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Churches, tell us the truth of ET-angels and aliens-demons

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posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 02:04 AM
Pope John Paul II "repented" and cleared Galileo. But let read again what exactly Galileo did "wrong" int he eyes of then inquisition. Because it just repeats over and over again for everything new that the descendants of those inquisitors find at od with their pre-set minds.

Galileo's championing of heliocentrism was controversial within his lifetime, when most subscribed to either geocentrism or the Tychonic system.[9] He met with opposition from astronomers, who doubted heliocentrism due to the absence of an observed stellar parallax.[9] The matter was investigated by the Roman Inquisition in 1615, and they concluded that it could be supported as only a possibility, not an established fact.[9][10] Galileo later defended his views in Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, which appeared to attack Pope Urban VIII and thus alienated him and the Jesuits, who had both supported Galileo up until this point.[9] He was tried by the Inquisition, found "vehemently suspect of heresy", forced to recant, and spent the rest of his life under house arrest.[11][12] It was while Galileo was under house arrest that he wrote one of his finest works, Two New Sciences, in which he summarised the work he had done some forty years earlier, on the two sciences now called kinematics and strength of materials.[13][14]

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 02:24 AM
If the Roman catholic church swallowed the inconvenient truth once, truth its higher members knew for thousand years, it should be assumed RCC has capabilities to swallow the truth once more. And to explain to its members that an alien is not necessarily the antichrist's aide but the Second Coming of Jesus might come after another 2000 years or so. It is a hard task, I admit. Especially when protestant and other sites accuse of RCC being the Great Harlot of the Revelation. I will not comment on that here. First because I don't know if we indeed are in the Apocalypse times or not yet. Perhaps we are?
But the basis should be made clear. Ezekiel 1 saw wheels and spaceship, not only a "vision of cherubs". Elijah was taken by a spaceship, not by an angel. The scripture is quite picturesque. Notice that scripture was preserved by the Judaic tradition and translated into Greek around 100 BC the so called Septuagint. it has never been under the scrutiny of the Church of Constantine. They just could not fix it or change it, it was already known. But that doesn't mean they didn't have the absolute power to change and fix, cut short and match passages and verses of what we cal NT. It is strange NT speaks only on few occasions of "men in white and angels, including the transportation of Philip by air (or wormhole) from Gaza to Azotus. The chance is great the angels wer emuch more often to Jesus, as said they "served Him in the desert" after the temptation. And that all was cut off forever. Because not even the banned books the apocrypha contain that.
Then comes John with the same cherubs that Ezekiel saw, with horses that fly on Second Coming (spaceships fly not horses), and other angelic beings throughout the Revelation. I will not comment that book here. There are pretty good comments online, better than what RCC maintains as convenient status quo. Stil I think the oldest manuscripts are not coming from 90-100 AD when John was alive The chance to have added or removed elements of Revelations till exists.

What to say about the Augustine brutal interpretation to take the Millenial kingdom AFTER the Second Coming of Jesus, and to declare it already arrived in church's history as the kingdom of God on earth! (IN The city of God). How convenient for a church that just assumed imperial responsibilities in the absence of a Roman emperor, and started crowning kings and emperors in the so called Christendom! How convenient! Today we can say absolutely correct from historic point of view that Augustine was not even close to the Kingdom of God let alone to the Millennium. The history knows its worst episodes exactly in that part, exactly leaded by Christian kingdoms and blessed by popes. Crusades, conquistadors and inquisition against its own people, religious wars and so on. The bloodiest period of human history (at least in Europe) that hardly matches the Roman conquests whose purpose was not to destroy civilizations but to include them in Pax Romana. Christian kings literally destroyed civilizations a s those of Americas.

It is a time the truth about that to be said loudly, and the cause of error that is the tendencious interpretation of cut off books of Gospel to be corrected. The Gospel never gave that power to Peter or to anyone on Earth for God's sake! It is incredible there are still people who hurry to excuse those acts int he name of God and Gospel. Perhaps the Gospel was changed GROSSLY.

Perhaps those changes involve exactly the matter discussed here. EXTRATERRESTRIAL PRESENCE called ANGELIC (and its opposite - demonic). It is a time we outsmart Galileo and Giordano Bruno and enter intot he new world. Either thru Apocalypse if it is the time now (and I don't know), or without it.

