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Hmm...Could we be at war with Aliens and not know?

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posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 07:47 AM
War is a word that we humans use to describe conflict. Since we humans are here on earth working for 'them' we are not in conflict, However, when some people get ahead of themsleves and believe they can go it alone....Thats a different story.

IMO: We are at war, just not with E.T. (not yet anyway)

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 07:52 AM
reply to post by cropmuncher

Give it time, the clock is ticking my friend, maybe NASA won't have to be tight lipped for long. What backlashes are they going to receive when the *snip* hits the fan.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 02:18 PM

Originally posted by dragonrider
After discussions with contacts who have been to Area 51, I understand that we A, have a much more active space program than what is known publicly, and there is good evidence that we are in cooperation with the Soviets on at least certain aspect of it. B, Area 51 is a base for Human X Craft with orbital/transorbital abilities.
C, Sometime in the mid to late 80s, we "attempted" a manned mission to Mars... No information on the outcome of that mission, but no follow up mission, and almost immediately a shift of massive amounts of funding to the HAARP project.

Read into that what you will.

That is the most spot on thing I have read all month! Where is the reading on this 'mission' to Mars; I'd like to see if it were the one I was on, in which case, it wasn't so much of an 'attempted' mission, and it certainly wasn't NASA--rather a joke at NASA. Anyways, I ask, because later, via a variety of gates and transports the HAARP technology WAS achieved and then marketed to the US military. Um, no proof at all whatsoever, sorry. Still. If you have a link or header for reading, I would be grateful, as it helps me make sense of my experience enough to convey at times to people who may actually need to be privy to what they might not have seen/been privy to, concerning it. Thanks for any info!

What HAARP was before it came to Earth to evolve into whatever it is here. HAARP was a technology in place that separated one community from another by way of fear. It was actuated within a lake/water body as a 'wall' that no one would go to as when approached great storms arose.

Essentially-The Storm God. A fabrication. A deadly fabrication. By history and missing people, by tradition, no one would go near the 'sea' wall. It was like a shimmer on the horizon 5 miles or so out from the shore.
I really don't remember where or which gates or ships we used to get there. It was a big long (years) series of events and following events. It may, due to the nature of 'our things' have taken place in the future and brought back to the past. Such is the technological abilities that are 'out there'.

On the other side of the wall was the community/race/military center that zoo-ed the tribal community/city/population in this fashion. We went through the wall (not me, well me, I was just a tag-along of unknown purpose, really I never knew why-I was a battered kid dragged through this event-none of it makes sense-to me, in a way that I can describe; neither was I told. Just always, that my 'parents' would be killed-and then all the memory suppresion tactics-still, I do not think CIA, I 'think' the infiltration of EVERYWHERE, in that respect, there was 'some' CIA).

I don't remember under what guise the tech was marketed to here. I remember Alaska and stations and something to do with recievers on mountain tops. But, for what, I was too young and non involved except by placement to know.

The idea that it was marketed to 'conceal the Earth' from an alien threat--seems feasable. Or to conceal a base, using the origional sea application.

Anywho, that is my story on that. And though it may seem inconprehensible or fabricated or odd, I do believe it and do not intend to mislead-anyone. Only to offer a 'possible' explaination to the poster who raised the information/theroy that a large amount of dollars went to this project in particular after a mission to Mars. As to my recollection, yes this is correct.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 02:31 PM
I think were at war with them if we have shot ufos down Roswell, then would you consider that war alien abductions I could go on.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 02:40 PM

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posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by chapter29

Yes, but no, actually to the 'alien pedophile' question. Pedophilia and sexuality and pornography has been marketed to space-and proliferated here.

And as far as bringing a kid along, from a self assessment and asking myself the same question, I arise only at possibilities or grasps at an answer or answers or guesses at which may or may not be relative to the answer. Relating to a variety of factors, from other country's space and alien contact programs, to alien space organizations, to british/american/allied/soviet spy rings-and my connection or more importantly 'percieved' connection to them to the retrievers and marketers of the HAARP.

The specifics? Take your meds.
I appreciate your thoughtful and civil question, as it provides me with the ability and low risk of self harm to answer back.

