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Disclosure: Are we being drip fed information as a form disclosure?

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posted on Nov, 4 2013 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by ImpactoR

Well said. It is unfortunate that even on ATS, threads like this are quickly derailed by self-professed "skeptics" and "scientists" who want to shut down the discussion simply because they refuse to consider the possibilities.

posted on Nov, 4 2013 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by chelsealad

The more people we have believing in UFOs and Aliens, the easier it is for the people to accept and the easier it is for Governments to admit that "we are not alone"
My opinion is we are experiencing disclosure NOW!

At one time, I would have endorsed this viewpoint but, as time has dragged on and the world has begun what looks like a spiral... similar to that leading to the last two world wars, my views have changed.

I suspect that what we oft call angel, demons or aliens, have been with us since the beginning. When was that? Exactly? I dunno... I wasn't there but the ancient records are pretty clear and once you understand how someone so long ago might have describe something so... well, alien?

This is a peculiar situation because we have the various faiths and we have science that can't agree on much of anything. The melding occurs when you realize that first, faith doesn't change that much and science, is constantly changing. Those who base beliefs on faith rely on those ancient recollections and what is science today, will be laughed at in a century just as we today look back at how heavier than air powered flight was impossible or how our skin would fly off at 45 mph riding that new-fangled steam driven engine called a train!

In the end... what we today call UFOs or aliens could have been angels and demons before we had the concept of what extraterrestrial was. We may well be an experimental species... and what we call 'spiritual' understood on a wayyyy different level by those charged with overseeing our path.

The possibilities are endless so long as we don't slice off the long view because it upsets some deity or science guy.

posted on Nov, 4 2013 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by chelsealad

The universe is so massive it is impossible to imagine. But for aliens to get here they need to exist in the same era we do, be intelligent enough and advanced way beyond our own science to bend the seemingly rigid laws of space/time in the universe and also possess the ability to survive in our atmosphere.

Now we can not rule any of this out but if we are being drip fed "disclosure" by the media then exactly what is the message?

Is it that aliens are friendly like ET and just want to explore? Are they evil lizards as portrayed in "V" wanting to eat us, or simply exterminate us like in Independence Day. Or perhaps there really is a galactic federation out there waiting for us to discover "warp" drive and take our place with the civilizations amongst the stars? Does this also mean that superheroes really exist, vampires and zombies given current media output?

As for Roswell being the start of humans being intrigued by aliens it wasn't. You will find very little in the contemporary reports of the late 1940s and early 1950s about that case and certainly nothing involving aliens. It was the late 1970s before aliens morphed from humanoids (from the planets of the Solar System) into little grey guys from light years away. The humanoids don't seem to bother us any more and reports of the little grey guys are well down on previous decades. So I am not sure there has been an increase in "contact" stories in the last 10 years. Maybe some one has a source to prove or disprove that assertion.

Which brings me on to abductions. If people think they are being abducted, why not invest in a cheap CCTV system or hook a webcam up and train it on yourself whenever you are vulnerable to abduction? Set off alarms so others in the household know what's going on. Why do the aliens often appear not bothered about wearing clothes and how come their medical technology lags far behind the cutting edge human technology of the day if certain accounts are to be believed.

Then there is the government conspiracy angle. Which government are we talking about? Are North Korea and Iran all part of this grand conspiracy? Who in power back in the late 1940s, is still in power today and is able to have held onto a secret for so long but also allowed it to seep out into popular culture?

Now get past all those questions and we are still left guessing why there would be a "cover-up" for 60 years. Perhaps the truth is stranger than fiction?

posted on Nov, 4 2013 @ 05:18 PM
There is a UFO phenomenon which has been around since "The Beginning"; this I believe to be 100% true. However, I have no idea what the true source behind the UFO phenomenon is. I have a feeling that various government around the world are not too sure as well. Most believe them to be aliens, but I believe it is something more complicated than this and all the major governments are aware of this complication. The phenomenon has them scratching their heads and they have no idea how to begin to explain this phenomenon to the public. This secret has been going on for well over 60 years.

