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How to Achieve Full Enlightenment in 3 Years

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posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 12:40 AM
Greetings and Namaste Everyone,

I have been posting on ATS for a little while now with spiritual teachings. However, it is probably difficult for most of you to scour all of my posts to bring in a more cohesive understanding of what I have to say. So it is my purpose is to bring together this knowledge and wisdom into a single thread, readily for you to ask questions and further expand your current mental paradigm. Please understand that I am here to help raise the collective consciousness of all. Do not think that my teachings are some sort of religion, belief system, theology, or doctrine. Such thinking is only of the Ego, which I will go in more detail soon. I am not here to create a "cult following." I am here to expand your heart and mind to the next level of human consciousness, hopefully, even raising it to your TRUE POTENTIAL, which is Oneness with God. My teachings are Universal. This means that the truths in all walks of life you will find them, both in this world and higher worlds to come.

In my title of this thread, I mentioned that you can reach Full Enlightenment in 3 years. It seems like a short time for such a difficult path. 3 years is just the ideal time period, provided that you do your best every single day among the years. In addition, we are all different in our unique ways. Therefore, the time period it takes will be different for all of us.

There will be a total of two threads concerning spiritual training. I will explain why in the body of this thread. In summary, the first aspect of spiritual training requires personal growth within until you reach Full Enlightenment. The second aspect refers to using this growth to accomplish Ascension. These will encompass the two threads.

Below are the chapters that I will be discussing so that it is more organized for you.

I. The Meaning of Life

II. God is You, You are God

III. What is Enlightenment?

IV. Getting to Know Thyself

V. Path of the Spirit

VI. Merging with God

VII. The Alpha and Omega


I. The Meaning of Life

When I was about 8 years old, a classmate asked me a question, "Hey, what do you think is the meaning of life?" Being a kid, I was baffled. I didn't give an answer. I just said, "Whatever!", and then proceeded to walk away. Perhaps it was something to implant a memory within my mind so that I will realize its answer when I reach an age of maturity. In a single sentence, I will tell you the answer to a question that is an enigma to most people on Earth.

Life is God's way to experience what it is like to be separated from Oneness through the Physical World.

I'm sure those who are already on the spiritual path, you know what this means. But for the rest of us, I will explain in depth the true essence of its core meaning.

Before we go into this philosophy, I will give you more practical knowledge. Each of us are born into a physical body for a reason. There are people who believe that life is just the physical. There is nothing that exist beyond death, beyond your body, and some will even say God doesn't exist. Yet all three of these theories are unreal, based on ignorance without even realizing that it is a lack of knowledge. But you ask, "I don't see God so therefore He doesn't exist." This is like saying air doesn't exist because I don't see it. The basics of science says that air is basically a less dense form of water. And then, you have water or liquid is a less dense form of solid matter. They are just different forms of matter, different transformations from the same source.

God is exactly the same as this analogy. God is in different forms transformed from the same source. So with that understanding, the dried, dead leaf you just stepped on is God. The rock you just threw in the pond is God. The birds that chirp in the morning sunrise are God. Even the chair that you are sitting on right now is God. Do you understand? What does this mean? It means that you are God. Everything in this world is a manifestation of God in the Physical. Please, I will explain all this in due time. Don't wrinkle your brow just because this seems outside of your set of beliefs. That is my intention, to go beyond your current mindset, your mental image of life. This is one of the techniques to achieve Full Enlightenment.

To understand the next layer of the statement above, I must refer you to two of my posts concerning where we came from and before creation. Please read them here:
1. How We were Created
2. Before Creation

It is very important that you read the two above posts. I want you to understand your origins. If you want to know about yourself, you must know where you came from and why you are here. So with this knowledge, you must realize that as you experience life in the physical, God is experiencing the EXACT SAME THING as you are at that moment. For example, if you are tasting that juicy steak dinner, God is doing the same. If you are shopping for that nice new outfit, God is enjoying it as well. If you get angry at your spouse for coming home late last night, God is also there at that moment. Therefore, the meaning of life is to be God on Earth, to experience, to learn, and to grow.

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 12:42 AM
II. God is You, You are God

In the last chapter, we discussed that you are a thoughform of God in the Physical. You have a deep connection to God. In fact, you are ONE with God, except you have forgotten who you are when embodied in this world. Therefore, you THINK that you are separate from God. But in reality, you are still ONE with Him. This amnesia allows you to experience this world with a TRUE sense of separation, because that is what God desires--to expand Himself beyond the ONENESS in the higher dimensions. In the same process, He also wants you to become the next Co-Creator and continue creating the Universes, filling in the spots that have not been created yet. Eventually, you will be capable of creating your own Universe. Before you can become the Co-Creator as God intended, you must learn to grow within your consciousness, to transform yourself into the Mindset of God. This is the only way. This is what the churches talk about when they mean "salvation." However, their "salvation" is an outer thing, not inner. They believe that depending on an outer savior and trusting in the doctrines of the church are "good enough" to go to Heaven. Folks, you can NEVER do enough of anything to earn salvation. You can NEVER depend on ANYBODY to save you. Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, and Qwan Yin all know this. You should know this. It is your DIVINE BLUEPRINT.

We live in a society that is full of outer sight and feelings. This means that we believe that we have no control over the circumstances and conditions of life. This can be accidents, forces of nature, wars and famine, disease and death, being poor and lost, and being victims of life. Almost everytime something happens like mass murders or Hurricanes/Typhoons killing thousands, we sit back and blame God. It's not just major things, it is also your regular life. You get into a divorce with your spouse, you most likely will blame God. You have been poor for the past 30 years, you blame God. When we blame God, we are still thinking of an outer mentality. We think that God is a being way up in the cosmos just letting Mother nature or a "nutjob" go out killing the innocent. If you read this thread thus far, I have been saying over and over that God is ONE with ALL of us. To blame God, you are blaming yourselves, which is fine because it is your fault these things happened. But this is where unconditional love comes in. You must forgive yourself, learn the lesson, and move on.

