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Did I finally open my third eye?

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posted on Jul, 2 2014 @ 07:42 PM
a reply to: ItzShadyT

beings exist

what is your fear?

is your fear YOU?

or is it like any other thought formation arising from sensations and perceptions?

when you prick yourself on your finger and it hurts, this is pain, but other things come into your awareness, maybe a kiss from a loved one on your finger to make it feel better and take your mind away from this pain

you must learn to look at fear and all other emotions in this manner, it is not what makes you, but only something that arises and becomes your center of awareness

there will be fear, but learn to flow your awareness from it, learn to let it go, and it will fade into the background of your awareness

as long as you are gripped by the fear, there is an anchor for you to be manipulated, by others, by your own mind

just as there is pain in your finger, you cannot make it disappear, but you can put it into perspective as what it really is, a distraction

do not believe these beings have power over you, for any man will kneel to the power of his own beliefs

free your mind from distractions and delusions, become clear and able to reflect love at your fear, your pain

posted on Jul, 2 2014 @ 11:48 PM
They probably got a lot of books from the 60's on opening your third eye, if you know what I mean. I got this DVD of really trippy computer animation called journey into the minds eye. Native Americans can legally get away with ceremonies where they can ritually ......experiment with that kind of thing.

After I opened my third eye I could see things on all new levels. Language, words , art, art symbolism, crazy math of making every thing a metaphor for my life. Language and letters I saw as lines in the sand, just abstract signs our brain can recognize and read. I went back to the dawn of civilization in my head and saw....things. The framework of language and how we formed our society. I started writing words backwards and thought it might be another language. A hidden one. Code. Sarcasm and passive aggression and feminism and speech skills. My mind was opened. My dads partner who was 58 when I was 27 was talking at me pissed off or being creative with speech using symbols and metaphors and trying to go over my head or be passive aggressive making fun of me and I talked back to him in code and he was amazed.( he didnt like something I wrote) Like college professor stuff.

To understand language in pictures or signs , to go fast and keep up. I just can't speak it freehand so well.

If you want to open your third eye, I would recommend that you maybe read some books about it. I have heard of some but don't own any. I don't know it you're into art? If you look at paintings or maybe go to a museum. I am a perfectionist with my art, but I think it's called splatter art where people just throw paint on a canvas. You can look at that , try to cross your eyes and look at things differently or from a different perspective or outside the box.

When I opened up my third eye I realized we are all one, man and woman. Human. The same. I had my first lucid dream after reading about it for five years or so. I woke up in a world I was awake , it felt like virtual reality. I remember running on this treadmill and I was floating in the air then started sorta dipped left and right. I studied dreams for a long time. Tried to get back repressed memories. The big question mark for ten years.

In this letter I am writing someone talked about my crazy math with metaphors. Open myself up to art and look for patterns. There was this one where this girl almost died in a fire then soul was split into two. One into a newborn and the other in a burnt body, in a coma waking nightmare. The younger one grew up and they met when she was 8 and the other one was 19. The young one was innocent and a child and the older one was scarred with deformity. Two personalities and two archetypes of the mind. Like 2 face the batman villain , I saw a picture of the face of batman and the joker split down the middle , symmetrically. Like they are two sides of the same person.

That girl was from the video game series silent hill. The newer ones look amazing. Beautiful. If you wanna open your third eye by looking at art and taking it in , you can walk around 3D paintings and that series is a town consumed by hell. Or purgatory, hell for the evil souls there is light there though. You got a lot of black on in your avatar, I just guessing but are you gothic? Lol. You gotta grow up sometime. White and black are my favorite colors in combination. They are opposites. Like red and green or blue and orange or purple and yellow. Like blend well.

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 01:40 AM
In your avatar, it says your just being honest. Do you mean about your personal property? Do you mean, I can never tell a lie like George Washington. I read through your thread a few times and was wondering if you meant something else about your "third eye"? I never had experiences with shadow people or a lot of what you describe, so I guess I will just wander off. I was sorta checking this thread over the last few days to see if anyone else would post.

