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Churches, tell us the truth of ET-angels and aliens-demons

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posted on Dec, 4 2013 @ 12:14 PM
The last words of Jesus said on planet Earth before His ascension to heaven give a clear mandate to evangelize the universe. Mark 16 in Greek uses the word cosmos/cosmon. This issue should be addressed even before the first aliens appear on earth in a public contact. Medvedev already said there are aliens on Russian territory and the president knows exactly how many and where they reside, and are kept secure by special forces. For me this is enough as a proof of their existence.

The more important is to determine who are they and how close (or far) their perspective of faith is. I can say that one of the fartest perspectives from ours have the human race coming from Andromeda (there are many Andromedans since that galaxy consists of one trillion stars). I talk of those described by the contactee Alex Collier. They are much farther from anything in the Christian faith than let say the Grey that are so much talked against. The race doesn't determine that, but the conscience. That will differ between races, and between groupings or individuals within one same race. For example, specialists talk of 200 kinds of Grey living on different planets. Not only Zeta Reticuli as most commonly known planet. All that requires quite a lot of research BEFORE the ships land. They will, don't worry about that. At that time, I personally won't be able for contacts and discussions in forum or otherwise. I don't know about you, may be you will rush to forum to get the latest news and comments of other people. Because actually you will not know what to do.

Aliens can't be demonized the way the earth races can't be treated less or more important. Let say some aliens are Nordic blond human, others are human with brown hair as Pleiadians, some others are spanish type. There are long lists of ET races that should be studied carefully. In other words, the difference between them and the so called "white race" on earth are smaller than the difference between the earth's own types of races. Think about it. Again, not the race but the mentality is what should matter when we speak of spiritual issues.

May be some of the races already got the knowledge and even visits/apparitions of Jesus Christ. Why not Virgin Mary too. Sure others do not have that privilege. The universe is too large space. Only our galaxy consists of 400 billion stars. The nearby stars with planets count over 1300. In other words, if the angels around Virgin Mary are ET who know well of Jesus, others wouldn't be in that number and would ask for our service to know Jesus the son of God. Some of them will ask, others not. Dr Uvarov of Russia said one type of ET came to Earth with the main purpose to seek traces from God. But they seek them not in written books rather in the mentality of the living people. Well, it should be so, we should be a living gospel. Both for earthlings and extraterrestrials.

posted on Dec, 4 2013 @ 01:13 PM
my research on the subject leads me to two possibilities of a first contact. It may happen of course with more than one-two races simultaneously in different parts of the planet. However, Orions (the Russian O., the Rigel O, ) and Pleiadians are the ones I single out as benevolent ones. They may not be evangelized, from what I hear from insiders. It may need intelligent encounter and discussion of ideas. Certainly not in "do or die" mode.

I do not advice the first encounter to be with the Andromedans those particular ones of Alex Collier. They may later accept Christ, but not now. Grey are a large area of research and missionary work. There are grey-human friendships among researchers. Grey are individuals some of them. (while others are wrongly assumed for grey because they are bio robots). They are not that massive in numbers, only some 2000+ nearby. All the bad things cannot be put on entire race with 200 kinds of them. In fact humans have a great dose of responsibility while working with some particularly rogue grey. As I understand from Dan Burisch testimony, all bio experiments on humans were stopped by the signing of the last treaty (a decade ago?) that itself ended in the year 2012. The treaty system itself was inflicted on both US and grey by the Orions, because the parties did not follow rules. Orions of Dan Burisch may vary from Orions seen in Russia and those from Rigel.

Sure the topic could be prolonged. What I wanted to mention is both Orions (Rigel) and Pleiadians seem to be good enough to start evangelization with. Once started we will have their resources, i.e. spaceships and and bases to continue it further. They will become missionaries to others and so on.

Andromedans fear in their 400 year projection of future (via special devices chronovisions) that a dictatorship originated from earth reaches their star systems. I wonder, if they see so negatively the earth religion (and may have some reasons), then exactly an earthly effort to evangelize the galaxy if it is successful, may be seen by its enemies as the biggest danger for their own system. They say it, in 400 years humans will enforce tyranny on galaxies reaching their own (source Alex Collier). Andromeda is the closest galaxy to the Milky Way, still the distances are remarkable for Newton and short for Bob Lazar.

