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What would cause this? (Personal ongoing experience)

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posted on Oct, 13 2013 @ 08:59 PM

reply to post by blend57

So here's what I'm thinking:

1. You had a negative relationship with him in a past life.

2. You can sense energies and you see that he's much darker than he seems.

3. He's got a evil/demonic presence with him

4. He's a "feeder". Basically energy vampire. It's nothing intentional.

5. He's empathic and casting emotions aside to enjoy his visit AND you are also empathic and you're receiving those feelings.

And lastly....

6. You have a deep-seated, unresolved, and repressed resentment for either him or another man that he reminds you of. It could merely be psychological.

I would suggest ruling those things out. For instance, does your phone's battery drain faster around him? Do electronics start acting crazy? Do other people around you start acting strange? Do you or other people feel exhausted around him?

It's difficult to tell you exactly what the issue is over a forum ... but have you tried mediatation?

Anyway, I hope at least some of this helps.

This is a solid list of things to start with imo. Also maybe ask your daughter what she think of him, if you have pets how do they react etc. It must be happening for some reason, and sometimes people can seem nice but if you pay close attention over time you may begin to notice small signs that he may not be everything he seems.

Not to get too paranoid with it, but yeah follow your intuition/instincts. Maybe ask him a few questions about his past in the flow of a conversation to get to know him better, and also get a reading on how he answers the questions etc.

My two penneth. Hopefully you solve the car seat mystery as well, might be an idea to set up a small hidden camera that faces your car and perhaps you may capture something. Pretty weird if the two things are related. If he was messing with your car wouldn't he have sense enough to put the seat back into it's original place? So is he or someone messing with you intentionally?

Idk, good luck with it though. Hopefully you come to some resolution in the matter. Also I'd say don't tell anyone about the camera if you can help it, and set it up when there's no chance of being noticed by your neighbours etc.

Also do you get reactions like this around other people? If so, what is the deal with them and could you draw any correlations between the type of person they are and the potential same traits in this guy?

Peace. ~

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posted on Oct, 13 2013 @ 10:07 PM
I don't subscribe to the metaphysical/supernatural/past live answers.. I'm getting a far more sinister vibe from your posts..

Invest in some nanny cams.. One in the house another in the car..

You said you've met him 4 times.. How long has your husband been friends with this guy? You say he has a girlfriend/wife.. If you feel you can stomach being around him.. She may be a well of information.. Be subtle..

Does this guy remind you or resemble somebody that you know? Ie, dad, step dad, creepy uncle?

It's clear your subconscious is telling you something.. You just need to remember..

I highly recommend the nanny cams though..

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