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Drive To End False Racism Charges - Libel -Slander - Censorship

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posted on Nov, 1 2013 @ 09:11 AM
reply to post by TDawgRex

Yea, I'm pretty confrontational in situations like this myself. If that had happened to me, I'd probably have laughed in her face then continued to talk about it to the other co-worker and probably in a way so that she'd overhear every word until she walked away.

posted on Nov, 1 2013 @ 10:59 AM

The saddest thing of all is that so many people voted for Obama because they thought it would end this sort of thing and it's only made it worse, much worse.

Na i dont agree with your statement. When you only have 3 buckets of crap to pick from. no matter what bucket you pick its all going to taste like crap.

posted on Nov, 1 2013 @ 05:27 PM

reply to post by olaru12

America is as racist today as in the 60s.

That is absolute BULL!

I was in New England in the 50s through the nineties. I saw a heck of a lot of racism then. I have been in the south from the nineties to present.

Last night I was at a church festival with Whites, Blacks, Orientals and Hispanics. There was NO racism. Heck we are "Danm Yankees" and have been treated well by most groups

My last ~20 years up north was spent in Boston and racism was very much alive and well. I have NEVER met a nastier group of people!

Omg you are soo right! ( Well except for Boston.) No one even notices race, until it is pointed out.

Like with my example in the first post, this imaginary racism is a great divider. I think that people are focusing on the issue of racism too much these days. And once they do, and falsely accuse others, the hatred will get returned to them. Well hopefully just to the person that did this though and notthe entire race. Just go on, live your life and be happy.

posted on Nov, 2 2013 @ 09:00 PM
Heck yeah! I have not been accused of racism that I know of, but I do get sick and tired of seeing others accused of it when race was never a part of the topic until they brought it up!

I suspect this is why "they" placed a half black man in the white house, because he can now do whatever he wants and if anyone complains- RACIST! Or terrorist since he's the president and how dare you criticize the Commander In Chief, you America hater! Little do they know we are the ones who love America the most and that is Why we are so terribly upset about all these crimes being committed in our name!

If a person with dark skin punches me in the face, takes my car keys and steals my car, I am not a racist for saying that person is a thief, on the witness stand or otherwise. I am just stating a fact. People of all varieties need to realize that. If a person with light skin does it I will testify to see them punished and to warn others of the same thing: this person is a thief, and it does not matter what color their skin is. Do some people think I will just let a white person rape me and I will be ok with it because it was a white guy? No. Like everyone else, I do not like for anybody to harm me or any other living thing. I remember loads and loads of never-ending criticisms of Bush by people of all colors shapes and sizes.. I do not recall any non-whites being accused of racism...

posted on Nov, 3 2013 @ 01:26 AM

reply to post by elouina

First Amendment rights, I will defend anyone's right to say anything not directly threatening to the death. Doesn't mean I agree with what they say, just that they have the right to say it.

I also have the right to say what I find appropriate in such situations, which is usually to inquire as to their need to judge me on issues that they have not properly researched and their apparent need to call me an inflammatory and derogatory word when I have not addressed them as such.

What 'Political Correctness' has done is divide the peoples of the United States of America even farther than they had been divided. I grew up in the 60's and 70's, before all of these 'proper' terms were even thought of, and people worked together, played together, and socialized across the entire gamut of skin colors.

I have never accepted the idea of racial differences, the differences are caused by the genetic histories of our forebears resulting from differing environments. We are all of one race, if we were not we could not breed successfully.

I refuse to speak 'Politically Correct', it is nothing but 'newspeak' (google it if you don't know the term). The only African American I have ever known was a white South African immigrant who had received his US citizenship. He was an African American, the black people that I know and have known who were born and raised here in the US are Americans, pure and simple.

Yes but calling someone racists when they don't have a shred of racism, is a hate crime. I am sorry, but I am white and care for some African Americans more than whites. So when someone stoops to this level it is pure unadulterated hate, determined by color.

posted on Nov, 4 2013 @ 04:31 AM
Hmmmm...ok folks,

Here is one for you which ties in together so many of America's "Victimized Groups" and groups with greviences to the Federal Government and the DOD/White House for what I call "Guilt Manipulations and Guilt Politics."

