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Active Shooter in Garden State Plaza Mall, New Jersey

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posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 01:43 AM
Just so people know. I said he is a gay porn star doing videos for money. I did not target him for his sexual preference. Can't give you any more details on his career because I can't watch that.Sorry.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 03:12 AM
Unconfirmed reports are that shooter may be dead in a storage room by his own hand.

Waiting for more info.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 03:15 AM

Well.. best we can hope for now is an interesting note on his person.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 04:51 AM
reply to post by TwiTcHomatic

Well seems it's over.I am very relieved no innocent people were murdered,and though I feel sorry for the loved ones of the guy who died by suicide,really,what Was he thinking? He surely could not have imagined a good outcome to this for himself? Now let's wait and see what the authorities' take on this incdent is-and if they try to use it to their own ends.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 05:36 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Well now we'll never know will we?! This is a very sad case, I was quite dismayed to wake up (after 3 hours sleep, darn thread) to this news.

Rampant speculation continue in 3... 2...

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 05:37 AM
Well if all this crap is going down now, so early in November, get ready for the "blood baths" on "Black Friday". Just sayin' I don't buy all this "lone gunman...killed self...blah blah blah" all the time.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 05:43 AM
"Gun registered to his brother"

300 million guns.

I wonder how many gun-safes/lockboxes?

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 05:50 AM

Well if all this crap is going down now, so early in November, get ready for the "blood baths" on "Black Friday". Just sayin' I don't buy all this "lone gunman...killed self...blah blah blah" all the time.

Something sure aint right.... Too many of these things in short succession.

Whoever is trying to tell us something should step out from behind the shadows, and say it...!

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 06:34 AM

  • White guy in his 20s....check
  • Dressed up in dark or faux-paramilitary "costuming".....check
  • Carrying "long rifle"....check
  • Public arena, middle-class, suburban....check
  • Extensive or "scrubbed" Internet be determined
  • History of psychological troubles or mental be determined
  • Obvious suicide mission, whether successfully completed or not....check

Maybe I am over-thinking this, but if this was happening in some other country, with this much consistency and this much regularity, I'd be thinking insurgency of some kind. Possibly by the online "nurturing" of disaffected young guys by professional terror recruiters (who knows at this point, as to what agenda is being pursued) creating a stream of "American suicide bombers" (in net effect), perhaps with the goal of simply destabilizing the suburban, middle class societal structure.

The recipe seems to be much too consistent, and giving an already suicidal young guy (clearly, in these cases, guys who have embraced an "Action Hero" archetype that's extremely common in online gaming and Internet discussion forum communities) the opportunity to "strike a blow for liberty" against the fill in the anti-American violation by the government and/or society of your choice here as opposed to simply closing the book on himself in his bedroom at home, probably isn't all that hard to sell in some situations. Maybe I'm an evil genius, but if I were bent on an organized insurgency within an open society that has the kind of NSA surveillance network that this one has, I'd have a network of hardcore psych ops predators cruising the gaming world and even places like this one for potential "suicide bombers" to prep and dispatch "lone gunman" style.

I don't know. Maybe I am just too evil and twisted to believe that no one else could possibly see the intrinsic value in taking advantage of really vulnerable middle class guys who are making the toughest life transition that they'll ever make - in many cases, online and in public - if what I really want, and all I really want, is to watch the nation freak out over how horrible the entire world is getting; one mass shooting at a time. Hell, they have social media gathering hubs based on pretty much every other hobby and past time, and they're all pseudo-anonymous. Why not an Internet-based insurgency centered around prepping and dispatching suicide shooters for sh*ts and giggles? The motive? Just to compete for kill totals with one another, with extra points for added horror innovation from your recruit.

If you know how to scrub your web tracks, you'd be free and clear by the time to cops got to checking the guy's computer history or gaming/forum posting account. Like I said, I don't know, but something's way too consistent about this stuff for it to be copycat or organic in nature. It seems managed in some manner, and not in a "programmed by the government" kind of managed, as suggested by some people. The government would've already clamped down in response to these attacks if it was behind them as a pretense for clamping down. This seems more designed to destabilize than to centralize government power. It's got a much looser "feel" to it.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 07:02 AM

Has the whole world gone mad?

No only the usa it seems, the EU are not getting these mass shootings every day.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 07:06 AM
Or, these young undereducated, dispossessed kids are just really, really pissed off and blame everyone else for their trouble because nobody ever taught them to deal with their emotions. Instead, what they have done is store them up inside and let them build to the breaking point. Add in a ton of idle away the years gaming, superheroes and movie mayhem and the end product is a ticking time bomb of repressed anger.

