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The Ballpit

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posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 02:35 PM
I watched a random video today that got me thinking deeply. This led to other videos, because sometimes watching just one thing that makes you feel good inside leads you to others. It's such a good, warm, fuzzy feeling inside that you want it to last.

After my video session, I started thinking. We have so many government, local, nonprofit and business organizations pushing better living, better health, race awareness, religion awareness, and so many related fields but why spend so much time and money on all of these failed attempts when we can just nip the problem in the bud and go directly to a cure for all the bigotry, hatred, animosity, attitudes, judgmental problems we as a people on this planet suffer one way or another. Sure, this will not be a cure for all, but it will be a help for many. Imagine befriending and enjoying the company of people you wouldn’t normally associate yourself with, on a normal day. Imagine how much you could learn about one another and even ourselves when we realize just how much we all have in common with one another!

In the first video, a simple ball pit brings random people together as they realize that even the craziest differences can be exactly the same as some total random stranger.

The second video… Well, I want you do see it. It’s a beautiful and fun idea, linking total strangers from completely different countries together.

So the world tends to get rid of people who influence love and good, and who sway people to see the injustice and evil in our countries, on our planet. We have seen and heard stories of them countless times. Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and so many more. In this way, people are responding to their own life’s lessons, to their own learning and feelings. There is no influences other than ourselves and a tool that puts us there. No figure to assassinate, just good old curiosity and the want to talk to someone. Imagine how many people fighting serious depression could benefit from this. Such ideas could pull people together and make us think more.

So without further ado..

I give you, soup for the soul!

The Ballpit

Hello Europe

So what do you think? Anyone have any ideas for similar tools that could function towards pulling people together? What can we do as a people, as a community to do things like this while actually pulling people to take part? What trigger or tool would you put in place that will lure people in to at least take the first steps?

The best idea wins

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 06:13 PM
The Ball Pit...

Great concept. I actually enjoyed and looked forward to seeing people awkwardly interact with each other.

In my opinion, I believe they are actors and it highly took away from the experience.

Anyone else get that vibe?

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