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Churches, tell us the truth of ET-angels and aliens-demons

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posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 10:24 AM
reply to post by JayDub113

BRAVO! An answer with real possibilities!

posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 11:46 PM
You guys need to open your minds and "hear" what they're saying. They didnt have the words to explain themselves in modern day understanding so you know to broaden your imagination a little

There's something else going on in this universe that you had no idea, you've been sleeping your whole life..
Read this and hear what's said. Remember who you are and that will answer your why am i here

The slime mold experiment like the double slit experiment of quantum physics poses more questions than it answers if it answers any at all (perspective). From my experiences on different levels of consciousness starting on an atomic all the way up to universal and beyond I can tell you that everything possesses MIND and WILL. From an amoeba finding its way around a peatree dish to a star and any and all matter it all has a purpose driven desire and experiences the world around using whatever senses the god force has endowed upon it while always seeking harmony and homeostasis.

Everything is relative, there is no thing stand alone. The conscious desire of God was to have company due to feeling lonely. On the highest plane of "existence" there is Christ consciousness which is observed as a sphere of pure white light and orbiting around it similarly to Saturn's rings are SHARDS (Like broken Glass) of pure energy light particles glowing and pulsing radiant energy same as the sphere. After transcending this plane there becomes nothing, one is all alone and in fact one doesn't even seem to exist as if there isn't even ONE. There is a deadness, a quiet like nothing you could imagine. Then, one's mental visions return suddenly, and reappear from nothing like a hologram and you then realize all of the universe is your projection, that everything that has ever happened to you that you willed it, asked for it, wanted it. That you create what you want to dream, that you want to feel sadness, joy and misery equally fully. That you are eternal, infinite all knowing. And it feels amazing, you can move a star at your behest, change the colors of the street lights, set off every car alarm in the neighborhood. And it feels sad. Sad to know what you are, that you are alone, that this is just an illusion. And that you always wiill be.. forever and ever and there is no one to save you, no one can kill you and no one else is there to hear you. All there is, is you.

On the spirtual or mental plane( My ego is still young 23) I encountered an entity that many would call Satan. He was a sharp looking black man with a nice fade and short curly hair in a shimmering black business suit smoking a cigar in a huge hall with a checker patterned black and white floor. He showed me my various existences in other worlds/universes. I had a feeling like I known him forever. A lot of this was filled with tragedy. He showed me all the riches I ever could dream of some of the most amazingly cool and beautiful things that far transcend all the riches of this world. We came at last to some golden gates. Everything in these scenes was more fiery, more intense and brighter than anything of this world. His eyes burned red with fire but i was not afraid of him at all. But at these gates which were to me the gates of heaven and I could see paradise within (which was empty fyi there wasn't anyone there) he said "WE HAD A DEAL." Then my visions instantly changed to scary things. Rag dolls that oozed black blood and primitive weapons like axes and dark lines crawling through my vision. I stopped wanting to see it and it went away and that is when I saw the Ginormous sphere of pulsing white light.

Interestingly enough when the devil was showing me visions I saw Chris brown as a half red REPTILIAN demon like entity (it was like i could see beneath his skin) as well as a few other actors that aren't famous enough for me to know their names. I also recall seeing a futuristic planet with huge skyscrapers like new york except they looked metallic and were different colors like blue and red and shaped kind of like space rockets. On this planet they had transforming cars like the batmobile looking from the new movies that could fly and tv screens that had nothing solid to them and seemed to hover in the air and unlike projection screens the picture didnt reflect off the wall it. The image just stood by itself in thin air razor thin like you could walk around it or through it. The picture clarity of the movies was suuuuperb the sound was penetrating deep inside you like you were there when they filmed transformers.

And I saw the future developing through the many stages of cycles and each cycle spinning another cycle from itself like an exponentially growing quadratic equation in patterns and revolutions however. I saw the next best thing happening continually like this until everything reached an apex and at this point saw a golden flash appear off the apex of the cycle in my mind and then it was time for the cycle to begin finishing its circular revolution and RETURN to where it all BEGAN. I saw where my location was in this cycle and it was near maybe about 15-20 degrees from the peak or apex of the cycle where the golden flash had occurred.

