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Churches, tell us the truth of ET-angels and aliens-demons

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posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 04:40 AM
Some predictions of Vyacheslav (Slava or Slavic) Krasheninnikov (22.03.1982 - 17.03.1993, in Chebarkul Chelyabinsk region, Russia. Notice there are many others, including of Chinese invasion in Russia, of the mark of the beast - worldwide passport implant with no name on it, of all the horrors connected with that system and immediately before it. Hunger, cold, no electricity and heat, no medicines. I just cannot go thru all that for the limited time and resource I have. You may want to watch the videos in Russian to get the glimpse by footage of Russian TV. Anyway. Here are the abstracts dealing with the evil aliens. In my estimate, that all happens after the rapture before and after the rise of the antichrist.

Slavik said that nuclear war is nothing compared to the impending catastrophe. That on the moon there are a lot of demons, so-called aliens.

Slavik said that not all the scientists believe in wonders and that fact will force them to make such a device that will allow them to recognize among the people the so-called * aliens *, ie embodied demons who are very, very scary.

* They * are very afraid of Jesus Christ and because of that fear they are limited in their activities , otherwise the humans as such would no longer exist in the world.

Slavik said semi-material UFOs use as fuel diamonds. Diamonds for UFO are delivered by the powerful of this world ', ie, - *Enlightened* of World Government . The bigger the diamonds , the better for * them * ,...
and that people will learn to do the same ships. People will believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior , and in each fying unit (ship) there will be an inextinguishable lamp with the face (icon) of the Lord . This is a small period when the Lord will allow humans to fight the demons under the supervision of Heaven.

Slavik said that in the ground there are huge voids. Places will fall through the ground, and in some places it will be huge layers to disperse in different directions. England will sink, and the British will evacuate in Russia and the British government knows about it.

When they come down to us under the guise of * aliens * persecuted by * evil * cosmic forces , but in reality - by God , their present form will be greatly masked , and when they act in the real world * they * are really disguised as real people.

In landed UFOs all the earth demons will invite people for medical examination and treatment. People will go there massively to * heal * themselves, and will go out as * healthy ZOMBIES .* This is just one kind to fool people. There will be other methods for making zombie , depending on the spiritual level of a person. In Russia, there will be many UFO appeared from the waters of Lake Baikal.

He loved to talk about dinosaurs. Underground there is a huge void space, flowing clean clear water , and the plants are very soft . Those dinosaurs that lived on the earth , went underground . Because underground explosions are now very large and they are gaining strength from that. Within the walls of the underground space there are a lot of dinosaur eggs . When the climate goes to warming up, the earth will open , and they will come to the surface . They are different - herbivorous and predatory . Although they will be on the surface for not very long time, they will have time to mess things up and make a lot of troubles. After some time, the earth will open again , and they will go inside this time forever and never will come back. The first dinosaur will appear on the banks of the Volga river. The Lord will allow them to get out on the surface, to confound the human mind , stating that the dinosaurs became extinct . Slavik's drawings were depicting dinosaur's " cut" - with the designation of vulnerable zones , the nerve centers for people to know how to destroy them . Dinosaurs , according to him, are smarter than the smartest dog.

People who remained faithful to God , the Lord will keep them with a such force that those people living in small settlements will be unreachable for the evil forces . They will be simply invisible. Those who do not betray God will not change, will remain just ordinary people. And this is their victory .

The earth will be cleansed with the advent of the Lord, and all will be wonderful, but different. At the coming of the Lord , the angels will carry huge chunks of ground in the air and will close the gaps formed on the Earth's surface , leveling the earth's surface . If people looked at this action, they would not see the angels , but the pieces of ground flying in the sky. Ultimately, before the new era with the Lord, the Earth will be virtually flat .

posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 09:16 AM
I don't necessarily agree that Slava says the right story. In fact he has quite significant shortcomings in science, evident from the rest of his story (in Russian). I'd rather publish it to show the other side of the coin, with a Possible and not imminent scenario. 20 years after Slava's untimely death there isn't much fulfilled, except for Russian interior predictions alone.

