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how would a war in North Korea be fought?

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 12:37 PM
~Before you read this, I am not an expert in this nor do I pretend to be. This is just what I think would logically happen.~

How our weapons would be applied would depend on how this war starts. There are two possibilities for this.

A) Conventional weapons with build up of forces along the DMZ and other staging areas.

In this case we would mass our troops too, probably in South Korea and maybe other friendly nations and put other important pieces into place, i.e. airborne refuelling, new AF airborne laser, and other such logistical items. At the first sign of an attack, we would launch cruise missiles (or other non-manned weapons) to remove AA installations and high priority, highly defended command and control stations. At the same time local air support would launch, further reduce AA capabilities, supply depots, and means at which they could retalliate into South Korea such as artillery implacements and troop deployments. Air superiority would be attained. Last, the rest of the Pacific force would be mobalized and the large bombers not within a certain radius (such as the B-2s and B-52's) would pound the rest of them back to the stone age, troops would move in and mop up the area.

B) Sneak attack with either conventional or nuclear weapons.

Local troops would have to 'contain' the situation as best as possable even though they would have to deal with two fronts, if not more. From what I gather, NK probably has some kind of tunel system under the DMZ and maybe other where (just my speculation, but what better way to invade a country than from the inside). Local air support would take place to help contain the situation. From here it plays out similar to situation A unless there was a nuclear/bio/chem situation, then we would probably use nukes too, or totally smash with whatever we had regardless of cassualties (many many people would be dead in SK from a first strike anyways)

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 01:08 PM
This is if US's and our allies future weapon systems were fully operational scenerio.

First the naval front. I will tell you how I think the DDX future destroyer would be used. They would use the (2) 150mm electro-magnetic guns to pound targets inland. Then they would start pounding further inland with their advanced land attack cruise missiles. Then we would of course use the CVN-X to launch air strikes from its decks. The CG-X would provide protection from the enemy aircraft and subs. Then the modified Ohio Class subs would also launch cruise missiles using the peripheral vertical launching system. Each salvo would deliver 100 or more missiles! Then we would use the LCS ships as a blockading force also the seawolf, and the virginia would help protect the LCS ships, and help blockade North Korea. Now norway's part. Norway would help by using it's fast patrol missile boat the skjold for destroying any north korean warships. It would fire its kongsberg made (norwegian strike missile) anti-ship missiles, which have a range of 150 kilometers.

This is just the first post in a series of post covering the land, sea amphibious, air, and even covert fronts of the war. (I'll cover more of the navy front later.)

Thanks Blue Cell

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 02:56 PM
okay i'm back, and just to tell you I looked all over and I cound't find any info on any new or important north korean or south korean naval vessels sorry.

Now continuing on the naval front the united kingdom would also use its new attack sub the astute to block off north korea. Another use for the Astute would be to prevent any subs from attacking the CVF the Uks new aircraft carrier, which would also be launching strike aircraft from its decks. Then the type 45 anti-air warfare destroyer's would help by providing protection from enemy aircraft. Now I will tell you swedish would help on the naval front. It would use it's visby class ship to provide protection from enemy subs and of course any enemy ships using its bofors 57mm gun which has a range of 17,000 metres and fires 220 rounds per minute. It could also use its 127mm ASW rocket powered grenade launchers, depth charges, or its TP45 ASW homing torpedoes. Now italy's part. Italy would use its commandante class light combat ships to patrol around north korea's water's. Italy's Durand De La Penne class destroyers would provide fire support for soldiers landing on north korean soil. Using it's Oto Melara 127mm gun which has a range of 15 kilometers. They would also use it cavour aircraft carrier to launch airstrikes.

If anybody has any critisisms or want's to contribute more do so.

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 03:09 PM

NK has an exceptional knowledge about tunnel networks and underground structures. If US could develop some conventional weapon against underground structures, it will be a great help.

What do you think "bunker-busters" are designed to do?
Such bombs are truly horrific... First they suck all of the oxygen out of the tunnels, and then, while you're gasping for breath, you're then incinerated.... Things have changed a bit here...

I think you'd see pretty much this scenario...