If anyone has some stuff they'd like me to expand upon I'm sure I can remember more. It was a super enlightening experience that has allowed me to overcome all of my fears

I also encountered another entity that looked kind of like a NORDIC HE MAN
Words, symbols, gender, masonic history and the bible all came into clear focus.
I saw myself as a father disciplining a teenage son
A troublemaker in some futuristic police state being asked why I did something by a detective type who knew me personally(it was bad)
A Paul Walker looking guy in a badass silver whip looking at myself on a sunny day along a strip with palm trees in the side view mirror smirking
and more I'm sure

There was a general feeling that the older generations of people (or whatever race there's more than humans but they are similar) hold on to controlling things (like politics or businesses) far too long and in extreme instead of allowing the newer generations take over control as if they're too scared to let that happen and it creates serious problems and unnecessary misery.

On different planes there are different forces. Duality is HUGE on this one
I also noticed that as things become more complex and cooler they become more challenging and difficult and that simple things a lot of the time are easier, more relaxing and pleasing
I can sometimes read people like a red blood cell recognizes a white blood cells function in the body and understand everything in their nature as it relates

Most profound was my experience that I could be any creature, organism or the like at any point in time of the cyclic universe whenever i wanted like I could just leave this meat suit whenever I wanted but I felt as if I was exactly where I wanted to Be.

Pretty much thats my wild now told experience of spirituality and god


posted on Jan, 5 2014 @ 02:35 AM
reply to post by MOSTwanted

I appreciate your view and would like to have more like that.

IF Jesus Christ enters the scene directly, as Universal King of the Hosts of any D, it is a game changing event and factor that all ET and humans must take into account. Perhaps their delay is exactly because they expect something of the sort. If not direct coming then a rapture event.

I hope we will know whether or not that is the case in less than one month. Well, if Jesus doesn't come "soon" as the Rabbi predicted, because He is not obliged to follow the prophecy of the Rabbi, then we remain with what we have on the table - all those ETs who contact the earth.

posted on Jan, 5 2014 @ 02:37 AM
reply to post by Lmm2004 I answered that post in the subsequent posts. It took me 8 pages, not only this post but everything. I don't intend to go back to page N1 and to repeat things. Perhaps my readers don't want that either. And above all, I don't have that time and energy.

Perhaps you want to develop it further? To bring new things on the table?

As the readers see from the above posts, new things have been brought constantly in our conscience as well as the forum public space. God knows how they will evolve and when.

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posted on Jan, 5 2014 @ 02:40 AM
You are basically asking the Vatican to give up it's power...


posted on Jan, 5 2014 @ 02:45 AM
reply to post by coastlinekid

the pope and those who are with him (not necessarily Vatican entirely) will gain enormous power if they acknowledge the existence of the angels - ET who can transport missionaries at least to nearby stars and may be the whole galaxy. The first church to do that will become galactic and eclipse the other "competitors" on earth. More than that, there is a clear mandate of Jesus Christ in His final words before the Ascension, words that include Universe, Cosmos, World depending on which ancient translation you read. I talked of re-writing gospels in other thread. Now we witness re-translation process that changes words like that with the word "earth". Pity and shame!

So actually the pope will only win. As well as all christians.

Unless Jesus Christ decides to come down to Earth Himself with His billions of angels (including advanced ET), and to start cleansing things starting with His selected ones, or "His Bride" (ref. Paul). Rapture texts fit there. Pls refer to the prophecy of Kaduri and Sharon. It is a matter of a month (or two?) to see if it works or it will remain as one of those principally true prophecies that never materialize in the time of our lives.
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posted on Jan, 5 2014 @ 03:02 AM
Actually a month or two are not only the presumable limits of a prophecy of Jesus' return "soon" after the death of Mr Sharon.
They are the logical sequence if you consider the entire "disclosure process" started in 2001 and intensified in the end of 2009 (Norway spiral, endless conferences and radio shows). Then we had 2012 phenomenon. 2013 waiting for asteroids, comets, and some refix of the Mayan. Now we have February 23 End of Viking calendar. Olympics in Sochi Russia. New pope to appoint new cardinals and set stage for big changes in the biggest church. If the momentum is not used, it will be lost forever and the vacuum filled with other, worse events. Such as Far Eastern war.

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posted on Jan, 5 2014 @ 03:37 AM
The nuclear danger is not a joke. The negative development will see those who today slow down events in hope to play them later in their advantage, in a much worse position. Once the war started it will engulf the entire planet rather fast. Nuclear winter is an option that today almost no one talks about but is as real as the severe winter right now in USA.