Slava said China will attack Russia and won't be stopped before reaching Urals mts (i.e. European continent). A number of catholic prophecies say another story, that Russia is going to invade Europe, before it "converts to God", and then will turn back to attack China. Could it be that none of these happens, or something completely different? How about tomorrow's "rapture" or mass evacuation from a dying planet (solar or other reason) that will leave all end time scenarios unfulfilled for eons of time? They might be right, each one for itself. None of them has the whole truth.

posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 12:49 PM
The church will probably tell you soon that aliens are good beings but in reality they are the fallen angels who had children with daughters of men.

Their children are the giants of the bible.

It is written in your church bible and in the book of Enoch.

posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 11:55 PM
reply to post by SRS82

I agree, but those are only ONE of the millions kinds of aliens. The so called Nephilim, Annunaki, or Watchers. We'd better finally learn what was the original sin too.

posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 12:34 AM
The critical point is, as explained in the Slava comments, are we in the End times or not.

One may argue from Catholic perspective that we are in the end of times since Jesus' ascension to Heaven. This is a preterist view that the big churches prefer to adopt. Still the Early church believed in a Rapture and in the kingdom of God on earth in the duration of their own lives. Apparently they were wrong. But that doesn't make right the mainstream theologians until recently who claimed the kingdom of God was only spiritual. The visible one would not come before the Second Coming. The big churches cancel even the millennium. I.e. they put the Second Coming of Christ next to the Judgment Day.

It cannot be more wrong than that. First of all, that idea of cancelling the millenium is not the native idea of the early church. It was instead introduced in 5th century. The Church that inherited the Roman empire wanted her rule on earth to be equaled to God's kingdom on Earth. History proved that to be a very wrong approach with dramatic consequences for the entire planet, including the peoples who did not share the Christian belief. This time I will skip history.

If the final End time 7 year sequence of events is about to happen soon, then we must have a Rapture event. Jesus himself speaks of taking out of earth the righteous people recorded several times in the Gospels, plus Paul etc. A dozen of verses cannot be just wrong, unless we throw away the entire Gospel. Pls check the exact verses of harpazzo - rapture (rapiemur) that are clearly shown and explained online. I will not do double work, it is done by people smarter and more educated in Bible verses than I am.

This is the first timeline - the timeline of the End times. For a rapture event to occur, you have to have a number of people taken off this planet. I agree with the ideas that could be possibly done by extraterrestrial - angelic intervention and their spaceships. Not by flying of bodies. Because our bodies cannot survive that flight, not even thru the atmosphere, what so say about the interstella space. Unless we assume a resurrection from the dead happens first. The Revelation however says the first resurrection happens after the time of Lord Jesus' coming on Armageddon to defeat the antichrist. Then at the start of the Millenium He resurrects the killed for His name (martyrs) as well as those who refused the mark of the beast.

So much of the first general timeline sequence. Volumes have been written and are easily available online.

The second possibility: what if the End times are nowhere near, but let say after 200 more years? Whether 200 or 2000 practically doesn't matter for us, we will not be alive at that time. We have to brace for living a life without Second coming to occur in our lifetime. It is tempting to say, "He is at the doors". Indeed He is near for everyone who will die meanwhile. But let not make ourselves foolish: the generations before us were no less expectful of the coming of the Lord, and had their own theories of the apocaypse. Still, they all had to die and to meet the lord in spirit only. We may pretend we are the last generation but is it so in reality, we just don't know. Until then, we have to cope with the reality the way God has permitted it to occur around us.

There is much to be said about alien visitations. Started in the Bible time, as Ezekiel 1 spaceships wheels that the stubborn readers and interpreters call it a "vision of cherubs". H-channel speaks about that in detail.
Yes indeed the ancient texts speak of two or more opposing alien groups, that are not "benevolent". I would not call the Anunaki benevolent, who according to the Summer texts modified genetically the humans to work as slaves in golden mines. Much time has passed since then and the human race in the current information age is frankly quite informed. Even if not so intellectual as the ancient philosophers, still the information is everywhere and one can easily update to the latest. Even by downloading appropriate scripts on his mobile phone. It has never been so in the ancient times.