Stealth attack on all air defenses, including airfields, etc.
Conventional air attack on remaining air defenses, and artillery aimed at SK.
Conventional air attack on other military targets, with an emphasis on troops and armored columns, as well as weapons production.
Clearing of the DMZ, then movement of armor columns and troops, after air dominance established...and largely using SK troops.
Open troop warfare, then eventually some urban warfare.

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 08:47 PM
Alright, look people, if a REAL nuclear war was to start, THIS is how it would unfold:

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 10:37 PM


I wish I could get it save to my comp.....

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 10:44 PM
well, Korea is not a simple game. It has way too many power players around it: china, russia, etc.. Also the stakes are just too great; both japan and S. Korea could be wiped out. PLUS, THERE AIN'T NO OIL THERE!!!!!

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 10:45 PM
ROFL...Thats why nobody is keen on a nuclear war.

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 01:40 PM
I think the UN would do something to stop US from attacking a defenseless nation... Huh, sorry I forgot ! Iraq IS under American control and will be admitted as the 52th American state! (the 51th is Afghanisthan)

The Koreans are aware of the US air superiority and they are creating complex tunnel networks all over their territory

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 06:33 PM
Okay now this is the air war scenerio part,

first I will cover what the U.S. would do.

Okay the U.S. would use it's joint strike fighter for the ground strike role, it would first use it's joint standoff missile (which has a range of 120 NM) to hit enemy air force instalations. Then it would use it's small diatmeter bomb's to enemy hit tanks and other moving targets on the ground. The F-22 would use it's AIM-9X with it's advanced infared countermeasure resistance for close combat. Then I't would use it's AIM-120 AMRAAM missile for long range engagment's and to shoot down enemy bombers.
For supression of enemy air defences it would use Tacit Rainbow which uses emmisions from the enemy's radar to home in on the radar. And if the radar is turned off it just waits intill it pick's up another source of radar or the radar is turned back on, it can go on like this intill it's fuel runs out. Then we would use the B-52 to launch hystrike deep penitration missiles at suspected underground bunker sites, and to drop small diameter bombs on important targets inside the citie's of North Korea. Then we would use the B1 bomber to drop guided cluster munitions on the battlefield, after that we would us the B2 bomber to drop JDAMs on important goverment building's . The Apache AH-64 D would serve as close air support using its hellfire missiles, 30mm cannon, and rockets to destroy tank's and lightly armored vehicles. The AC/X gunship would serve as a close air support artillary for spec ops, and units under fire in need of air support. The Dragon Warrior unmanned rotor vehicle, would serve as a urban recon vehicle directing troops were to go and alerting them of trouble spots. The Fire Scout unmmaned rotor vehicle would serve as a beach recon vehicle surveing the beach and further inland directing troops were to go and of trouble spots and secret positions and or weapon emplacments of the enemy. The Predator B unmanned surveliance vehicle would serve as a battlefield surveliance vehicle and would also destroy (with its 10 hellfire missiles) any mobile balistic missile vehicle's it saw. The Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle ( with it's 36 hour endurance) would serve as a extended surveliance aircraft. The E-767 AWACS would monitor South Korean and North Korean aerospace for enemy missile launches then send the coordinate's to the Airborne Laser equiped aircraft which would in turn blow it up with it's laser. Also we would use our Eagle Eye rotorcraft to spot enemy ships so our ships would know where the enemy ships were ahead of their radar.

If anybody has any cristisim's or want's to contribute more do so. Oh yeah just to tell you I tried to look up stuff on our allies new aircraft but couldn't find anything I could do anything on.

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posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 08:58 AM
Keystrength of the usa army is Airdominance, with this they attack:

- dense troop concentrations with fuel air explosives / clusterbombs / carpetbombing etc
- heavily armoured and high value targets with advanced warheads

Without any direct fear for retaliation whatsoever! (I heard some people callling the iraqi insurgants cowards and dare them to show their faces, well, the US airforce is one giant insurgant striking out of the blue from above,, just to put that in perspective)

So, what you must avoid is exactly that:

1. have no dense troop concentrations, disperse and keep hidden, naturally this is bad for attackmobillity coordination, but very much suited for strategic grid based defense.