I will not talk of draconians now. But if we are not in the End times they will not appear in great numbers anytime soon. If they do, then we have the dragon cast down to earth Revelation 12. There is another race underwater that may qualify for the beast. I think I talked about that.

We are far from these events only because the Universe awaits our testimony of Jesus Chrst. Should the Universe have heard of it by others, then the times come to an end with the Second Coming of Jesus on Earth and the end times sequence the way we know it. I think we are eons before that moment.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 02:47 AM
The still ALIVE comet Ison could pour out debris on Earth as meteorite shower or worse. then we may be in dare need of help from those same ET that I named above. They will help us to survive physically and we will help them to discover the Son of God if they didn't so far.

Here is the latest on Ison:

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 03:05 AM

Massive Sphere Caught By NASA: Hercolubus, Nibiru? 2013 HD

(I stop commenting in Medj. thread. There were too many personal attacks and assumptions of my private issues without whatever proof. If you want to discuss the things that we discussed there, at some higher INTELLIGENT level, please come here. I don't have that much time to do so, however).

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 03:47 AM
With ISON disappearing from view and the object above appearing at least on several slides, we enter a new phase. Will Ison rain a shower of fire upon us as Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 on Jupiter? Or shall we have something bigger than that, on apparently leaked NASA imagery above?
How that fits religious viewpoints and agendas?
Will the aliens be our saviors sent by God? Or will they be soon demonized by denominations who seek End times fulfillment and not necessarily salvation in physical terms? I don't have these answers. They are worth of brainstorming though.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 05:22 AM
SDO satellite cameras epic fail to broadcast live ISON, together with apparently "leaked" image of yet another bigger object obtained by Stereo satellite, come to show us NASA is not exactly hiding things. NASA allows us to see what it is hiding although not telling us directly. Otherwise they would master it much better and we would never understand. Or understand it after 20 years as with the Moon photos.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 05:46 AM
If the choice is therefore between:
1. Alien saviors sent by God to rescue us from a dying planet
2. Demonization of antichrist' supporting aliens

then the choice of which church manage to make it beyond earth may be pretty much the choice of which church survives and which tradition (or none) continues the teaching of Jesus Christ. It could be any of the organized churches or none. It could be pockets of individual Christians. Resembing first century communities. Or God knows what.

Even in a case of a "rapture" that will see the earth left to evil aliens supporters of antichrist for a limited time period. In such case the churches must strive to be among the raptured ones, the bride, the manchild. Not among the left behinders to the persecution of the beast. I don't think this is the case but I say it for those who think so.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 06:07 AM
Shocking revelations of a Livermore Physicist interviewed by Camelot some years ago support my theory of a distant future repopulated earth, that only then the real end times will play out. However, I may be wrong, Henry Deacon may be wrong, and the timelines to go the other way - in a closed time-space of a limited but intense kingdom of antichrist now, enclosed within until the end of the rest of universe. I say it as a possibility.

Here is the update of Henry Deacon. Perhaps it is better for a new reader to start from the beginning. It is worth the spent 1 h reading! Those things you don't have a way to know no matter what church you belong to (or none) unless you are not told by someone with insider knowledge. Or some angel.

The distant future
Henry told us that in approximately 6,000 years time the Earth will be practically barren, and there will be an attempt to repopulate it. He said that large numbers of children have been abducted from the present and taken to the future Earth, because their genome is undamaged. (In future history the imminent catastrophe significantly damages the human genome.)

He also confirmed that somewhat later than 52,000 years time, the Looking Glass data seems to go blank and no further information is accessible. This is exactly what was stated by Dan Burisch. (This information was given in a meeting. Henry finished the sentence for us as we were asking the question.)

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 06:17 AM
I gave you a star and flag. As strange as it sounds, that is the last conclusion I came to - that the Grey aliens are actually extra-dimensional entities and very, very possibly demons. I used behavioral analysis comparing demons to Grey alien behaviors and also was exploring the issue on a psychic and astral level, and I was also getting into conversations with former intelligence operatives.

The most recent thing I was looking into was the phone call to Art Bell talking about how aliens are not what they seem to be, that they are not aliens at all, but extra-dimensional entities and talking of the coming disasters - that we experienced from 2000 to 2010 - and this phone call was around 1997.

The final thought I had on this issue was that the government did not want to disclose the fact that they had been working with demons, it would be a disaster - in my opinion, when the disclosure happens, it will only happen after the demons have secured their takeover. When disclosure happens, it will be a bad sign, not a good one.

