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Churches, tell us the truth of ET-angels and aliens-demons

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posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by 2012newstart

Who are these Pleiadian sources?

Do you get direct communication from these sources? This is always interesting, and I always wondered also how these conspiracy theorists claim to have seen top secret documents. How did they get those top secret documents?

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 10:08 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a picture of Sananda who claims to be Jesus:

The two pictures I seen of him are both in purple. Purple represents royalty, but to whom?

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 11:34 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a picture of Sananda who claims to be Jesus:

The two pictures I seen of him are both in purple. Purple represents royalty, but to whom?

That is an artist's rendition who has taken artistic license.

The artist will implant all kinds of symbolism into anything he creates. What you are looking at is just what someone drew, that's all. It's their imagination, nothing more.

posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by WarminIndy

I think this one was published in Biblioteca Pleiades. it is nothing new. no Idon't keep records of posts read a year or more ago, sorry. Go to BP and search it. Besides, I clearly said that I don't believe Him being there now.

I don't know anything about how the insiders get their info, apart from they are saying in the public interview. They are in the public internet domain available to you, me, president Obama and Putin, pope Francis. It is no more secrecy it is semi-officially leaked info that one may believe it or not.

Seems their bosses want that info spread to prepare people for the contact. Recommend: Bob Dean on Camelot. Hi top security clearance and yet commanded to speak of human ET. He has been there on another planet. You will find his interviews entertaining. You need time, yes. But if you don't spend time for such kind of info, you probably won't get it. I cannot transcript in 2-3 paragraphs interviews that last 2-3 hours each and are full of details. God bless!
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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 02:21 PM
Kerry Cassidy's latest nterview: Raptors who eat people but also talk friendly, Nazi reptilian dna, Pleiadians different from Nordics, Grey clones, Stargates that disintegrate you, i.e. dying and then rematerializing on the other side. And much more. All from a prisoner after being top secret guy. With desire of his bosses to seed the info online.

my nly comment could be the Raptors would come only after the rapture, however friendly they might look

Pleaidians and Nordics that differ between seem both friendly. Much is needed of course than that fast review of incredible amount of info. Perhaps not only info but bits of disinfo that is inevitable.
Thanks, Kerry!
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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by 2012newstart

I don't understand, what makes you believe there is Nazi Reptilian DNA? They were Germans, that is all they were. When you fall for Reptilian DNA, then you kind of are conceding to their claims they were a master race.

My DNA, and I am Mixed-Germanic, meaning German, French and Hungarian, which is what the Germans are also...

I am of the same DNA as they were, but nowhere in my DNA shows anything remotely Reptilian. I do have 2.9% Neanderthal and 2% Ashkenazi, along with my haplotype T2b, which is Aramean. We call that Syria today. And the Ashkenazi is no surprise given the history of Europe. My great-great grandmother was Ashkenazi. But I also have Sephardi, that comes from Portugal and Spain, again, no big surprise there. I already knew this.

I do have a smidgen of North African, and compile that with Syrian, it means my ancestors were Mesopotamian farmers. Which is what the Germans are as well. Why is it that people believe Nazi Reptilian DNA is real, considering all the reference population samples are taken from there? They don't base this on Americans. Why is it with the several million people tested by the various genetic labs, why is Reptilian never found in any of them? And they to say it is Nazi? The Nazis were Germanic, so we might at well say the Goths and Visigoths had Reptilian, because they were there before the Nazis.

I would have to ask, since you believe in Nazi Reptilian DNA, what does it look like? Just so I am on the lookout in my DNA, which is Germanic. Oh, I am also 8% British/Irish, and no Reptilian there.

My family surnames from there are very common, found both in Germany and Ashkenazi Jews, and yet not one bit of my DNA reflects Reptilian, and I have yet to meet someone from Germany, Austria, Alsace Lorraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia or the Tyrol, including Bavaria and the Rhineland, to have Reptilian DNA, and that's were the Nazis were from.

There was no science whatsoever, and with the way DNA is passed from generation to generation, you cannot say TPTB are hiding people, because it would be impossible given the time and the levels of generations. My German ancestry is from Bavaria, where Nazism took root, in German Nationalism. The beer hall putsch, Bavaria. So based on my DNA and the DNA of cousins from there, no Reptilian whatsoever, and my German cousins were in Bavaria at the same time of the Nazis. So what makes you believe it?

posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 01:29 AM
Thank you for sharing info of your bloodlines. I don't think you have "reptilian". Either none of us, or all of us.

Nothing makes me "believe". I search facts. Every piece of testimony should be considered and discerned. until we have ships in the skies, is precious at this time.

