anyone attemtping OBE induction should realize there is a fine line to walk. You need to be somewhere between consciously aware and mildly asleep. Concentrating on any aspect of the induction process can render the episode lame and pointless.

You must keep emotions on an even keel, as any sudden change in emotion or excitement can cause you to become fully awake and back @ square 1 in the induction process.


You mentioned reaching the place where you can tell your extremities are paralyzed. I should have mentioned this earlier, but wasn't sure exactly how far you had made it into the sleep cycle.

At the beginning of a natural and proper sleep cycle, our minds will be the first thing to doze off - followed quickly by the initial stages of SP. However, the initial stages of SP are NOT where separation should be attempted.

You have not entered full-blown SP when you become aware that your arms/legs have become immobile. At this point you need to remain calm and aware, resisting the temptation to attempt separation.

Remain aware and 100% motionless. Our minds have many built in fail-safes in place to ensure we enter each sleep cycle in a proper manner. When you realize that your arms/legs have become 'frozen', it is somewhat like a test or a trick that our minds play on us to make sure we are really asleep and not simply very relaxed - as in deep meditation.

This trick our minds play on us is one main reason why it is important to be somewhere between fully awake to mildly asleep - we must be able to pass our mind's test in order to enter full SP.

It does seem like you are very close and could probably achieve a successful OBE induction, but you should really take the following suggestion into consideration:

When you reach the stage where you have noticed your arms and legs are frozen and you feel some vibration/buzzing, and/or auditory hallucination, remain motionless and still. Do not attempt separation at this time.

The next phase in the sleep cycle is full-on Sleep Paralysis. There will be another sensation soon after you notice your frozen limbs. It will feel like a warm, heavy lead-blanket is being slowly draped over you. It will begin at your feet and it will continue to slowly move up your body. It will feel as if gravity is being increased or as if your body is actually becoming heavier. You will feel as though you are being 'pushed' down into your mattres....

(this feeling always reminds me of the cartoons, where a character falls off a cliff and leaves an hole in the ground the same shape as their body)

...Once this feeling encompasses your body, from head-to-toe, you are ready to begin the separation process.


Like many others, I find the key to successful induction can rely on the level of physical exertion during your day. You should be tired, but not exhausted. You should try an induction on a day that hasn't required a lot of mental demands. You should be relaxed, calm, and ready to sleep, but not neccassarily too refreshed or exhausted.

You should be tired enough to fall asleep comfortably, but not so tired that you crash into sleep. Being too tired or exhausted will make it very hard to remain somewhat aware, as you will accidentally fall asleep.

Being too mentally active can make it hard to walk the line as well, becoming less aware and mildly asleep will be too much to achieve. You will either be unable to fall asleep altogether or you will 'think yourself to sleep', a process where you accidentally lose your awareness.


A large majority of the time I've spent in OBE, I have done so alone. There have been times where I have encountered others. I visited neighbors in their homes. I've seen them sleeping in their bed or on their couch (I'm fairly certain it was not literally them, but a simple product of what my mind believed would be happening with them and at that articular hour of the night).

- I have met people I do not know in real life, but apparently I know them in the Astral.

- I have gone to outerspace and the moon, but, for some reason, have recently been blocked from leaving Earth.

- I have found what my instincts told me was the 'Akashic Hall'. To me, the Akashic Hall appeared to be a long hallway with a man that looked like 'Merlin' or some sort of wizard present at the entrance. I was able to enter and see the very very long hallway with doors on either side.

I was allowed access to the first couple of doors, but I didn't come away with any new knowledge. I was blocked from travelling further down the hall and into other rooms allong the corridor.

The Akashic hall isn't always in the same place in my Astral construct. I sometimes have a hard time finding it right away and have only visited it a handful of times, with the most recent visits being those in which I was blocked from going further down the hall.

- I have met people I know, friends and family, but they are always in a 'zombie' sort of state. They seem to be oblivious to my presence and have not communicated, while not responding to my attempts to communicate with them.

- I have talked to my neighbor and they seemed very aware of who I was during the OBE, but I've seen no connection to the "real-world". In other words, we talked in the Astral, but they had no recollection of it in 'real-life'. That makes me feel as though my Astral Plane is my own construct and is not really connected to anyone else, although I am compelled to believe there is somehow a link to other people & their Astral Planes.

Sorry for the delayed reply, I just got in a bit ago. If you have any other questions or any issues, etc., let me know and I'll do everything I'm able to in order to help you make a successful induction...

Good Luck!!!

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posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 10:32 PM
Find this subject very interesting. Have had indications of astral, woke up knowing I came from somewhere and was going back but a brief checkup was taking place. Then lights out fast. Have been pulled in some experiences, but not consciously doing it. No conscious experience of astrally projecting. More my Soul or HS teasing me with the knowledge this occurs under the veil.

