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Bullying is Murder

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posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 12:14 AM

There will always be bullies. An important part of growing up is to learn some method to handle bullies. Tattling is not a healthy way. It engenders whining and complaining rather than individual courage.

One of the agendas of TPTB is to criminalizes all "hate=speech" against themselves. This is in order to keep their behind the scenes atrocities more easily protected from retaliation, They have their ADLs and AIPAcs if that doesn;t work.

I agree. My son didn't even tell me - it was his friend. I'm a professional but I was the one who said "if anyone ever does that again you get up and hit them as hard as you can". Real mature of me huh? I want my kid to be able to defend himself more than anything (it's real life - he goes to a public school, and I accept that). I did not want to call the school or the bus company. In fact I told them I didn't want to give any names and they didn't like that. I think it just scared me because of the weird nature of this game they are playing.

I think that's why I got on to speak about this personal issue (I wrestled with sharing it). I have felt torn. I still am. If your kid gets beat up by a gang maybe you do something. If they get hit in the side of the head with no warning - ? (Not sure what to do with that). If they get in a fight with someone who they have been a rival of - let it go (live and learn). Are there different situations where we do something or do we let them handle all of them? I truly don't know.

posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 12:42 AM
reply to post by hopenotfeariswhatweneed

More powerful weapons...whatever do you mean. We have had Tommy Guns and BARs here since WWII and back then there were far less laws on owning those. Not to mention rifles and shotguns and magnum caliber pistols. If kids wanted to do this type of thing they could have but hey guess what. They knew better because their parents taught them better. In fact they could and would bring rifles and shotguns to high school on days they were able to hunt in the afternoon. Not to mention skeet shooting clubs. People just had less entitlement and more respect back then or maybe they had more entitlement for respect lol

posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 02:24 AM
I look at it like this....

The world is a jungle. There is terror at every turn. There is always someone stronger, smarter, and deadlier than you at any given moment. We may think us humans are more advanced than animals, but we are just as brutal, just as tricky, and just as mean. When something is trying to take what is yours, no matter what it is, it is at that point where you choose what type of person you are. Does one really just sit back and let someone walk all over them, or do they stand up and fight for their God given right to protect whats most sacred to them? Nobody will ever agree, but one thing they should agree on is that it happens to mostly all of us at some point. When you are an adult, its a little easier to deal with the bullying situation, cause we have all lived through it. Bullies are usually the weaker minded people, and if you stick up to them and not back down, it intimidates them. They dont normally expect people to call them on their bluff, especially if they are physically stronger than the other guy. Bullies feed off of
fear, and by showing bullies fear, you are essentially fueling their fire. If it has become habitual bullying, and it happens daily, then it is even harder to stop unless you get authorities to step in and handle it.

If anything, you should be able to rely on your friends to at least carry you home after your daily ass beating, or to be there to have your back when the situation arrises.

When you stop showing the bully how much harm they are causing you, will be the moment the bully has nothing to gain from you. Dont let bullies run you or your life. Dont let bullies choose your fate, thats your job.

I used to get bullied as a young kid, but that was short lived the day I stood up to him. Since then, I never let anyone get to me like that again. I had my fights, I was/is good at kicking ass, but I absolutely hate fighting, because I dont enjoy getting punched in the face. I was a Marine, and am capable of defending myself, but I find its easier to stop the problem before it happens. If I forsee someone being a problem with me, I go to that person and I say "Hey Brah- Is there a problem? If not(usually the case), then no big deal. But if they did have a problem, I just provided him and myself a way out by talking it out rather then stomping it out. Both sides get the respect, and nobody goes home with broken pride.

Unfortunately- you cant outlaw bullying. You would have to outlaw mother nature as a whole if thats your plan.

Fortunately- You can do something about bullying, learn from it, because bullying comes in many different forms, and you will be faced with it many times as you get older, so it is best to deal with it early so you can get a grips on how to handle it in the future. Bullies dont respect their prey, so its the preys job to find a way that forces them respect you, and sometimes all it takes is a straight spine and a confident attitude. If you are content with who you are as a person, they will have no other choice but to be content as well.

posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 05:46 AM

Of course the parents are to blame for how their children act. That's a given.

Sometimes, kids bully others because their mates are doing it. The peer pressure thing. They might think that if they join others in bullying someone else, they themselves will not be targeted.

Most bullying happens in schools where the parents are not present. It is well known that some kids act completely differently when with their friends than with their parents.

That is why some parents are in disbelief when told their child had done something "out of character". It's not really out of character, it's simply a side of their child that the parents never see.

Sometimes it's not actually the parents fault. They have no idea how their kids are behaving while out of their supervision and would probably tan their behinds if they knew.

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