I believe for interrogation and extortion purposes. There are actually human occupied other worlds. My earliest memories are of being taken from one of these for safe keeping by a family who performed philanthopy work which required space travel. I was transferred to a family within that network which performed scientific functions within a specific human/alien program in Europe. From there the Cold war required that family to make some movements in which I was not compatible and I was adopted with the expectation that I would recieve a furtherance and schooling in vocal lessons.

But it was a farse to achieve me-and I believe, since I was ultimately recieved to a very complicated man/monster who was top of his game with hypnosis and Manchurian candidate building: to say the very least of what he does, that this was done doubly to extract, by means I am not aware of-perhaps while sleeping, informations as to the specifics of the former information, as well as to use me as a shield if anyone attempted retrieval. Plus, I was a *really* unique and looking child. Any alien or organization would be naturally trusting or disarmed of who I was with and inspired to interest by the apparent care of my keepers.

The CIA at the time in Europe, was involved in both my European documentation, and changes in my documentation to fit family moves.
There was one guy related to the British program that I didn't trust. I've seen him over the years in relation to the people who achieved me in adoption. He is a pedophile. So were my adoptors. But my European family's were not. Neither were any of the other operatives or aliens they may have done business with.

So, my perception of the situation follows that due to a couple of 'bad' guys with access to some ends of the human/alien establishment in Europe, I was 'achieved' for purposes of ill intent, because it made sense to free up one family to do spy work under the guise of 'protecting me and providing an education'. But the work that was done seems to be the anti-thesis of everything my families were about.

I imagine that they recieved lots of smiling photos and maybe some letters I've never written, and were content that their charge was taken care of. Or maybe I just disappeared off of their map, due to many state transists-and document fraud.
But, I don't really know. I just have the memories.

If I did not answer your question fully, please re ask or re-iterate and I'll attempt to answer as completely and honestly as possible.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 03:37 PM
Oh, I don't care if you believe me or not. I was responding to the other poster. It is beyond me to care what you think. And since you feel the post is 'crap', Chapter29, I would ask that next time, instead of feigning interest while complaining about the subject, that perhaps for the benifit of others who may wish to hear the gist of it, you deny ignorance, by not proclaiming ignorance in topics that you can't possibly know, as obviously you don't.

Of course skeptism is welcome. Of course skeptisism is good. But, to proclaim something is 'crap' while requesting further information and stating you have a condition which requires medication, doesn't indicate to me that you are a very good skeptic. Though I could be wrong. You did ask for clarification. Perhaps to launch an assault.

Since the origional post asked, "Could we be at war and not know", it would follow that any information to that crux has been requested and is welcomed to be recieved, so whoever can form a more complete picture of what that might be, and what that might mean.

What is crap to you might be the missing puzzle for others reading and more complete in the 'know'. And to that end, I report, with no benifit but the hope of a greater safety to our shores concerning the alien element and 'what we don't know' about our war-if any-with them.

Surely you can appreciate the concept of 'take it or leave it'--as that is what most people do when forming an opinion. you know anything specific about our war with aliens you could share, or do you plan to follow my posts to others following an idea to shut me up?

Your response that what I wrote was crap, was not very nice, nor in defense to any action that I made against you. Please do not be mean to me, and what are your credentials for defining 'crap'?

I would be interested in hearing them.

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posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 03:38 PM
hi, im new to this forum.

if you read tim good's 'need to know', a lot of military encounters with ufo's have resulted in the attacking plane either being destroyed or disappeared.

on the film of the ufo being shot at. if it was the maneuvering jets blowing particles, how come the angle of the camera doesnt change?

also who's to say that the shot wasn't fired by another alien race? maybe they are in competition?


posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 06:00 PM
Fry2 is wrong; there are black budget scalar/electrogravitic weapons. The danger is that the gray alignment, which basically seeded that kind of technology onto this planet, will then try to use the excuse that they noted to Phillip Krapf---that we are at war with another planet, so they will try to justify their intervention here. But there is no other planet we're at conflict with.