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 02:56 AM
I was accused in other threads that I was writing "anti-catholic", "anti-pope" and whatever. Actually I just pass very briefly thru facts of history known very well by the Catholic scholars in first place! There are many more exposing facts that they know and I don't. The careful read of a jesuit will find more "pro-catholic and pro-pope" elements in my writings than "anti". The Catholic church must go beyond that simpistic level. The history is unchangeable fact. (unless you have a time machine, a topic I would rather not discuss publicly even if there is interest in that).

"Today" is important. Shall the roman offices act in a similar behavior as before, only lacking the brute force as before, armies etc. Or shall they move to the next level of their own development? Shall they move the church beyond Constantine finally? Is the Christianity - the Constantine church at all? Did Jesus walk thru the Roman emperor's yard to proclaim the Gospel or thru the most miserable part of the empire, and its people? Let make the difference. When I speak against Constantine I do not reject any dogmas that speak of divine definitions and so on. But let face the reality for Jesus who walked the earth. Who accompanied him? Angels? How did the magi find him, if the stars and comets do not move like UFOs do? DId they follow what we would call a UFO today? History channel said it, NG channel said other things. It is not something invented by me. it is in the public domain of knowledge already. Everyone who wants to hear it could hear it.

Do those people enclosed in secret offices understand that fact? That the knowledge is already leaked out, may be not ALL of it but a good portion of it to make us think about all of it? Arent there good and smart people among them who understand the current status quo just cannot last forever, and the sooner it is over the better for everyone? Including for themselves? I hope there are such people. As the jesuits of Funes. Surprisingly now the pope is one of them. Let they show what they can, because I know they could do much better - as they actually do on the telescopes and other devices and writing scientific papers in secular journals. So please do not call me anti-catholic or anti-religious. You will not be true if you say that.

The question of re-wrtiting Gospels is as old as 1-2 centuries if not more. I don't understand how there are stil people who question that fact. The Gospels are written later and were refixed. We don't know how much. Instead of arguing on that, let find the real gospels if we can. Dead sea scrolls or secret texts within Vatican library?

At one moment the public ET contact will come and then all religions will face it outright. All people on earth regardless religion. At that time of truth all falsity will be exposed. God's churches have been cleansed in advance of the world. Are they really?

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 03:18 AM
reply to post by 2012newstart

Why should not John 23 contacts be quoted largely, written about in entirety? Why not a new paadigm to emerge from that? A paradigm that will put the Catholic church being a leader to a new level of Christian development, and not being the someone who has to pay old debts of history? Honestly, it has capabilities to do it, and few other churches do. I don't know if the majority of churches could make that paradigm shift. Even the reformist churches would prefer to see an immediate antichrist followed by immediate Second Coming. AND WHAT IF IT IS NOT THAT, NOT NOW?
I can speak of more things including different timelines of humanity AND churches, but I will not do it in public. Those organizations are strong enough in every respect and they may decide to develop its place in the future. Or to remain where they are. I know what some of them think, that they still hold the good portion of secrets including on ET matter. Yes those inside churches hold secrets on ET matter. But they are wrong. Because their choice may not be the best choice, it might be the wrong choice of ET. They think they will outsmart the public once more, in a final push to assure their dominance tomorrow. In fact they lie only themselves. In a consciousness shift as we witness daily (I don't like D-shift stuff) ina public related truth and expectation of more to come, they are the losers projected over time. Even if they run away thru stargate in the last moment together with their strict followers to start a separate branch of humanity. Perhaps some of them plan exactly that. They will end up like the Greys. If you know what I mean. 17 centuries weren't enough to understand that approach is wrong and does not give benefits not even to the leaders of it.

I hope there is another part of that same big church(es) that think otherwise. Let they not be too late.

