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FAA orders check on 747 AoA sensors

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posted on Oct, 9 2013 @ 10:11 PM
A false activation of the stick shaker has triggered the FAA to issue an order for a visual inspection of Angle of Attack sensors on various 747 models, including the 747-400. The inspection is to determine if a paddle sensor is installed.

It also requires an operational check of the stall warning system on affected aircraft. Lufthansa Technik requested permission to do a records check on their aircraft, but the FAA said no. Interestingly it also affects some 737s, and 727s.

False activation of a stick-shaker during take-off has spurred a US directive to check and test certain angle-of-attack sensors on Boeing 747s.
The directive, which covers a range of 747 variants including the -400, requires a general visual inspection to determine whether a specific sensor with a paddle-type vane is fitted.

For those aircraft affected the US FAA is demanding an operational test of the stall-warning system and, if necessary, replacement of the angle-of-attack sensor. The directive also covers the earliest 737 models as well as 727s.


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