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Embattled NSA chief Keith Alexander rejects calls to limit agency's power

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posted on Nov, 24 2013 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by bonecrusher321

Owe I forgot. Isn't a term or phrase. USI is though. The military intelligence community is not a separate entity from the rest of the community. If they were they would then have to also be independent of their service and would not be military.

Their funding doesn't come directly from congress. It comes from the Army by way of the DOD annual budget.

Rogue is laughable, especially when the Pesident comes out publicly and says he has knowledge of these programs and many were initiated under different administrations. Your statement would then actuall suggest the President is rogue which is ridiculous.

You can't "over reach" congress when everything you do inside our borders are directly approved/disapproved by them and monitored. In fact they are the most monitored agency that reports on themselves. An "over reach" discussion is best left to indecent agencies.

Yes, specific isolated programs. AKA classified programs requiring congressional approval do to laws governing the collection and retention of information on U.S. Persons. It takes congress to verify the legality of such programs in coordination with the attorney general. Just like all the other agencies do.

While I know this information do to direct participation in USSOCOM and USI I often wonder why no one googles anymore. Nothing I have said CPUs hidden information. All kinds of sites from private to government to public to institutions of higher learning have this stuff

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