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 03:34 AM
OK I will say only this piece and nothing more in that regard.
The incoming ELE similar to that one that killed dinosaurs, may prompt the "evil ones" to start their own timeline of part of humanity, apart of the saved "righteous good ones". Ultimately they will meet on armageddon whenever it comes (2000, 20,000 or whatever number years). Meanwhile, curved space-times be they on earth or outside it, may allow to fixes back in history, however sci-fi it may look like. SOmeone somewhere has drawn up plans to do so. That's why Augustine speaks like that back in 5th century. Because he wasn't either crazy man, or a man who would want to be punished by God for changing the main timeline sequence of the apocalypse. he was put back in time, believe it or not. For more read Anderson institute of time control research. This is all that I will say online about that matter. You need not ask me with PM because it is the same - information shared online, even by email. I am not willing to do that online. But reflect on it and how your personal lives may turn around should you follow fake leaders. And pls increase your knowledge in post-Galileo post-Newtonian physics. This is the only firm background you can judge about the Universe how it functions, because you are not told so in Sunday school and you are barely told one minimum in hi school. Unless you are graduate Physics or astronomy you practically don't have a chance to know it. Unless you spend hours now online to see the minimum knowledge required to know THAT WORKS in practice. I already said sources like Michio Kaku and others. They all are connected on youtube. The common believer, not only catholic, must understand the Universe functions differently. That you can go from here to Alfa Centauri for no time, let say for one day or less. You have to understand that is proven by today's mainstream physics although only in principle of the so called wormholes. You should not call that anymore sci fi. Starting from there you can go really far. But you have to start from somewhere. Encapsulating yourselves like in Galileo time will make you prisoners of people who want it to be the old way. Even if at one point they will offer you a rescue way to their controlled space-time, that might be worse than what we have now. I am sorry so many devote people understand so little of all that. Because the first thing is they say: "ET can't fly that far, speed of light limit", and the second thing they say is:"therefore they are not from other stars, they are from another dimension, i.e. demonic". And all stops here. Thansk to those who delude you. Seems a little portion of humanity will make it thru, wit a little (hope larger) portion of the church.

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posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 04:42 AM
Once you watch it
those of you who didn't watch such kind of things would probably say, "Even if all is true that I am not sure of, still we can't do it, we don't have the required negative matter or anti-gravity properties of matter".
In fact there is evidence that Area 51 scientists HAVE in possession Element 115. Element 115 called Ununpentium is not found on earth and is still not synthesized in labs (officially). For reference, elements 114 and 116 have very brief lifespan in labs. 115 however is stable. Scientists who have worked in area 51 have confessed online that they have been given enough amount of element 115 to make that necessary negative gravity for powering the craft. The source - some say Roswell, others say: the ET gave element 115. Along with the design of the craft that is far not only saucer-shaped.

If you watch the film "Avatar" whatever your view of the whole story is, there is something important. Element 115 Ununpentium called "Unobtainium" was shown in broad daylight how levitates in the hand of the chief of mission. It was mined on that hypothetical planet. Rocks were shown floating in the air, powered by that natural 115.

David Wilcock in an interview on red ice radio said that he has insider info that element indeed is found on planets with different power regime of gravity, massive star nearby etc, that allow to form it naturally. He said that one of his sources knows of concrete planet that the so called "secret space program" mines there, much like in Avatar. Well, this is what Wilcock said, and some of you will be fast to reject it. As you will.

The fact is the Earth is not everything in Universe, not all elements or all laws of the Universe are manifested on Earth. We cannot judge what is outside only having as examples what is on our own surface. We didn't reach the earth's core either. How then we could pretend to know everything, even from "religious point of view"?

Recently CIA said Area 51 exists, only to test secret planes or captured Russian planes. So far so good. What more is to be released soon? The saucer shaped craft is no more a taboo after MSM published a US factory of saucers in 1950s (area 51 probably) only powered by propellers. Well, short of element 115, anyway they showed them on pictures.

For the un-suspicious believer who just don't know those things, all of that should be labeled "demonic". Let be more precise and let find what is out there. What is indeed evil, if that exists out there. Enough resources are available online and we cannot excuse ourselves we haven't been told. We were told.

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 09:17 AM
John 23 who was dying of cancer, reportedly refused to prolong his life by drinking a liquid substance given to him as a gift by extraterrestrial contactee George Adamski. It is said in this source he preferred to offer his life to Jesus.
"The Omega Secret" "Secretum Omega"
by Cristoforo Barbato

In another source however, we read:

Adamski hearing the news said: “The bastards. They killed him.” He wasn’t referring to the galactics. This makes the second Pope alleged to have assassinated in recent years (along with Pope John Paul I, who wanted to rid the Catholic Church of Illuminati).