If I'm saying that you are God, then you have the same powers as God? Sounds insane, doesn't it? Well, actually you do. However, the problem is that you haven't realized it yet, and you haven't had much practice. As explained in the posts I made on ATS from the previous Chapter, I said that ALL things in this world is a result of consciousness, your mind. I will talk about this later about how your mind works in creating reality. For now, just understand that EVERYTHING you see, feel, touch, taste, and hear in the physical comes directly from mankind's collective consciousness. You are a small part of this Mind of Man. Your minds have incredible power, but only if you realize that you are ONE with God. When this happens, the Light that comes from above will manifest pure power into this world. This is what it means when we talk about bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. In the following chapters, I will go into detail on how to achieve this, which some would call Enlightenment.

III. What is Enlightenment?

If you read this far and felt your Ego tugging at you to quit reading, then go ahead and quit reading. I am not forcing you to understand these concepts. God gave you the free will to choose your own path. Deep down within your mind, this knowledge will resonant with you, either it comes from me or somewhere else, if not now then hopefully real soon. It resonants with you, because you are ONE with me, because we are ALL ONE with God.

So what is Enlightenment? It is a pathway that leads to your merging with God. This pathway can last 3 years, or it could last for many lifetimes. It is all up to you. Your brothers and sisters, either in Heaven or on Earth will help you along the way. Ultimately, it still boils down to your choices. During this path, many things happen to you because of your passion and desire to become the God within.

1. Self-Realization - As you climb the ladder of Enlightenment, you will slowly but surely gain a major new perspective of who you are. Most people go through life without realizing their real self. Their perception of self is a human being. To be human is truly just physical existence, no more, no less. You identify yourself as a person going through "normal" Earthly life that will one day lead to death. But as a person who want to know more about yourself, the Path of Enlightenment thus truly begins. But how do you learn more about yourself? I will get to this in subsequent chapters.

2. Self-Expansion - Enlightenment is also about internal growth. It is a process of your mind growing inch-by-inch until you finally get to the point of merging with God! That is the entire purpose! Salvation is always about the State of Mind. As your Mind grows to new heights, so will everything else in life. Your self-worth or self-esteem will take a dramatic change in direction. You expand your understanding of the world by focusing on incredible wisdom and knowledge that is of God, not of the Ego. Your goals and visions change from Earthly drama to Heavenly Love. I am not talking about growing your Ego. The Ego is a "man-made" instrument. In fact, in order to achieve Enlightenment, you must eliminate the Ego.

3. God-Realization - The third aspect is your understanding of God. At the beginning, you may go to church and read the Bible. Then from getting to know God, you form a relationship with Him. But even with a relationship, there is still separation. You must grow into ONENESS with God. This is why Jesus said, "My Father and I are One." In order to reach full Enlightenment, you must go beyond, beyond, and beyond. If you stop for just a day, you are sitting in one place and endangering yourself of stagnation, or worse yet, going back down the ladder of the path. To have true God-Realization, you must become ONE with God.

In order to have Enlightenment, I want to emphasize that it is mandatory you combine all three of the above points. If you cancel one of these, you will not see the light at the end of tunnel. Instead of light, you will see darkness--you have chosen death over life. In the following chapters, I will discuss these three aspects in more detail that will lead to your Awakening or Enlightenment.

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posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 12:44 AM
IV. Getting to Know Thyself (Self-Realization)

The Key to unlocking your Full Potential is getting to know yourself or Self-Realization. In this chapter, I will open your mental image of your Spirit Being and Soul Being. As human beings, we have two distinct vehicles. When we were first created, we were Spirit Beings. We still are, except it is now hidden deep within our consciousness and our heart. I call them vehicles because you use them to navigate and travel their respective worlds. So in the beginning, we were created as Spirit. Spirit is a vehicle made of Pure Light Energy. You use it to travel the 5th Dimension and higher. Spirit is Light since the higher dimensions are also made of Light. The Spirit is the Spark of God inside your hidden heart chamber, in the middle of your chest. You can't go there nor even step foot into the 5th Dimension without Spirit. The 5th Dimension is the starting point for Heaven. I will get to more about the Spirit in my second thread eventually. But for now, we must focus on your other vehicle, The Soul. Because it is very important you learn what is the Soul, how to drive it properly, and how to transcend it. However, I will briefly talk about the Spirit so you can make a comparison.

Let's now talk about your 7 bodies and minds that make up the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Dimensions. Yes, you are multi-dimensional beings capable of trillions of times your current understanding of who you are. I want to give you a glimpse of your vastness. The 7 bodies and minds are a tiny fragment of your True God Self. We are only going to talk about your Lower Being leading up to the 7th. Because that is all you need to know for the immediate time period. When you do reach Full Enlightenment, you will automatically know beyond this wisdom. Your inner teacher will show you the rest, I promise you. Don't know who is your inner teacher? Well, that is the point of Enlightenment. You will be introduced to your Master and Teacher as you follow the path. Your Teacher has always been with you. You just have forgotten this fact. I will get to this in just a moment. You should also know that the Spirit and Soul bodies all correspond to your consciousness, which was explained in the posts I referred to above and outside of this thread.

The Spirit - The Spiritual Universe

Your Heavenly Vehicle known as the Spirit has a total of 3 bodies. As your consciousness goes higher, you will embody these bodies in order to exist in the higher dimensions. These also represent Planes of Existence, as well as your Bodies and Minds, for what your mind sees, it is WHERE you will be.

Starting from the Highest to the Lowest:

1. Divine (Logoic) Body - This body and place is also called Planetary Ascension. Only when you are using this body in full, you will finally be beyond Earth altogether. The Monadic body is Heaven, but the Earth still exists as a much less dense body. It is only in the Logoic Level do you ascend past the Earth. It is the 7th Dimension. As you can see, Self-Expansion doesn't end when you reach Heaven. It is only the beginning. This is a level beyond Heaven itself.