Also. I found out that the N.S.A. has astral agents working for it (no joke) and I think that is because a lot of the people that they fight on a daily basis are *not* just transmitting data over the internet, but over the astral plane, and also working with astral entities (a.k.a. occult members).

I'm not joking. I will stand behind the above information.


I don't necessarily think that the churches know as much as they should - you hear them talking a lot about faith, and about belief - this is quite different than knowledge. I don't think that churches take their beliefs to be real. I think the government knows a lot more about faith than any church -

Except for the highest levels of The Vatican will know something, and The Nine (A Buddhist council of the nine highest ranked living? astralogers) would know. And certain compartmentalized, possibly not even living, members of the Pentagon, and also anyone still alive who was working with the NAZI faction -

Those people would know. That's where to look. In all, that is probably going to amount to 9 Buddhists, less than a dozen Catholics, and probably less than 100 NAZI operatives or CIA operatives in total, and they would probably know each other.
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posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 06:21 AM
It is a pity none of the mainstream churches takes those possibilities seriously, at least not in public. They had the chance to know those possibilities, noy only from this forum but also from elsewhere.

Will Putin order the Russian patriarch to send bishops into the rescue spaceships and thus to assure at least one branch of the church survives?

Or we will have individual christians from all denominations who will make conscious choices in favor of the future generations, who will be the real church after? Frankly I don't know the answer. May be the catholic church or part of it will make a decision in favor of continuation of christianity at the time when such possibility will be made available.

Don't underestimate the leaked info online! NASA would never be so stupid to make it, even as error or human error, unless it was a coordinated plan to tell the people what is coming next. It is not isolated case. We were told enough of 2012 stuff, calendars and so on. Now we are told of yet another end of calendar this time of the Vikings. We are pretty well informed in the information age with internet. Don't say you are not, you who read that.

So I wonder, the people on planet XX345AB will they be organized in a church structure that survived the earth, r rather they will be just believers in Jesus Christ (or others) without much elaboration? WIll the catholic curch attempt to control the process by offering its own way of rescue?

It is a time to speak about these things. NASA just showed us the big one on a leaked photo. I said it was a time to speak much longer before that was leaked. It was a time to speak right after the Norway spiral Dec. 2009. There are 4 missed years. It should be a public process not secret. Or are there secret plans to save only elect ones not elect by God but by an earthly institution? Will they be the most righteous ones? I never believed secrecy worked well. Rather the free choice of possibilities offered in broad daylight. I hope that choice will be given to all of us soon.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by 2012newstart

NASA is affiliated with the NAZI faction of the Pentagon. It is highly likely they would have the knowledge and ability to leak information on purpose, and that they would. A lot of stuff gets "leaked" into plain sight.

And the reason for this is that most humans don't understand what is in front of their own face. So there could be conversations going on in Hollywood and the Music Industry and NASA, like you mentioned, that anyone really is invited to join -

In a lot of cases, it's not them holding back information, it's us not wanting to hear it. That's why things are leaked in cartoons and whatnot - because someone is excited about what they know and puts it in their artwork.

Most things are said straight-up, but people think they are joking. The people that are going to hold anyone back are going to be members of regular society - who have negative attitudes and tell others to shut up and stop thinking.
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posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 06:34 AM
I am not a religious person, but when you look at religious figures or stories as one persons or a collective group of peoples perception on events happening around them, can be surprising at times. If you consider these people to have little understanding and knowledge, which is likely, something such as an ET could appear to be a God to them, and UFO comming down to earth could be percieved as a supernatural or divine being/event, providing them a wealth of knowledge and technology. This goes for a lot of ancient civilizations as well, when looking at monuments, writings, drawings/depictions and megalithic structures, that are unexplainable. I think that it is definitely possible that we have been visited by ET's and they have had some impact on our human history. Imagine, a race of super intelligent beings stumble upon a primitive planet, it would be tempting to interfere and alter what they wish. I understad that for now we cannot be totally sure, but I find the possiblity of ET intervention throughout our history completely fascinating. In my opinion it is a more rational explanation than a collection of deities that came from the 'heavens'. You can never be sure what you see on television though, as we live in an age of the indoctrination of misinformation, and even though it appears to be true or authentic, you should be skeptical.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 06:38 AM
The pockets of individual christians saved by different ET civs is a clear possibility. Everyone saved will bring his religion with himself, be it christian or buddhist.