Besides, Nibiru or mega solar flare (some say second sun) are options that exist, may be on timelines unknown for us (could they be changed?). To wait such a disaster in order to fix own organizational things or even a NWO, on the mass graves of millions, is sinister and cynic. It is better to start fixing things right away. And if a disaster comes, to deal with it as much as humanly possible. And let me ask again, will the benevolent ET wait a disaster to happen FIRST before they decide to "help"? Andromedans said so.

I don't ask the pope to share responsibilities (or power) with anyone. I ask actions to be taken today not waiting for tomorrow. And not only by the pope.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 05:13 AM
For the sake of all those who have read, flagged or otherwise approved part of my ideas, I must say the following:
the real world situation might be as diverse as 180 degrees. I developed to the best of my knowledge AT THE TIME all those theories.

Currently, I am actively considering the following game change factors:

Kaduri and Messianic Jews may change the 2 thousand year status quo with the Second Coming of Jesus. The prerequisite seems fulfilled at least partially.

A coming of Jesus would dramatically change ALL earth geo-politics and the ET scenarios, and much more.
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posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 03:51 AM
I just made a long post in that thread. I cannot repeat it pls see it there. At the same time, I reach to conclusions that should be developed further here in this thread (for whoever has ears let him hear).

The image of a cruel God who throws babies in hell because they were not baptized, image that existed in the Middle ages, together with all other absurd negativism, will be used by off-earth powers for their final goal. Let remember there are 1/3 of all extraterrestrials who follow Satan's agenda. That makes billions upon billions of Et civilizations, in human or non human form, who for some reason have preferred or WILL prefer to follow the prince of darkness and not Lord Jesus and His prince Michael. I discuss that in length in previous posts, please read them before saying I lack arguments.

The absurd position of early church fathers followed almost automatically by all Christian history and its leading theologians, only pours oil in the fire of satan. They take advantage, those evil ET or those ET who will choose to become evil, of the ignorance, lack of knowledge, and USELESS SACRIFICE in the name of fake ideals of the Christians today. The Christians who choose to sacrifice themselves do a great advantage of those powers. Who then will hold the image of a cruel God before the entire Universe, before countless of galaxies. Before beings who will judge impartially the Christian experience on planet Earth. Their judgment however will be biased, because the Christian experience is biased from the beginning. They will think they judge impartially when they will in fact embrace the prince of darkness and his army, in Revelation 12.

Instead, the true image of a Merciful God soon will be manifested to the world. Countless apparitions speak of that. The humanity both Christian and non Christian will be given a choice. On the side of a really Merciful Jesus who does not please to make babies suffer temporarily or in hell. Or on the side of even more suffering and death "in the name of God"??? that will fuel the above explained extraterrestrial conquest of the prince of darkness. Make your choice, dear friends and followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

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posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 04:47 AM
"Churches, tell us the truth of ET-angels and aliens-demons"

In order to easily convince anyone of anything , a belief must first be established. How would the catholic church or Jesuits, for example, get the masses to believe that they hold the truth? Your headline above already tells me that you
1) believe in this recent phenomena called "extraterrestrials"
2) and once that belief was established in your mind, you conclude that 'truth' must be held by that church

But if you never bought the lie in the first place, you'd never conclude as you do. It's the same ploy which mystery schools depend upon in order to get recruits - convince somebody that something is remotely true, then watch as they come searching for the 'hidden mysteries'. Its no different here - you have concluded that extraterrestrials are true, and only from this belief do you conclude that churches like the RCC are hiding something from you - and you will infer that what they 'hide' is true for no other reason that you already bought the extraterrestrial science fiction genre.

posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 04:53 AM
Rabbi Kaduri will be right. Soon Jesus will manifest His true Gospel. Not exactly walking the earth again. He doesn't need to do so before the glorious second coming at the end of ages. But He the king of the Universe has every power at his disposal to make His true words known! He may send 12 legions of angels to make His word and life known. Call them extraterrestrials if you want to, or angels, if you prefer the Bible term. They will reveal the entire 33.5 years life of Jesus on planet earth in His earthly non-resurrected body. Perhaps they will have it filmed. (will require quite a time to watch it). The essence will be presented not so lengthily so everyone could grasp the meaning. This is what the seers mostly in the catholic church call great warning. This may coincide with the rapture as well, I don't know. But the truth will manifest itself. We cannot continue already 20 centuries in lies about the true life of Jesus and His holy teaching. Because what we have is nothing else than lies and twisting of the word of God in the different historical ages, determined by emperors and kings, and theologians who are not worth that word. They all combined are responsible the world to be on the brink of self-destruction in 21st century. Devil? They serve him so well with all their elaborated theology that absolves the world's worst crimes in the name of God throughout the past ages.