I made a similar post on the Weapons forum and also under the Relationship Forum concerning Feminism and what it has done to the family.

What some of us have discerned is that Feminism, Racism, The Homosexual Movement, and now others are all operating on the same MO or Method Of Operation. And some of us have realized that this has, for some time now, been coming from the top of government and been slowly infiltrating down to "Cloistered " Enviornments where it can be seeded and cultivated while being protected from dissent or opposing by censorship or put another way , cloistered enviornments where it can be protedted until the seeds sprout and are able to survive in the public mindset. Until the propaganda takes hold of the unguarded public conscience and emotions. All of these groups have the common denominator of "Victimization politics " in order to default through in the pubic mind without dissent and without opposition...censorship.

Also the Media works this same guilt angle to silence opposition and promote this same censorship...and control. They are an important part of this social predatory conduct on the public unconscience...unawareness.

Here...from last year . what was happening in Wisconsin schools.

And now how this same pattern or MO has been adapted to be used politically in the cloistered and protected environment of the like manner that it was protected and shielded by the cloistered public school system.

What you figure out reading these articles is that our own government is now promoting racism, sexism, heterosexual homophobia, and also anti Christianity...when as they were running initially for office years ago..they were touted and promoted as the great uniters. This has turned out not to be so. Or put another way, as is so often the case in politics, the product is not as advertised.
So many are now finding this out about Obamacare...the product is not as advertised.....but it goes much deeper than that.

What is happening to going to happen to our Military and by design. Because the product for which people voted..;is not the product advertised. At some point ..if not already ..the media cannot shill for or deceive the public sufficiently to cover up this lack of leadership as was previously the case.

What is happening and been happening after careful cultivation of this victim that these groups and programs have cultivated an assumption that racism is everywhere. This because they must have racism to strengthen their cause. Same with the feminists, the homosexual groups and other who also work and use this pattern. Good cop/bad cop. Good guys/bad guys. Hegelian Dialectic. Divide and conquer.

Now we see clearly that this is being promoted and cultivated from the top of government circles.
What this is not is Leadership. It is exploitation and being a predator on the pubic emotions and vulnerabilities. It is also not unity.

One more thing of importance. If the so called Republican Conservatives are not speaking out against thjs or educating the people as to the nature of this kind of "Guilt Manipulation or Guilt Politics" they are part of the problem. They are Phony Conservatives. I have been saying for some time now that the Republican Party is nothing more than Democrat Lite. If they are not willing to teach and speak out on this for what it politics of a predatory kind against Americans of all types..they are going to prove what I have stated about them. They are democrat lite and half of a working Hegelian Dialectic on the American People.



posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 07:29 AM

Yes but calling someone racists when they don't have a shred of racism, is a hate crime. I am sorry, but I am white and care for some African Americans more than whites. So when someone stoops to this level it is pure unadulterated hate, determined by color.

I am uncertain what in my post you are taking offense to. I absolutely agree that someone who is not racist being called racist is wrong, I'm not sure I would categorize it as a hate crime, but is is certainly the wrong thing to do. That is one of the issues I have with the whole concept of a 'hate crime' in general. How do you prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that a crime was based on hate? Or, for that matter, that it was racially or culturally motivated, unless specifically claimed that way by a person or group who espouses race or culture as the reason for the crime.

In most cases, when a person is found guilty of a 'hate crime', the sentence is significantly harsher than otherwise. How is this justice? The crime is the same no matter the motivation for the crime, but if a lawyer or judge determines that the crime committed was a 'hate crime' than the offender receives a harsher sentence, whether the offender was actually motivated by one of the sensitive issues that are covered by the 'hate crime' agenda.

I am also white and rather tired of hearing that I am racist simply because of the color skin I was born with.
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