The option Putin and the Russian orthodox church to send bishops and organized groups abroad earth is a very realistic. Thus we have at least one apostolic succession preserved beyond planet earth.

The catholic church who knows ALL OF THAT AND MUCH MORE, is very likely to be involved in secret, deals...with someone here or there. I don't know and they don't tell. However the fact Exo Vaticana had such a success shows something is being cooked in the dark by hi- level secret members of the biggest church on earth. Let it be in the light.

So we may end up with not One but several survivor groupings of christians. One is the Russian that I bet 100% will survive organized. Another is the Roman that may survive on a completely different planet and different ET race protector. And the multitude of individual groupings may survive everywhere.

That scenario is pretty much valid for the nations' selection too. But it is easier to select nationals who can mix up over there, as the USA shows it is possible on planet Earth. It is harder to select and preserve church structures that pretend to have apostolic succession from the first apostles. Unless they decide so. And they are very slow in that process, at least in public. Well the church beyond earth may have pretty different face than today's earth contenders.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 06:41 AM
reply to post by PeaceTrooper
today's society especially the Western one is much more informed than anytime in history. Sure it will not deify the ET, as the ancient tribes did. I usually don't speak of consciousness rise, but the fact we discuss that freely online in the so called public domain shows the consciousness potentially may rise upon the click of the mouse. It depends on the wish of the individual to know the truth. Sure the Tv tells us a bit of that truth, not all. It can't be otherwise. Good they decided to open the door a bit. More is to come.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 07:05 AM
reply to post by darkbake

You know I wouldn't call the things in such names about NASA and pentagon. I don;t think they are Nazi. We know of Operation Paperclip the transfer of German scientists and their knowledge. The scientists themselves were hardly to be called Nazi. Was a Nazi criminal Werner von Brown? I don't think so. The bigger question is how the German scientists got their info. Von Brown said it - from THEM referring to the aliens.

I agree with you that many "cartoons" are leaked info that nobody takes seriously anymore. Well the new generation knows of Clone Wars, new planets, races, and the hyperspace engines better than their fathers and grandfathers. What to do, that is the life. Hope that new generation will reach the stars even if the older guards prefer to stay with the sinking ship. It is amazing how little attention get "leaked" scientists an d military with credentials beyond anyone their listeners ever met in private life. Why don't they believe the astronauts moon walkers? Are they insane? Instead everyone who speaks out in public is found with some fault or ridicule. NASA will have a hard time to leak anything, and may be therefore the "conspiracy" plays out. They say it in a "conspiracy" mode. As those photos next to the comet. The story goes 4 people were fired for that leak. What? A kid wouldn't make that leak so stupid, not NASA. The conspiracy clout is necessary for the unbelievers to believe at least conspiracy.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 07:28 AM
When Bob Lazar talks of his work in then secret Area 51, I don't have the feeling that young man at that time was doing anything wrong other than his job. He wasn't Nazi mind for sure. He tells quite many things how the alien ships work, using element 115 "Ununpentium" that is "unobtained" on earth. Strange match with Avatar's "Unobtainium" with the same properties. Avatar scenario is very close to the Russian sci fi authors brothers Strugatsky.
Bob Lazar

When Dan Burish talks of area 51 and his work for MJ12 I also don't have the feeling he is a dark bad guy. He is rather a man who wants to help humanity. Especially interesting is his discussion with Dr Michael Salla in Biblioteca Pleiades (pls search it). He believed 2012 doom could be averted. And so it happened. Or delayed may be, I don't know. I recommend Dan Burisch along with Henry Deacon and Bob Lazar, Bob Dean, as a minimum knowledge for those who want to walk the path of leaked knowledge. It is no more secret. It is leaked in the public domain and almost no one wants it. Those guys were not wrong they did their job serving secret projects for the benefit of their country but also for the humanity. Now they speak out. Let listen to them! Surely they are told to do so from higher ranks. Dan Burisch Bob Dean, US and USSR collaboration on ET retrieval, Vatican fully in the know of aliens since Pius 12

Bob Dean releases on conference Apollo 13 declassified photos of giant 3 mile spaceships

posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 06:11 AM
The Catholic church with its almost billion and a half members and over 2000 bishops has its greatest chance in history with pope Francis to accept officially the truth known secretly since the first centuries. Catholics have chance no less than any other believers or non believers to comprehend a glimpse and accept the grand design of God, larger than the narrow mind of any human system.