New era is coming. Not just disclosure of Green men (Gray). Angels will come in human form, as they did to Jacob and the rest of the Bible. They did not do that to the apostles' disciples and there was a good reason for that. The gospels and teaching of Jesus, both written and talked as tradition, were screwed up from the very beginning. Jesus didn't come to make the earth hell. He came for us to be free from all forms of evil. That is not evident by the church fathers who promise entire life of suffering here, plus unknown number of years suffering over there purgatory) in fire, in case someone is saved at all. Thanks so much blind leaders. Enough of that teaching. It fits inquisitors' and crusaders. it fits people who destroyed South American civilizations. It has nothing to do with Jesus Christ and His words of love of neighbor. Jesus Christ did not send babies in hell because they were not baptized. The medieval fathers did so. They did so, before inventing the limbo place. Benedict cancelled it altogether. Many more false teachings will be/should be cancelled, if today's christian structures are to be preserved at all. Perhaps they are not meant to survive the test of time.

posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 04:57 AM
reply to post by Year1

Thanks for the comment and the honest view.
I do not invent the things. You might read Ezekiel 1 (chapter 1) that is nothing less than description of a flying machine plus living creatures in it. Let alone all other manifestation of "angels" in the old testament, and the few ones that remained intact in the new testament despite the brutal re-writing and erasing every possible record of it. Bethlehem star? HAHA. Which star moves along the road if not a UFO of today. I mostly discuss these issues in my first posts.

posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 05:25 AM
Rome at the time of Jesus, controlled by its pagan gods (understand :extraterrestrials), was quite unhappy to have the son of God down there. The plan of those evil ET was not to stop it, because they knew they can't. Apparently, the long-term plan was to change the teaching with precise strikes on both books and communities, and later to adopt it under their own agenda. History shows the rest. I don't invent history. Constantine was full-fledged supreme priest of pagan Rome gods (et) when he called Nicaea council and stamped the first dogmas. I don't say they were wrong at all. It was survival mode of those church leaders. But it is a historical fact. Nicaea and today's christian structure, plus today's canonical books, is result of Rome's mighty intervention. Not only by Constantine but long before him in selected targets of persecutions and erasing historical record of true teaching. It is not strange all the heresies then. They were the ones who did not/were not meant to conform with Rome. If Rome decided otherwise, it would be the heresies' gospels to be the canonical ones, and vice versus. Apparently they didn't match grossly, beyond the degree to be just modified, but to be erased from historic record. And their physical bearers - killed or otherwise banned. The Arianism during Constantine shows that clearly: Constantine's power enforcers practically erased all historic records of Arius and left only those written by Roman historians that show Arius unfavorable. This is a historical fact. We can make conclusion for all other heresies.

Let alone the burning of Alexandria library by the "Christian" emperor Theodosius. What was exactly burnt from the knowledge bank of humanity? What was secretly preserved in the imperial own libraries? He also slaughtered thousands of innocent people in Greece. He later "repented" before St Ambrosius bishop of today's Milan. (the capital was Milan at that time). This is history. If we want to recreate the truth of the very little known first centuries, we have to recreate all available. We have clear record of 4-6 centuries the brutality of christian emperors AND religious against so called "heresies".

It doesn't mean there weren't honest Christians, the common people. It means the power structure served opposite goals and gods - the evil et gods of Rome who had the ability to plan far beyond one century and the human limited capability. Today, 2000 years later we can analyze it. In that time, it was impossible to see it in that way. It is our generation, the last generation Jesus speaks about, that is given to know these things.

So I expect Jesus, the real gospel of Jesus, to be manifested soon. May be as soon as the 4 blood moons that come to Israel again in history (see related lectures on youtube). If not the Second Coming that no one knows the time except God the Father.
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posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 09:44 AM
Dead Sea Scroll The Divine Throne-Chariot
confirms Ezekiel 1

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posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 04:41 PM
a reply to: EnochWasRight

things to ..think about..

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