If it is true the extraterrestrials wanted to establish a pact with humanity thru John 23, as described in the first source, his rather fast death would have stopped them for quite a time. We don't know anything f Paul 6 or later popes' contacts. Should we wait another 40 years to learn them? I guess the world doesn't have the luxury of time as in 1960s.

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posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 10:53 AM
If we have such case of grave illness of J.23 curable by only one cup of liquid...We speak of capabilities thousands years ahead of us, or a miracle. Moreover, the beings are reportedly Human ET. What stops us to call them Angels, like Raphael with Tobias? Only our fanaticism may be.
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posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 12:05 AM

The princess said, it is a good thing that nothing happened (on Dec 21, 2012). She said sorry to her followers for her words of 3 days of darkness, who bought candles. But she still believes in her galactic friends and that finally it will happen.
I value the honest position of the princess much more than that of others who seem isolated themselves in the offices they take. The princess steps down to earth and speaks understandable on low profile (and low quality) web conferences like that. Than you so much, princess Nakamaru! I am sure there are more things that you will be willing to share with us!
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posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 03:11 AM
Spiritdaily, the private popular catholic site of prophecy-related and news articles, posts a link and a picture from Our Struggle Against Complacency. What is strange though is the picture that resembles what is usually painted as an alien planet. Colors that are not seen everyday as sunset, large or different sun, environment different from usual, (although canyons could be seen on earth), and a piece of strange technology. In this case a giant metallic needle. The "eye" is so big and so painted in the middle of the road, that almost resembles what we saw on sci-fi movies as "stargate". At least that is what I see. If the title was other, it could rightfully be called "the red giant sunset over Betelgeuse 5b". Notice our sun is never so large at sunset. (be careful don't watch unprotected!)
I wonder did Catholicjournal have any other ideas in mind when publishing that strange painting of unknown author? It would be great if they want to popularize to catholic masses that there are other planets with different stars than ours, and we don't have to be frightened by that fact or think it is a sin to acknowledge that different reality. The point is that - many still fear they would sin if they acknowledge the life elsewhere. Many think those are demonic, not angelic beings. It is a pity the churches until recently promoted that image or none. Because they knew very well of the sci-fi era that culminated in the Star Wars (as effects not as content) that affected every generation born since then. They knew very well that our children and granchildren know that already. And they said nothing. Perhaps their silence today will be their biggest sin counted tomorrow, when the left behinders will ask them account. In this world or after their death in the next world. It is a big trespass not to say the truth that one knows perfectly and that can help millions. Isn't it? What profit to hear of endless teachings that make no difference than before? I have heard them already! Even the apocalyptic talk becomes useless (although not useless at all) if we remove key images and events such as the Rapture. Because it is removed intentionally since Augustine. It was presented in Ephraem the Syrian 4th c. Apocalypse without rapture is a nightmare no one wants to touch in their lifetime.

How about Rapture without apocalypse? Rapture/rescue with 2Peter event of fire? Almost as Betelgeuse instead of our sun, to reach beyond Mars. These things are quite talked about in the alternative science sites. Why don't we hear a whisper by preachers in these weeks before Christmas time when they should preach about the Apocalypse according to their readings? Wasn't Fatima sun doing exactly that - falling to the earth, i.e. enlarged sun to come closer and closer? It is a pity when no one has courage to say a word about that all. Not necessarily of imminent fire on earth, but surely of the possibilities of life outside earth. And if the fire comes, then let we move on time.
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posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 05:02 AM
I would love if the new pope talks about all that, in the mode of John 23 unsaid truths.
However desirable it is not a necessary precondition for the extra - terrestrials to come. They would not ask the pope for permission, as one member of this forum suggested.

It is a public secret that exactly the Vatican holds most of the secrets. Isn't it better they themselves speak what is hidden in the 3rd secret (real) of Fatima, in John 23 diary of aliens, and so on. Why not to add Annunaki that Benedict almost told the world about in his Easter address with the book of Enoch included.