Gordon Duf of Veterans today is a source Kerry quotes often, and is quoted by the source above as true. IDK more at this time, nor I am able to develop scenarios as before, because I am quite busy at the moment. May be soon? God bless
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posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 01:49 AM
First time heard of it, while searching internet of Pope John xxiii aliens. I can't sa anything more than this article exists on internet:
Pope John XXIII met an extraterrestrial

There is a more substantiated book written of other contacts
"The Omega Secret"
"Secretum Omega"
by Cristoforo Barbato

Pope John XXIII had inherited, in a manner of speaking, an agreement for collaboration between the Holy See and these beneficent aliens of the Nordic Race as stipulated by his predecessor.

There is still the secret Diary of John xxiii that was quoted on Art Bell show. There he speaks of aliens (grey) who will cleanse the earth, as part of his series of visions of Virgin Mary. Either told by her or otherwise shown.

It is a time for greater transparency on these matters.

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 07:49 AM
John XXIII diary speaking of alien saviors?

First of all, I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE JOHN 23. Please make that important difference.

Second, if indeed belongs to the published or UNPUBLISHED part of the diary, what should be said about the terms used such as "a messiah"? Should the Roman Catholic Church concentrate on what one of her most prominent recent popes speaks (if it is he indeed) and not so much to judge on what lay people have reported as a mere result of being contacted in their private visions from power above human mind. I say that in relation to the recent scandal around Medjugorje seer, and many other seers who were nearly persecuted for what they speak as visions and messages. OK here is what ALLEGEDLY a pope have spoken. Let comment the pope not the laity.

How could that second messiah be interpreted: As Ashtar Sheran may be? I would be satisfied with such explanation that pinpoints to an extraterrestrial being, superior but still mortal and also sinful, and not god or son of god. Because otherwise in the minds of many it would sound only as the antichrist. I doubt this is what John 23 meant at all, even if he wrote the paragraphs below.

Saying all that, I clean my hands from any assumption that I have approved anyway what is said below (and pls do not now attack the poster as some usually do). Let it remain to those who keep secrets for so long and their conscience to please explain us in a normal human language what does it mean...

The text below is shortened in terms of I cut off the editor's comments that are quite valuable too.

Diary of Pope John the 23rd

I have not been able to confirm whether this is true or false. What I have here is an article from a publication called Insight. The name of the article is "A pope's predictions to the year 2000". I warn you, some of this may be disconcerting to many of you. I also want to preface it with what they have prefaced the article with:


April 7,1959

She is more beautiful than I had ever imagined. The Madonna is a joy to behold. I just wish her message was a more positive one. She says in four years time the world will loose a great leader and a powerful nation will find itself involved in a conflict it can not win. The fighting will take its toll on the battlefield and from within as the population despises the loss of its young men. The Holy Mother sheds tears as she describes the heart-breaking vision.

August 17,1959
The Madonna's second visit is much like the first. She speaks sadly of unrest in her home land, a change in the balance of power, and much blood being spilled in the sand. She says several madmen will send their people into battles in the name of God, but the Creator has nothing to do with these senseless struggles among brothers.

January 30,1960
Christ comes to me again. I yearn to tell my fellow Christians of these miraculous appearances, but I am advised to keep quiet until the time is right. I can not help but think I could perhaps head off some of the trouble that looms for us all. But Christ tells me that misery must take place for the master plan to succeed.

June 13,1960
The Virgin Mary says the world will get a false sense of hope 30 years from now when the chains of repression are shattered throughout Eastern Europe. The joy however, will be short lived as the freed people fight among themselves on how to run their countries. Thousands of poor innocent children will perish due to the foolishness of their fathers.

March 6,1961
Just when I thought my heavenly visits were over, the Madonna comes to me once again. She seems tired of the heartache she must share with me. My heart aches to see Her hurting so. The news again foreboding. The early 1990's will be a period of deadly natural disasters. She says paradise will be struck by powerful winds and waves while killer floods and earthquakes will shatter man's dwellings. By the middle of the decade, regional skirmishes will develop into full fledged conflicts. As the casualties mount worldwide famine will strike. The devastation will be like none seen before, especially throughout Africa where millions will perish.

September 23,1961
She has returned with yet more bad news. It is becoming truly difficult for this humble servant to hear of such overwhelming hardships. The Madonna tells me terrifying diseases will be unleashed on the already weakened population of the world by late 1984. Wars will begin to wind down because the fighting nations will be greatly weakened from within. This is the beginning of the change. Hallelujah.

May 19,1962
From the heavens will appear the saviors. They will arrive on June 5,1995 and begin the task of assisting in the cleanup and repair of the environment and the crippled countries. Many will fear those odd- looking beings but they come in peace, and will with God's guidance, transform earth from a charred spinning rock to a lush oasis in space. The survivors will flourish in a world without war, disease; or hatred. My heart is finally at peace with this knowledge that there is hope for humanity.