Will therefore the aliens, good and bad, appear in our lifetime? I think yes. The very fact we experience exponential rise of technology especially information tech shows someone more developed than humans give us all of that stuff. How could they develop rocketry and nuclear tech without alien help? Humans couldn't possibly develop it starting from the radio, the primitive cars and planes at the beginning of 20th century. And some say, even that was given from beyond earth, even the physicists and mathematitians in 19th century were given the ideas that lead to early 20th century tech. Indeed, only two centuries ago the humans didn't have even the radio and the car and lived pretty much with the same tech as their predecessors thousands of years ago.

Having all that said, I think the humanity has reached the crossing point in its development. With races and nations nuclear armed, sharing an ever shrinking living space on one only planet, it is a time to look at the skies. As Galileo did centuries ago. Humanity is actually late to do so. It should be done centuries ago. Today's telescopes discovered already 1300 planets at nearby stars and that number grows as we speak. Some of them are habitable. There is plenty of place to re-settle the humankind. And to avoid the overpopulation, lack of resources and food, and the possibility of a nuclear war. Obviously we can't do it alone. We need the help of the space brothers.

Perhaps secret labs both in USA and Russia, may be other countries, already have produced experimental hyperdrive, told how to do it by the aliens. But for a massive relocation of population more than experiment will be needed. We will be aided and relocated by those human ET who already know which planets are fit for us. Especially if a planetary catastrophe approaches planet Earth. Whatever the cause of it, we have to move out quickly if we want homo sapience to survive.

When will be the Second Coming of Christ, if the humanity moves to another planet? Jesus himself said before His ascension: go to the entire Universe and preach the Gospel. Go to the entire Cosmos (Mark 16 in Greek). Why should we be afraid of that? Second Coming will happen only when God decides so and not even the angels know the date, not even Jesus himself. Because He said so.

I assume it will happen many centuries later on a restored planet earth repopulated by earthly tribes gathered from the entire universe back to earth. This is just one of the many ideas spread online. It might be wrong, and we might enter the timeline 1 tomorrow. Still we are NOT on timeline 1 of imminent End times.

posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 12:48 AM
The idea that some Western Christians shared during the height of the Cold War, that Jesus will come ona nuclear cloud, or when the missiles come down we shall go up, is not Biblical. A mass die off is not the condition of the Second Coming. Indeed, those who die in such a massive event, or be it asteroid hitting the earth, will meet the Lord in their spirits. But that has nothing to do with the Biblical predicted event of a glorious second coming of the Son of God. I kindly invite those declared and non declared theologians who share such views, to review them in the light of the knowledge we have today. It cannot be the mass death of humanity the required event by God. He is the God of the living not the dead. At Jesus' Second Coming there are enough living people, both those who deny Him and those who await Him. The idea of a massive holocaust to somehow substitute the never coming Second coming is the worst of the kind of theories that try to exchange the Biblical truths with contemporary "theology". I can say more but it is enough for the thinking people. We the Christians and those who do not share that belief our brothers and sisters, must use the option to save humanity by saving ourselves, our families and friends. We must answer the call of God, and not await idle until the asteroid/nuke/solar eruption wipes out the life on earth. And because we cannot save ourselves with the limited resources we have (we don't have spaceships for example) we have to rely on the extraterrestrials. At least some of them are good ones, those who will rescue us. It is easy to demonize all of them and to await to die as martyr. But it is not what God wants the humanity to do. Unfortunately many self-proclaimed prophets and some theologians would share that erroneous teaching that prefers to see "fulfilled" the end times upon the mass graves of non understanding humans, than to show them way to escape and live beyond planet Earth. And to humbly admit that no one knows when the Day of the Lord will come. Not even his "representatives" on planet earth.

