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Flip books, digital magazines, etc.

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posted on Nov, 3 2013 @ 11:34 AM
Is there any software/plugins/methods for creating a digital flip books, preferably open source, which supports all browsers and mobile devices?

I've tried Booklet.js which looks pretty okay but it still doesn't have the look and feel I want. Also, it doesn't recognize touch events as far as I can see. I've tried combining it with zoom.js and doubletab.js but it keeps bugging out, probably the libraries getting mixed up.

Anyways, I'd appreciate any advice....


posted on Nov, 3 2013 @ 01:40 PM
I'm working on a similar type of project, check out Flipping Book relatively cheap and the paid version you have your own branding. Fully compatible and upload to your server from the software.

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by scottlpool2003

Oyeah, I've seen it, looks pretty cool. I was actually hoping of a way of creating your own without software or external parties but it seems like it's the only solution currently available that looks professional and of high quality.

I'v actually built one using jQuery Booklet which works fine but still requires a lot fixes and tweaks before it'll look anything near as good as jQuery Turn and other flipbook solutions. Doesn't have a zoom function either but oh well I'll have another look at your suggetion.

Thanks for the advice!

posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 10:00 PM
I know this isn't free/open source but I thought it was pretty cool looking.

This is pretty much the gist of it? It's $149 for a single license though, but if you're doing something for a client, you can just tackle that cost on their bill and save you the trouble of building it.

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 08:24 AM
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