July 2,1962
The Madonna tells me this will be her final visit. It is a joyous one for she shares tremendous news. As the year 1998 arrives, our heavenly friends will have shared much of their advanced knowledge. Mankind will at last wipe out most of it's diseases and our life span will increase to the length of those listed in the bible. The visitors will also share the remarkable power of resurrection and throngs of wrongly dead will rise again.
Finally a wondrous miracle will take place in the sky above New York City December 25, 2000 when millions will witness the sensational appearance of a messiah who will announce the beginning of a second paradise here on earth.


Pope John the 23rd died a year later before he ever had a chance to release his predictions. Experts say the diary is one hundred percent authentic and they urge people to prepare themselves for even leaner times before the beginning of the next century.

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posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by 2012newstart

Sounds like a confirmation of what Tom Horn and Christ Putnam assert in

Exo-Vaticana, to me.

Dreadful deception and delusion from hell.

EXO-VATICANA COVER QUOTE from the cover (Emphases added)

“Christians will not immediately need to renounce their faith in God simply on the basis of the reception of this new unexpected information of a religious character from extraterrestrial civilizations.” However, once the “religious content’ originating from outside the earth “has been verified*” they will have to conduct “a re-reading (of the Gospel) inclusive of the new data…” “
--Vatican Astroneomer (Connected with Opus Dei) Father Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti
There’s no hint of the means of “verification!” Obviously, there’s no way to verify such for mortal man, in terms of going “behind the curtain” of the Wizard of Oz. Thankfully, The Bible has already pointed to The Truth and The One Who IS Truth.
EXO-VATICANA by Chris Putnam and Tom Horn is a 600 page SUMMARY of 10's of THOUSANDS of pages of documentation--a shocking amount of it from the worshiped INSTITUTION the RCC.

They discuss quite extensively the differences between fallen angels and unfallen angels with exhaustive documentation of very scholarly sorts. Where the RCC offers pontifical blather and dogma about angels . . . Putnam and Horn dig out Biblical and other history and EXPERIENCES vs opinions and philosophy.

Thankfully, one with an experience need never be 'down wind' of one farting merely opinions.

Here's the thread introducing their discussion of the Pope's behind the scenes prepping to increasingly overtly label the satanic fallen angels as good guys that the Vatican is working with:

And here's their website's article on the book etc:

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 01:15 AM
Bo, you are sort of the other side of the spectrum. I value your views that are presented as respectful as possible to those who do not share them. I try to follow the same style although not always successful.

It would be too pity and catastrophe if Tom and Chris are proved right. They are still not.

If tomorrow the Pleiadians come, those who pretend to have Jesus with themselves (and I have no way to know whether it is true or not, or Jesus was there and left already in those 1980 y after Resurrection), if they come I'd rather listen to them carefully. And may prefer their recorded truth of Jesus' life on Earth than the faked books we have today.

We know they are faked. it is a pubic knowledge and it is scientifically proven. You may say God's word kept thru all that time. yes, still the books are faked. One doesn't need to go too deep in archaeology to notice the oldest books do not reach the time of the apostles, not because there weren't books at the times of the apostles.

In other words, something big has been cut off from the books. I don't know whether ET, episodes of life of Jesus, or both. But it is BIG. Please it doesn't contradict that the Word of God reached to us. A part of it. If we know all the word of God we would be in heaven.

So if Pleiadians or other ET who serve Lord Jesus come and show videotaped life of Jesus (it would be quite long, 33 y watching, hehe), then I'd listen carefully to THEM not to today's hierarchy that only wants to rule over. At that time it will be the crosspoint for all churches. WIll they finally accept the truth hidden for centuries, or they will fall away.

One will continue however one of the fakers and that will be the Great Harot. IF we are NOT in the End Times. No one knows who the great harlot is. May be not RCC in its entirety. May be ancient civ as Egypt or Babylon that will rise at the End times (not now).

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 01:29 AM

However, imagine that the purported Muslim 12th? IMAM arrives via UFO . . . with all the support of the globalist leaders and UFO technological signs and wonders . . . and the full support of various "races" of fallen angels playing the role of distant planets' ET's.

let me quote from your thread linked above.

Yes that is a REAL DANGER. For those who care to know, Iran already said semi-officially it built flying saucers. That doesn't happen with spare parts of old cars or even planes. Someone is in contact with Iran, and/or Saudis. It is perfectly possible that someone to be a hostile ET race who wants to use the belief of 1.5 billion Muslims for their own ends. I warned somewhere in my posts already. For nobody to take care of, because many have chosen to be deaf.