In fact the world could pass without false messiahs who play Jesus, and without Apocalypse now. I'd prefer it.
There are enough evidences of something "apocalyptic" in the secular meaning of this word, not necessarily the apocalypse of John. The last to come is the Viking end of world date February 22. The horns were blown in York. Why? Only to frighten us as on Dec 21, 2012? There is something much bigger than that, or the price of tickets for the next film. I bet we are prepared gradually as with countless movies. When there are TV channels as H, NG, Discovery, that speak constantly in the last few years of these things and more, when there are Ancient Aliens series and many others, one cannot say he haven't heard of it. It is already a public knowledge. If it is false, let show the falsity first before calling it anti-messiah.

Let me go back to the Star Wars issue. In the era of Sci-fi literature in the last few decades, Star Wars finally visualized what many of the then young people already believed. Visualized with effects and not so much play. But it showed the universe of the books of Isaac Asimov do exist, at least for 2 hours in the cinema. Unfortunately until this moment the Churches (nearly all of them) didn't find their place in a such changed picture. They fall short of playing the Jedi knights. Declarations of how some movie is bad to watch by catholics do not suffice anymore. They belong to the past. None of the younger catholics or protestants would listen to such declarations, rather will hurry up for the next episode. You have characters of good and evil there, you have millions of hearts and minds who watch and live it. The church fathers have to respond in a similar manner, without demonizing, or they are just as outdated as the funny images in that movie. I talk now of the Clone Wars that is the extension of the classical Star Wars. And it is not the only film to talk about. "Propaganda of the devil" is not the best way to make the young minds believe the other side. It will have just the opposite effect, of re-defining what the evil and ultimately the devil is.

Will it be the end of the churches' influence at the time of the first public ET contact? As the things stand of today, the answer is unfortunately YES. I hope tomorrow the things will change, somehow. May be changed by the ET themselves who would make their choice too.

When we have one Fr Balducci speaking about theoretical possibility of ET existence some 10 years ago and nobody else but he alone until he dies,
and after 5 years Fr Funes says that again with even less details,
and then there are 5 or so years without a word from the roman catholic authority,
it doesn't speak much of intentions rather of attempt to close the hole somehow.
On top of that come demonizations from pastors who want to see Apocalypse today. Only played with little green men may be. You can see them online, some of them. The others think the same and keep their bullets for the Day X.

It is just absurd and it will lead to churches to run completely irrelevant and outdated as institutions and thinking at the day of the first contact. OK here they go, they have been told. What will they do from NOW ON?
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posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 09:31 AM
In his latest article Spiritdaily mentions "and the visions of Ezekiel " that means a lot for that highly popular site visited by people devoted to apparitions and supernatural catholic info. Together with the picture (see above) that looks to what alien planets are depicted, one may say that the crossing line from here to there is almost done.
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posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 02:44 AM
this thread could be equally called "states tell us the truth about the ET".
I do not attack any church or faith. I want they help, by doing what should be done since 1960 namely to release Et info contacts tech. I dont care who they are, rather who of them will help. And it is a needed help. Not only to feed the hungry but to stop the slow death of planet earth. And to avoid the fast death by total nuclear war, and/or by space cataclysm. Only the ET could do that. The faith in God alone is good, but God provides means of survival in each era. And one should listen to the voice of God when telling Noah "build the arch" for some 40 years! Not the scoffers were saved but Noah and his family and the animals. Not the adulterous people from Sodom were saved but Lot and his daughters. Those who listened God at their time. And let say it clear, God acts thru messengers (word messenger equals the word angel). No wings were depicted on the angels who destroyed Sodom. One should obey what God's angels extraterrestrial beings say. Or he will follow Lot's wife that Jesus EXPLICITLY quotes in his Olivet discourse of end times. I feel uncomfortable when instead of a way out some offer other ways that do not really save anything or improve anything but offer only more suffering and even death projected in time. Let those people know that the majority of population already had that enough! It is just enough! Let they stop at that point trying to put burden after burden upon the people. Even if someone folows them, and that is not myself in anyway, that will bring nothing else than planetary death projected over time. Or worse - the end times scenarios of beast rising. Let find the clear and understandable way of getting out of here before it is too late. I think that way will be offered from above, by God contacting directly everyone who listens, thru the voice and show of angels - extraterrestrials in the air. Call it whatever you want to, call it a Great Warning or any other term of other Christian denomination. God used angels in the past to save the humanity and will use them again.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 03:08 AM
If odd-looking but good creatures coming from another planet come to clean the earth and restore it, as John 23 reportedly saw or was told by Virgin Mary, then that help should be accepted. I don't know if planetary cataclysm is imminent, so speak numerous sources not myself. It might turn to be the other way around - that the earth still could be restored to life and cleansed by pollution, oil, nuclear waste. By those beings. If God uses them to do the job, who am I to say they are evil, only if they look odd in my very narrow mind? Isn't it a cosmic racism? I offer the interview of Dr Greer with Kerry Cassidy of which of the ET are good and which ones -bad. I don't have to agree with anyone of them, but the discussion is one of the best among the UFO-researchers.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 03:23 AM
The other possibility of events on fast track are always on the table. Currently the world watches comet Ison along two other comets, moving close to the Sun

