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Jus a squirl, nothing to see here ;)

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posted on Oct, 12 2013 @ 12:52 AM

So, hello my real name is anunis, no not my birth name. I have an interesting story/life however I am unsure how/what to share here.

First off, I am no stranger to forums as I been on dozens over the last what dozen years or so and even moderated/admin a couple. So my intent is simple with this thread. Also keep in mind my pc is missing several keys so at times my spelling will be off as sharp objects sting when repeatedlu pressing them (example "Y")

Ok, so about me, hmm hard to say the truth without ridicule as I am accustomed to in real life. I guess I will sum it this way, I believe i am a time irrelevant, multi-life, mentalist.although similar and much weaker, I am not a wizard although some have proposed it as they interpreted me (if you ever meet a true wizard talk to him, they are a rare treat).
what that means is I retain memories of previous lives AS WELL AS future lives. although the problem I have is that the entire structure past/present/future gets hazy.

in this current configuration I only retain the ability to influence emotions at the cost of lacking my own. I am unsure of what that ability is called but it means that I can project exact feelings onto others, for example with the proper intent I can turn an angry dog away quite easily and at the same time I can pretty much pick any person I choose to be a mate. the key is intent. it took a while to figure it out actually because as a child all the images in my head were very confusing and disruptive, but as long as the intent is there the emotional connection clicks.

ok now to more normal info. I am in my 30's, male, served a number of years in the US Army (2 deploments Iraq, 1 Afghan), I left due to not wanting to be a slave to a government I dont agree with (although I am almost always a soldier in life lol died that way twice). I got kids, and all the normal crap I guess. I am in the VA PTSD program but even my shrink knows he can not handle me or my problems as I tested him a few times (my potential scares him). I still refuse the meds as they just cloud me up :/

Now, I know I said too much that mau turn some off as it should. I dont think my abilities are a gift in anwau and knowing what I know my next life will be 200 times better. I do know how old I will be when I die, not the date or month, just the events involved and I know it will be relatively quick. (oh btw death hurts, even instant death but its a moment of intensness floowed bu smooth fading calm, cant remember once absorbed tho) it doesnt bother me and I have made finantial preperations to help my kids along. Out of the four kids onl one is a reader (still unsure of her skills yet tho). I also beleive that those around us that we cherish will follow us to the next life, for example I have a friend who has been with me for the last 3 but she only knows that through my examinations of her.

any way, this is just mu welcome thread. I will elaborate in more relative threads as I see them. I will try to be polite and not be judgmental as I tend to be self centered a bit. oh, and once I get a proper pc again, I can really get more accurate descriptions.

so long, and later yall

posted on Oct, 12 2013 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by Anunis

Welcome to the error dome.

And thanks for your service.

posted on Oct, 12 2013 @ 01:08 AM
reply to post by Anunis

hi army dude - thanks for your service i'm jafo.

posted on Oct, 12 2013 @ 01:21 AM
Hmmm, quite an introduction. Hello and welcome!

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