If that happens however, rapture should happen first. Or said in other ways, the good ET come first, the bad ones second. So says the Bible. However faked it would be too hard to fake that too. Words of Jesus himself that the good ones are taken before the great deception. How many efforts of churches (not only RCC) to silent that ancient belief expressed best by St Ephraem the Syrian in 4th century! They failed. Today's people from all spectrum and denominations know of that possibility that is far no more "protestant". Catholic seers talk of that, although they ar e not that many. Perhaps that is included in secrets of other apparitions that still have to be revealed. The religious establishment is frightened to death. But they can't go against all the people. They will either change or will be left behind in history.

In that way, I don't think Vatican will propose its own (evil) aliens on the scene now. It would be too bold move and it would leave it without flock, especially if those are indeed evil ones (I mentioned some already, like reptilians). Rather they will await the arrival of those ET we already discussed. IF the Vatican chooses to play good it will confirm the good ones, i.e. the first ET to arrive in pubi ccontact. If Vatican chooses to play evil, then it will wait the rapture to pass by and then will confirm the second ET to arrive, the evil ones. As you say, Mahdi or other prophet may land at any big city, not necessarily Tehran. In fact that will be someone who will confirm the antichrist. Antichrist itself is a man (from earth), so says the Revelation. IF we are in the End times. And that is still a big IF. We have harlots on the scene, we have heads of beast, but we had them throughout the history and frankly they showed themselves more cruel back then compared to today. Today they are some sort of hiding and expecting something to happen first.

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posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 02:00 AM
btw i dont really care how many guys will flag this thread and how many will remove their flags. People who know why they are here. The info is in the public domain. I don't dream that info. Check Biblioteca Pleiades.

Tomorrow (next year) John 23 will be canonized and you guys will have words of a saint. Of course his ID will be denied fast about those words. But that cannot help. Because even if John 23 never wrote those words, he still met George Adamski who is known ET contactee. Quite inconvenient for today's variance of "politburo of KPSS" who keep the lid on any truth. The truth is already out there. If it was a normal democracy with people' say working, 2000year it would be done. It is not. We deal with structures and people embracing those structures inherited for centuries if not millenia. The fear is stronger as before. But many people already realize that the structures and their Politburo do not really help in everyday problems.ANd people start searching answers elsewhere. It is not to leave one church to join the other. It is to seek the truth within and out, and to make way for the truth of the Lord.

How is possible 1980 y after the ascension with 2 extraterrestrial beings present and speaking to the apostles, the churches still deny that fact and paint angels with wings? How hi they would fly, when the wings work only in atmosphere? Are we still SO STUPID? SOme want us to be so stupid and more. On 10 km where the planes fly, the angels wings won't work because there is no enough dense air. You have seen the clouds above, as it was painted the heaven in Middle centuries. Keep the course then? It is an absurd that the sooner it is broken the better for everyone. Even if they introduce evil ones, as you Bo and others think. It would be better than the medieval status quo.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 02:16 AM
After Apollo landed on the Moon (that is another long story by itself) the Roman CC as well as other churches felt inconvenient that some might question where the heaven is if not up there.
Buzz Aldrin was allowed to take Holy Communion to the moon,

Aldrin, a church elder, used a home communion kit given to him, and recited words used by, his pastor at Webster Presbyterian Church, the Rev. Dean Woodruff

Painstaking efforts have been made, including to release writings of people like Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a jesuit whose books were once banned. Only to keep the status quo intact.

OK the status quo and taboo must have been broken at that moment of Moon ading. It was not.

Now many people question technical details about the landing on the Moon. Others give photos of Extraterrestrial motherships of 3 miles long that accompanied Apollo - Bob Dean video on Camelot conference. Crazy, isn't it?

At one moment we must realize the paradigm of middle ages is desperately wrong and outdated. The space is not void, as the theologians would love it to be. It is so much not void, that we can keep counting the stars until the next generation space telescopes and we would find only more to count.

A Jesuit educated priest invented the Big Bang theory tokeep the status quo in line with the Biblical record of creation (so far so good).

Lemaître himself also described his theory as "the Cosmic Egg exploding at the moment of the creation"; it became better known as the "Big Bang theory," a descriptive term coined by Fred Hoyle who was a proponent of the steady state universe.

Currently the Big Band theory was changed so much and includes so many controversies, such as the Inflation period, that I think it is stil kept only because there is nothing better to change it. Or there isn't the will to change it. The oldest galaxies that are found to exist despite all odds of the theory that predicts they shouldn't have existed so early in the universe, come to tell us not even in that field of research everything is fixed. How much more in the vague wording of priests and hi-priests about the Creation and our place in it. Fr Fumes is no more enough to say what he said. One cannot have 5 year lapse after such a statement. F Balducci, once papal astronomer, said more things only to be forgotten after his death. One does not really make science or religion with things like that. I'd callit otherwise - extreme efforts to keep the status quo at all cost. Even by allowing a little bit truth to pass by thru clouded windows.