But what you don't see is that the gray alignment has provisional positions on a number of planets in our interstellar vicinity. Once we've attacked a single gray, or Nordic or Semitic or so-called "Pleiadian", orange-skinned alien, or Roswell-like hybrid's craft, the gray's alignment can say we're at war with another planet. It's probably what they want it to look like so that they can justify their manipulated conflicts and infiltrated takeover strategy here without it supposedly looking like they're really after material resources in our surroundings. It's a shrewd but dishonest strategy.

And by provoking us to use scalar weapons crudely, they also cut us off from our native alien neighbors who we should have relations with, rather than the gray alignment seeking to take our vicinity over. So, we're not at war with aliens, but you should expect the gray alignment's internal propaganda to say we are primitives at war with them, thus justifying their crude, if not brutal strategy here. All to feed their empire...

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by gl2

gl2, I added you to my friends list so I would have easier access to your article on Mr. Wolf and The Grey Umbrella. I hope you don't mind.

I listen very closely to what you say there, though I don't always agree 100%. I meant to respond to it the first time, just as soon as I cleared my opinion in clarity as to what I mean, in the areas in which I feel the need to state my experience and counter experience.

As to Wolf and the Grey superhighway, Prince Amon Ra as 'Nordic', close races vs distant races, the beacon-and what you wrote there Are US Presidents being fed false information about Aliens? about Prince Amon Ra not protecting Wolf and Sagan from it.

I mostly only disagree with you with some specifics, and you may as well be right. There are just a matter of a handful of things to which I disagree with from an experiential viewpoint, where some instances ring close but do not jive with my experience.

I will try my best to state what they are (if you don't mind?) so you can have my side of the arguement while I stuggle to make sense enough to speak to the doctorate level of yours.

First: Wolf as MJ-12 friend of Nordic "Prince Amon Rae" (I prefer pronuciation RAh but believe the actual pronuciation was contrary to my preference and will thus out of respect pronouce it to that end as Rae)
Yes. Wolf ambassadored to Prince Amon Rae. But, Prince Amon Rae was considered a superrace to the other nordics, as well in appearance his skin tone was darker. If he is to be called 'nordic' so be it. But, my understanding was more (and believe me I hardly know anything about these definitions) the ruling class of the ancients of Egyptians, expelled a very long time ago. I am tempted to call him/them the Annunkai.

Unless this word has been found to be defining of the reptile looking races, in which case, my appologees, they are an entirely different matter; which would leave the word for what Prince Amon Rae is called as still something else other than 'Nordic' yet it is more along those lines of exotic-and that is the only word so far I have found.

The Greys did not tell Wolf about the superhighway. A Grey told my uncle, and my uncle told my stepfather, and they both changed the wording and told Wolf. Period. I'm sorry. I was present for that. And what the Grey told my uncle was that the Greys do have a super highway but that Earths sun is technically in the way, and though an inconvience they don't mind so much stopping in transit to work their way around it, because that is what has to be done. (life is considered of more worth to the greys, in this respect, in other words). It is just a simple fact, yes, the sun is in the way.
But what my uncle and stepdad then told Wolf was that the earth was in the way. To incite fear and spread apprehension against the Greys. Which tells me a thing.

No one knew about the beacon, because my uncle and stepfather SET THE BEACON. Prince Amon Rae as a visitee of Wolf would have either not known, or perhaps wolf was not on 100% 24/7 monitoring. Or perhaps they worked for P. Amon Rae or perhaps P. Amon Rae trusted them. There are rules regarding P. Amon Rae and earth. He can't just come on back and take over. Earth must accept him as ruler. The Nordics (or maybe they were Pleadians)-it's hard to say without someone from up there specifying to me personally and incuding a definition card and a picture--much like our taxnonomer...what was his name...

They maintain a balance with P. Amon Rae. Because they were already up there when the Prince was expelled from Earth, they do not serve him, per say, but there is definately some tip toeing going on--or was surrounding the once when we were on board his ship/chambers.