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 06:30 PM
Sorry if my last post sounded rude. This will be my last post. I will often go for days without finding a thread I wanna read. The title usually brings me in. A lot of people talk about world news that I don't care about. I usually read and post about dreams or the philosophy forum. I have known about this site since 2008. I even have ATS s book they made. After I bought it I read in the paper that they erased the footage of the original moon landings . In that book they said they were faked, that science disproves the footage with zero gravity. It was interesting in the photo in the paper showed a guy on the moon ( astronaut in space gear) then in front of him what looked like a guy holding a light saber. I said before green and red are opposites, for good and evil I guess.

I read through all your threads, bored I guess been days reading a few things. There is this girl on another thread that had an interesting topic that I talked on her wall with. Her story was rather extra ordinary and I read her wall and some of her other threads. I have been around awhile and I guess your just new to this conspiracy stuff.

Again sorry if I sounded rude, I was just bored a few days checking all the threads I posted on, not many, and was just restless I guess. I used to really like this site, but know people talk about different things news and politics I guess.

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 10:40 PM
a reply to: ItzShadyT

If you believe in religion or not is irrelevant for the topic but its obvious that many in religion know about the third eye....

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness." Matthew 6:22 KJV

Sp before you try again I suggest that you ask yourself why you really want to open your third eye. If reason isn't pure (for ego etc) then you just might get another repeat of your last experience.

posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 10:46 PM
a reply to: glend

btw... think the things your might have seen are tramp souls, you can search internet about such things.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 01:12 AM
Hello everyone. I just made an account after reading through this thread. Please bear with me. I'm 21 and have been looking for information on opening my 3rd eye. For the past year I have become more sensitive to things happening around me. Shadows here and there, things moving, full figured beings, strange feelings/ presences. It seems to run in the family. Most of the females on my mom's side of the family have some degree of awareness. I have little to no memory of my childhood from before 14, which was when my grandfather died. Its like my memory was locked away, with the exception of a few here and there. I was told I had night terrors as a kid(4ish). Something seems off.I'm a very logical person, so this bothers me greatly. With that said, I'm not religious, but I am curious. I'm insightful, and open to suggestions. I came across information about the third eye, and currently meditate every once in a while. I'm able to focus on the pineal gland and get a white ring like effect. Its like a white border around my eyes(closed). It appears like a camera flash. I can only keep it for a minute or two, because I can't keep focused/ feel blocked.I've tried binural beats and other frequency tracks to little to no help. My mind gets stuck in the "How". Is there anything that i can do to increase my chances of results? Thoughts/opinions/suggestions/advice? Any and all is appreciated. Thanks.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 08:40 AM
a reply to: wardragon362

Just a quick google search

I have done this method in a sorta similar exercise many years ago. You should feel pulsing and buzzing in the center of the brain and forehead.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 10:55 AM
hello everyone!

after lurking around for a few months I finally decided to join. Because ATS is a great source of information for me and there are a looot of interesting member here with amazing knowledge and insights. Spiritual, science, religion, history, esoteric,...I read just about anything here and you guys helped me a lot with insights about spiritual matters.

Thank you and I hope we will get along magnificently - I love you all

Sooo the third eye. What the heck is this thing. Is it just energy/chakra? Is it somehow connected to pineal gland? Is it even real? hehe many questions...I like that I have something new to explore and experience the unknown especially if it is somehow related with spirituality. I am in!
I feel that I am getting more and more connected with myself and my mind and everything which exists. The whole universe. I feel this is my path - to discover the spirit. The truth. Everything

So with that in mind I do a lot of meditation and deep contemplation just about ... well everything. And of course this phrase "third eye" is one of many subjects I wish to explore and experience. And I am certain I did on some level. Because this filling or light gentle pressure on forehead when I meditate is with me from the first real meditation and it was this experience which pulled me into meditation and searching for the path to find the truth.
And this pressure still lingers. Sometimes I feel it more sometimes less. Interestingly when I was high on weed I always felt it stronger during meditations. I like to experiment with all kinds of drugs (only natural haha) because I think there is some connection or maybe there are some drugs that can just lift up the limits of your awareness or perception. I hope I will sometime somewhere have the chance to try the '___' which according to testimonies is the ultimate limit lifter and it just throws you into new dimension, weather you like it or not, ready or not

And please don't misunderstand me. I know this is not the correct path. Although the fillings are great and drugs are very fun right? haha-
it is maybe just a short cut or means to an end. As I said - I look at myself as the ultimate explorer of all kinds. And natural drugs are in my opinion very interesting to say the least if you want to get some amazing experience quickly. But then there is a question of illusion of the mind. When you are on drugs you don't always know what is real or not hehe And I think this does not even matters. What is important is how you feel about it. Just like dreams. They are all illusions in our minds (maybe they to are somekind of portals? maybe both?) but they to can affect us greatly!

