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Sun's Setting Too Early--It's way the ... over THERE!!

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posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 10:20 AM
Without a doubt...lensflare. I guess this will get me ignored as well, oh well . It is a cool looking photo though.

posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 12:29 PM
You know, all my life I've noticed something, well, odd.
In the summer. culminating about June 22, it's daylight from about 6:30 am to around 9:00 pm

Then in the winter, culminating about December 22, it is daylight from about 7:30 am to 5:00 pmm

This happens every year. The hours of daylighjt are much longer in the summer, much shorter in the winter. The place the sun rises and sets changes throughout the year, too. Also, the way it arcs across the sky. I thought everyone was hip to this?

Ed. to add tongue-in-cheek

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posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 12:58 PM
What's your point?

We're now at November 27th, and in California--specifically San Jose California--as Lick Observatory attests--it was LIGHT ALL NIGHT.

Hmmm. Interesting effect, doncha think?

posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 01:10 PM
Dont Tread On me
check my link it answers your question

also along with daylight savings time the whole seting you clock back an hour in the winter i think thats why it gets dark so early in winter.

posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 01:15 PM
--but is that why San Jose California experienced a night without any darkness on November 26th, 2004?

... I'm just trying to understand how you might think that there is absolutely NO possibility for ANY CHANGES in the Light Schedule for this planet ...

... NO POSSIBILITY that any OBJECT WHATEVER could ever possibly get near enough to our planet to make any difference?

posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 01:38 PM
If our concresscritters were required to read these threads, do you thing we might actually see some meaningful educational reform?

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posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 01:48 PM
emmily san jose the city?

because califorina has some of hte worst light pollution and that is most likely why it never got dark

i mean i live righ toutside of neworleans and it never gets "dark" here i can go out at midnight to walk my dog and see perfectly fine without aided light.

posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 01:52 PM
Lick Observatory is about thirty miles southeast of San Jose on top of a mountain.

Go. Check in and see.


posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 05:06 PM

Originally posted by Hellmutt
What I find strange, is that it is a full moon again today. I think I remember it was full moon last week as well. Impossible of course... Seems like full moon every other week. Strange...
It doesn't really matter in what phase (maybe except ~five days after/before new moon) moon is when it's on the sky... it block visibility of DS objects always.

Cynical and fast aproaching apathy.
"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."

posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 05:46 PM
I just called up my old roomate who now lives in San Jose, CA. I asked him about the night of November 24th. And he told me that it indeed was dark at night. Like it always is. And forever will be. If there was no darkness in San Jose, CA shouldnt it be all over the news. Wouldnt every person from the city believe that something is just slightly wrong?

Emily, I think you should move to Iceland this summer. You might like it.

posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 06:44 PM
The photos I put up show the huge lit body OVER THE TOP OF CLOUDS, so the light won't get to the ground.

It is very normal for that area to be socked in with fog; happens all the time during the night the fog comes in and covers everything.

Secondly, I just pulled out some ucberkeley photos from last winter and calculated [roughly] what their sunset times were this time last year. It's quite plain that the sun is setting a full 30 minutes earlier this fall than last fall at this time. Half an hour is not trivial.

Finally, laugh all you want. I don't know what's up. I'm an old coot who has been looking at the sky my whole life; and I'm seeing stuff that was never there before. And so, I take pictures of it.

If you have a problem with the fact that I'm interested in taking pictures of the sky and showing them to people, then maybe you should find a different topic to comment about. Wouldn't that make sense?

I'm not here just to yank on your chains. I'm interested in the sky. Can you please allow this? Can I have the space, the room to pursue my interests--PLEASE?

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