2. Monadic (I AM Presence) Body - This is your Higher Self, God, Father Aspect of your Future Self, your Self perfected. It is the Monadic Realm, which is in a higher part of Heaven. When you are FULLY merged with God, this is where you will be. Some people call it Ascension or being in Heaven. In my second thread, I will discuss this aspect more in depth. This is the 6th Dimension. Here is a place where even if you want to become separate from God, you can't. Because in all of your being, you are ONE with God.

3. Spiritual (Christ) Body - I speak about this body quite a bit in my posts on ATS but never really explained it. I will talk more briefly about this body in a bit. When you begin to use and merge with this body, you have reached Enlightenment. You are The Christ. I have spoken it as the Mind of God. When people talk about being Spiritual or Spiritual Training, they are talking about becoming One with Christ, the Universal Mind. Enlightenment means that you are using the Mind of God or Christ Consciousness, the Mind that contains knowledge and wisdom of God, as well as the storehouse for the Divine Blueprint and Past Lives of your True Being. This is also the first Plane of Existence above the "Material Universe." This is the Spiritual Realm, i.e. 5th Dimension. This is the first part of Heaven, a place where everybody goes when they have transcended the Material Universe, Full Salvation, and Full Ascension.

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 12:48 AM
The Soul - The Material Universe

You are probably a lot more familiar with your Soul aspect. Allow me to quote a paragraph from one of my posts about what is the Soul and where it came from.

"I will reveal to you what the Soul really is. So many religious and spiritual people talk about the Soul. But yet do they really know what it is? When we came here, our consciousness created the Soul. It is the vehicle to pilot the Material Universe. Did it come from God? No, it came from our desire to experience this Universe. The Soul is really our Consciousness. It has four parts, corresponding to the four planes I mentioned above. Because our existence in this world is the projection of our minds. I'm not going into that concept in this post. But I will say that your Soul contains the Physical Body, Emotional Psychology, Mental Thoughts, and the Identity Spectrum. Your Ego controls the last three sections of your Soul."

It is the vehicle you use everyday to travel and manipulate the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. The Ego is part of the Soul, commanding your Emotional, Mental, and Identity. I will talk more about the Ego soon. Please read a post I made about traveling with these bodies here: Soul Travel. The Soul has a total of 4 bodies, 4 minds, and 4 Planes of Existence. When you die, what Plane of Existence you go to depends entirely on your current spiritual level while on Earth. Again, starting from the Highest to Lowest:

1. Identity (Etheric, Buddhic) Body - The highest plane of existence contains much light. It is much less dense than the physical part of the Universe that we perceive each day. When Master Buddha Gautama almost reached his Full Enlightenment, he was able to use this body to Soul Travel to very high Planes of Existence, including this one. Buddha actually means the "Enlightened One." The Identity Body is also called the Buddhic. This is where Buddha got his title. If you are able to master all 4 bodies and minds of the Material Universe, you will reach Enlightenment and begin the process of Ascension. As usual, this Plane also has Lower, Middle, and Upper areas you can travel.

2. Mental (Causal) Body - Your thoughts enter this world. It is a bank so to speak of your mental thoughts. Some thoughts stay here forever, while others will leave the Mental Plane and head towards the next world, which is the Emotional Plane. But remember that it is not only your thoughts, but thoughts of EVERYONE throughout this Universe! This world is still much less dense than the Physical Plane, allowing your body to float around high into the atmosphere. If you have Mastered your Mind, you will come to this world after death. Don't worry, I will discuss more about Mastering Your Mind and all aspects of your Soul in the next chapter. This world has Lower, Middle, and Upper areas as well.

3. Emotional (Astral) Body - The Emotional or Astral Plane is where most people have the most trouble mastering. We call ourselves "Emotional" people. But yet, that is not who we really are. This is a case of mistaken identity. We are only "Emotional" because most people haven't mastered this body yet. I would say 90% of people in the world today are stuck here, including church goers. In fact, a large majority of humans will end up in this Plane when they die, including Souls that are lost, such as Ghosts and Demons. The Lost Souls are in the Lower Area, while people who haven't mastered this body yet will end up in the Middle part. The Higher area is for more spiritually developed folks.

4. Physical (Matter) Body - This is the body that everybody is familiar with. Some spiritual people believe that we must "hate" this body, since we are "stuck" here because of it. Well, without it, we wouldn't be able to experience dense, physical reality. If you read my posts about the 7 Spheres leading back to our Ultimate Creator, then you realize that this current Sphere we live in is the lowest of them all. It is the lowest in consciousness and therefore will have the most dense environment. I am here to say that you must take care of your physical body. We are in an awesome school of life. We are supposed to learn as much as we can while in the physical. If you don't take care of your body, then you will die quickly and lose that opportunity to Awaken yourself that leads to going back Home to Heaven. Sure, you will reincarnate again soon. But why wait until 47 lifetimes later when you can do it now? Procrastination is a trait of the Soul (Ego) not of the Spirit (God).

Now that we are pretty clear about the multi-dimensional bodies and minds we have, let's talk about our different selves that exist at many levels as well. When I say different selves, they are all YOU, except from a higher or lower dimension. The different selves are ALL from the same being. They are all ONE. However, God manifests itself into many parts, each functions in a different role to collaborate back to the Source, your True Self that lives in Heaven. It is just part of your DIVINE BLUEPRINT I mentioned earlier. Getting to know each of your self is part of Self-Realization.

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 12:49 AM
I will now quote from my post on ATS concerning the different selves.

"Let's begin with the understanding of who you are spiritually. You are your mind, period. You are your consciousness. Without your mind, you do not exist. For all Consciousness is God. For all things that exist in this world and next, it all came from Consciousness. When you look at the mirror, you know that you exist. Animals don't know they exist as a cat or a dog. But you know you are a human being. With that in mind, let's look at the different "selves" that exist in your consciousness, starting from the lowest point to the highest.