The efforts by jesuit scientists continue however. Now they search for exo- planets (explained in Exo Vaticana) and show they are just as advanced as anyone else who makes astronomy, or even more advanced. If there is life out there, they want to be the first ones to spot it! Let it be so! Let it not be the next delusion they want to impose on us.

Because they could have told us a thousand times there is life out there. Something more, that life has contacted the Earth centuries ago and keep doing it. Not only Roswell and Eisenhower meetings that are now already in MSM to the extend we don't count them as news anymore.

The polarity is as important. We don't want the earth to be the dinosaurs' kingdom again as it were for millions of years before. It might be so that our corner of galaxy is predominantly evil. If we are SO MUCH EVIL we the earthlings. That doesn't mean that everyone is evil. And if the evil alien forces are going to dominate the planet earth once more in history (they did so in the past) then the only way is the way out. Is it the event that Jesus speaks about when saying "one is taken another left", or the final End times will be postponed one more time? In anyway, we must know the truth. We have the right to know the truth. No pope and no president can forbid us that right. If they don't want to tell us the truth, it wil make its way despite them. But then it will be the grat fall of everything people have believed in the last thousand years.

Because as I explained above, if Pleiadians or other ET who serve Jesus, those who sent the two men at the tomb and on ascension, show us a recorded life of Jesus, perhaps it will look quite different from what we were told. It is recorded don't worry about that. The angels are smarter than painted. And the leaders who still keep the lid are more STUPID than assumed by the masses. Otherwise they'd say it first...(I will shorten it at that moment, not to enter in future scenarios that are untimely).They recently called for humility and...what was exactly the wording, not to be curios? Anyway. Is this the answer in 21st century we want to hear? Aren't there others who think otherwise among to top church leaders? I will definitely follow the ETs when they come if they hold the name of Jesus. Because what we have here is deliberate attempt to hide the truth , whatever it is. Because the people who say something else, as little as the seers, are immediately attacked and silenced in most cases. What we have is a silenced war not manifested as in the past ages.

I just don't want to develop scenario where the Churches (not only RCC) take the side of the bad guys how that will be projected in future. It goes out of my purpose in this forum to spark the light and to make more people think about that. I do not fight a war with anyone and that is definitely not my purpose. As it seems to be to people like Tom Horn. They fight a war. I search the truth from whichever side it may come. If tomorrow Funes or another one presents new evidence, but not just vague wording for the masses rather real evidence, it will be more than welcome. Time is ticking and THEY know that very well. Perhaps they wait for a big event to happen first. Bad choice, it shows their choice in that way. Because once we are told the truths from above, we don't really need them to tell truth or to confirm it. They ar out at that very moment when billions will see and hear the truth coming from above.
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posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 03:24 AM
Unless I assume the most church leaders are desperately stupid, and perhaps some of them are NOT, I must assume the other option. That we were led deliberately in a trap with the ETs. As explained before. To deny the humanity the chance to be saved off planet, in case of 2 PETER event of total fire. Or worse - to keep humanity out of rapture and offer it to the dragon-reptilians, if we are at the End times. Either role is outrageous and calls to God for intervention. I suppose there are few of the leaders who are just not informed. May be the top leaders are the least informed. Because their daily duties overpass the need to know of the ET. Especially if they are elected soon. Still, the Russian patriarch who is elected soon, found time to reflect and to speak PUBLICLY on Russian TV about that. The pope hasn't found that time yet, and may not find it anytime soon. The canonization of two popes, the fixing of the church, new cardinals, all that are tasks worth of time and efforts. Then, the Great Warning as spoken of catholic mystics, will befall the flock in an hour they do not think of it, In the form of spaceships who will broadcast thru loud speakers and holograms in the air the truth of Jesus and the truth of us. Whether we should be taken onboard immediately to avoid the explosion of the sun. Whether of other kind of scenario. It is unwise to disregard that option of direct intervention. After we were told of so many Great Warning mystics exactly coming fromt he Catholic church. Not from the leaders of it. God will do it once in history. Whether with a period of time or an instant (20 min) IDK.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 05:03 AM
How much more different would be the reality of Christianity if it was known from the very beginning that the first 30 years of Jesus were marked by a constant presence of "men in white" as the Gospel puts the extraterrestrials in the picture (without wings!). I would not even comment the newly discovered books that Jesus was married. It is not my topic to talk about that.

How much more different would be the life of the first apostles and their disciples if they did not rewrite the truth of Jesus. Because they did, most likely the generation after the first apostles. It is not "Luke, Matthew and Mark", it is basically one and same source with variations. We all know it. John is another issue.