Very strange things began happening around the WWII era that got many of the world's governments attention. I believe they once believed UFO phenomenon to be ET in nature, but soon found out it was much more complicated than simply aliens visiting and watching us. Governments could not tell their people, most of whom just got out of war, that some very strange things are happening and they have no real idea what the strangeness is; not to mention they were powerless to stop it. So, they said nothing, hoping to learn more as time went on. My guess is they found a few answers since then, but gained many more questions as well. Questions they cannot answer, and the governments don't want us knowing they don't know.

So, to answers your question, I do not believe they are dripping out little bits of info or disclosure at all. I doubt they ever will. Maybe, if someone or something forced their hand, but not willingly.

posted on Nov, 4 2013 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by chelsealad

Can you clarify why your starting point is Roswell ? I don't see any basis for that arbitrary selection of an event that if valid the only special distinction was the public acknowledgment it got even if temporary...

none caught the peoples attention over the last 60 years more so than Roswell

I strongly disagree, I would agree that it is one that has been given more media attention that any other, even to the detriment of more relevant cases. My position is that this is due to location and the time of the event more than anything, today it seems more a good way to monetize Ufology and get an increase in touristic revenues that anything else...

Human Race has been intrigued by the thoughts of Aliens and UFOs and possibly the birthplace of the modern day conspiracy theory regarding UFOs

The question predates Roswell by a few millennia at least...

I have been an avid fan of UFOS the possibility of Aliens visiting Earth etc.

Any avid fan would have moved clearly from that possibility to accept it as a fact, there is ample evidence to ascertain that an alien intelligence (whatever definition is granted to the word) is active on Earth. What may be disputed (and should) is the cases may serve as factual evidence. The simple fact that we lack proper evidences only strengthens the case for a conspiracy of silence and secrecy around the subject from governmental authorities and even public institutions that by force of purpose should have resolved the question long ago.

now what I am hearing is there are multiple alien races, alien bases and hybrid plans to help colonise the earth.

Beyond the facts that there is alien activity and that states government and institutions fail to respond to it in a acceptable way, there is nothing else that I would accept as irrefutable beyond that from the start and based on their secrecy that their objectives are not in our best interests. Even if I could accepts some of the contact stories a valid the information exchanged may not be so...

posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 11:23 AM
reply to post by chelsealad

The Alice person seems to be trolling.Or just being argumentative for fun. Must be a hit at all the parties..
So now we are on brain tumors, Jesus , and Gods ...nice

To stay on topic,
Unless a mass sighting worldwide happens , and aliens are caught on camera walking around, then most likely its gonna be the same ole denial for years to come.
Suppose they do announce aliens are real, and have been abducting..where does that leave the abductees?
Can we sue the Government if they had knowledge of these tests? ( assuming they were in contact with the aliens and let it happen as some rumors claim) lol jk uncle sam ...

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posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 11:29 AM
You must be new to this

ive been following the ufo/ et main stream and secretive scene since 2006

its been saying for years that we are being drip fed, nothing happens.. zero.. zilch

posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 12:33 PM

reply to post by chelsealad

All I know, if the government does disclose, they better have one hell of a good reason why they kept it from the public or the world for that matter. Something that earth shattering should be public information. A select few shouldn't have decided upon themselves to keep this secret.

Suppose the alien told them to STFU or else?

What I can't understand, why would any alien race want to deal with any government knowing they''re keeping their visitations secret from the world population.

The alien race wants to keep their visitations secret.

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by CirqueDeTruth

I think she IS Druscilla, they both posted the same link to online courses, there's also the similarity in their avatars and writing style.

I think she is ignoring the trace evidence in a lot of cases though, a lot of times these phenomena have direct physical effects, for example, my brain couldn't possibly invent poltergeist activity with a direct effect on my surrounding environment.

I think you have to take a holistic view to get near the truth, to me the probability of alien or extradimensional contact is pretty darn high when you take both abduction accounts and UFO cases into account.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 02:17 AM


Supposing there is a high percentage of those reporting alien abduction/UFO sightings who develop brain tumors, your point there is null because you make the assumption that the sightings are are a result of the tumor, and not the other way around.