COMET ISON'S SUPER TAIL: Comet's ISON's recent outburst of activity has done more than simply brighten the comet. Whatever exploded from the comet's core also created a spectacularly-long tail, more than 16 million kilometers from end to end.

Will it make anything to the sun such as triggering major eruptions? We just don't know.Any prognosis will be a speculation no matter how much verified by alternative science or denied by main stream science. We are in expectation. The same is valid for the Planet X Nibiru that we were told by so many sources both ancient (Sumers) and new scientific ones, even by CNN blog. We cannot say that didn't happen. The question is about the timing that is always wrong. But timing that saved us so far. WIll it be enough for th e hardest disbelievers to review the data once more? and to take decision in favor of their future generations to come, not in favor of suffering and death of humanity? To expect the Second Coming is a good thing, only it may come after 20,000 years or even more. Jesus never said it. And if it is now, against all odds, then you might have thought about the rapture first. Rapture proclaimed by ST Ephraem the Syrian in 4th century, not by "protestant false doctrines". WHat is false actually? For me the falsity starts there where the concern of the common people's lives and wellbeing ends.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 04:03 AM
The top insider Bob Dean (pls check credentials if you will) speaks of a supra galactic civilization whose headquarters are not even in our own galaxy, to oversee the local ETs be they (in our view) good or bad. after that authority entered into force on planet Earth, all warring factions of polarized ET until that moment STOPPED. Aven the Anunaki must behave according to the rules now. Please listen to him and let him speak with the long expressions that sometimes take him 15 minutes to say one thought. He is quite old and already have NDE to be up to heaven that he calls "home". I already posted on interview of him and Clifford Stone that you'd better listen from end to end going thru the midst of it. Don't be satisfied with the beginning (about popes ET) and the end (about vision of Jesus'Crucifixion in Looking glass device).
Here is his latest interview to Camelot where Bob Dean speaks again of that overpowerful authority on above galactic level. Before you make conclusions, get the facts first. What we are denied at the moment are facts. Thanks God someone ordered to people like Bob Dean to start speaking in public. Because we wouldn't know even so much without them. Thanks Bob! I know you believe Jesus, thanks for saying it for the people.

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posted on Nov, 20 2013 @ 04:20 AM
seems to me, that the numerous secrets in apparitions of Virgin Mary have been played out symbolically and de facto shrunk to one mega event still to come. In other words, instead of a Warning, Miracle and Chastisement we will have one mega Warning-Miracle-Chastisement event in which the good ones will be saved and the evil ones will perish. Instead of Medjugorje 10 secrets we will have only the 10th, or 1-9 shrunk to that single big event that may occur not on one date but on several consequent days. The near future will tell whether I am right or not.

The reason why it might be so, first the too long time spent by the world in doing what is wrong. The generations passed away, those who should witness the miracles of God according to seers. In fact the last generation is still alive, the one that saw Israel. I will not enter into end times this time, but we may perfectly have 2 Peter event of fire to be not followed immediately by any antichrist at this time - if the entire surface of earth burns indeed, what antichrist would come. That is what Peter says in his 2 message that everything on earth burns.