It may happen the other way, the antichrist to start marking people tomorrow and abomination of desolation to take place after tomorrow, or vice versus. That hasn't happened yet. We don't even know what the mark is and what the abomination is. It will be known at their proper time. Let alone a number of preconditions, one being the rapture.
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posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 01:09 AM
Imagine tomorrow the ET (good) manifest themselves throughout the world and tell the humanity there are 2 more months to relocate to another planet or they will surely die en masse from whatever space cataclysm is coming.

Many will be saved, but many will remain.
The saved ones will continue the humankind on other planets, including the Christianity they bear with themselves (and other religions).

How about the self-appointed left-behinders?

Will God allow their mass die off? Or will the End times play upon them? May be in a closed space-time to cut it off from the entire universe that is not ready for the final judgment day? (they don't know Jesus, most of those trillions of star systems, therefore they cannot stand the final judgment). I don't know the answer.

It might be possible what countless self-proclaimed prophets and seers say, to be true FOR THEMSELVES and their limited number of followers. Slava is just the latest known example coming from Russia. It may be true of the antichrist and the rest of the story, but only for the left behinders who have chosen to be such.

In other words, the planetary rescue may happen to be a divine pre-mediated rapture in terms and conditions applicable to today's people. We know of planets and aliens, and spaceships. The ancients knew something too but not necessarily in scientific categories as we do. They were told in their own language and symbols, not in ours.

It is hard to convince an End times believer that the rapture will take form of a spaceship rescue from Earth. Because in first place he is already convinced (by whom?) that the aliens are evil, as many as they are. Because of the short texts of the Bible. Forgetting completely other texts of the same Bible. As Ezekiel chapter 1.
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posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 01:56 AM
What will happen if Nothing of the above takes place in the next, let say 10 years? Neither ET nor other planets nor End times?

The projections of today's trends in future 10 or 20 years are just terrible. First, the population will continue to grow in less developed countries. The difference is some of those countries like India are nuclear armed and space powers. China alone suffice to make our worst nightmares come true. What if tomorrow China decides to invade someone, to assure living space for its population? Even at the expense of a nuclear war? Slava the Russian boy prophet speaks of a Chinese invasion of Russia, so sneak and surprising and fast, that entire cities will go to sleep today as Russian and will wake up tomorrow as Chinese. This is one possible scenario. It wouldn't be anywhere better if China, Russia, or any of the Muslim powers decide to take on the West. Be it Europe or both Europe and USA. May be biological and other hi energy weapons will be used instead of the outdated nukes. Still the nukes are not something to be forgotten because it is brute outdated force. They are as powerful as before.

Will God allow that? Will the ET allow that? History showed the short answer is Yes. WW2 nightmares both in Europe and in Asia were allowed to happen. History shows it repeats itself. Only 20 years divide WW1 from WW2. Now we enjoy somewhere between 20 and 27 years since the end of the cold war (depending on where you start to count - Gorbachev's perestroika, the fall of the Berlin Wall, or the end of USSR). Those years weren't used for betterment of humanity all around the globe. Instead, the last decade of them was an increased tension between the powers and ended up with the worst economic crisis since 1929. A crisis that not only brought the Great Depression in USA, but also brought Hitler to power in Europe. Now some economists laud the US recovery of the crisis. It might be so. Still Europe is at its worst point since WW2, with countries like Spain never reached the bottom of woes. The immigration from Africa and Asia only pours oil upon that. The fact that most everyday goods are imports from China or another Asian country makes senseless the idea of job creation in the developed countries. That trend ultimately will see the world divided to the extend of who will survive to use the still available resources. I don't like what happens in the world. Many people smarter than I say that. Including authors like Dan Brown who see it from their own perspective. Where is the role of the church and religion in a world that is going to break apart? And why not to introduce at fast pace the reality of extraterrestrial presence and their technology that may actually save the humanity from self-destruction? Many say this will be the antichrist. Wait, for antichrist you have to have major desecration of the temple in Jerusalem, mass mark of the beast, and the rapture. You cannot call antichrist only when there are good efforts to stop humanity from going into the abyss of nuclear and other possible nightmares.

posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 02:39 AM
SOmething more: Countries like China and India are already in contact with particular ET different from those talked about most. No I don't know their names or agendas. I know there are 8-side pyramids floating over Chinese cities, shown on Chinese youtube versions and then copied on youtube. China closed entire airports because of that traffic. I know India is well into the ET stuff by Technology section that speaks of aliens on earth as easy as they will speak of the next visit of their president somewhere. Just check it. Indeed the dates of these news are several years ago but they are still there online. Both superpowers that alone count for 1/3 of humanity have connections with unknown intelligences, and got terribly well armed. because of that or not, they are ready to take what they consider theirs. While the Chinese assertion is no secret of anyone anymore, the Indian's is still something we could only guess. Sure Pakistan is not the only problem of a 1bln+ country who pretends to be one of the ancient cultures on earth. But what do they want? Both Moscow and Washington offer gifts and assume India will be their ally. The Russian gifts are nuclear submarines, jets and aircraft carrier. The US gifts are more peaceful - cooperation in nuclear power plants. Despite India is not a part of NPT. We can say similar for another para nuclear state giant in South America - Brazil.

So when I look at perspectives not involving worldwide ET disclosure, I look at perspectives the rule of this planet to quietly shift towards other powers, whose invisible ET friends we don't know about. Isn't it better just to come forward and say the truth to the people and release the peaceful technologies? And to cut off the possibility a warring ET race associated let say with China to make the planet Chinese projected in time? If you look at your home items and goods, you will realize this is almost a done fact.

posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 02:57 AM
In the absence of Extraterrestrials who disclose themselves to humans, there should be a human-driven ET disclosure, especially of their peaceful technologies. One of which is the computer and internet. It does not suffice to offer the next model smartphone to the world elite that took positions in each country. It doesn't decide problems. Instead, peaceful tech such as free energy, desalinated water, and may be way to produce more food, are among those that can help the poor majority of this planet.

If there are numerous ETs with their agendas and their earthly governments in contact, it might be wiser those earthly govts to decide for one commonly accepted date and to let the truth go in public. Anyway we already live with ET reality by living everyday with the computer and cell phone. The risk of not doing so, or delay to do so, hides much bigger dangers than the risk of the imminent shock of religious and psychological nature. Not so many people live on earth today who haven't been exposed to that reality. Even the old ones. The kids were exposed to that reality since 1970s with the invention of Star Wars even if they were not sci-fi novel lovers. Now those kids are grown up men and women. They know the truth, no matter if they accept it or not. THe continuation of sci-fi films and cartoons for the new generation only shows that is ongoing process. Should we demonzie then as in the Independence Day? Should we expect evil aliens to attack us, in order to tell the world there are aliens at all? Both good and evil ones? When you watch Stargate you have the feeling they are broadcasting one of those endless shows. Then why not just tell plainly that the Grey exist, both good and not so good among them, and are generally allies of USA? While there are others, human or not so human, who are not allies rather competitors. Such as Annunaki - Goauld (reference Wilcock). Reptilians humanoids, and so on. In those films the Earth is not benevolent all the time. In Avatar the Earth troops are the invaders of a planet where the anti-gravity element 115 is mined. The story bears heavy heritage of the Russian brothers Strugatsky sci-fi novel. We don't have to go to "Pandora" and to live the life of foreign to us culture. We have to know Pandora exists, along with element 115 and the possibility our or their ships to cross the distance. We need to know of other better planets where the second home of humanity is starting to be built. May be as we speak.

posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 03:23 AM
Dan Burisch in his Camelot interview years before 2012 said that all man-made stargates are to be closed before 2012 because of cosmic danger otherwise. OK now the enigmatic 2012 is gone, hopefully with the unknown danger. Let open the stargates and let the people resettle elsewhere. Or let admit the spaceships do exist, both ours and theirs.

