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The Sumerian 'Orion Mystery'

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posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 01:30 AM
reply to post by Kantzveldt

Sorry for the delay, but I have a link that has information. What is there is partial and is always being updated. There are some more individuals that the United States Government hired to study my tribe, the Ho-Chunk Nation.
I will search for them in my notes, but most of them you have to pay to read.

posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 06:03 AM
reply to post by chachonee

Well you've made my day with that as it's far more than i was expecting and there are fascinating and complex considerations on Orion, which revive my interest in the eye in the hand motif and the cult of the birdmen, it's a lot to take in but i'll give consideration to it all, thanks...

Rise of the Morning Star

The Hočągara also manage to preserve in their Orion constellation something of the Plains Indians' concept of these stars as forming a hand. For the plains Indians the Belt Stars are the wrists and Cursa and Rigel are at the finger tips, but for the Hočągara, each of the four outlying stars is itself a hand. Kunu as a figure with four arms is strongly akin with the Forked Men of similar anatomy who represent the bow. Even the widespread concept in the Old World of Orion being a hunter, as we shall see, is also found in the Hočąk asterism... the Orion asterism which the Hidatsa say contains the hole in the sky and represents a detached hand, rather like what we see in Mississippian iconography

So it is through Orion that the souls ascend to heaven, and a chosen few descend back to earth. This is the hole over which Redhorn-Alnilam stands. Among the Crow, the hand is said to belong to Red Woman (Hísšištawia). A faint reflex of the Hand Myth is probably to be found in the four hands of Kunu (Mintaka), two of which (Rigel and Cursa) form fingers in the standard Hand Constellation. Among the Central Siouan Oglala Lakota, we find the same basic myth. There the Chief of the Stars has his arm stolen by the Thunderbirds, but it is stolen back. The same Hand Constellation commemorates the event

The eye of the gods can be reborn on earth as Ear because light is strongly analogous to sound. In Hočąk symbolism sound stands for light. Wears White Feather, for instance, who is the star Sirius, has a living loon for his headdress, a bird that makes a loud call that expresses the brightness of the star. The fact that both light and sound are waves makes them radiate from a center outward in every direction. They vary in amplitude and wave length, and just as light is seen in colors, so sound is heard in pitch. This well appreciated isomorphism allows the ear to stand as a symbol not only for sound, but for light. Thus the offspring of the solar Eye of the World is Ear

...this coincides with the web of the spider who guards the hole in the sky, and on whose back is frequently displayed the cross or even the circled cross. This comports well with what we would expect given the spider's presumed supervision of that center from which the transmigration of souls takes place. On the Hidatsa model, Spider Man controls the hole in Orion through which these souls travel. It is this hole which Morning Star tears in two and displays on his Hyades-shaped, bifurcated tail.

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