The closest I've gotten, having tried the monroe institutes waves, which didn't work yet for me, and not able to wake up in the middle of the night with school, kids and no thyroid, sleep is important to me. But, in meditation, like Theta best. Delta really bothered me, because I kept feeling as if my heart was stopping and I couldn't breath.

Now I realize it must be because I'm going into sleep hybernation/paralysis, to some degree.

This one day, I was listening to Delta, a new one I was trying. But I'd drank alot of coffee first. So I didn't enter that stage. What happened instead was what I call being teased by my HS.

It was all at once, so hard to describe it in order. But in a second, all at once, or rapidly, paralysis occurred and this loud odd sound, this was different than the rush of vibrations and ringing, it was really loud and I was leaping out of body with more soul knowing, ie. knew we never stay in at this stage it would be boring. And then I halted, for a moment, almost lying on top of my body, but not fully separated, as if No, Not allowed, you're still awake, coming to me from myself, the one who knew more, as if that loud noise was a veil rending and the separation between my portion and fuller self was gone, but then the realization of being awake, created both smaller ego and larger soul, or a veil again.

Really hope to succeed consciously aware of it occurring.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 12:41 AM
I learned using William's buhlman's book adventures out of body"

i tried for six months with no success, ....

finally, one day I woke up very early, and got up to watch the sunrise, it was when I tried to go back to sleep, that the OBE hit me, without effort.

try the broken sleep pattern. wake up xtra early, go back to sleep for a few hours. could also try sleeping on your couch, or a different location.

broken sleep patterns always work for me, .... or trying after sleep deprivation. I usualy have to fall asleep first, though I have seperated entirely while conscious.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by esteay812

You are completely right. I think my problem is that I am trying to stay too conscious. I think I may be afraid that if I pass that fine line as you mentioned that I will fall asleep and remember nothing.

The first six months of trying to have a conscious obe were the most successful. I would lay in bed flat on my back, relax my whole body and surround my entire body with the protective white light. I would then start my repetitive affirmation "now I am out of body" until I would lucid dream and bam! The vibrations would start. Now, I'm lucky if I reach SP once a week.

I think I go to bed with an over determination that fails every time. Lol. Call me an eager beaver. I will most definitely try to take a step back and not get overly exited and obsessed about it. From now on I will look at every obe attempt I have, not as a failed attempt but a step closer to achieving my goal.

Thank you esteay for you kind words of wisdom

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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by IntastellaBurst

You know, I have tried getting up in the middle of night, but I haven't tried the couch! Lol. Why haven't I thought of that before? I usually get up, go to the washroom, have a drink of water and back to bed I go with an obe failed attempt. Lol

Not to mention that you made me realize my couch sit alongside North to South (which is supposed to help) rather then my bed which sits East to West.

With all the pointers everyone is giving me, I can feel it now, OBE!!! Lol

And Unity, good luck! Make sure to come back and give us updates

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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 05:37 PM

reply to post by esteay812

I would then start my repetitive affirmation "now I am out of body" until I would lucid dream and bam! The vibrations would start.

It is not mentioned a lot, but you can enter OBE a different way and sometimes it is the easiest way for newbies to find success.

You can take some small index cards and write something like, "I need to OBE", "OBE", "What is OBE?","Repeat 'OBE' for 10 seconds". Place the cards in various places you frequently look, like your bathroom mirror, your car's rear view mirror, your cars' instrument cluster (don't block your speedometer or mirror completely
), on or in your refrigerator.

This suggestion is not to assist you in a tru induction, but as a way to enter OBE through the 'back-door'.

You need to have this fresh in your mind throughout the day and before bedtime, which can be achieved by spending only about :45seconds - 2 minutes reminding yourself via the index cards.

Go to sleep normally, as you have when you experienced your Lucid Dreams. When you have your next lucid dream, remember that you need to have an OBE. Because you control your lucid dream, you can create a door in your dreamscape that leads to OBE and when you walk through it you will start your OBE.

When you become lucid in your dream, you can also tell yourself that you are going to have an OBE now and simply stand up or try to roll over in your Lucid Dream. This should send you into an OBE through the 'back-door'.

Entering OBE this way may be easier to accomplish, but it may also not be as vivid or as intense as a complete OBE induction.

The good thing about entering this way is that it will allow you to guage the level of consciousness and mild sleep state needed to have a successful induction on your next try.


reply to post by Unity_99

Based on past conversations and everything I read about Astral Travel via meditation, I am of the opinion that OBE via sleep paralysis is much different than a meditation experience, but I can't be certain because I have never attempted an induction through conscious meditation.


Some comparisons I've found between the two versions of Astral Travel are below:

It seems that meditation experiences resemble the definition of lucid dreaming, where you are in a strange astral world and you have complete control over the evironmental construct. You can materialize objects and other life forms, but your environment is somewhat psychedlic.