The existence of hundreds habitable planets, including pairs of panets in one systems, gives unimaginable capabilities to resolve long standing problems of humanity. Such as the clash between civilizations that dates back prior the time of crusades and Caliphate. May be as ancient as the ancient civilizations themselves. You don't to have a fight between Muslims and Christians if you settle them on separate planets.

Much more if apocalyptic doom is coming our way.

Some speak of possible timelines, one of which is the apocalyptic (in meaning of catastrophic) timeline. Can we risk and bet on that, having almost 7.2 billion living beings on planet Earth? Even the slightest chance of catastrophic event to befall earth (call it timeline possibility or whatever) requires immediate start of evacuation. may be starting with volunteers to go to other safer locations and establish first colonies 9as in sci-fi books). Henry Deacon said children were abducted to a better future location (on earth?). Others say teams of healthy survive-able humans were selected and transported if the worst is to happen on earth. Thanks so much! Creation of super-race of super-humans. It shouldn't be that way. It should be conscious decision on the side of existing human races, nations, religions, to continue their heritage on the other side. Also, people should be healed, as one of the many advantages of the extraterrestrials. Here I don't agree with Slava's predictions. Because Adam was healthy enough to live 1000 years, while the Christian age in history saw the lowest average age of life - was it 30 or 40 years or lower. What we have now is artificial prolonging of life to 80-90 amid ongoing pain and medication. Is this what the men were created for? Some will say, the original sin! Pardon me? The original sin was present within all generations, and there were generations living better than we do today, despite all technology. Much more, we have to redefine what the original sin was. Because it seems it was a DNA change in our first ancestors. Otherwise it can't affect the babies too who haven't sinned yet.

Questions that should be addressed, and actions taken. Time came and go to do that. I don't know how much more time we have. We passed apocalyptic dates such as 2000 (Fatima, others) and 2012 (many prophecies). What more do they wait for?
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posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 08:44 AM
Vatican Observatory Sponsors "Search for Life Beyond the Solar System" Conference in March
That is something good and should be supported! It is the second conference of the kind that Vatican organizes.

posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 09:44 AM
Perhaps the Vatican is ready to turn the page of history. In fact there were always people who were ready for that. Balducci and Funes are among them. There was a first conference like that several years ago. I.e. under the rule of pope Benedict. He tried his best, but he was not supported as he should be, not even by devote catholics. The Jesuits in Arizona keep working to find new planets as we speak.

Who then stops that drive of new discovery and new horizons for the catholic and other) christian church, and calls it demonic? Obviously the enemies of the Catholic church. Someone somewhere called me anti-catholic and anti-pope. No I am not. I criticize the bad everywhere, and support the good. (RCC should be thankful to my reasonable criticism that only helps them cleanse). This new move is something to be supported. By all, not only by catholics.

Let make one big differentiation that I make from the beginning. If we are talking of end times, then there is a clear sequence: rapture (in spaceships of good ET), followed by war in heaven/space between warring ET on God's side and Satan's side, followed by casting down to earth the dragon (draconians, others), followed by the woman's flee into the desert on eagle's wings (airlift), followed by the war of the dragon with the rest of her offspring who are strong enough to defend themselves (Russia?), followed by the rising of the beast from the sea (transformers, intelligent oil, others). It is a clear sequence. If you add the locusts then you should add the 3 or more asteroid/comet impacts in the first trumps.

Unless we have all that, from beginning to end, we cannot really talk of aliens who are antichrist's cohorts, as Slava and other prophets do. It will happen in its time, not beforehand. As of today, we should be diligent not to miss the given chance by God. Because it might be a chance to baptize galaxy, it might be a chance to be saved from temporary calamity (not rapture), or it might be the rapture. We should learn how to read the message of God imprinted in His creation in the newly discovered planets. Some of them discovered by jesuits. They believe in God and in Jesus, yes?
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posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 09:51 AM
I think a benevolent E.t would just call it self E.t, a demonic one would call itself an angel or god.

I mean angels never lie, and will stick with the truth, even though they don't have to say a thing, and just respect the spirits of the different people cultures, or just life in all it forms. Or maybe they'd stay quite so they could get in trouble with their boss.

