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Walking in the desert

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posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 03:42 AM
This is the first of several instalments of a poetic interpretation of my recent journeys through life.

It's D day, good bye New Babylon I'm going far away.
Deep into the hills, in our mini cyber gypsy caravan of misfits.
Where did we go? The true amount of debauchery may never be known.
We called the magical village that rose out of nowhere Mo No,
it's the funniest place in this universe.
A university for creation that has no rules in the dorms.
This kind of camping is like, really #ing intents.
Complete freedom for the expression of love and art of human consciousness,
safe haven for players of the art of celestial unconsciousness.
Deep inside I yearned for something or someone,
only one, out of one for my separated heart.
But something else powerful and dangerous raged inside of me.
The blessing of the fountain of life, and the curse of the true temptation of original sin.
We all saw as the eyes of god in our garden of Eden,
a psychedelic playground where nobody will win.
Alone I felt as dawn turned to dusk and dawn again, until I reunited mother divinity.
She help me reveal my own divinity, and that night I danced the world into infinity.
I embraced the serpent as mighty sound sorcerers pumped sick wicked and twisted vibrations
PK Sound, This kind of secret technology would make osma bin what come screaming out of his cave.
Bass Bombs made for war, and metaphysically I was frontlined in the warzone.
And the wrestle with the snakes became more dangerous,
I carefully kept watch around my own zone.
And saw demons some of the eyes of gods children. I knew that something big wanted my vessel.
But so long as I stood still of now, nothing could ever take my soul away.
High noon, final day of the masquerade, was kinda like a zombie parade.
A quick dip in the rocky ice river was the ideal thing to do in the beating summer heat that can only be experienced in Canada.
Quite exillerating...
This night I wanted to dig deep, I decided to get some help from Lucy's insane sister S and Z.
With some foolishness, I also consumed the only thing the could stop a fleet of sirians from invading.
I felt like a cat that was ready for deep nap at the vet, but oh # I forgot....
*Aaccid* < insert magic hands here <
I was in a lot of trouble indeed, demons wanted to feed. I told a trusted brother of my mundane situations. And there he led me to his sanctuary deep in the forest,
away from everywhowhenandwhere.
" enjoy your downtime" he say as leaving.
I knew my mind would be far from resting. Those moments where most testing.
I kicked and screamed Bloody Mary, I was my thoughest psychic opponent ever.
Demons tempted me with endless riches of power,
the reconition I always desired and the sex my darker sides thirst for.
But somehow in the end I found something lost long ago.
My heart pure pranic centre true love for myself.
With with that I locked down my soul and kept the head demon outside of my head,
they are powerless.
That night I learned to dance the serpent as free as I ever have. As it could no longer constrict me.
I was in control now I began to overstand it all,
this is the beginning of the end of time,
we are the new world order,
we are all one.
Or is all just a big illusion,
and were actually in a trap that's gonna suck us all into purgatory?
With as little ego as possible I realized that I was the most powerful sorcerer of the floor.
all the way to dawn I showed the players that I wasn't playing around anymore.
But the devil always wins, "it" always finds a way.
The peace that followed the final beat in the midst of the chaos, was tranquillity.
The festival was over, everything that happened behind the scenes would be never be spoken about, it's the law and love is the law.
My caravan dropped me off in the golden valley as they journeyed back to New Babylon.
With my thumb out too the highway, my journey had only begun...

posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by Soroboruo024

Wow, what an introduction! You've certainly put mine to shame.
Nice to meet you, hope to cross paths x

posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 02:33 PM
Interesting. Hello and welcome!


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