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My Doppelganger

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posted on Oct, 28 2013 @ 10:02 AM
Love these threads.

I found one of my dad this guy lives 4 hours away.

I was looking at a news paper website and come across this guy that looked like my dad, but only this guy was a gay version of him.
Sibling and me had a laugh about this when it appeared in there email accounts.
also I have seen another guy that looks like my dad in the same city as the gay version of dad in a photo.
this guy had a wife that look liked my step mum ,they haven't been to that city in a few years now.

so all up my dad has 3 doppelgangers.

I also seen a Greek version of my neighbor who is Caucasian once, I told my neighbor when I got back from holiday he laughed.

I haven't been mistaken for someone else yet. might happen in a big a city one day I could imagine.

posted on Oct, 31 2016 @ 07:23 AM
I thought I'd give this old thread a bump, it being Halloween and all, the season for relating spooky tales.

There are some great little anecdotes here; I have no difficulty believing they are real, having had several similar experiences myself.

I was in a pub in my early 20's getting some cigarettes from a machine when this group of lads of similar age suddenly started talking to me, addressing me by my actual name.

Never seen them before, and of course I told them that. The other 'me' turned out to have a different surname, but was otherwise apparently identical to me in every way. They were completely was I.

About the same time, I had a mate and we regularly spotted each other's doppelganger. "What were you doing today going into that hardware shop on Hastings Road about 11 o'clock?"
"Nope, it wasn't me. I was at home all day." And so on.

Again in the same time frame, I was paying a fine for a motoring offence in instalments. I was very meticulous and paid the due amount at the due time, so I was stunned when accused of being in arrears.

It wasn't me in arrears but another man with the same first and last names, only our middle names were different.

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