Anyway I would like to point out that at this moment I am going through a phase. I decided to not do drugs any more of any kind and any other bad stuff or destructive habits. I feel like I am pealing myself like I do an onion haha layer by layer
No coffee, alcohol, weed, mushrooms, processed foods, adultery, masturbation, etc... I decided for myself to experience life just as it is. Sober and boring haha kidding

I am currently on a water fast. And I am enjoying every minute of it. Although I am sometime low on energy or have white tongue it is a great experience. Because I learned a great deal about workings my body and the mind.
And I will try this way for know, maybe until '___' crosses my path
. Which I think is more in line with the truth. Because I feel that if you really let go of ego and live mindfully and with loving hearth - then this stuff should come naturally. Of course I fell that purity of the mind is important and healthy body too. So you can really concentrate hard with ease.

And finally what I want to discuss and ask is about advancing myself to new experiences. Now when I meditate I discovered I am getting the hang of it because my mind is very comm now days probably due to fasting and genuine effort on my part. And I can get very effortlessly into meditative state - compared to before. Which I am very happy! But I am wondering if anyone can give some advice about how to make further progress. I want to "open"? third eye chakra/energy. But I do not want to rush it, I want to get it naturally with maybe some meditation practice or something else, dunno? I want to get past this forehead pressure but I don't know how? Sometimes when I feel during meditation that this is it ..but then soon after everything just go awry probably due to losing focus because I get hyped and distracted. Maybe is this telling me to focus more and just preserve on with practice until I will not make notice of this differences? Does anyone know how to process this mindfully?
One time there was also a very similar filing around chest area. Probably the heart chakra? I felt very worm and it was a great filling. Maybe there will be more experiences like that in the future until I can feel my whole body that way? What do you think?

I wish to explore astral word and OBE and lucid dreams (i think I had i few already - at least they were very vivid with small awareness and no control during the dream) and I feel this stuff is all connected with the third eye and probably many other things. So if anyone can shed some light on this subject and have some insights or what should I focus on.

But I don't mind if nothing happens. This is just a brief distraction to my ultimate goal - self realization, enlightenment or whatever you want to call it
But that does not mean it is useless - every experience is a good one. Even in bad ones is some goodness if you look at it form different angle in my opinion.

So be happy do what you feel is right in your heart and please give me some great thoughts on this subject

Thank you for reading - I didn't expect for my first post to be so long, but the fingers just won't stop typing. Originally I wanted to open a new topic, but those damn limits for new members ... well maybe I will do that in the future

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 12:37 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

Good luck pal.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 01:09 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

Isn't meditation about forgetting the pressure, reducing stress and what not.

Like calming the brain down, allowing it to tune to itself, as well as the reality around you?



posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 01:49 AM
a reply to: Specimen

haha yes loud and clear!

will try to ignore the pressure and see what happens than. Thank you!
But it is really hard because I am to eager about this stuff because I know a lot of informations and to me this whole concept of OBE, third eye and so on is very fascinating. Maybe it is not so good to feel your head with to much data, because you then always expect something.

That wicked mind and ego. Do my biding dam it!

posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 03:01 PM
a reply to: ItzShadyT

yes astrel projecting is real i'v done befor it ands f'n cool but don't take for granet and don't abuse it . and that thing that was in corner comeing tord you it wasn't nothing it was real sprit .. either it friendly or something . see when astrel project its ur sprit that leaves your body so now you can see other sprits you called back your body when thought about it and it brought you back and in your body now becarful because demons are phycal and spritul you have a silver like cord contact to your body and you it only can be broken if you die so if a demon got to you your # bc it will kill you bc its phycal and spritul ,there for you exsprice seeing sprits so congrats . its pritty exsideing here a video that tell you you about your asterl and lusid

posted on Mar, 7 2015 @ 10:09 AM
Hello all

posted on Mar, 7 2015 @ 10:25 AM
a reply to: Joesepth


You may want to go make an intro thread HERE.... and welcome!

posted on Nov, 10 2016 @ 03:28 AM
I have more then a few very strange happening but three that I cannot explain. I will keep it short.