1. The Lower Self - Ego or Subconscious: As discussed earlier, the Ego was created by your Soul when you descended from Heaven or Spiritual Realm. The Ego itself is not evil. But it exists in order for you to properly function in the Physical Plane. It is like a computer. Society, your parents, your peers, your church, your school, your politicians, your every aspect of life teach the Ego what to do in whatever circumstance. For example, if you are hungry, the Ego or Subconscious tell you to go get food. Breathing, heart beats, blood pressure, kidney functions, and all bodily functions are controlled by the Subconscious, where the Ego is the subset of your programmed physical mind. If someone says something that contradicts what your Ego understands as "truth," then you will fight back with what you believe. Finally, let's say that you have cancer. If your Ego continues to believe that you have cancer and die, you will surely die.

So again, the Ego is the computer. You MUST tell it what to do or it will tell you what to do based on its programming from life on Earth. 99% of people in this world function on automatic pilot. They just drift from one day to another and let their Ego do the work. This is dangerous and that is why ignorance is not bliss but the cause of your own destruction.

2. The Middle Self - Conscious Self: This represents the you who came from Heaven discussed previously. This is the essence of who you are or the piece of mind that came from God's own Consciousness. This is the only part that can come back to Heaven. Only the Conscious Self can reprogram the Lower Self or Ego to BE the Kingdom of Heaven and NOT the Kingdom of Earth. That is why ONLY you can be the savior in this aspect of the study. You must tell the Ego to detach from ALL Earthly things, including your beliefs and thoughts. You must transcend your current paradigm. Keep transcending until you go back to Heaven. But I will discuss more about this transformation at another time.

3. The Christ Self - Holy Spirit, Super Consciousness: Right after we descended from Heaven, in order to combat the Ego, members of Heaven split up their consciousness like God did and put a piece of his or her mind into your Consciousness. So the Christ Self has always been with you since the beginning of birth on Earth. Its job is to remind you, in whatever way possible, that you are Divine. It will remind you all the way to your death bed. But for some reason you still chose to follow the Ego, then you must do it all over again in the next life or reincarnation. Don't get confused with the Christ Self as Jesus Christ. If you got confused, then you just let the Ego think for you. Get out of that Mental Box. The Christ Self is a teacher sent from Heaven to teach you things that are much higher in thinking than your Ego. It can also be called the Buddha Self or Krishna Self, depending on where you were raised.

4. The Higher Self - I AM Presence, Divine Consciousness: Ascension to Heaven can only be possible by merging with your Higher Self in FULL. You can merge with it before ascending, but not a full merge. You must become ONE with your Higher Self in order to be in Heaven or Spiritual Realm. Your Christ Self is your teacher initially, but after merging with your Teacher, you must transcend that by merging with your I AM Presence. And therefore, the Higher Self will be your teacher from then on. Now do you understand more about salvation?

Your Higher Self is YOU before descending onto the Physical Plane, Your Perfect Self that came from God. Your whole mission in life is to overcome the Ego or Lower Self."

Let's review. Our Soul was created by your Conscious Self, not by God. Within the Soul, we have the Ego that allows us to function in this world. It is like a computer in which we are the programmers. Our Christ Self and Higher Self are up there in Heaven (and thus within our minds, we are ONE, remember?) helping us out to overcome the Ego. They may send us Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Beings like Jesus and Buddha in physical reality or in our dreams at night. They may start to disguise themselves at the beginning so you won't fear them due to ignorance, but will show their true form as your spiritual training progresses.

In the next chapter, I will cover how to get started on the Spiritual Path leading to Enlightenment. As a reminder, what I covered in this chapter are only a brief overview of who you are, as I have only given you a basic foundation. My goal is to give you the keys to transcending yourself. And then, you do the rest.

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 12:51 AM
V. Path of the Spirit (Self-Expansion)

We call the road to Enlightenment the Spiritual Path. Why you ask? Because during this road, you do everything possible to overcome and destroy the Ego (The Soul), thereby we merge with our True Selves, which is Spirit (God). God is Spirit. We are Spirit. When you get to Heaven, the Soul will become no more. You become FULLY Spirit.

Let me quote yet another post I made on ATS concerning the "Forces of God" or the "Powers of God," allowing the creation of our "Material Universe." As you read this quote, please remember that the Holy Spirit, Comforter, or Christ Self are all the same thing with different names.

"It is excellent that you are questioning the concept of the "trinity" and what it truly means. You must always question and expand on your personal growth every day. With that, I will explain briefly what it means to know the main forces of God. Because the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are forces of God, not entities as you understand. These forces or powers of the mind consciousness are used to design, implement, create, and enforce all of creation in our "Material Universe." The actual Trinity as you speak of is The Father, The Mother, and The Son. The Holy Spirit acts as a Universal Teacher of the elements of the Trinity in this Physical Plane we live in. In the Bible, it is also called the Comforter, which teaches you all things concerning the Trinity.

To understand God is to know who you are. As I said before, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. You can't understand the concept of Trinity unless you know yourself. For God is you.

So after reading the post that I made above, you now understand that you were created from the Mind of God. You also realize that this "Material Universe" was created from the same Mind. God used His Mind Powers (The Trinity) to create what we know in our present world. Let's discuss this in more detail.

The Father -- This is the expanding force of God. It encompasses the blueprint, the design, the drive, the ambition to create the universe. It is the commanding officer so to speak to enforce the construction of all things in this world.

The Mother -- This is the contracting force of God (Ma-ter Light, Mother Light). It is the ACTUAL CREATION. When the expanding force (The Father) sends out The Mother or Feminine Powers out to actually create something, it is called the Mother. Do you realize that your body is the manifestation of The Mother? All things that you see everyday, from trees and plants to animals and human beings are all constructed by The Mother contracting force. The western religions mostly talks about The Father aspect and hardly gets to the Mother side. In addition, a lot of the eastern religions follow only the Mother aspect. People don't realize that both aspects are just as important as the other one.

The Son -- This is the balance force of God. This power keeps The Father and The Mother aspects of creation in total balance, harmony, and act as One! So when Jesus said that he was the only begotten son of God, he was saying that all humans must learn to use The Son force of God to keep all of creation in balance. He himself keeps the balance so must all of people in the universe. As you raise your consciousness, you will understand more about the power of The Son.