The absence of response to God's repeated graces and calls in so many places around the world calls for removal of pre-signs of Chastisement. The fall of communism that was not followed by real repentance or correction of the wider world (except for the ex-communist countries themselves), cannot but pile up iniquity on the scale of God. Why should there be more warnings if those 40,50,60 years the world got its warnings so many times and despised them?

The above mentioned events are not BIblical, they are contemporary signs that may or may not be given depending on the human response. IMO they have been "cancelled", shrunk to one, or symbolically passed and over. The only mega event is the remaining Chastisement with prior gathering of God's people in one big event only, that may last for several days or week. But that's it. All will be informed, and all may have a chance to repent in the last moment and be saved. But it depends on the free will to do so. As of timing, I don't know. Dates come and go. But it is rather soon.

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posted on Nov, 20 2013 @ 06:33 AM
Even if I am wrong about One mega event, still the Great warning is NOT a Biblical event. The Rapture IS a Biblical event, NT. I don't have to prove that, there are numerous sites who did so exellent. Including by quotations in Latin and Greek where the wording derivative rapture is clearly shown to exist.

The problem for the contemporary catholic apparitions is they speak of events that are not directly found in any Bible text and they have to be fit somewhere. The catholic scholars online do not accept the ANCIENT Rapture doctrine (4th century St Ephraem the Syrian) and they remain in a limbo. The easiest thing is to say, here it is the Rapture that the apparitions speak of as a Great Warning. That step is not done, mostly because of denominational presumptions. Most catholics think the rapture is protestaint. They do not bother to search the source of the Gospel, rather are satisfied by catholic preachers who frankly are very far from the entire idea of any interpretation of the End times today, let alone the rapture.
What to say about a rapture in a spaceship.

The Chastisement is another event that should be fit somewhere. Is it Armageddon? If so, where is the antichrist first? Neither Garabandal nor Fatima speak of antichrist (what we know of Fatima). If antichrist should be put before the chastisement so it could be Armageddon, then it remains to wait Second coming and millenium to be the era of peace. But it is not said so about the era of peace in the apparitions. It is not said the era of peace would come only after the second coming of Jesus. Rather it is said it would come after the chastisement, without saying anything of Jesus' second coming. it is Garabandal, Fatima, and a number of other apparitions that do not talk of a Second coming. Era of peace or Eucharistic reign after chastisement, not after armageddon.

Apparently what the last decades apparitions talk about is another sequence of events, or called in modern physics - a "timeline". It has a Chastisement on it, it has era of peace, but it hasn't the antichrist or the other end time events.

Some seers however put them altogether, as John Leary. I don't think it is precise from Biblical point of view. With the fact you have multiple antichrists in history even in 20th century, it might be possible to fix it on one timeline, but still you don't have the real end times.

If tomorrow we have a rapture event, specifically with extraterrestrials and spaceships, it would be denied as being a rapture event, by the many left behinders. Including the rapture theorists -evangelicals. They would rather deny it than to accept they were left behind. The demonization of an alien take of people has already begun by Hal Lindsey report. The event however will be a big warning, the Great Warning if you will, for the left behind catholics and everyone else.

Will it be followed by 2 Peter fire that will consume the entire surface of the planet? Not necessarily followed by any antichrist at this time?

Or will it be followed by the landing of draconians, persecution of the woman (left behind church and Mary) in the desert, and rising of the beast? I don't know.

There are 2 events before which a rapture-like event must occur: planetary cataclysm and nuclear war. If we read Bayside it singles out the nuclear war as the event before which the rapture will occur. But if the nuclear war was cancelled then we may go directly to the chastisement. That most likely includes a comet, asteroid or another celestial major disaster. Why not the Fatima falling sun. We talk often of a dancing sun, but we forget the Fatima sun actually started falling towards the earth. It means either the planet will fall from its orbit towards the sun, or the more logical - the sun will enlarge itsef as the models show as a Red giant star.

If we look at the earth's own history before man, we will see several major die-offs, the last of which is the dinosaurs. Asteroids' traces do not lack on the surface of the earth. So the history may just repeat itself. As the people never learn from history. Even without the End time sequence.