It is hard for me to buy into a Grey umbrella-as being that which works against us and against our presidents. However, the Greys are the most advanced in space. They are as well tip toed around, and to some extent allianced in the way of trading or understandings. For instance, twice we were able to hitch a ride. I believe the truth is something yet unseen.

But, whereas I agree that there is something suspicious about the human/pledian/nordics (granted I don't know specifically where in the world pledia is from my frame of reference within our travels-but if you mean Prince Amon Rae, then yes over there) in space concerning their interests here with us, I can not look at what I have seen of Greys and find them anything but the victim of centuries of disinformatia set in action by my uncle and stepfather-and I don't know who they really are or work for judging by their actions. Not from the choices listed.

They are against the greys. But they have worked with greys, have achieved technology from greys-have killed greys.

They are against the reptiles-earth and space, but for once attempting to elbow in with the big white reptiles-the evil evil.
(That is where the american service men were brought to in the Omnipotient Commander Krill 'coup')--also arranged by my uncle and stepfather: whoever they are.
They are against the nordics and human species in space. Because they arranged a war between them, the greys, and the reptiles: each implicating the other to the other. I believe this may be ongoing now.

They work against many governments on Earth, yet arrange technology to those same governments. Arrange housing for reptiles and orphaned aliens (while being the cause for the aliens' orphaning)-perhaps it is the CIA? just kidding.

Maybe you are right that there is a Grey Umbrella. There are different grey looking species of greys. Some in the American bases. Some working with the chinese. But the interstellar travellers with the distortion craft. It is hard to stomach.

But, I feel it has something more to do with a species that looks like a dimensionally 'different'-electric praying mantis; not to be confused with the alien species praying mantis that lives in segregation on a planet ruled by very short humanoids. And not to be confused with an ATS's panic post of Cosmic Top Secret level 33 'beings in the sun are after your soul!"-or something to that effect. This was again, another disinformatia prostelyzed by my stepfather's *personal* team (himself) to futher his personal agenda. He is up that high, yes. There are entities within the sun warring for your souls-no. A trick by him and my uncle. They thought it was funny. It served some unknown purpose.

The Pledians (this may be slander, they may be called something else), let me rephrase. Our closest human neighbors are very advanced. They are not as advanced as the long transit Greys. I suspect alot of their technology came from that Grey species. Yet that Grey species is merely neutral. Both are as fallible as we are to disinformation and honest faces bearing gifts and nudging up to compatibilities.

You are no doubt shocked by tales of Dulce soup. Dulce soup was not a construct of the Greys. Those 2 Greys who supposedly burned that fellow at a base. Those 2 Greys were coerced down from space, and coerced into believing that they were to consume in that fashion. Perhaps so you would form the opinions that you have of them.
When the jungle man insists that the archeologist eats the spider? The archelologist knowing nothing of the jungle man, but wanting to fit in, eats the spider.

This is why abductions are returning with more positive experiences. I believe the Greys are catching on to what we did to them.
Now a base man, if there are any left, might say, "No, so and so said that is what they required!".

Who is that so and so; or behind that so and so: and you will find your true alien agenda.

Gl2, if you were able to read that, I am amazed and thank you.
My complaint concerning 'our closest-cont.

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by gl2

My complaint with our 'closet (human) neighbors' is that in this false flag space war which should be occurring right about soon; is that a great many people of our planet are ABDUCTED to fight within it against their will, for the purpose of a fighting force. And that would be by a human looking race; that by memory, be it what it is, were related to our closer neighbors, perhaps though covertly.

Not to be confused with the hybred and American endeavors of which I participated in a small contingency related to the squashing of the evil evil white reptiles; briefly; I *think* that was what that one was about. I wasn't there long enough to find out.

Evil evil may sound childish. But after all those base soilders from Krills era were brought to them as an elbow rubbing offering-they meant to feed on those who arranged it; as well.

I would say those are our and anyone's largest actual physical threat that we wouldn't want visiting. And a cleverly placed invitation to them was placed in mainstream media-tailored specifically to enraging them for vengence. I would *hope* they haven't recieved the memo. Not to be an alarmist.

Greys are not who I am worried about. I like them from a distance. I know what they have not done, as I've watched the back side of the campaign against them. They could be our greatest allies, if we would stop misusing them or using them against each other.