Demon would lie through their teeth, and pretend to be a divine creature created by god loving kindness.... And just talk, and talk about how glorious and right they are. And would probably never shut up about it.

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posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by Specimen

that is a good point!

posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 10:11 AM
We should also not close our reason before the fact there is enogh evidence to say that a number of countries are ALREADy in contact with a number of ET races. We know for certain only US-Grey connection, and may be US-Orion with one kind of Orions. Orion is a large constellation and may have hundreds or thouands different "Orions"). Insiders speak of more ET races in contact with USA.

We know for sure Russia has a number of ET of unknown races because Medvedev and other politicians said it and because a pyramid was shown flying. Orion and Cassiopeia are among the mentioned in Russian documentaries). RT addressed Pleiades twice on air by giving platform to alleged pleiadian contactee. It means Pleiades are not those in close contacts with Russia rather those whom Russia approaches as possible allies.

We know for sure China has contacts with another group different from the above, because of leaks and much more because of shown ET including octahedron pyramids flying in the sky. We know for sure about India too. Insiders guess about France, UK, and Brazil, possibly South Africa. We know for sure about Japan because of different insiders speaking with certainty that Japan is in contact with more than one ET race.

All that should be taken into account.

The Vatican initiative could be a good science but it will remain a such until the real ET make public contact with real (positive I hope) consequences for the world. Otherwise we will continue to have leaks of military tech to those nations and some of them show quite big assertions in so much changed world. We have no way to know what kinds of weapons some of them have already received by their ET and wouldn't we witness a ET-led WW3 on planet Earth. I mean China in first place. It may play a bad joke for the old world while it wonders if there are ET at all somewhere in the galaxy, to be invaded by unknown yet ET from its backyard - and I mean specifically China. Why not Russia, because Russia had 2 decades after the fall of socialism and it didn't do a move so far. One may speculate of course with Putin's new missiles, if they have ET tech too. Perhaps they have, as demonstrated with the failed Bulava to become the Norway spiral.

In other words, we cannot exchange the practical knowledge with some abstract philosophy because the risk is too high. Still the religious philosophy on the topic is needed in a larger period of time should we baptize them etc). If tomorrow the ET manifest themselves, our first questions would be: are they good or bad, are they going to eat us or to enslave us, will they give us free energy, pills for incurable diseases, and similar questions. The words of Medvedev, despite said in a half-joke move, should bring an avalanche of questions and discussions with other officials, TV journalists, around the world. They did not.

We move around the same loop for already 4 years since the Norway spiral. The same stories told with other words. It is just too much time lost. Because the disclosure could be done right then. Avatar watched by Obamas and other "coincidences" and articles in Pravda of landing ships after 50 years. We lost 4 years not only of our lives but of the development of the planet. Let alone the craziness around 2012. Shall we lose any more time and for what reason? For reason the people not to be able to board the ships may be, flooded with useless information instead?

Or a scenario of the end times that I discussed separately. I think this is not the case but it remains my private view while many others say it is exactly the case.

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posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 10:48 AM
Let assume the worst, that Draconians ar ein contact with one of those countries. My first candidates in the list would be China and/or Japan because of their ancient cultural traditions leading to the dragons.

Gordon Duff spoke of under ocean oil that is sentient. Gordon Duff is editor of Veteranstoday. Pls check his stories. That oil was activated by another ET race draconians?). We have enough films including the Terminator to visualize what could mean a 'liquid metal' beast. Or transformers, or combination between.

I still think that major events did not take place, such as rapture by angelic ET called whatever else), and the war in space hasn't finished yet. We may have draconians but there isn't the final cast down of the big one as described in Revelation 12. These draconians on Earth are vulnerable and not that many in numbers. Some insiders speak of their underground/underwater layer where they live. I cannot confirm or deny that but that is something spoken of. Including by adding additional dimensions to earth. I just don't know. Whether they are in caves, whether they are in submerged UFOs or in another dimension inside rocks, isn't it pretty much the same.