The saved population will dwell on a new earth under new heaven as Peter speaks. Notice "heaven" has the meaning of all the following: heaven of God, heaven - atmosphere where birds fly and above them the clouds, heaven - sky filled with stars, or called today space, universe. Notice the word universe and the word cosmos are also in use in the new testament and they include all known space at that time. Including the stars named by the Greek mythological gods. Including naming Draconis as the modern ET speak of Draconians from the star Alpha of constellation Draconis. How did the Greek know of it to name it? The Arabs named the star Thuban that is an Arabic word for snake ثعبان thuʿbān. it is historically significant as having been the north pole star in ancient times. How did the Arabs know that? Of course that is not the only named star and not the only association with extraterrestrials. These ones are the bad ones. The disbelief in those historic facts will have dare consequences if we are approaching the end times. Other stars and constellations, such as Orion and Pleiades, have a better role and are not known to harbor evil aliens. They were used to fix the pyramids on Orion belt, and perhaps we are talking of those architects of the pyramids, Hopi in America, etc. There is entire episode of Ancient Aliens about Orion. It doesn't need to approve everything said there!

At the ancient Greek time the known universe did not include Americas, but included distant stars! How is it possible? Questions buried in middle ages, that now resurface. Questions that seems no one cares about, and it should be.

Because it concerns the survival of the last generation. Satan would like for everyone to die. Thus the earth will be finished at this time, and no God's promise will be fulfilled. (as tried by Hitler towards the Jews). Sure there will be survivors, but apparently his purpose is to kill maximum people by letting them die on earth. Including by using ecclesiastical, masonry, and fake apparitions, some of them coming from canonized saints. They just contradict the picture. Those who will make you stay home and not take the rapture ships, because you will be told "they are demonic". Good job! It is so easy to see the truth behind that attempt! Even if you are in the End times, it is more necessary to take the rapture transport whatever God has decided to use, and whoever ET civ He appointed for that task.

In Noah's ark there were only 8 people saved and that was enough for God to continue His grand design for humankind.
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I have to add, to make end times scenario doesn't mean one is a "prophet of end times". Moreover we don't know if we are inside the end times. Not until the abomination of desolation takes place. That may happen after 20,000 years, or after 2 days.

Jesus is the biggest prophet of the End times in His Olivet discourse. Yes He is a prophet too. Not like Benedict qualified him as not "playing a prophet". He doesn't play, He IS.

Daniel is another prophet of the End times. Certainly he is not a false prophet only because he talks of the end times. Many people try to interpret him, one better than the other. Obviously, no timing has been successful until now, despite the fact Israel stands reinstated for decades. You know, those people are not just "false messiahs". They do their work and they never claimed to be "messiahs". I don't think Dr Chuck Missler has ever called himself "messiah". I don't think he is "anti-messiah". Rather one of the best End times Bible scholars from any denomination. The Catholic bishops should listen to him, because frankly they are very far from those topics, doing other things instead. It is strange, to say the least, such voices of warning against "false messiahs of end time" without specifying someone very bad guys, come from no other place but from the Roman catholic headquarter itself. Isn't it better the RCC cleans its inner yard first, and then mentoring the world. Also let not forget no one is infallible, not even the pope, unless he speaks on dogmas "ex cathera" according to the catholic belief of Vatican I dogma of infallibility. So let draw the line. The pope is great expected to do great things, but he is not always right and he is just a human as everyone of us. I just wonder how much time was lost in those 8 months of new pontificate. Indeed, less than the 8 lost years of Benedict, and less than the 24 lost years since the fall of communism. Lost time!

The Abomination of Desolation - Chuck Missler
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posted on Nov, 20 2013 @ 12:37 PM
Pope Francis is currently preparing encyclical on...ecology. Great! Could he include also exo-planets ecology as something proven already to exist by science,incl vat observatories. If he does tat it would be a great achievement.It will open the floodgates of God's grace. Human ecology on another planet not only on this one. Pope must know the time we will leave tis planet is nearing at fast speed. So what afterwards? If pope takes that lead i will support it. Especially if acompanied with Et angels. We have to pray for Lord's coming as in Our Father, remembers Chuck. We have to pray the angels to take us out of tat prison planet. Only a while and thegeneration will die off. Never fulfiling Jesus' promise. It must happen now. They then may prolong last generation timeline edlessly in practice,long enough to see the end times. They have the means todo that if did with Elijah (how old is he now)

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