So I just described the Trinity that is always actively in motion every day. It is not literally "three persons" as described by most churches. They are powers of God within His mind.

The Holy Spirit -- When you are first born into the Physical Plane, you are granted a teacher or mediator within your consciousness. Its job is to teach you the things I just described to you in this post. It will constantly remind you of who you are and where you came from. Some people learn it in one life time, while others may take hundreds of lifetimes. The Holy Spirit is not part of the Trinity in concept, but it is part of the Mind of God.

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 12:52 AM
Let's review the planes of existence, which are also parts of your mind or consciousness within our "Material Universe." When you combine them, you have the Mind of God, as opposed to the Mind of Man, which I have described in many posts in this forum.

1. Identity Plane
2. Mental Plane
3. Emotional Plane (Or Astral Plane in some teachings)
4. Physical Plane

Each plane corresponds to an aspect of God's Mind, as well as one of the four elements.

1. Identity Plane -- The Father -- Fire
2. Mental Plane -- The Son -- Air
3. Emotional Plane -- The Mother -- Water
4. Physical Plane -- The Holy Spirit -- Earth

As you move up in consciousness (means that you follow the TRUE path of the Kingdom and Salvation), you are "baptized" with an element within your mind. You are baptized with Earth when you are born here in the flesh. You are baptized with Water when you decide to follow a spiritual path. You are baptized with Air when you expanded your spiritual growth by going beyond the church doctrines. You are finally baptized with Fire when your consciousness has expanded to a high form, merging yourself with The Father aspect, your Higher Self. We have a Fifth Element, which is Spirit. You are baptized with Spirit when you have Salvation or Ascension to the Spiritual Realm -- Heaven. Spirit combines all four aspects of God's Mind."

There you have it. The 4 Planes or Bodies of Existence I mentioned in the last chapter also are the 4 elements of this world. Do you now understand why you get baptized with water in the Churches? Because it is symbolic of starting the Spiritual Path. In the Physical World, it is only symbolism. But in Heaven, you literally are baptized with these elements by your personal teacher(s). Who are these teachers? Well, for example, in the past, Sanat Kumara was the Lord of the World, and in order to rise to a new level of baptism, you must be approved in Heaven first by Him and a few others to go through the initiations. Don't worry, when you have raised your consciousness to a certain level, they do baptize you. These days, the new Lord of the World is Buddha Gautama. He is the Earth's new Planetary Logos or the person responsible for people's Spiritual Baptisms. Once you have been baptized with Fire within the Identity Plane (Father aspect), you have reached Full Enlightenment.

Ever wondered why Enlightened people have a Halo on their heads if you use the 3rd eye to see it? It is because the Halo is a ball of Light Energy transformed from your God Spark or Spirit. It is a Golden Flame similar to the likeness of the Sun. You also noticed something interesting about the 4 Elements and 4 Planes of Existence. It goes like this: Earth (Dense Matter), Water (Liquid), Air (Gas), Fire (Light). Notice how they change forms like my description at the beginning of this thread? That's right, as you ascend through spiritual training, your mind and body become less dense, lighter and lighter. The Planes of Existence also have the same attributes.

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 12:53 AM
Now, let's go a bit deeper. Your selves are Lower Self (Ego), Middle Self (Conscious Self), Christ Self (Holy Spirit, Mediator), and then Higher Self (God).

Look at the chart again.

1. Identity Plane -- The Father -- Fire
2. Mental Plane -- The Son -- Air
3. Emotional Plane -- The Mother -- Water
4. Physical Plane -- The Holy Spirit -- Earth

Notice that The Father is at the top. The Son is right after that. The Mother is 3rd from the top. The Holy Spirit is at the bottom.

When you are on Earth, The Christ Self or Holy Spirit is responsible for teaching you the higher things, right? This is why it represents Earth in the chart. When you have transcended yourself by gaining great knowledge and wisdom, the Holy Spirit will teach you internally. You will either just know or will see dreams/visions about certain teachings. They may be enigmatic at first. But it will come to you.

Next, we have the Mother aspect. All creation is the result of the Mother Light. Your body, animals, plants, trees, rocks, and minerals are all from the Mother aspect. You are the Mother force! Notice how the Mother aspect corresponds to the Emotional Plane? Because female energy is e-motion or energy in motion. I will explain this shortly.

We now have the Son aspect. The Son means balance. Its energy is to balance the Father Power (expanding) with Mother Power (contracting).

Finally, we have the Father aspect which counteracts with the Mother aspect in order to finalize creation. Do you get it? Do you understand how this all relates to human marriage of Male and Female, then from there, you get a baby? The human marriage is symbolic of creation. To understand the relationship between a man and a woman is to understand the symbolism of how all creation is made.

Now comes to the point you all been waiting for...techniques on how to achieve Full Enlightenment. Once again I remind you that the Spiritual Path is a step-by-step process. You can not make huge leaps and skip steps. You must take it the long way. No shortcuts ever! If you try to make a shortcut, you will hurt yourself. If you try to take 3 steps ahead through some quantum leap technique from a guru, you will fall 4 steps back.

I know the introduction has been long. But if you don't have patience, then it's not the Spiritual Path.

At the beginning of this thread, I said we all have potential to become Co-Creators. That is a true mission--to become God who help finish creating the Universe. For our Universe is unfinished. We must finish what was started. The essence of the Spiritual Path is Co-Creation. Of course you can't create entire planets right away. You must start small, right? Can't bite more than you chew, yes? The more you realize who you are, the more you know what you can do, and the more higher goals and visions you have, the higher you will go within the Spiritual Road.

Co-Creation works like this. You ARE the Mother aspect, the contracting force. Being the Mother, you already know how to use the Mother Light, right? You ask, what in the world is Mother Light? Ma-ter or Mother Light is Pure Energy from God. We all live on energy. We get it from food. But energy from food is not pure. It is energy from dying matter. Energy from God that was left over from plants and animals that they no longer need. It barely sustains us. That's why if you depend on food, you are going to need more every 4-5 hours.