We can still win that battle with them for the time being. It might be hundreds of years! One of the few things that I find to match with Slava the Russian young prophet, is that God will give a time period to humanity when they will be able to build those same ships, with the image of Jesus on them, and to fight the evil UFOs under the guidance of Heaven. That sounds as galactic war in which the humans on earth take side - that of God. Pretty good if that is the case in our time.

posted on Dec, 14 2013 @ 07:04 PM
I believe pope Francis will soon take position on extraterrestrial issues. Far not only to acknowledge the theoretical logical assumption that there are beings over there in the vast universe. But to touch upon the fact the earth's leading countries have been in contact for the last century and have been receiving new technologies by ET visitors. Computer being one of them, rocketry and nuclear - another. People like Paul Hellier ex-canadian defesne minister) and Phillip Corso (colonel in charge of Roswell) talk of all modern technology being reverse engineered from alien craft, including stealth, fiber optics etc.

Surely there are peaceful tech, tech that can feed the hungry and provide desalinated water for Africa and Asia. Technologies hundreds years ahead of what is the official level of usable everyday tech. They could decide many outstanding problems of the poor today. Many illnesses could be cured instantaneous. And the number of these problems just climb a mount higher than Everest along with the climb of the population itself. The pope not only has the right to address them even when they surpass the church's own 1.3 bln people many of which are poor. The pope should address them as descendant of Peter and servant of Jesus Christ who cares for God's creation.

It is a wrong view among staunch devotees (to avoid the word conservatives) to demonzie everything they do not understand. back then from Galileo time right until today when the US reverse engineered craft that are still not publicly announced are accepted as "devil's transports". How do you know, you sincere devote people who do not understand the basics of physics making those flights possible? Including interstellar? Did you have a try to understand it? I offered books to be read. Did you try to read them?

Let we face the truth of ET with all their different agendas. Let we find those who will really help humanity to make this uneasy pass to a new better future.

posted on Jan, 2 2014 @ 04:11 AM
the inaction of the so called benevolent aliens put forward legitimate questions of their polarity. Without making definite conclusions at this point, I doubt their apparent inaction is not because there aren't enough people with good will on planet Earth. But may be because the Rapture hasn't happened yet (by completely other, higher-D archangels and above level ET). Therefore no permission is given by God for the End times to unfold on Earth. That will include also the great deception of looking benevolent but in fact supportive to antichrist's system aliens. So is the impression when someone reads Billy Meier's plejaran messages. I hope I am wrong. But better face the truth. The ET had enough time to prove to the lied humanity on which side they are, in regard to Jesus Christ and basic beliefs. Personally, I am not willing to spend more time in doubt after the doomed 2012-13 years, and in false expectations. I want to know the truth. In absence of God's angels on Earth ET, I must assume the worst case scenario. Because I do care to be on the side of Jesus Christ on the last day, not on the side of Armageddon armies.
Let those who read and think otherwise, please prove me wrong in writing. And those others might be contactees or even their contacts. They are not that stupid as we usually paint them in the mass pop culture. Captured alien in a forest, haha! I bet they not only intercept every word online, but every word pronounced or even thought. Let they prove on which side they stand, and let they do it faster. I will not wait them more. If a rapture event happens tomorrow and they are not inside (and obviously the readers who read it afterwards) everything will be clear. We deal with the PR cohorts of the coming antichrist.

posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 09:59 AM
IF Jesus Christ comes sooner than expected, much sooner,...then we might not need any first contact with any ET civilization other than those who accompany Him, angelic and other higher D...

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri Prophecy

The above prophecy is yet to be seen fulfilled. But when we see it fulfilling it will be a done fact. Is Jesus coming indeed, in the next months? To be honest to all, I don't know.

In anyway, the discussed and non-discussed ET races should determine their position towards the Son of God when/if they want to collaborate with believing humans on Earth who do not want to exchange belief in God with that of extraterrestrials. Until now, the ETs are rather disappointing in that respect, may be with very few exceptions.

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