How about a possible spat between the "men in white" and either the first apostles or their disciples who were nowhere to sanctity, who were not that smart although they knew to write letters? How would Paul say (without being himself a bishop) "anathema" to any angel who would speak different Gospel!? Wait! How would he possibly know there would be an angel to speak different Gospel? If there weren't such? The conclusion is more than obvious. There were men in white who insisted the Gospel was not written as it was told by Jesus!!!!! And Paul says anathema. The easiest way without any elaboration. To end up being martyred.

Whether Paul wrote what is entitled Paul's, or it is written 1-2 centuries later, it doesn't matter. There is evidence of extraterrestrial angelic presence in the time of Jesus, and that presence was withdrawn at the time of the first apostles (or their disciples). I already talked about that. One cannot have the contradiction an angel to rescue Peter, and then the entire community of believers to be left to the murderous Romans and to the lions. It doesn't fit the strategy shown in the first century, the strategy in Heaven. Jesus didn't come to put to death His 12 disciples and all their disciples in next 3 centuries, He came to die INSTEAD of the sinful men. Something doesn't fit and doesn't fit BIG.

The very word "carrying one's cross" cannot be found in the mouth of Jesus at the time He walked on Earth. Nobody used the cross as a symbol of earth's necessary suffering to enter the kingdom of heaven. Nobody! The cross was the worst of it. The disciples persuaded Jesus not to go to die on the cross. How then Jesus would use such a phrase so uncommon, never said by any other prophet? And you see the prophets had the usual suffering in life too, and most of them were also martyrs. They could possibly use it once, twice.

This is a phrase coming from later Christian time to fit its needs of "theological explanation". To excuse may be the lack of care for relief of pain in life, especially that of the masses in the Roman empire. We speak of theologians who were living among the royalty. Do we care how the masses lived in that time? Putting all under a "cross of life" was an easy way to put them under endless submission all their life. Perhaps Jesus never said that, it is illogical.

We can find other church-era words put in the mouth of Jesus. As for example, "whoever sees his brother to sin....ultimately, tell the "church". "??? The word church was not used in that time at all, it is invented much later in Greece!? One may continue searching for absurd contradictory wordings within the books canonized by the pagan emperor Constantine and his appointed first council. It is a hard byte for Christianity to swallow the fact Constantine was still pagan hi priest in Rome when the bishops in his presence made the Nicaea council. The Orthodox fixed it by canonizing Constantine no matter he wasn't baptized until his death bed. The RCC was wiser at that time, it didn't canonize the emperor. Why, it is obvious.

That all comes to tell us, the Gospels are fixed up much later, may be the final fixing was done in 2nd century. And the purpose of that was not so much to put the wordings above that are so absurd. But to erase the really meaningful that could help the bilions to come. To erase in first place any mentioning of angelic powers to serve Jesus directly. Because of a very likely later spat with them and the apostles. To erase key moments of the life of Jesus. To make the image of Jesus - the religious image we all know. Yes with the Suffering on the Cross, Death and Resurrection that all of us Christians do believe. But without other key moments that would make it much easier for the rest of humanity to accept it. Isn't it strange that most of humanity never accepted the so created Greek-Roman image of Jesus? Why is it so that the Resurrection of the bodies at the End was not an incentive for millions, now billions of other worldly religions? Does it mean the Christian nations' populations were also not so enthusiastic but made to accept it by their kings and emperors? It is as logical as that.

Today, we encounter those same powers from high that the OT is full of, like Ezekiel 1. We encounter Human ET who claim Jesus is there - Pleiadians (search Biblioteca Pleiades, I cannot put everything ready in one place only to be insulted because of it). We encounter the fact the human form is not unique in the galaxy and may be in the Universe. How about the creation of Adam and Eve? How about the Original sin? How is possible a fruit of whatever kind, even that of knowledge, to make all babies born with original sin? Who don't those masters of making theology tell us openly and honestly that someone mixed and changed our genes back then? Call it satan or snake, Annunaki or whatever you want to. How is possible other planets to have the same human form, if the FIRST human form was formed on planet Earth alone? There are enough witnesses of that. The Gospel itself speaks of "men in white" who are in human form so much so that they are called "men" clothed in "white garments". No othe r feature to make them different. So it seems God created many more "men" than Adam (and more women than Eve of course). Perhaps thos e others some of them did not make any original sin with changed DNA. As St Padre Pio SAID!!!!!

After all that we have to re-read the entire Gospels. What we have is not even 1% of the life of Jesus, may be indeed the most important part of it, still the other is missing mystery.

