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Dreams of mine

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posted on Oct, 18 2013 @ 02:54 PM
I had some dreams that can be called as predictive or after life experiences, I will write down 2 of them. I just have to point a small detail, that my parents are divorced since I was 2 months old. These 2 dreams are predictive a kind of... And make you feel a bit sad.. If youre in the mood, avoid reading them.

Many many years ago, when I was 7-8 years old, my step mother was pregnant from my father and she was in her last month, the 9th. It was a matter of days for her to born the baby, I knew that it was a boy.

One night when I fall asleep, I saw me swimming in a pooll, but I couldnt see the edges of the pool and it was extremly dark, just imagine your self swimming into waters, but you cant see anything beyond 1m of distanse. I felt paniced swimming into these waters, didnt felt good.

Sadenly I saw a baby next to me and it was crying, he called me "my brother" and it asked me to hold his hand, the baby have black hair and it told me, "please save me, I am going to drawn inside her". sadenly the waters created a vortex, like a water tornado and it was crying so much asking me to help it, but I couldnt, I could hardly swimm and the vortex took us both down!

I woke up and the step mother was missing from the house! She returned after a couple of days and they said, that the boy inside her drawn due to complications with her health (high pressure of her organism ) I dont know how u spell that in a medical english term. So the dream was real!

end of dream

The second dream I will share, is with my best friend who died 5 years ago . He died by cancer. He was in the hospital and I arranged a trip by boat, to visit him and see him for a last time! But his death came earlier, before I make it happen. I was about to visit him 1 week after.

I received a call that "your friend is dying, make that trip today" , so I tried to close a ticket but I couldn't I had to wait the following day, I packed and I slept. Of course I was extremely sad and crying, but I was sooo tired with the whole thing, so I slept as I had a trip to make the next day.

I found my self in a forest with a HUUUUGE highway, big huge empty road. And I saw my friend coming with his car and took me with him for a ride. The road was empty, just me and him.

He said : You won't make it to see me alive in the hospital. Why you didn't come earlier.
I said while I was crying : that I had to take a few days off from my job, to make that happen and I was about to travel to see him in the hospital.
He said : You can't imagine how it is when you die, how many worlds and things they exist in other planes...
I asked him : do you hurt when you die? How it feels..
He said : No you don't feel much, it's from one second to another. But I feel so alone here, I don't know where to go and what to do.
I said : Don't worry, I will escort you till you get there and I was crying again. I saw his chin to take a different color, fading and he start crying to.

Suddenly the car stopped and we start walking by feet. I saw dark entities nearby, but they couldn't come near to us. They just tried to follow us. In the end of the road there was an elevator, we speak about things with my friend, I told him how sad I feel and that he is my best friend, to never forget it and at the end, one day we will meet again.
When we walked all this path and he entered the elevator, he got in panic, he said "come with me" I told him that my task is not over yet in this world, but we will meet one day. He said " I have to go up and see what's going on, then I will return. And he left.

(now the strange part begins).
I teleported in my bedroom and I saw me sleeping, I was standing infont my body! I sit back in my bed and my room door was open. I saw outside my room and I noticed that my bedroom communicates with a different house! Then I saw 1 entity, about 1m height, gray color, it looked like 4d (4 dimensional) like compressed air.. It was moving inside this strange house extremely fast and it made very childish laughing!!

Then I used my hands and I did something bizarre... I manipulated the time and the space! I forwarded back my dream and in slow motion, In the scene when I saw that entity! Then I froze my dream and I took a walk around this entity to examine it better! It was not 1 entity, but 2! They just run so fast and near each other, so I thought that it is 1 entity!

Then I returned back in my bedroom and I slept in my dream, I walk up in reality. Of course my friend was dead, I just went in his funeral. In his funeral I met/saw with most of his other friends to. Also his friend - colleagues and guess what, 1 month after, his right hand (very close partner) in his job (also friend) died (electrocuted!!!) - my dream came up in my mind, 2 entities. The sad part is, that this guy had 2 children. (I didnt ask if the house I saw in my dream, was his house, I couldnt dare... I felt freaked out and I didnt went to his funeral, it was to much.

The dreams are real..... I had more dreams with my friend after, also other bizare dreams, but thats that for now. I know the dreams are not happy, but I could give you a happy dream to! These dreams were predictive, thats why I wrote them down. Do not judge me negativelly from these dreams, I just shared to strange dreams.
edit: I am dyslexic, sorry for the spelling and grammar.
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posted on Oct, 18 2013 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by Ploutonas

It sounds like you had an OOBE !
I've read many similar accounts on here on another's on something about having more than one paranormal experience...can't remember the exact wording.
I think you would enjoy reading about all of the similar experiences that people have had.
I enjoyed ready about yours!

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 05:33 AM
reply to post by nugget1

They may be OOBE, as a result of stress, because its not intentionally, I didn't ask for it... You may right.

I never do that or train myself for it. Even though, I have many many dreams similar to it, good ones as well, so it may happening to me randomly.
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posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 05:55 AM
reply to post by Ploutonas

What an incredible story and experience, thank you for sharing.
Seems you have an amazing ability to see the future in dreams, even though they are sad ones, but you strike me as a person with a big heart who knows how to use the information wisely...... hence, the gift.


posted on May, 17 2014 @ 06:54 AM
I saw a strange dream yesterday. A team of blond humans came into me and asked me permission to take me into their spaceships. I felt that is something is comming into earth. (wars, something else, who knows)

I asked them if they have anything to do with the so called rebels and they said "no, we are not - but we are trapped into this solar system, therefore, we had to co-exist with "them" and we agreed and agreed / complied in many things, such us, to wipe off humans memory and to create wars, so they can promote their plans. Because if they didn't do that, they would be forced into endless wars and death ".

I told them, that I have nothing to do with them, THEY ARE considered as rebels, since they took part in such actions. And soon among the ones who will be judged, executed and get eliminated, they will also be judged as well. So I won't allow them, or give any permission to them, take me into any kind of ship, or underground bases.
I saw underground bases, endless spaces with a huge corridor/ aisle, with rooms in the left and the right side of it. In the middle of this aisle, there is some kind of graves and the material they are built is marble.

But its not a grave, its a battery.. They place them in middle of this aisle because each room, accommodates a number of humans/ souls and these kind of batteries, sucks them up. They also have a kind of glow in the top and btm side of this kind of "graves" and they make a very low freq sound.

The humans inside the rooms, are in a trans state, they dream in a fake reality, or a kind of dream. They are all in bad condition, like zombies, because they suck them up, they suck their energy, their souls. It smells sulfur all over the place.
There is also mobile versions of these kind of batteries, in their spaceships, but they maintain small number of populations there, due to luck of space.

I had knowledge in that part of my dream, that if we brake this batteries, the energy goes back to the owners. They enslaved them, humans, they forced them to forget, so the rebels can be praised as gods.

There is a rebelling in higher dimensions, a rebelling from the rebels (they are very used to rebel allot) and good forces already start killing them. Thats a great news.

I believe whatever that dream is, something is coming, something big, aliens, wars, whatever... something is coming really really soon. They allready asking permisions, to take people into their spaceships. Permision is all they want. I didnt gave any, I decided to stay here and fight up to their elimination.
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