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posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by waypastvne

You are fortunate ........

Have listened to a few ranting outside the PATH station at World Trade Center

Usual melange of crazy. Nothing havent seen on the internet

posted on Oct, 22 2013 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by OtherSideOfTheCoin

i was not saying you plagiarized anything...i was stating when someone says show me evidence from the OS they just go and quote from things already stated from other internet sites(which you say your against).

but i have on many occasions show many irregularities through video break down...analyzing FPS fall times..etc etc etc....most of the things in your OP are non other than just opinions....(your own) without any real substance than other than...i think...

Then you show graphs of opinion poles and such (NOT YOUR OWN)....

then you say things like truther as though it is a bad thing to have opinions...yet your just doing the same thing....

Confusing to say the least....i will not quote or paraphrase what you have said...because that is a form of attack and usually means thing have been taken out of context....which you just you took one bit and tried to turn it into and attack upon yourself.

IMHO 911 and its investigation is found lacking...Anyone one who says the commission has done a good in doubt as even from within the commissions own ranks "it was doomed to fail" were none truer spoken words.

do i know all the facts....Of course not...Am i sure things don't add up...positively.

Bazants report put out there TWO days after the event says it all....

no real need for me to show my work on this as you can just peruse things i have shown in the past.

The reason why more and more is coming to light on 911 and it is not going away is because there are still to many unanswered questions.

I seen in a post where you corrected someone on the number of hijackers ...which is really quite if for one second people actually believe the the OS on that point then you really have been duped.

The OS says it was 19....but should the public just believe that.

you see people are not just falling for the government line on this...because it was a huge cover up.

you are allowed your opinion and you can believe what you want and you should not be condemned for it....but just as people who seek answer (truthers) have an opinion and also should not be condemned for speaking out and stating their opinions.

When we get told we with higher educations and the same scholastic backgrounds are told our opinions do not count because we do not tend to believe the OS BS that is when it becomes a problem.

you please go ahead and believe that 19 ill trained terrorist pilots flew planes into several buildings making very complicated maneuvers causing three STEEL structures to collapse one of which was not even struck by plane...where some prof within two days says it was a top down collapse ...when the upper section disintegrated on the towers...then defy the laws of physics by taking the path of greatest resistance straight throw the core allowing for all angular momentum to cease. then even stranger the bbc anouncing the collapse of building 7 while it was still standing in the background...and within TWO hours netanyahu stating it was AL queada that was responsible...i could go on and on...with all the inconsistencies but i have done many times in the past and your welcome to go back and read through....But i know you will not bother.

you can beLIEve that all you like as it is your prerogative....But if(when) it gets shown as not the be the case...then i just hope you will step up to the plate and let it be known you were wrong.

I know buildings as many many many others do....and the behaviors of three steel buildings on that day did not just come down due to fires and planes

what brought them down....I do not know...but it was not planes.

Who brought them down....i do not know...but it was not 19 hijackers.

I have my ideas thoughts and suspicions....but i do know it was not as the OS put out there.

i just know that steel structures would not suffer asymmetric global collapse due to fires and impact from planes...there are some who keep on using the truss seat failure...BOGUS as building 7 did not incorporate truss seats....also that would not cause the upper block of the towers to disintegrate as they did.....which i showed through video analysis's

you can see the red line represents the floors of the upper you tell me why the lower structure is not being crushed already below the bottom blue line the only way would be is that the core of the structure is already compromised below that line of where the planes struck.

this was my work...i choose not to just believe bazant and used actual video evidence for analysis.

been lied to by the OS for years....It is actually BECAUSE of the good work by some of the truther movement that this is still being questioned....and should always be questioned until there are answers that actually correspond to the video evidence that has been gathered as the real evidence from site was promptly swept up and destroyed.

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