It makes bad image of the churches today when they just sideline those questions pretending it is they and only they who hold the truth and all the others should obey in humility and submission. RCC is not alone btw. Those are legitimate questions and deserve legitimate and sane answers in broad daylight. Answers that match the level of elaboration AT LEAST that offered on History channel. We arenot anymore the masses in the time of Constantine. Because they (church elites, some of them) know more than what they have ever said. Perhaps they keep books never shown to public. Then what the hell they are waiting for, when all internet speaks about it, and Discovery, History and NG hardly pass a month without such a film? Do they indeed wait for the "hell to break lose on earth" first, as some catholic prophets predicted? I don't want to believe prophets, I want to know the truth.
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posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 05:20 AM

It's their imagination, nothing more.

Are you anything more than just my imagination?

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 05:43 AM

John 1
King James Version (KJV)
51 And he saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.

Was John mistaken somehow? Where do you see described heaven open, except briefly on baptism and transfiguration? Where do you see "angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man" except those described around the final 3 days - 40 days of Jesus' life on Earth? Isn't it strange we don't read of other appearances of angels as Jesus speaks about? Seems John is cut short TOO. John's scrolls do not date back to 90 AD, they are fixed later. Unimaginably, God's word made it thru unseen censorship for the ancient times. SO we can glimpse on the "heaven open".

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 12:54 AM
I read the article in the popular /ist catholic private daily news site Spiritdaily


There are true observations and conclusions. I also want to live in the pristine world of Adam and Eve.

However. Pls take into account what I just posted. First of all we are no more in a pristine world, but in a world that never had 7 billion population in any of previous known ages. I don't like the food industry too, but I have to eat something, as well as all those 7 bln.

Second, more important for the sake of investigation that Spiritdaily and other religious sites want to make. The evolution alone would not suffice as TIIME SPAN for 4 bln years existence of Earth, 3 bln of which habitable without volcanoes etc. Moreover there were mass extinction events in the last 1 bln years- twice. In other words what we have as "evolution" of plants and animals cannot happen in real world scenario. It has been GENETICALLY MODIFIED ALL THE TIMES. The birds are descendants of dinosaurs, one example.

It is a time to REREAD the Book of Genesis with what the latest discoveries in science put on the table. Book of Genesis itself is written after Moses (or at best during his time). It does not encompass important events that were taikng place Before the Flood, and as far back as Adam and Eve or before them. The vague words of Genesis 1 and 2 do not suffice at all. Those are legends that were preserved without writing. To claim this is the ONLY word of God that has valid meaning for explanation of our origin and that of the rest of the earth, is silly, laughable and untrue. It is a time the religions to face the truth. That God worked thru history indeed, but worked thru middlemen who were also genetic creators/manipulators. This is it. Because God does not have hands, He has our hands. In that case, the hands of those who made the life on planet Earth possible in all its diversity, thru all eras and eons that were quite adverse at times. Let face the truth whatever it is. God is truth.

The Sun is not among the oldest planets. The Milky way galaxy is not among the oldest galaxies. Perhaps there are intelligent civilizations not only Thousands of years older and more advanced than we are (as today's largely quoted Grey, Nordic, Pleiadians). But there are advanced civilizations of Millions of years older and more advanced than we are. It is a time to admit the GOOD among them served God from the beginning, by planting the life on Earth. While the evil ones did the bad job with unlawful forbidden genetic manipulation that, according to all we know at the moment, appears to be the case in Eden garden. One cannot have the original sin transmitted to innocent babies that middle age scholars assumed to be thrown in hell unless baptized. Then it was invented the Limbo for them. Benedict removed it altogether. Not for a merciful and good God, yes? Apparently the truth is otherwise. I do not denounce the importance of baptism. But as we see, it doesn't remove at all the result of that fault. It is genetic.

Hope one day we are modified properly and the next generations don't experience the fault of Adam and Eve, or better say the crime of Anunaki/Nephilim. Will it coincide with the so called Resurrection of bodies at the Big End? May be not! May be something will happen meanwhile. Because the Universe had already some 13 - 17 bilion years timespan according to different theories (perhaps much longer), and it seems it is nowhere to its end when the death itself (including entropy of stars and molecules) will be conquered. Our Universe is not perfect. It is created to evolve. But that doesn't mean it is evil. We have to admit the reality of the world we are living in. And the ways God works in it. That differs from the scientifically outdated medieval scholars. We have to declare that loudly. Or we stay where we are at the mind development and die as the most dinosaurs did. "In the name of Christ" would say a fanatic preacher. And who said that those intelligent people who reached to the above conclusions and scientific data, are not acting "in the name of Jesus Christ?" Some of them, including Michae Salla, Dan Burisch, Bob Dean and Clifford Stone, are devote people, respect religion and believe in Jesus Christ.