1) As I fall asleep I begin listening to a being that does not have a face and is giving me advice about life and money I remember agreeing beyond a doubt with this entity and not remembering word for word what was being told to me then bang a bomb goes off in my head with a white flash. I awake thinking it went off in my room and my heart 100mph.
2) I am outside in my hot tub one night when I see these clouds form over the city lights unnaturally fast I begin to feel like I need to look in the other direction behind my house and as I do I see a jellyfish like UFO that has a cloud surrounding it and is moving at a high rate of speed towards the other clouds but this thing has tenticals and moves as if the these tenticals are pulling the craft and stop then repeating all at a high rate of speed. Looked very animated like something off of the computer.
3) As falling asleep I feel and hear a rush of air enter my eardrum. I awake shake it off and fall back asleep. Then I enter this state where I'm flying through the air with no physical body searching for something like on a mission with colours more clear then in real life hard to describe. Then a mans calm voice begins talking to me I hear him say some cod letters and numbers but I can't understand it I can hear it but can't understand it even though it's in English I get freaked out because I know at this point I'm not dreaming and I wake up.
I've had a few paralyzing experiences I won't get into and also multiple UFO sightings one with my dad another with my gf. She has witnessed our bed shake before and something dark enter our room and vanish. Ifind my life to be odd in some ways that I believe almost anything is possible based on what I feel I know actually happened and is not me going crazy. I don't talk about this that's why I feel I had to say something on here just to let it off my chest.

posted on May, 10 2018 @ 01:39 AM
a reply to: ItzShadyT

This is called Sleep Paralysis. The best explanation I can think of is your mind is awake and your body is asleep. Your brain has not caught up yet. I have heard from many sources that this is a great way to get answers from the spirit realm. You are in between the waking and dreaming state of mind.

This happened to me last night. Yet it has only happened one other time before. The other time I did see the shadow person. I was calling out to my fiancé asking if she saw it, the shadow person then jumped on me and I screamed my fiancé’s name. The crazy part is she woke me up moments later saying I was screaming her name. I use to be afraid of this but I realize now that this is actually you facing your fears. Your being prepared for a new YOU. You are now aware of what you fear. Nothing to be afraid of.

When it happened last night I was listening to a mantra and I have no doubt in my mind this was the goddesses way of telling me she heard me. I am a music artist and I am going to start activating people through my music. First I had to connect with a deity and the one I chose heard me the first time. I’m looking forward to my next sleep paralysis to have a lucid dream and get some answers on how to activate my audience.

SNIP: Mod Edit: Removed Advertising

If you have any questions lmk. I do feel like this is when your third eye is open. You can see everything around you and your eyes are closed. That is the basis of opening your third eye: congrats!!

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posted on May, 10 2018 @ 04:23 AM
a reply to: ItzShadyT

Yeh were in the upside down. You're probably seeing something that has been hanging around for a long time. Personal question time........dark past leading up to this discovery of meditation and enlightenment?

Shadow people...Succubus...Negative entity weak piece of !@#$. So many people go through their lives being self destructive because one of these things has a hold. But they are mostly weak and awareness and willpower makes them leave...or other rituals (temp solution). You discovered yours and it's none too happy about your path to enlightenment...hence the dread feels. You were empathetic with it unknowingly because it was feeding, connected, your fears were amplified by that of the entity.

Here's you can tell it to F@#$ Off. "Leave, you're not welcome here. This is MY domain". Treat it the same as you would treat a real intruder.

Don't stop what you are doing. You're so close.

posted on May, 13 2018 @ 11:53 PM
no thats just the dream within a dream while awake.

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 12:03 AM
a reply to: ItzShadyT

No, it is not “third eye” awakening. It is you becoming aware of the larger world.

That being does this to all entering the dream realm. The fact that you can lucid dream puts this as a speed bump to the wider dream world!

Do not let it scare you. It cannot touch you. Be lucid dream bad a$$ and mess with it and it will leave you alone.

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