In SP/OBE, you literally feel 100% awake - some even report the experience to be even more real than everyday reality. I do agree with that to some extent, as not all OBE episodes will offer this level of immersive awareness.

Not only do you feel awake and perceive the world around you to be 100% real, you also have physical sensations identical or beyond that of a normal, wide-awake state. It isn't effortless when you walk. As with waking reality, in order to move or take a step in OBE you must try to take a step, the same as when you take a step in waking reality.

There are even more sensations that occur, which I believe to be a reflection of the added physical abilities you are capable of during OBE, but not in natural waking reality. An example of this would be a new physical sensation experienced whenever you walk through a wall or lift-off from the ground and begin to fly around.

Obviously we can not walk through material objects or fly around our city during waking reality, so we would never know the physical sensation of doing such things. We can do these things during an OBE and there is a completely new and absolutely exhilerating physical sensation that comes along with our 'Astral Abilities'.

Maybe it is our mind working overtime to create what it believes walking through a wall or flying over a city would feel like - if so, it does one heck of a job simulating these feelings and physical sensations.

My point is that the difference between AT through meditation (Meditative Astral Travel) and AT through SP/OBE are very different.


In OBE, your environment is nearly identical to the environment in which you have chosen to perform your OBE induction.

Navigating an OBE environment that is a nearly seamless match to your natural, waking reality means you must make an effort. You must choose to walk, run, fly, or move through solid objects in this environment, just as you do in waking reality.

In meditative AT, your experience takes place in a strange Astral realm and very little effort is required to move through the environment. The sensations of such movements pale in comparison to the feelings and sensations present in SP/OBE maneuvers.

Although MAT can be incredible and refreshing, I do not think it is as intense or as inspiring as that of an induced OBE.


*Pardon any redundancy


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posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 12:08 AM

reply to post by IntastellaBurst

You know, I have tried getting up in the middle of night, but I haven't tried the couch! Lol. Why haven't I thought of that before? I usually get up, go to the washroom, have a drink of water and back to bed I go with an obe failed attempt. Lol

Not to mention that you made me realize my couch sit alongside North to South (which is supposed to help) rather then my bed which sits East to West.

With all the pointers everyone is giving me, I can feel it now, OBE!!! Lol

And Unity, good luck! Make sure to come back and give us updates

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no no no, you can't get up for the standard midnight snack or bathroom break, you have to Stay up for a couple of hours, then go back to sleep.

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 08:03 AM
reply to post by IntastellaBurst

Hmmm... Lol. That's going to be hard! I am willing to try anything at this point and juncture. Cuddling up on the couch with a good book to keep me awake for that long in the middle on the night should be easy enough

I just bought William Buhlman's "Adventure in the Afterlife". Should be a good read

Thanks for the head up


posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by esteay812

My sleep experience/meditation, became the same only I was aware, and the renting noise occured, was propelled out, and then there was two of me, my conscious form was laying on top of my physical paralyzed form, but for some reason, as I was awake, wasn't allowed to proceed further.

Sometimes think its about permissions. For when people leave body, they're in lower realms, this is very gravity based, and there are many other beings here accessing. When one leaves in sleep, (often without remembering, and we all do when we reach that level), we go to our realms or Family or for lessons, that are beyond this bad neighborhood so to speak. So it can be a safety thing.

When it comes to text material material, or the veil lifting and HS nudging me, ie in the case I described, when that loud noise occurred at the same time as the paralysis, and I leapt out, it was like the veil lifted for a moment and more of me and more answers were there, and I knew things all at once, such as, we always leave in this state for it would be boring to stay when the body is in hibernation and then that as I was still awake couldn't go further.

Sometimes think its about realms, and this isn't my realm.

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 06:43 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I understand.

Personally I try to base my opinions on what I know to be facts and the evidence to support them.

Through my personal experiences, I have never interacted with anyone else and had them acknowledge the interaction in 'real-life'. This means I must assume that the interaction was a product of my own creation.

Also, I have not experienced anything that leads me to believe other 'realms' are attached to any one OBE. This means I must assume that all elements of my Astral Landscape are products of my own mind and not reliant on any outside factors.

These ideas have continued to reinforce themselves, although I do hope I can find a reason to believe there is a connection with an outside factor or an unknown force or realm.

I don't consider such speculation when forming my opinions, mainly because it leads to more questions that I can not answer and only muddies the waters of my comprehension. That's not something I'm prepared to do, since I am trying to understand the true nature of the OBEs, why we have them, and how they may be related to the experience at the end of our life cycle.

So far I have made the most progress by considering only those things I know to be fact. Like many folks, I do like to consider many possibilities and I can see where much of the intriguing speculation grows it's roots.

I truly hope that, one day, spiritualism and science can mesh to create a solid and detailed truth regarding OBE, NDE, and the true nature of human's physical death.

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