Besides energy from food, we also get energy from God. This energy is way more powerful and more pure than the stuff from food. Everybody get it from God. It doesn't matter if you are Spiritual or not. This energy has a combination of both the Mother and Father Light. The energy is channeled down from the Spiritual Realm (Heaven), then down through the 4 Planes (Material Universe) and then down to your physical body. In order to create anything, you must use your mind to concentrate and balance YOUR THOUGHTS (The Son) onto the Ma-Ter Light (Mother). Once your thoughts are focused there, you must use the Father Force to push your thoughts through the Emotional Plane. Once it is there, you transform this e-motion into action and/or manifestation into physical reality.

People create things all the time without realizing it. They make money by getting a job. They buy food to cook and eat. They go to school and learn things. They build homes with extensive carpentry. These creations are action-based, you build with your hands, your physical vehicle. You always start with a thought, bring it into an emotional state, and then push it into creation.

However, this type of creation is limited and of the lower mind. A higher type of creation is changing your circumstances. For example, instead being scared of a car accident or robbery, you send your thoughts the same way through the 4 planes that you WILL NOT have a car accident nor get robbed. Then once you pushed it through the Ma-Ter Light and Father Force correctly, it will manifest in the physical using only your higher minds.

Once you are good at that, bring it up higher. Start healing plants, animals, inanimate objects, and then humans from their sickness. It's easier to start small, remember that. Heal yourself first, then heal others. If you feel a cold coming, immediately send your thoughts through, and then if you do it correctly, your cold will last 10 minutes. When you have reached Enlightenment, you can even raise the dead, no matter how long they have been gone.

Bring your creation techniques even higher! Use the same format to control the weather. If it has been a dreary, hot summer with no rain. Focus your thoughts through and create rain! Depending how your spiritual training is progressing, thereby your if your mind is balanced properly, the pure energy from God will manifest into the physical within minutes or seconds! You can even stop a Hurricane from hitting Florida! The more energy you receive from God, more miracles you can perform. You ask, "How do I receive more energy from God?" But before we get into that. I want to say that there is nothing you can't do as long as you are on the Spiritual Path. And the Path is to balance your psychology, focus on God, and create as much as possible!!

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posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 12:54 AM
Okay, to answer the question about getting more energy from God. Look at the chart below again.

1. Identity Plane -- The Father -- Fire
2. Mental Plane -- The Son -- Air
3. Emotional Plane -- The Mother -- Water
4. Physical Plane -- The Holy Spirit -- Earth

This chart also pertains to your mind therefore your own psychology. Now, a huge majority of people on Earth get about 500 hertz or less of Light Energy from God. This is enough to barely sustain life. If you drop down to 200 or 300 hertz, you are going to get sick. And thus, this sickness can lead to death sooner than later. Your immune system WILL NOT have the energy to cure your diseases. Not even the doctors can do it.

If you've been on the Spiritual Path for a while without falling back, I estimate that you could be getting about 1,000 to 2,000 hertz. Most Psychics, well-trained Buddhist monks, and true Spiritual people will be at this level. You can manifest some of the stuff above with this kind of energy. Not only are you free of disease and sickness, you have extra energy to perform love of creation for the Earth.

People who are Fully Enlightened, they are working at 10,000 hertz or higher. These people can perform out-of-body experiences at will and manifest most solid objects like food, money, clothing, and stuff like that any time they want. To give an example, Jesus was functioning at 25,000 hertz when he was raising the dead and turning water into wine. So you see, you are becoming more and more like God, since you are becoming One with God.

Finally, I will now discuss how this energy gets channelled through your higher minds in order to reach full creation status in the physical.

In the Spiritual Realm or Heaven, your Higher Self sends this Light Energy down to you every single second of the day. Remember your Higher Self is the Father aspect. And you are the Mother aspect. Your Higher Self sends energy down to the Identity Plane first at 100,000 hertz. Sounds like a lot, yes? But listen carefully, as the energy reaches the Mental Plane, depending on how balanced are your thoughts, it would be reduced to 50,000 hertz. Even if your thoughts are highly balanced, it will be at about that level. Because as it comes down, the more dense environment will reduce the energy. If you are highly unbalanced mentally, such as thinking about stealing money or hating someone, it would reduce to 20,000 hertz at most. Then, it will go down further to the Emotional Plane. If you are emotionally balanced, it will go down to 35,000 hertz. If not, perhaps it would be 5,000 at most. Then finally, in the physical, you will receive say 15,000 hertz if you are highly spiritual. If you are just an average joe, you will get about 500 to 1,000.

Do you see why balancing your psychology is so important on the Spiritual Road to Enlightenment? Thinking negative thoughts and then pushing it through negative actions will misqualify God's Energy. It is still energy. But the misqualified energy will result in Karma and a creation that is disharmony to God. Misqualified energy is the absence of light, while qualified energy (positive thoughts and actions) are pure light, which then harmonizes God's creations. Everytime when you misqualify God's energy, you are also sending it to Lower Beings like Demons and Vampires to harvest. Demons don't get light from God like we do. They STEAL energy from people who are still alive. Without us, Demons and Devils vanish immediately. The same thing with us. If we don't get light from God, we will die instantly. Because all existence are different manifestations of energy.

Misqualifying energy can also come from extreme activities like wars, fear (any kind of fear), watching TV for 10 hours straight, standing in line to buy the latest clothes or video games, having lots of sex, crazy sports events with people yelling and screaming, and pretty much anything that fulfills your ego-centric cravings of the physical body. Please don't give your energy away. Use it for love and creation of love, this is the way of the Spirit.

VI. Merging with God (God-Realization)

So this is the final step to reaching Full Enlightenment--this is merging with God, your Higher Self. As you study and train using the techniques in the last 2 chapters, you will eventually merge your consciousness with God. At this point, it is NOT a full merger yet. It is the beginning stages of walking around as God. As I said before, in order to know God, you must be God. No matter how much I tell you about God, you are NEVER going to understand God. The only way is for you to experience God yourself. Like I said, it may take as little as 3 years for this to happen, the rest of your life, or a few more lifetimes. But it is possible to do this in 3 years.