Roswell was no accident. The Mayan calander of 2012 was no accident. The Greys possess time travelling technology with strict rules on its usage. They are neutral. They observe and they transit. The long transitors. They share a little at a time as they are befriended.

However, an entity that manages to achieve their technology through theft, is not bound by those rules. And, our future was moving a little too slow. Our future was curious what changes to it's present it could achieve if it travelled back in time. Well, just as capturing a Greys distortion craft produces a yield-so too does capuring or befriending or elbowing up near the technologies of the future-because if you can borrow it for awhile... This is one aspect of our mess.

I will read your stuff further so I can have a better understanding of where or why you see things the way you do, gl2. It may trigger something relevant from where or what I've seen which may add or bring a different lens for you to consider.

From what I have seen of outer space-the long transit Greys are the best thing in it-though, I would call them neutral to good, though...I wouldn't want to be any where close because they are simply ALIEN. I believe their actions to be distorted as 'we' struggle the race for technology and galactic comprehension. We are lucky they are patient and haven't just blown our dumb butts away. That should account for something. They possess the technology. We should be nicer and more understanding.

But I am still looking into your Grey umbrella theory to see what it means or indicates. I am not a scientist or scholar. I just have my experience.

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posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 08:01 PM
A human-like alien, Ra of Wolf's book, can never be our ruler. No one can because future leadership must be more shared, not in one single person. So, if anyone speaks to you in such terms, they're patronizing you--it's a challenge to buff up your science and call them on their laxity. And as for an alien "superhighway," no such needs to proceed in linear fashion because the new physics navigate spatiality outside of straight line vectors (although you wouldn't try to zip through a sun or a planet). Aliens intent on travel near here would just point out into empty space, then proceed in increments, so our sun can't be in the way. Finally, the Pleiades is a bluish group of stars familiar to astronomers, a young group. None of the stars are older than about 100 million years, which means that so-called Pleiadians can't possibly have originated there. Which raises an important question: why would they pretend to have done so? What are they trying to hide? Their proximity to and directly witnessed involvement in abductions suggests that they are but a dependent, genetically designed sub-population of the larger gray alignment (which isn't at all led by grays).

The material and resource wants of that entire group of aliens pollutes their entire project here. It causes them to place their ambitions above our needs. We need to contact a cleaner variety of aliens.

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 11:31 PM
reply to post by gl2

Ah! Candor! Thank you.....It was a *really* long time ago, though I am still out bouncing around, as is another paired to the better male (due to the nature of things). And I have a few ripe words for the experience.

I don't know about where the Pledians "say" they are from. I don't know anything about spatial distance. There was a blue planet midway and there was a blue planet next to a eerily smokey planet way way way way way out. And that means nothing because I don't remember hearing anything by way of number of 'years', I wasn't in a position to ask.

There is another populated desert planet way way way way way way out. And there is a populated desert planet midway. The midway planet is 'basically' where you get your 'Star Wars' desert scene--and pretty acurate. People who manage a space craft, manage video recording too-wouldn't you know.

I haven't had cause to think on it. The furthest desert planet had a small hostile population that lived underground and used water as trade-craft, (very 'water-world', speaking of...)
and a space station with a lone operative who seemed to think he owned it.

The planet I recall from my very youngest youth; I do not know where that was, precisely, but it reminded me of a place that got warred at later on. It was grassy and the people remind me in hindsight of the movie "The Wicker Man". It was pretty backwards. Quaker-like. No mixed marriages. Kill the baby. That sort of thing.

You know that 'nurse's drawing' from, maybe it was Roswell or somewhere else. I passed it on the web. It was of suction-cupped hands-on a Grey! Total disinformation. There is a race with suction cupped hands. They are very intelligent and kind-and innocent. I visited there with both families. First for philianthophy, second for infiltration.