One day the volcano has to blow.

"Floggers, todays the day, I'm going to that mall that has all the expensive stuff I can't afford and make a mess. That'll show 'em."

Every time the media splashes these on the screen, another 100 volcanos on the horizon receive a bit more impetus to finally push over the edge and copycat for their chance at immortality.

That part is by design. That part produces more tragedy. That part justifies even more control.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 07:37 AM

Or, these young undereducated, dispossessed kids are just really, really pissed off and blame everyone else for their trouble because nobody ever taught them to deal with their emotions. Instead, what they have done is store them up inside and let them build to the breaking point. Add in a ton of idle away the years gaming, superheroes and movie mayhem and the end product is a ticking time bomb of repressed anger.

One day the volcano has to blow.

"Floggers, todays the day, I'm going to that mall that has all the expensive stuff I can't afford and make a mess. That'll show 'em."

Every time the media splashes these on the screen, another 100 volcanos on the horizon receive a bit more impetus to finally push over the edge and copycat for their chance at immortality.

That part is by design. That part produces more tragedy. That part justifies even more control.

I just want to add an extremely personal note here as your post struck a "close to home" chord for me. My middle son is 15 and has always had a behavior problem as it's called in the world of *mental health*. I begged for the family doctor to make a referral for psychological evaluation, but he insisted it was just a phase and he's all boy and of course, he'll grow out of it. I requested the school give him evaluations over the years (what a joke) and they did, but found nothing note-worthy. My son was/is suffering because he just can't seem to keep himself in check. In the past year he has finally begun receiving "help", he has been hospitalized, medicated (gut wrenching let me tell ya), he's in mobile therapy, drug & alcohol therapy (because he just can't say no to weed) and sees a psychiatrist once a month for med checks.

The only reason ANY of this help has come about is because he has taken a negative path and committed crimes. Now he also has a probation officer and what is called an Adolescent Response Unit caseworker through through our county's Children & Youth agency because he is abusive towards family and authority figures, as well as destructive when enraged.

I worry about him every day and I know the system is broken because he fell through the cracks until it was just too late. It is the most heartbreaking thing for a mother to experience, knowing that I have done everything in my limited power to get him help before it came to this. He is so sad inside, he is so frustrated with the world and his lack of ability to find his place in it. I worry that some day soon, this may be my child. Should it ever happen (I beg whatever creator exists that it doesn't) you can be DAMNED sure I will be screaming to anyone who listens about the need for better mental health care!

I am convinced that these young men have all fallen through the cracks, James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Paul Ciancia, and now Richard Shoop... the system failed them all and with each *new* incident my fear for my own son's future increases.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 08:13 AM
so basically, now TSA agents need to be armed


malls need TSA agents.

hmmmmm... go figure
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posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by IrishCream

I was just like your son. I, too was out of control, a juvenile delinquent, unapproachable, on drugs and in trouble with the law.

Somehow I survived. Most kids do. Strap yourself in…

I don't know you or your son. I do know that inability to teach a child fundamental emotional coping skills to deal with everyday life is key to preventing the build up of resentment. The resentment from his point of view grows every time he is awkward in a social situation with his peers. He is embarrassed repeatedly because he doesn't know how to respond in embarrassing or tempting situations. They may make fun of him or goad him for this.

That is about the most frustrating thing a kid can go through. You did stipulate he doesn't "know where to fit in". Thats the siren call for help.

How does he cope? he buries his feelings and with nowhere to turn for advice he turns that frustration to rage within. Thats why you see the "acting out" and resistance to any guidance.

The best advice I can give someone like you (with out knowing you better) is to stop "helping" him the way you have been.

Medication is only a band aid for whats really troubling him. It can make the situation worse. The anger is still building and if you turn the repressive drugs off then it could bring about more "episodes".

Ween him from it. Let him be. He s frustrated enough without someone always trying to convince him there is something wrong with him psychologically. There is, but only in his lack of ability to properly react to others, especially in social situations.

I know how he feels. What he desperately needs is someone to share with how he feels, someone to ask him how he feels and listen to what he says without trying to fix him.

On some level he knows what is wrong and where the resentment (frustration) is coming from. Someone he can relate too has to (gently) get him to open up and talk about these hurts. Usually it is specific and related to certain incidents that affected him deeply. This might be childhood trauma of some abusive sort?