2. avoid heavily armoured vehicles like tanks, they are no match and you can buy lots of rpg's and landmines and remotely detonated explosives for the monthly maintenance costs of tanks

Remember the tunnels the Vietcong used?

They were not heavily armoured, just dug in the mud, so it's useless to spend an expensive bunkerbuster on a lousy mudtunnel, its like using a hammer to swot a fly.

surely they could be collapsed with carpetbombing using medium sized bombs, but stiill very expensive and you wouldn't know if there were actually enemies in that particular tunnel there were just too many damn tunnels!

So, this is exactly what N-Korea could do for a defensive posture, make a complete anthill of the country, an insurgants paradise, have countless light armoured/low density / heavily dispersed units, that could popup anytime behind your back, just let the heavy Abraham tanks pass and wait for the vulnerable fueltankers to come along, attack the supplylines, Abraham tanks are very thursty monsters, without fuel they soon become like turtle on his backside...

Have a plethora of hidden artillery/mortars again heavily dispersed, buy 10 cheaper lightly armoured artillery pieces instead of one sluggish rrussian tank that would be defeated by advanced american warheads anyway.

The possible prospect of tunnelfighting in North-Korea is exactly why u.s. scientists are increasingly interested in synthetic aperture radar and ELF waves, to detect underground strucures.

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posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 07:19 PM
with sticks and stones........
and maybe some name calling.......booh hooo

posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 08:18 AM
right blue cell asked me to tlk about SF units in this korean war thingy.
this is IMO the way it would be done. i also added somethings.
if anyone wants to add,argue,dissagree or remove some things just tell me ok?

US units: NAVY SEALS,USMC REACON,delta force and green berets.(are rangers SF or is it like the RMC's situtation?)

1. Take out long range weapons. Artillery,missile weapons,airfields and those dreaded nuke's
, etc
2. Take out supplies an army marches on its stomach and with out supplies they dont go far and thier morale goes down.etc
3. Inflict physcological warfare on the enemy. lowering morale,random acts of destruction, random attacks.etc
4. Surgical attacks/capture at/of enemy instalations or things of importance. Bridges,Military camp etc.
5.Get info on enemy troops.

North korean units:23 SOF brigades and 18 independent SOF battalions

1.Take out US airforce bases.
2.Take out US supply and SK supply bases.
3.same as number 3 for the US SF units.
4. capture military or civilian places of importance. same as number 4 really in the US one.
5.same as US number 5

right thats my peice any one want to add or continue or what ever just do so.

posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 02:50 PM
If the North-Koreans make the first push , they would have to take control over Skorean airports and harbours immediately (wich i think is not realistic, given the large already fielded presence of Skorean/usa troops) because if the us army has time to ship in / airlift materials/troops , it has a big upperhand against visible in the field deployed North Korean troops.

Alternatively the North-Koreans could decide to "provoke" a war by detonating a nuke or something on an important harbour/airfield/city and wait for the retaliation response , so they can fight the war from well dug in position (i suspect, hard to get reliable info about Nkorean fortiifications, but having a true paranoid Dr. Evil as leader they must have an impressive network of hidden stuff), maybe they can ask China for the second time to come to their rescue
(only halve joking here), it would be pretty devastating oppertunity for the chinese to overrun the american footsoldiers, naturally this would lead to nuclear exchange, wich is exactly why I think both china and the U.S are a bit wary of actually making war in Korea.

I don't think North-Korea would dare go to war without China's permission, maybe if the chinese would try to invade Taiwan, they would ask Nkorea and Iran to stir up trouble simultaniously in iraq and south-korea, as this would be all happening at once making very hard to deal with , even for the best army in the world a huge deficit can buy.

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posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 04:50 PM
okay know I'm going to do the covert op part of the war with North Korea.

