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Human genetics and personality.

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posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 10:27 AM
So I was thinking,.

There is a certain member here who uses a picture of themselves as their avatar. That is not the subject of this thread nor is this member.

I only mention it because this member looks EXACTLY like a sibling of mine. The resemblance is uncanny. Even down to small details like a philtrum above the lips, or the eyes.....everything.

I thought it was my sibling when I first saw the avatar. I asked and it wasnt. I really had to ask.

SO I saw this avatar again today and it hit me while looking over the post and the image, they even think alike. The post was worded much like my sibling would.

This lead me to think about other instances I remember where I thought such about this member.....I wasnt like creepo stalking their profile, I just would always notice when they posted since the image shoots out at me.

I was thinking about other instances where I would read something posted by other members and what I read, how it was worded hit so close to home for myself that I would ask them about their physical characteristics to see if we were physically similar as well. It was always something that I could have written myself. They would confirm that they even looked like me (if they were telling the truth).

In the end I am very much inclined to think that DNA even wires our brains to a certain predisposition. Its not science in so much as I have not taken a scientific approach to come to this conclusion. I have taken note of several observations over my life.

If this is true humanity may be incapable of higher thought> I am not speaking of intelligence though some would argue that that too is hereditary. No. I am speaking of deep thought. Abstracts. Colors and flavors to numbers, feeling the vibrations of frequency, knowing deep wisdom instinctively....things like that. Things we assume other species would have attributed to their physiology besides psychic abilities or other such physiological anomalies.

I also notice that humanity by far has a strong predisposition towards the slave mind. There is ample discussion of this all over the internet and in many great books for over several centuries.

Basically it is a will to either enslave as a means of freedom, or be enslaved as a means of security from slavery. A slave might look for better forms of slavery and deal with those particulars since he would never have known freedom. A person who enslaves might never look for equals beyond those who enslave as well since in his mind he would be avoiding being a slave himself by being surrounded by those who enslave others.

Well, humanity has this predisposition. It is a very strong tendency in many people. In some families it is almost bred out of them. Like any particular family trait like a predisposition for music or mathematical thought....some things are just part of genetics. It could be environment but really an environment just helps bring out something in you or stifles it. If you have no talent for art....being born to a family of artists will be frustrating at best for a naturally gifted mathematician.

So I am left with the conclusion that humanity is geared to certain mindsets, certain physical wirings of the human brain. We assume that we are a complete species where every facet of the universe is expressed by our many individuals. What if it is not?

What if in the end we have a only a limited number of possible human brains due to a finite human genome? A limited number of possible combinations for the many different types of brains in their particulars.

If that is true and mutation is too limited to change the human race in any effective measure.....

If all that is true and our minds and thoughts are simply a product of our physiology and its responses to a shared environment .....

If we were missing any vital components for a particular mind set....:

we would NEVER have them until enough mutations changed our DNA to include those missing components.

We can learn all things. BUT we cant learn certain things our minds refuse or are incapable of processing.

We generally refuse to learn how to commit mass murder, or how to torture...(thank god that was bred out of us). Some people do find those things easy to learn and retain a higher amount of information over others.

We generally accept learning to read and write, though some seem to struggle.

We generally have a violent response to fear/ unknowns.

Some things are just part of human nature. I know we have all heard that before.

What if somethings are just NOT part of human nature. What if people like Ghandi or Jesus were a fluke?

A genetic dead end.

What if we cant have that mindset in any sustainable and permanent way because we just dont have it in us...literally.

I dont know how true this is, but I do see many observations that confirm this.

I dont believe in race. In fact i think it is the dumbest and flawed classification for a species.

If the human species was broken down into types of people like automobiles I would say:
I do believe in a genetic predisposition for certain mindsets and personalities. I think it is true regardless of race, since race is just observations made about superficial environmental adaptations like skin pigmentation or eye color. Things that are as important to a species like paint color is to a car......

We are different models ...with similar paint jobs or different ones...but primarily we are different makes of cars....

You cant expect all cars to go off road or be built for great gas milage...ect.

In the same way you cant expect all concepts to be acceptable for all people. Certain ideas are just good enough for you and yours,.....not the world, no matter how noble or important you think they are. Some thoughts would be great if shared....others horrible. truly means that even the unacceptable is then acceptable as far as validity. As a species we are all exactly where we should be then. We havent had another form of being expressed genetically yet....and so we are waiting for that, not for us to grow up. We are waiting on genetic mutations to coalesce into the being we know we think we should be.

I do think of us as one species, but I am starting to think that we are incomplete. Some people who should be here just arent. That is what is holding us back as a group.

Thats it. Thats the jist of it. Some will agree with me others will not.

I suspect that if we share similar genetic backgrounds that we will be in agreement if my theory is

have a good one people. Be well.

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posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 10:38 AM
reply to post by tadaman


I am so happy that you finally recognised me?

On a more serious note : We are all connected in one way or another methinks!

Warmest respects


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posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 10:42 AM
Our shape is controlled by the frequencies we vibrate at and our energy levels. This interacts with our DNA to make us all look different or alike. By raising our energy level, we get skinnier and it reshapes our body. DNA is important in this but so is what we eat. Our beliefs and desires are also involved in this. Everything ties together to make us whom we are.

It is a lot more complicated than this but this is sort of a summary.
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posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 10:45 AM
reply to post by tadaman

I have also noticed un-canny similarities between look and personality, not to say there isnt exceptions to that rule. I have also noticed many types of "sub races" with in any given race(doppelganger effect).

I am gonna do the matrix thing and say what if our dna is a computer code and our personality's are tied to that code somehow, if a team of "code writers" had to write a completely different code for every person that has lived and breathed than it would start to create major anomalies that not everyone could "accept". so maybe they have basic constructs that they spread out amongst our basic "perceived reality" as to keep everyone accepting of said reality....(smoke break over

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