I don't know in your case. I found that my repressed rage stemmed from some things that happened to me when I was younger. It could also be a result of lack of guidance about how to deal emotionally with everyday life.

Any official attempts to find a "cure" are what he will resist the most. His parents, the school and authorities like the law or doctors are just making things worse from his point of view. They are the cause of his troubles in fact and at the base of why some people who go nuts try to take as many people with them as possible. They blame others for not being supportive or nurturing enough.

Let me add one other thing. Todays incidents are (by comparison) really rare. Even though we are media blitzed with them, the actual occurrence per capita is less than the odds of getting eaten by sharks or struck by lightning. The fear factor is whipped into a frenzy by the media and law enfacement in order to manipulate us into being apprehensive and more fearful so as to accept a little more "benevolent" control on the part of our government.

All kids go thru this phase from teen to adult hood, struggling with their glands and identity. The glands can be hardest of all. Emotions are raging, but they are just feelings after all. Repressing them is the worst thing. Opening up is the pressure release valve. Getting real counsel from somewhere that teaches resistance to peer pressure and embarrassment when confronted with failures in relationships with girls and friends is normal. Everyone is human in this regard. Its just that at this age they don't "want to talk about it".

Fears he will be next in line to become a rage killer are unfounded at this point. Unless he is actually assaulting others with violent intent or hurting animals or victimizing children younger than him. Otherwise I wouldn't worry him in the direction you are because of the tragedies we see on TV.

That is your part. Stop reinforcing the negative behavior. Back off from that. Leave him be. Find someone that he can relate too. But most of all don't instill your fears into him.

Sorry about the wordiness and off topic nature of this post. I am responding in an internet forum and it is difficult to be precise without knowing more about it. If you would like you can U2U me and talk some more on a limited basis about it.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 08:25 AM
It used to be once maybe twice a year you would hear about shootings that would be like this.

Now every friggin day, you hear about another crazy bastard shooting up places. They dont even have a reason anymore, they just go crazy and start shooting.

This country has gone to s#it.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 08:32 AM
reply to post by intrptr

Yeah I can say about the same. Although a good chunk of my old buddies are dead and in jail, a good chunk of them like me grew out of it. It's not hopeless.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 09:11 AM
reply to post by NorEaster

It is a pattern. I think the one aspect many do not look at is that you can say you are going to do something but once there, it can all turn to # or you simply cannot go through with it. That is why I have thought in the past that there are two shooters in many events. They make sure that they both go. I have researched it and in many, many cases there is a report of 2 and one is found. Think Columbine. It is easier to do something with a accomplice and less chance to back out.

In this case, it seems he may have showed up to cause carnage and then, in the end, realized that he could not. It takes a certain type of person to randomly kill multiple people including kids, women,etc.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by IrishCream

I can't help but think that you are right, that the "system" has failed these people. Whether on purpose or not, they have received the short end of the stick somewhere along their development as an adult human being. I have worked with "troubled youth" in the past and currently work with youth dealing with mental health issues (autism, or whatever it is you want to put under that very large umbrella term). It really blows me away at how little the medical professionals understand or are willing to understand these people through these significantly rough patches of their lives. Doctors who prescribe totally useless medications see these people for minutes out of a day on the average rotation of about 3-6 months. How you know an individual and all of their behavioral nuances within that time frame is beyond me - and then to just suggest a pill which manipulates chemical reactions in the body as a solution...laughable when you think about it. But what do I know...I'm not a brainwashed...I mean, smart doctor. A common and typical excuse given when asked for more help is usually related to the speech of "limited resources". Which is ALWAYS related to budgets in one way or another it seems. And this is coming from Canada.

Side note, I feel the excuse of limited budgets is too often used when in reality the resources exist - they just can't be paid for with imaginary paper and digits - this is one of the major restraints our society faces when it comes to doing things properly. From building spacecraft to helping the mentally ill, budgets are the most common excuse to not do something right. As said by a NASA engineer who designed the space shuttle, it was by far the most dangerous vehicle that ever existed, BECASUE it had a budget.

I have worked with individuals who i KNOW are going to be violent criminals when they are older...hell they are violent criminals NOW and little to nothing is done about fact on many occasions NOTHING is done because clinical directors believe that natural consequences are not meant for these youth...REALLY? Yes, Really...the social "care" system is literally breeding psychopaths because they think that being soft on every count of violent outburst/behavior is the best possible answer for a traumatized brain (abuse is typical in these types of cases - one's in which the children are in state care facilities). While i can agree to that in SOME cases and instances - it is not good practice to just apply that type of thinking to ALL cases and scenarios.