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 01:23 AM
link there are two seers catholics, Stefania Caterina and Tomisav Vlasic, ex-nun and ex-priest who served at medjugorje. They were banned by the Roman catholic local hierarchy for some trespasses such as illicit sex as claimed.
You may see from their site they create some unimaginable new model of Universe, actually 3 of them. God created 3 Universes, one heavenly, one purgatorial, and one hellish - ours, claims Tomislav Vlasic. Right now, Alfa Centauri baptizes the Purgatorial Universe, says Caterina in a channeled message from...Jesus, Mary? I don't know.

That is absurd of course, at this level of scientific knowledge. What if those "seers" actually preach the "forbidden fruit" only to be more apprehensive for the masses? Because all of the catholic masses have heard by now from TV, sci-fi or from their grandchildren who watch that, of ET and galaxies, eve Star Wars between them. And the church should offer them something to explain all that from its own interests. No one would accept a proven seer to say that, and it would be pretty hard to match it with the current church's hardline doctrine. SO let them be banned for the time being, and spread the idea of heaven, purgatory and hell, only this time on the level of the entire universe - 3 of them! Thanks so much! I refuse to accept that the trillion stars Universe created by God that we are part of, is just one giant hell!

Let those who stay behind such kind of surrogate science /fake visions take notice that the readers are no more the idiots from Galileo time who would have accepted Jupiter's moons as a matter of fact but nothing beyond, and would prefer to stay in their dumped pseudo science and pseudo religion. Catholic mystics of 19-20c. as Valtora speak of the Milky way being gas and dust that didn't evolve to be stars and planets. Shame on those who spread fake science knowledge to delude the masses under the form of apparitions!

Instead, we want to hear the truth. About this Universe, this galaxy, this planet, about our own creation. And if it appears to be more than one Universe, we want to hear that truth too. Surely the higher angels are higher evolved creatures that may not need to travel from star to star using spaceships. Perhaps they live indeed beyond that level of physicality. Modern day alternative scholars call it different Dimensions. I will not argue on the terms. But to say this beautiful universe with all galaxies is just one big hell, seems to me worse than the Dante's idea that the hell is inside the core of the Earth where Satan dwells. It is just as outdated as that time. Please if you are catholic clergy who read that, please make the change for yourself. Or you guys you all lose together! The world is too tired to lose time with your ideas and imposed truths anymore! You had 17 centuries (4 - 20) of power on this planet and you didn't do it. Not even in the last 2 centuries when the power over kings was exchanged to spiritual power to teach. You just didn't do it, instead keeping the status quo at all cost! Why? You could have done it a thousand times so far, each time a year of your reign on this planet! As easy as a papal decree that burned heretics! With the same power any of the 200++ popes could declare we are not alone and we should believe and ask for help our brothers in space! Why should I await the next 5 years' vague word of the next papal astronomer to make me happy that I am not heretic while thinking there are other creatures out there in the stars? And the world and church to go as they are for the next 5 years? It is just insane! Don't you realize you don't have a time for that? Or perhaps your leaders do realize it very well. Perhaps they just await the big doom, motivated by nothing else than their own unknown goals. It is just too sinister when one looks below the surface. It has nothing to do with Jesus Christ in first place. If it had, until now a school, 5 Universities would be opene din Rome to investigate and re-read the Bible and match with the latest scientific discoveries! Including the ET information. Nothing of the sort. We are left on our own, or let say it only on God's help towards unknown dark future. Thanks so much dear leaders but I am not bound by your teachings. Pity there are too many people who are bound to it, still.
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Will the Vatican act any different in 2013, 2014? I want to believe it for the sake of the millions who believe still the Vatican. The chances are slim but they are not non existent. Still the Vatican owns some of the best observatories and has data banks for thousands of yeas' secrets that today's intelligence agencies may envy rightfully. Let it happen finally! Before Ashtar Sheran comes and puts an order to everything - if we follow many chanellers they speak of a Galactic federation, Pleiadians, Sirians (from Sirius A) and one of the groups is that of Ashta Shran fleet that should do the earth evacuation if needed. At one moment the chanellers who are everything but a proven source, seem more realistic than outdated centuries theories and their contemporary re-surface. Why shouldn't I believe ina n all powerful Galactic civilization (federation) that wants to maintain peace and prosperity on Earth? Or the alternative scenario of a enevolent fleet somewhere hiding in clouds, that will take me out of here at the moment the insane people will push the button for nuclear holocaust, or may be solar fiery end of the entire planet? Why shouldn't I believe I am cared for by powers above, but different from the self-sacrificing ideas of catholic theologians who want to sacrifice myself int he process too, "in the name of Jesus"? No thanks! Without thanks! That is not my taste, not because of my own life that will pass at one moment. But because for the sake of the coming generations that are not destined to die in insane scenario resembling end times but re destined to continue life as God has given it,
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