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Report: Final Cost of Obamacare Website Tops $1 Billion

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posted on Oct, 29 2013 @ 07:34 AM
reply to post by guitarplayer

It seems there is something wrong when they hand out a contract with out any other bids.

posted on Oct, 29 2013 @ 07:39 AM
reply to post by ObjectZero

AMEN to that, ObjectZero. It stinks to high Heaven!

posted on Oct, 29 2013 @ 07:48 AM
The saddest thing about this whole website fiasco is when it is finally complete and working as expected it will probably become the most hacked website in the world. The entire country will no doubt have their identities stolen.

posted on Oct, 29 2013 @ 07:58 AM
reply to post by tmeister182

ID's have been stolen be for, but this like putting them in the $5 bin at Walmart.

posted on Oct, 29 2013 @ 08:14 AM

IAMTAT (aka Obamacare.crap) now going to become the most expensive website ever created.

This, sadly, doesn't surprise me...considering this administration's propensity for throwing taxpayer dollars after anything it wants...regardless of whether or not it actually turns out to be a good thing for the American people it purports to serve.

The principal contractors responsible for the federal government's troubled health insurance website say the Obama administration shares much of the responsibility for snags that have crippled the system.

Executives of CGI Federal, which built the federal website serving 36 states, and QSSI, which designed the part that verifies applicants' income and other personal details, testified Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Meanwhile, figures released Thursday say the total cost of the deeply flawed website and healthcare exchange has topped $1 billion, according to a devastating new report by a widely respected government analyst.

How? A surge in government spending on the Obamacare exchanges before they went live pushed the price paid to top government contractors over the $1 billion mark, The Hill reported, quoting the new study.

The report released Thursday by Bloomberg Government analyst Peter Gosselin says that federal spending ramped up in the months leading up to Oct. 1, with $352 million of the $1 billion in federal contracts to the top 10 Obamacare contractors awarded during this time.

Makes one wonder how much the owners of the web design company donated to the Obama campaign and if this is yet another Solyndra contribution payback scheme.

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