I will now give you a final technique to push you to merging with your Higher Self quicker.

Let's look at the Planes of Existence chart one last time.

1. Identity Plane -- The Father -- Fire
2. Mental Plane -- The Son -- Air
3. Emotional Plane -- The Mother -- Water
4. Physical Plane -- The Holy Spirit -- Earth

You must train using all 4 of your minds at the same time on a daily basis. Once you have mastered these 4, you will automatically merge with God (Full Enlightenment). Because your mind and body will be vibrating at such a high level, you will become One with God easier, since you starting to have almost the same energy level as your Higher Self. When I talked about the energy levels in the last chapter, this is what I'm talking about.

Let's start with the Identity Mind. This is the mind that controls how you identify yourself. If you identify yourself as a mortal, human being, then that is who you are. What is a human being? It is a mortal with a fleshly body to start dying as soon as you are born. You can live up to the age 90 or about 100. That is the lifespan of a human, right? If you identify yourself as a loser who can't get a husband or wife, then that's who you are. If you identify yourself as a mechanic making low wages, then that is who you are. Do you get the picture?

Now start training your identity mind a little bit each day. Start realizing that you are Immortal, a Super Human! An Immortal being can live as long as he or she wants and doesn't even get old! A Super Human will live on Earth until he or she is ready to leave Earth and join other Heavenly beings. A Super Human is God in training to become the next Co-Creator! Don't ever lose this identity. Keep the faith. Have patience. Keep identifying yourself as a Super Human, never forget it! Once you do go to Heaven, you have become an Ascended Human! Reach for the stars, your goal is to become God. So stop identifying yourself as some weak human who can't even control destiny. Believe that you have Super Powers and train every day! Suddenly, you will see the results, because I myself have been there before.

You must start from the top and work your way down the 4 Minds. This will help the energy from God stay in its pure form as it descends into the physical. This is the only way you can manifest pure creations on Earth, thereby expanding your mind and body even further.

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 12:56 AM
Seriously, I do not believe that we have three years!

The SHTF will come sooner than that therefore we just don't have the time.

When I die, I have a good few questions to ask Him, like how He let this crap keep going. Please don't list the normal responses. Much evil has been done in His name and I expect Him to control those that lead in His name. If the bloody Almighty can't keep His church leaders in line with all of His Divine Power not to mention his Angelic Flying Assault Forces (The AFAF) then what hope do us mere mortals have in keeping the politicians in line. He has failed us!

Since he is A know it all, he saw this outcome coming and just let it happen. Not good!


posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 12:56 AM
Next we have the Mental Thoughts. Try your best to think of pure thoughts. Thoughts that are meant to help others, thoughts of peace, thoughts of love, thoughts of courage, thoughts of God, thoughts of beauty, thoughts that are uplifting, thoughts of you getting to Full Enlightenment, etc. etc. Throw all the negative thoughts out the window of trying to take something from others you don't have. With God, you can create and manifest your own stuff! Destroy those negative thoughts about yourself and others. These things will only cut off the light from God.

Finally, once your thoughts have been created in the last level, you will send it to your emotional area. Take it day-by-day by destroying your negative emotions. Keep it as pure as possible. All the negative emotions of fear, anger, jealousy, sadness, pride, stress, and all emotional responses from selfishness. I want you to clear this stuff out of your system. Feel at ease, serenity, and peace within your heart. Don't expect anything from people and you will resolve your anger and tension. With expectation, it will lead to anger. Remember, negative emotions will send your energy to the dark entities. You don't want demons sucking your life away right? So get to training yourself. Don't forget that when your thoughts have been manifested into the Emotional Mind, the next would be full manifestation into the physical. Once it reaches the physical, you can't stop Karma from creating consequences into your life. The only way to stop it is qualifying the misqualified energy through balancing your mind back again.

Pray to your Higher Self (Your Father) on guidance on your training your mind EVERY DAY! Because if you don't ask for help, then no one in Heaven is going to help you. It is free will. Meditation also helps. This allows you to calm your mind, focusing on the beauty and peace of Heaven. When meditating, I want you to repeat these mantras both inside your mind and out loud:

1. I AM Love
2. I AM Peace
3. I AM that I AM

1. I AM Spirit
2. I AM the Kingdom of Heaven
3. I AM Monad

1. I AM Yud Heh Vah Heh
2. I AM El Eliyon
3. I AM Eloah

While chanting these mantras, it is best to breath in deeply when you say, "I AM." Then during your outbreath, say the last word. Say these mantras each set 7 times. The last set is in Hebrew, declaring that you are God. Afterwards, you can continue meditation by saying "So Ham." With the inbreath, say "Soooo...," as long as you are still breathing inward. With outbreath, you say "Ham." It's not ham like pork. It is pronounced like "Humm." "So Ham" means I AM God.

VII. The Alpha and Omega

Outside of this Universe, there is the Ultimate Creator but also two beings that God created called the Alpha and Omega. They are actually individual beings. They represent the Father and Mother forces of God. They regulate these forces throughout the Universe in order for people like us to Co-Create properly and to become our Full Potential. They are incredibly powerful beings way up past the 12th dimension. The 13th Dimension is a gateway to a different Song of Oneness or Uni-verse.

What I have discussed in this thread is actually the Alpha aspect of the Spiritual Path. Best wishes to everybody for going through the journey leading up to Full Enlightenment. Remember that Enlightenment is just the beginning of your merger with God. You haven't gone anywhere yet. However, you have become a Super Human capable of much greatness, since you are now ONE with God. Subtlely within your mind, you merge with your Christ Self first and then to your Higher Self. But either way, that is what Enlightenment is all about--Self-Realization, Self-Expansion, and God-Realization. Never, never forget to always transcend yourself in knowledge, wisdom, and your understanding of the universe. This will keep you on the path. Flow with the River of Life and Sing the Song of Oneness.