2 planets you can only get to by passing through a portal, or with access through a portal. I don't believe it is dimensional; rather I don't have the science to understand that term for what it means. I don't believe it is another universe. That place isn't far from Earth. The place with the human-aliens who speak with Prince Amon Rae. Unless the place itself moves. I can't say even that it was a planet. It had dirt. There was a feel to the place that there was dirt and there was stars--but not grounded as it is when I stand outdoors at night and look at the stars. A floating piece of land in a self contained bubble?

And I was somewhere with 2 suns. One was sadly smaller. I liked that place, but don't really recall the specifics. I didn't want to leave. It seems they drank saline in thier iced-tea.

Saline is an important component for travelling in space. Trips taking months utilize a statsis saline drip, though this isn't the only mechanism of statis, and I can't say it were a mechanism more than it was a neccesary biological support. There is one technology that is a simple lapel pin that puts the body to stasis. Only from experience. I wouldn't believe it otherwise.

Mars, Saturn, Moon, Jupiter or Venus-not sure, been too long to remember the word--not red. I wouldn't say viable, but not like the old science lessons of, "Your gonna burn!!!!"

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 05:32 PM

Originally posted by gl2
A human-like alien, Ra of Wolf's book, can never be our ruler. No one can because future leadership must be more shared, not in one single person.

There is life, commerce, and populated planets out past the 7 sisters. The community of the 7 sisters, already well established with that trade route and interacting with it-and somewhat annoyed already by it wants to control our interaction in that direction, because they don't want to be sandwiched between 2 unpleasant situations. They are not umbrella over it. They'll keep us stupid for as long as possible while they engineer control of our evolution.

Their complaint and displeasure is with the reptiles, half of which is a meat eating population; the other half, species included, fruit for one, vegetables for the other: of the ones I know/knew*.

The 'love and light and vegetarianism' platform is a well intentioned way of one faction to attempt to forward the universe around it to incorporate the right to live for all species, and create a more docile environment all around it, stemming from its' displeasure and lack of control over it's Left-if we are it's right. It is anti reptilic in nature, and may stem from past negative interactions-

Whereas many or most (I would say) of our reptilic/gatorlike brothers working with us here on Earth have had a lot of tme to develop, interact, discover cheeseburgers, women (no I haven't), friends, and a patriotic and protective understanding; others out there-or old grievances or a thirst for ownership/moderation of Earth and it's progress backs this standpoint. Thus on with the you are with us or against us platform in regards to 'aliens' and their, 'we won't help you till you ask'.

Another faction (and they are blended with each other) seems to have little enough care for life and people and families and planets; rather people are a resource for war or farming. There was a mandatory mating rule which I found somewhat disturbing, much in line with the current idea batted around concerning a Mars exploration (what a joke), entailing the 'space wife' concept. They want to control everything, including your sexuality. At 'base'. Being equal with Earth is not their idea. It's no different than America wanting the 'main play' of everything around it, while clouting help and freedom-and I'm indicating no different level to the actual sociologies that go along with that.

The difference is, that America being what it is....
The 7 sisters are well established.
Push and pull. I look at them like the borg. In other words, I'd never move there. Even though within them, there are good ideals and a want to help and advanced interactions micro and macro cosmically offering the illusion of betterment on the whole. Also within them is the same as here, false friendships to meet an agenda goal-and people used to that end. A man can stab another in the back and then come in the forward to play the doctor, in other words. How much of our situation is their work, I wonder. Their form of CIA.

The Grays are the Universial workers and scientists. For anyone alien or otherwise (especially us) to think that we are going to somehow achieve 'over' them is quite ignorant. We are just a grain of sand. Somewhere there is a very much larger picture, and they work within that. They form worlds. They create new species. They are not God. But they may be God's creation. And employer has all types of employees. They may be one type of utilization.

The seven sisters and us are just one small grain of sand in which they pass by and say, "huh." They can not be put under thumb and so they are made the target. Because no one's really advanced enough, often enough, to not attempt to slip them too far into small man's affairs. Not even the 7 sisters, who like America's thirst for power and hands in pots (oh c'mon it's a fact), has it's own that enters politics and affects on things and entities around it. Though, they are much more properly interacting with the higher tired Gray species than us.

We, rather, impulse to little boy tendencies of salting the slugs back to see what will happen. Or so it seems...or was.