It's called Occam's Razor. Google it.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 02:40 AM

I can also tell you how your 'SCIENTIFIC' METHOD of 'I don't see it, I have no evidence of it, therefore it doesn't exist' is plain wrong. Area 51 was not known to exist, so does that mean when someone in those times at which it was not even known to exist - someone said 'It exists' then others responded 'It does not, there is no evidence' - did that invalidate the matter of its existence?

There is so much fail in this I don't know where to begin.

#1 It is completely plausible that secret bases can and do exist. That wouldn't have been an unreasonable thing to believe that there was a secret military installation in the middle of the desert.

#2 There was plenty of evidence for Area-51 for years prior to it becoming well known. Skylab astronauts even snapped a photo of it. Funnily enough no UFO researchers bothered to go through Skylab photo archives or they'd have had undeniable proof of a secret military base in 1974. The photos were in a NASA archive open to any and all.

#3. There is a difference between saying, "I need evidence to go forward with what you believe." and "What you believe does not exist."

I am in the the first category.

I know by definition and study after study that the vast majority of UFOs (95-98%) are misidentification of aircracft, spacecraft, weather or atmospheric phenomena, stars, planets, satellites, meteors, even stuff like remote controlled airplanes, helicopters and drones. That means that you are going to need some VERY good evidence for it NOT to be one of the above, just based on probability it is likely your UFO has a mundane explanation.

Do I need to give other examples of bases, things that are classified, mixed with disinformation, made sure that to such like you it will be non-existent, exactly because such like you do a good favor to those into the know to keep public unaware, ridiculed because 'I do not see it.. will you look at that.. so it doesn't exist!'

Classified bases and projects are a known unknown. In other words its plausible to believe they exist without any evidence.

UFOs piloted by space aliens is in another category all together.

Anyone could have taken you up White Sides peak and showed you Area-51. You yourself could have seen Skylab or Russian photos of it.

To my knowledge, no one can take me to view an alien or alien spacecraft commonly called a UFO therefore it is unreasonable to ask that I'd take such a claim at face value.

One has evidence which can be repeatedly examined. (secret bases)

The other has anecdotes, blurry videos/photos, a ton of hoaxes, a ton of "noise" in the data. (UFOs as ET)

I would like to find evidence of ET either out there or down here but I will not jump the gun, rush to judgement and declare "First Contact" until that is undeniable and no evidence has risen to that level yet.

I have an open mind and fully am aware that things could change overnight. But for now, aliens which can not be seen, or interacted with are as good as non-existenant.

I'm sure Alice would agree. Bring us an alien, some alien technology, etc and that changes.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 04:33 AM

My point is, are we getting more information on Aliens and their craft through mainstream media as a form of slow disclosure to avoid mass panic so we get acclimatised to the idea?
I am very much of the opinion that if the governments of the world just shouted out "hey we are not alone after all, and in fact we actually have been in contact for the last 100 years" would cause a great deal of panic and anger with the 6 billion people of the world. So, what does the Government do? My opinion is they slowly release more and more information to more and more mainstream media outlets to get people used to the idea of Aliens and the fact we are not alone.
Every year the shear amount of people who claim to have been abducted or had an alien experience that can be categorised from "close encounters of the first kind through to close encounters of the forth kind" has increased significantly over the last 10 years. So, again I believe that this is a form of disclosure. The more people we have believing in UFOs and Aliens, the easier it is for the people to accept and the easier it is for Governments to admit that "we are not alone"
My opinion is we are experiencing disclosure NOW!

Hi chelsealad, for what I 'think' to now about this subject today I fully agree with you.
The only thing I want to add is the following, I am convinced now that the ongoing disclosure is being done under complete control of some of those ETs themselves and that our worldly governments are being “forced” to follow their ‘protocol’ or ‘timeline’ during that disclosure.
Because if they, those ETs, would have decided earlier that it was time to let us humans know that we are not alone and that they are already here they could have done that already and in a split second and no earthly government could have done anything about it.

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