The US Navy SEALs would be inserted using the advanced seal delivery system. The first thing they would do is hydrographical surveying for the landings, another mission for them would be to rig with explosives any important goverment ships offering getway for the North Korea leaders. Then we would insert the rangers to blow up any important bridges, we would also use the rangers as a long range recon unit reporting enemy positions then calling in air strikes to destroy them. Then we would use the green berets as a rallying force rallying North Koreans everywhere to revolt against the communist North Korean goverment. Then the British SAS would help by striking important enemy outpost's and cutting communication lines. The Royal Marine Commando's would conduct patrols setting traps and attacking enemy units alll over the country. The South Korean Marine Corps would serve as a direct action units engaging units all over North Korea. The Italian navy unit COMSUBIN would serve as a coatal raider force raiding enemy position's and disrupting communication from the coast to further inland. Know what North Korea would do, North Korea would send in it's special forces to try to infiltrate south korean air bases, goverment installations, and command posts along the border. It would also try to hit any Us or allied ships, or subs, in South Korea's harbour's. Know the fact is with all these strikes going on in side their territory don't think they would have the luxury of coming over here without there country being taken over.

If you have any critisisms of add ons feel free to post it.

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posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 06:21 PM
Know here is how the U.S. would use its ground weapons. First we would use our line of sight, beyond line of sight 125MM gun combat vehicle. With it's tank extended range munition it would be able to shoot targets at a far distance, also it would use its kinetic energy projectile to blow up enemy barracks in support of the 82ND airborne division's mission to take over enemy instalations behind enemy lines. How would tank come along with the 82ND airborne? With its 20 ton weight it could be airdropped with the 82ND airborne then all they would have to do is program it's computers and systems and could move on to capture enemy territory. Then we would use our objective force cannon vehicle to provide fire support for troops, vehicles, and tanks. With its 150MM EM cannon it could also be used to destroy heavily armed enemy bases. For missile strikes we would use our missiles vehicle which uses the missile in a box configuration and is armed with beyond line of sight precision guided munitions, and loitering munitions. We would us them when there was stalemate fighting between our forces and North Korean forces. With it's loitering munitions capability it could search around for enemy forces intill it's fuel ran out. NETFIRES would be used a fire support weapon with it's loitering attack missile, troops could launch missiles to support units under fire in urban situations then send it to look around for enemy units that were causing trouble for units trying to take control of the city. Then we would use our SUAV launcher to launch small unmanned aerial vehicles to provide recon for troops on the ground.

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 10:47 PM

Originally posted by ShadowXIX

If someone pissed of Kim Jong IL Seol will be burning.

Really, how is that? With the amount of US sevice men stationed in South Korea and Japan, I find it hard to believe that Kim Jong Il could mobilize his army so quickly and decisivly. There is no way for his army to be fed, they would simply be deprived of food and supplies in a matter of weeks.

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 10:59 PM
Kim doesn't have to put any troops inside S. Korea to flatten Seoul. Seoul is within the shooting range of close to 10,000 N. Korean guns. How are you going to take out all these artillery pieces when they are well protected through 50 years of work. Remember, they don't have to be high tech, they don't have to be precision artilleries; they simply will fire and Seoul will be in flames.

That's why it will never come to war in Korea. Just too much at stake not to mention Kim can also set Japan on fire with his missiles.

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posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 08:35 AM

Originally posted by blue cell
revolt against the communist North Korean goverment. Then the British SAS would help by striking important enemy outpost's and cutting communication lines. The Royal Marine Commando's would conduct patrols setting traps and attacking enemy units alll over the country.

wow calm there blue.
if we are involving britian then i think you might want to give us a little bit more cred and a few more units.
the first units if this is the same coalition in iraq then it would be a joint USMC reacon/SEALS/SBS force working alll over the country destroying ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that is maratimely useful to the enemy.

while this is done the green berets/delta force/SAS units would operate the same mission but on land.
the PARA/US airborne would be sending pathfinders to spot landing zones and getting there ASAP.

well thats reallly the sneaky stealthy squirrel stuff listed in my eyes. add what you want!

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 09:09 AM
Kim knows he has nothing to lose once war starts. it will be end of NK. so he won't mind using nukes. What if NK nukes SK / Japan. US may wipe out NK from map but does China Russia wants this?

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