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If you had a BILLION dollars..?

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posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by rockoperawriter

I believe you.

posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 08:29 PM
If I had a billion dollars, I would spend $300,000,000 and bail out my government. I live in a small island nation that would really benefit from it. The remaining 700 million? I could do a LOT of good. First, I would buy the property next to me, and build my Mom a small house. I would build a wind farm to benefit all my islanders. I would build a pet shelter that was staffed and devoted to neutering and nourishing and finding homes for all the unwanted pets. I would give our poor a hand up.

For myself, I'd buy a used truck and build a larger shed for my tools and such. I'd fund my Bride's sisters, so they could get a bit ahead in the struggle. My Darlin' could use some new clothes.

I'm not financially rich, but rich in the way that matters to me -- love, security, happiness.

posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 08:14 PM
Here's what I would do. Please tell me what you think..

So, after creating the "upside down" (by any normal corporate standards) internet empire, making everyone (or many) rich or well off or at the very lest making a good living - when the lightening strikes back up and the extra billion appears/manifests.. I would..

1) Set up a foundation for clean water in the third world with the use of the Slingshot Water Purifier, the Clean Water Foundation (CWF), giving 10% off the top of every single sale for this cause.

Combined with a simple pump and holding tank, to supply the whole village, along with good water for livestock, and even irrigation on a small scale, and we'd place these with the aid of certain trustworthy NGO's (non government organizations) in 10,000 Villages in Africa and South America, while inviting other corporate sponsors to join in, ensuring the delivery of clean clear safe water the water of life to all who thirst and are in need of a safe drinking water supply.

2) I would outright buy or gain a massive share the company Linden Labs the makers of the 3D World, Second Life, among other applications, and

BUILD THE FIRST INTERNET UNIVERSITY - as a virtual 3D workspace or learning space.

It would simulate a massive space station circling the Earth, and we'd put another on a simulated moon, but in both cases with mutiple working cameras, both in orbit and on the moon including the view of Earth from there, just to add the super cool factor to the whole enterprise.

Student lecturers would deliver the curriculum and be paid well for it, and it would go from grade 8 all the way to PhD level in any and every imaginable subject, with everything recorded all the way along with all manner of presentations and learning protocols.

Tuition would be affordable to one and all, mostly free in fact except perhaps for advanced degrees maybe.

Reverse the dumbing-down process in other words.

And for entertainment, we'd build a massive theater sphere for 3D movies, with the glasses shipped out to everyone wherever they are and millions of people could then have a shared theater experience, simultaneously.

The same setup would also be used for teaching of course.

3) Create a think tank called "The Center for Human Progress" situated in Hawaii, as a multidisciplinary pursuit of all manner of initiatives capable of forwarding a hopeful and richly rewarding future for the human being across all boarders whether they may be. It would also forward good, healthy policy founded on right principals. It could easily be linked to the Internet U as well, for collaborative input from one and all.

That would be about it.

Step 4 would involve enshrining a lasting legacy along these lines, ensuring that the people and the individual is served first and foremost, from the bottom up, not from the top down, a people's commons if you will, using the internet and the latest in Internet 3D Common Space technology by Linden Labs.

Please pray for me in this endeavor that it might become a reality - it's POSSIBLE, that's the thing, not impossible.

Best Regards,


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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Principal Centered Leadership

This will be the core and the heart and soul of the "corporation" in terms of it's fundamental principal or mission statement.


Pay it forward!


Sharing, participatory sharing in a spirit of fun and enjoyment, that will be the heart of it. So it will be a type of love relationship with customers and re-sellers, between us all - not an employment situation by any means, and not a charity either, just empowerment with fellowship and community - talk about customer loyalty - one day they buy your product and not long thereafter are booking a trip to attend a celebration/workshop! It would be cool. And FUN!

I think that's the way to handle a billion dollars, and my oh my would it ever "heap burning coals on the heads" of business leaders the world over, so many would join in and wish to have their names associated with it - we'd cook something up for them from the Think Tank, as a re-channeling of wealth for a higher purpose, to serve humanity, and not the other way around to be served by and in the process exploit and subjugate which is our current predicament and the thing that simply has to change because it's not sustainable, and it hurts humanity, and doesn't help it.

From hurtful to helpful and from tactical to practical.

That's my dream. That is what I would do "if I had a billion dollars".


NAM aka Bob - it's not about me but about WE

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