In my second thread sometime in the future, I will discuss the Omega aspect to Spirituality. I will talk in depth about how to use your energy from God to raise it to an extremely high level, resulting in your Ascension into the Spiritual Realm or Heaven. It will be a fascinating journey to the 5th Dimension. See you all there.

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 01:05 AM

When I die, I have a good few questions to ask Him

Why don't you ask yourself right now?

Since he is A know it all, he saw this outcome coming and just let it happen.

Well... that means you must have had a very good reason for letting it happen!

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 01:35 AM

Seriously, I do not believe that we have three years!

The SHTF will come sooner than that therefore we just don't have the time.

When I die, I have a good few questions to ask Him, like how He let this crap keep going. Please don't list the normal responses. Much evil has been done in His name and I expect Him to control those that lead in His name. If the bloody Almighty can't keep His church leaders in line with all of His Divine Power not to mention his Angelic Flying Assault Forces (The AFAF) then what hope do us mere mortals have in keeping the politicians in line. He has failed us!

Since he is A know it all, he saw this outcome coming and just let it happen. Not good!


When a parent sees their child take a first halting step,
do they push the child over and step on them, taking
those big adult steps for them?

After a parent does everything, accomplishes everything
as an individual, if they are fortunate, do they then
revel in their children's accomplishments instead of
their own?

If the children screw up, is it the parents fault? Is it the

Is it a matter of fault at all?

Your daughter drops a glass of milk on the floor.. glass
shards and milk fly everywhere!

You throw her in a fiery pit! Or not? Perhaps you don't
say a word.. perhaps you point to a towel, to a dustpan..
the big disaster is solved by her hand.... she grows..
you smile.. she senses your smile..

Sometimes the children inherit daddies business.. sometimes
the children yell at their father..

Oh what a terrible father! Look at all the evil! I REFUSE to
reach his potential.. I'll just sit on my ass until the whole
business burns down.. THAT will force daddy to come back.

Or will it?


posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by ctophil

your use of the term " full enlightenment " and the claim of a timeline to achieve this makes me extremely sceptical of your claims - that's before I read your attempts to mesh it with Christian mythology

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 01:54 AM

reply to post by ctophil

your use of the term " full enlightenment " and the claim of a timeline to achieve this makes me extremely sceptical of your claims - that's before I read your attempts to mesh it with Christian mythology

I mean no disrespect to the OP in any way. I thank him for sharing
what is meaningful to him.

However I must say, this is Theosophy with an approximate Christian
content of about 20% more than standard base.

The OP's words are very close to many other renditions of this material
all around the world.

Now does that make them diminished?

That is for each reader to determine for themselves.

Do I have a comment on them? I'd have to note that most words are
fairly useless. Maybe 5% of all words ever spoken really matter.

I'm not going to say which of those 5% words matter.

Just thought I'd add this public info note.


posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 01:55 AM

reply to post by ctophil

your use of the term " full enlightenment " and the claim of a timeline to achieve this makes me extremely sceptical of your claims - that's before I read your attempts to mesh it with Christian mythology

Brother ... slowly. Certain words have been hijacked by religion. Take a deep breath and ask, "What is ctophil trying to achieve in terms of personal gain?" When you see that there is 'nothing' asked for in return, it will be time to re-read with an open mind. Once you have seen, you will understand that ctophil is asking for 'everything.'

As for Christian mythology (maybe allegory would be a better term), there is much to be found/learned there (as there is in every religion). Sifting through it can be a bear, but there's more than one needle in the haystack.

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 02:20 AM
reply to post by ctophil

Bravo, Ctophil! (Standing ovation!!)

I read the first four pages, but with having only a 1.5 hour nap today after work last night, my brain is fried.

I'm going to print this out and read it at work where I'll have more time to let it register. LOL

You outdid yourself, and still more to come! Yea!!!!

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 02:21 AM
reply to post by KellyPrettyBear

I think if one of my children was slaughtering my other children then yes I should intervene. If I see the child I left in charge killing millions in My name then yes I should intervene.

It is a lot different to dropping a glass of milk.

Make the excuses you want for God's inaction. They do not hold up to scrutiny.


posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 02:43 AM
reply to post by ignorant_ape

Skepticism requires being skeptical of your own skepticism.
Otherwise it's pseudo-skepticism and a different side of the dogma coin.

As you are now, so once was I. As I am now, so you will be.

Those we do battle with are our own inverted reflections.

Does someone who has never tasted chocolate have any rational grounds to dismiss the description from someone who has?

The most common form of ignorance is ignorance of our ignorance.

If someone picks and chooses which data to include in the analysis... they aren't doing science. They are reinforcing a faith.
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posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 02:51 AM

reply to post by KellyPrettyBear

I think if one of my children was slaughtering my other children then yes I should intervene. If I see the child I left in charge killing millions in My name then yes I should intervene.

It is a lot different to dropping a glass of milk.

Make the excuses you want for God's inaction. They do not hold up to scrutiny.


I understand how you feel. Fully. Completely.

I'm not making excuses for 'God's inaction'.

The audacity I've shown in my life would
make most religious people wet themselves.

I had to know.

The very thing that burns in you.

I had to understand.


You have no idea the suffering an abused,
autistic child can suffer, or so I can assume.

I understand the babies born deformed.

I understand the women raped around the
world as acts of war.

I understand my stepfather threatening
to kill me when I was 12.

I understand the 'presence of evil' in
the world.

I understand the apparent 'lack of good
in the world'.

I understand why.

I can hint. I can point.

One finger points away; three fingers
point back.

Three fingers.

Not four.

Not five.

First a frown, then tears, then
maniacal laugh, then sign of relief --
finally an irritating smile.

Those that know can't tell; all the
rest live lives of quiet desperation
or rage.

It sucks. Oh it sucks.

The most incredible prize requires
the most incredible challenge.

The unbreakable object must be rent
asunder; else the sweet fragrance
will not issue forth.

Throw your entire being at the puzzle;
roar defiance into the North wind.

When exhausted by words and broken
of spirit, when science, religion and
philosophy fail;

The will which builds and burns worlds
is revealed,

You will take responsibility and smile.


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