I have only seen one Orange person. I don't know if it has happened yet, but a red hybred was created to do work that will be blamed on this orange person. I really wasn't of the understanding that there is a 'world' or population of orange people.

The negative attributes of the ruling class (yes I said caste) of the 7 sisters is disheartening. It is not present on 'surface'. For instance, a middle to aging man and his girlfriend were taken there to live, chance of a life time, but it was decided to do away with the girlfriend because the couples love was so deep. That way it was ensured that the man's expertise would always be owned by the collective-as they then became (the idea was) his safety net. A man with the desired attributes was taken from his family to pilot a special craft, wiped of his memory (for the greater good-have you seen 'Hot Fuzz?'), his family left broken and wondering-another Earth resident-he didn't know and was not given the 'free-will' to decide. The same for the wife and daughter of a pilot miner; take away the family and you have secured the asset.

There is a faction within the seven sisters that would not go for this, had they known. But one takes the advice of the other. And things go on to meet (what's that word...) the special interest agendas of the other, not that they mean bad, it's just, steal one cookie-steal two cookies...cookies become easier to rationalize to steal. Same as here.
These were not Grays.

The informations we get that roll down the hill from an alien to an ambassador to a government to the secret vault-where does the misinformation/special interests agenda initiate?

My only point with 'Wolf' was since I found an example I was present for surrounding information for, I could convey by way of connecting the dots that MJ-12 is 'tinkered with'.

To meet the ends of the seven sisters goal to not having us meeting with the farther realm on our own unadulterated terms and to further the special interest also of it's goodness goal, which for them is anti-reptilic in nature due to it's grievances in it's neighborhood.

The carnivore reptilic and (I suppose the word is Nordic?) 'gangs' or independant (though the Nordic 'umbrella' is incorporating a huger diversity of all space's lifeforms in this example) country/planet/outpost communities are to space as the Soviet Union and America once were.

The American carnivor reptilics are to the American's as the Incoming American's and the Native American's once were.

And the Seven sisters and Earth America are to each other as Gorbechafs Russia and America once were.

A convulated stewpot of diversity and special interest agenda's for governace under the guise of good intentions, not neccesarily to the contrary.

We however, are still discovering the species of whales in our own waters, and just recently discovered that a goldfish can think.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 05:45 PM
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Yet huge amounts of money turn up missing all the time and the people have no idea what has occurred until someone speaks up like just before 9/11. We have very short memories and TPTB can switch our focus at will the way we flip channels with the remote, so there could be huge amounts of money being spent on alien technology and fighting a clandestine war with beings from beyond our planet. I doubt it though. Our government might want to keep it quiet but I don't see a plus in it for the aliens to be quiet about it.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 07:07 PM
AT WAR /// where are the casualty's .. some war... no nothing....

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 07:27 PM
If you believe that ETs are secretly visiting this planet and our governments are covering up any evidence of it, then by default you have to imagine there is some form of conflict going on. Use of force against invasion of airspace by UFOs, military asaults on landed craft, and forced coercion of witnesses would be required to keep such a secret going. I can't imagine our governments going about keeping this secret in a peaceful manner when they've never been known to do so in the past.

Is it a secret war if this is going on? I suppose you could call it that. Its more or less an intergalactic Cold War. Both ETs and our governments have the capability of ending it now by stopping all their secretive actions.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 08:10 PM


BTW.......some tasty recipes, and no they don't taste just like chicken.


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posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 11:24 PM
If we are in a third state of war, Washington just jet pumped/flushed mega billions of dollars down a very deep rabbit hole. ...and the fact is, no one who allegedly received the money will say they got it or where it went.

Sound familiar? Well guess what? There's more on the way south!

Sounds like a big black hole for Black Ops...IMHO. Just a thought however.

Wonderland is full of mirrors. Everytime the Dreaming Man looks down the rabbit hole the only thing that he sees is a hollow shadow.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:03 AM

Originally posted by HugmyRek I was responding to the other poster.

Yes quite... you DO realize that the post you responded to was posted on 19-5-2003 @ 04:16 PM

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