Not pointing fingers, but the generalization of my experience dealing with this population, is that the parents are always a significant portion of the problem/solution for these individuals. Again, that is a generalization, in which I do not mean any offence. I totally understand the frustrations and complexities involved in rearing a teen, let alone one who is having a very difficult time adjusting to the reality around them.

Teenage years are likely the hardest and most confusing for a human to go through, while the brain completes it's formation - chemically speaking that can be VERY difficult for some individuals, especially when their environment is not stable in one way or another - we ARE products of our environment.

Are chemical restraints the answer for these trials and tribulations? No, I don't think so - at least not in all cases, some, yes...they are needed to get the individual through their day with little to no violence, but I don't think you are referring to these types of mental health issues. Chemical restraints (weed/ "street" drugs included) are no window of opportunity to help "troubled youth". It literally just makes the job (of dealing with them/ being accountable for their actions) easier for care takers and the youth themselves when related to the drug of their choice. Care takers are usually to always overloaded with their work - making it difficult to focus on a one to one basis with these individual who need that type of attention and care. Street drugs are a go to for the youth because it is an OUT, from their reality - i can't exactly blame teens all the time for taking that approach to be honest. The ones who tend to suffer mentally also tend to be highly intelligent. Perhaps not on paper, but given the opportunity to shine, and they would blow you away.

When I generalize about the parents, I am not pointing the finger directly at them. The system we all play into (the monetary system) doesn't help a thing - if anything it works against us. Parents are forced to leave their kids at school/group homes/care facilities...somewhere for the state to interfere and have a say in how this child is reared - all because the parents are forced into a work-off-debt system (not all, but a majority of the world is involved in this decrepit system). Buy a house/car/something you need to perpetuate habitual spending/borrowing. This forces you to work, either a job you love or hate or are impartial to. Ether way, this is your survival...and the survival of your offspring is directly related to your ability to balance a budget with whatever fruits you can bear from your labor which leads to earning...thus survival for another day. A lovely system - just make sure you kick in the teeth of the people below you while you try and climb that meaningless ladder in the effort to attain more purchasing power - aka freedom.

The more issues the child faces, the more the state see's itself interfering. It never once sees the child having more one on one time with the parents or primary care givers - if anything it is less, and parents for the most part are coaxed into believing that this is the best that could happen for their children. Mind you, in some cases this is the only choice that a child has...not all parents are as good as you (willing to stick it out with their child and help them trough their issues with love and affection - the REAL cure to mental health issues IMHO). This is an attack on the family unit. A destruction of the family nucleus, which likely started hundreds if not thousands of years ago. Certainly made a huge leap when women were allowed into the work force. Not that I am against this, but it really wasn't about giving women a chance, it was about ripping the family apart - send BOTH parents to work...leaving the child tended to by the state for a majority of their developmental years. How many families do you know where only one parent has to work? Not many - if any.

I certainly do not have any answers as to why we are seeing an influx of these types of behaviors in society...or that autism now encapsulates about 1 in 50 kids in the western world. I am sure the theories have been endlessly hashed out on ATS since it appeared. Tainted water, big pharma unleashing hell, psyops, name it, it's a theory for the situation.

Stable minds come from stable environments, from what I understand, live and see. The best we can do, I believe, is to provide stable, loving and compassionate environments for these people to develop into. How do we do that? I'm not sure...but turning away and throwing the problem a pill will not give any long term solutions credit.

I guess i'll just stop here, turn on my PS3 and play a few hours of Grand Theft Auto 5 to contemplate solutions.


posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 11:26 AM

Has the whole world gone mad? What the hell is going on lately? Is life really that bad, or are there just more crazy people on the loose not getting the proper mental care that they need?
i'm afraid it's a farce,over here anyway.a few get help.the rest the police have to try catching,they're angry knowing they sould be in hospital,but just left to run around until they really hurt themselves or someone else.then it's usually jail rather than a hospital bed,there just arn't any beds anymore.unless your in the system,most have no clue how really seriously bad it is.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 11:27 AM
Well, well. It's another incident at a Westfield mall. Just like in Kenya. Westfield properties is owned by Frank Lowy who also owned the rights to the shopping concourse at the WTC and collected part of the $7 billion payout along with Silverstein..
Many people predicted if there were more mall "shootings" it would happen in a Westfield mall.
No injuries?
Why so much news coverage then?
Another reeking pile of FFBS.
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