In other words, when the ships land in the first contact, the chance will be given to all. Be it for a rescue mission from planet earth if a cosmic cataclysm is on its way. Or be it a peaceful collaboration and co-existence with "aliens" who are much more like us than we think.

The death of the great Mandela comes to tell us the nations and races could find the way to peace, although bitterly divided not only along racial lines but also along ethnic lines. We all remember how 1 million Rwandese killed each other in unthinkable massacre for late 20th century while the world watched helpless. Many of them were catholcis or other christians.

Seems the reality of 400 billion shining stars in our galaxy and the perspective to talk about Jesus and God with them, is not the taste of someone. Hope most of the Catholics along with pope Francis think it is OK to find brothers in space who are more advanced than we are. (Otherwise we couldn't reach them in first place - so we expect they reach us). This is a big question that will mark the next centuries of human AND Christian development. Whoever chooses correctly now, will have spiritual and physical descendants "as numerous as the stars in heaven" - the promise of God to Abraham.
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posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 06:56 AM
Milky Way galaxy, credit NASA

The Catholic church has the unique role to take the lead because it knows of the aliens for quite a long time. They are not secret to its elite, even if not discussed in pubic. Insiders like Bob Dean and Andrew Basiago tell us of such contacts. They do not tell about the Orthodox but the Catholic church and its leaders. I already posted what John 23 had as personal contacts and also visions. I think it is enough as a proof.

Let it be the billion and more catholics are among those who will build bridges in the galaxy. Here is a NASA Milky Way diagram (because we can't see the galaxy from "above", not yet). It is quite large despite it looks just a "normal" galaxy. 400 billion stars according to latest estimates that may only rise. Andromeda galaxy that was considered a twin to Milky way now numbers 1 trillion stars. So the number could grow for our galaxy too. Imagine how many civilizations are out there! Some are more advanced, others - less. The moment we establish the first contact with one more advanced civilization, we establish it virtually with all, projected in time and with hyperspace capabilities. It is not a secret anymore the earth's secret labs already got the hyperdrive (see Bob Lazar).

Isn't it enthusiastic? And much more it is what Jesus Christ told us to do before His Ascension. I will opt to follow the words of Our Lord as they are said and without "interpretation" to excuse inaction.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 01:34 PM
Major prophecy discovered coming from 10 year old Russian boy who died in 1993 text is very poorly translated. I will try to update the info as I can.
==========================================these are my wordings==============
China attacks Russia and reaches Urals mts. Then USA stops the Chinese with bio-genetic weapons.
Euro the currency of the antichrist.
Dinosaurs came from underground to the surface
Evil aliens disguised in human skin (?!) land permanently and offer healing at a price of human consciousness

That is all obviously after the rapture. I still maintain the rapture will be carried out by angelic extraterrestrials in spaceships of the type Ezekiel's wheels and Elijah's chariots. The world after the rapture will be very different from today's!

posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 02:42 AM
The prophecies are just too scary. They concern the time prior and after the mark of the beast - a world passport with no name. Microchips are only precursors. It speaks of evil aliens who say they run away from "evil ones" but in fact they run away from God. (does it imply Revelation 12 war in heaven).

Sorry I don't feel fit to translate it all. It concerns the people who live in End times. I hope we are not among them thanks to the Rapture. Also it speaks in detail what will happen to Russia, and much of it already has happened as seen on the movie interviews of Slava's mother.

I'd like to say more for people who care more, but I will enter into too big questions that I feel no strength to do at that time. As of now, I concentrate on the rapture issues, and that is my mission. If you feel your mission is to speak out against the 666 and the evil aliens that will be at that time on Earth, please go forth, translate the original Russian text and spread it.

Slava (his short name) got a move for his canonization. The Russian orthodox church after "carefully reading" all of his writings, declined to proceed. Instead it said some of the writings were influenced by "Hollywood sci-fi movies". And some of the propaganda - done by his mother. Perhaps they have their reasons to do so, in the wake of a cult towards the little Slava, who is already painted by Orthodox artists as a saint.

For search in Russian use his name вячеслав крашенинников

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