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Paybacks a b####

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posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 10:49 AM

reply to post by the2ofusr1

Is Obamacare that different to Canada and Australia?

I find it hard to gauge if a lot of doubt and naysaying is due to a fear of a "socialist" health care system.

Another huge difference - I just heard on CNN that if someone was to sign up filling out forms and sending by snail mail, that it's 30 pages of forms, 7 of them underwriting.

If we move to a different province, we need to apply for that province's health care.
It's a 1 page form - name, address, social insurance number, phone number.
We then mail it (or fax it).

When I changed my drivers license to this province, they filled out the health care application at the same time.
So easy.

posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 11:23 AM
I have much respect for my friend Wrabbit and my friend Beezer,
And understand somewhat the concerns...

But many of you have jumped out the window before even checking
to see if the buildings actually on fire.

I can always tell when conservative radio and tv is turning up
the heat because the loyal listeners start running around ATS saying the sky is falling.
Would Xuenchen have a job if not?

Well it's not falling, and this watered down health care bill is certainly
nothing to lose it over. Think of it as what it actually is, Bob Dole's
(you like him remember?) Health Care LAW Because that's ALL it is.

I can't even imagine the" Holy Crap, my face is on fire" attitudes we'd be hearing
if this LAW was truly what was needed,
as in a Single Payer.

Try different news for a while, it works wonders.
Here's a list of the "News" who are lying and have monetary interest in
you NOT having affordable health care.

FOX and all their Friends
Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Peter (I'd like a feudal system again please) Schiff
Alex (any minute Obama will steal your guns and your daughters) Jones
Krauthammer (no joke needed) just Krauthammer
Charles and David Koch, Wayne Lapierre
(neither really care about health just hate the president)
Casino billionaires blah blah blah
With limitless cash and power ,
they lie distort discredit and enjoy delegitimization of their Nemesis.
Conservatives who seem so concerned with Morals have some shifty "friends"
in their corner.

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posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by beezzer

Although i agree to a point, Obama is a breath of fresh air compared to the criminals you voted for in previous elections. The Bush regime allowed the largest attack on American citizens in our history. What is disgusting is that they had fore-knowledge and used the attack to expand America's Empire at the expense of American liberties.

We do not "own" our country, bankers and Wall St. do. Remember that when you are driving and see cameras on every intersection, or you suspect all of your phone calls are monitored...and... every thing you do on your computer is witnessed by Big Brother and Drones that fly over your house.

Also, remember your local police dept. is militarized and your neighborhood is threatened with Martial Law. Realize this is possible in your community or the nation as well.

And while you are at it, realize your manufacturing jobs ( America's strength ) fled the country for slave wages and you paid for it by allowing the govt. to give tax breaks for them to do so. Your "Free trade" mentality allowed the elimination of "fair Trade" in the equation. Now U.S.corporations and their new host governments profit from America's decline while our govt. aid and abet the scheme by eliminating import tariffs. Isn't the New World Order grand! Bush Sr. says so! And many of you bought it hook, line and sinker.

Now that you've allowed Fascists gangsters to seize control of the govt., and you are angry that the govt. is expanding before your eyes, keep in mind that you, like many others, paved the road for it's creation.

posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 01:50 PM
Let's keep this discussion on health care, not 9/11 or what the rest of the world thinks. I don't give a crap what someone from elsewhere thinks about our system. It doesn't matter. I also don't care about GOP vs Dems. That's a side issue except insofar as not one Republican voted for the act and not one was even allowed to participate in its construction. This is a Democrat program all the way. They had both houses of Congress and they rammed it through. How people can blame the GOP for this mess is beyond me. They were completely excluded from the process: 100% excluded.

Here's the Bottom Line: The Affordable Care Act isn't.

And a couple of points:

1. You DO NOT have to sign up for "Obamacare" if you are otherwise covered by an employer-paid, employer/employee shared, or private plan. That puts people who are working, particularly for government, in a very good position because their plans are generally Cadillac plans anyway. I have a friend who works for county government who gets Platinum level plans for herself, her husband, and four children, for FREE. These people will not be affected by Obamacare.

2. Unless you are under 30, those of us who have chosen a "catastrophe plan" will no longer be able to do so because the ACA mandates that plans will have certain provisions. Catastrophe plans have high deductibles and pay a lesser %, and they made a lot of sense. You could save money over a Platinum level plan, and if you got sick, you would pay the deductible, which amounted to the premiums of a Platinum level plan. In other words, you would have broken even. Now ALL plans must, for example, include mental health, pregnancy, and prescription drugs. THAT is why lots of these plans are going up. The older plans do not meet the new government requirements for coverage.

3. If you are "poor," but not poor enough for Medicaid, the government will subsidize your health care costs for Obamacare (the plans you sign up for through your state.) But if you're not "poor" according to government standards, you will pay through the nose for these plans. My premium would go up over 400% (FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT!!!) if I went through the state-sponsored Obamacare system.

4. HOWEVER, if you are above the poverty line, but not really rich by any standards, then the government subsidy will often not be enough and you will pay a substantial amount to be insured. This is true for lots of retail workers, for example, who may make a bit above the poverty level, but not by much. It's on a sliding scale, but once you figure out where you lay, you will be shocked.

5. People who are disabled, like some here, and have little to no income, should qualify for Medicaid, which should be close to free. You need to check it out.

6. The people the ACA hurts worse are the lower middle income people. It won't hurt the rich, who can pay for it. It won't hurt government or unionized workers, because they have Cadillac benefits through their employers, and it won't hurt the really poor, who have subsidized care anyway.

I have private insurance. I'm retired, but too young for Medicare. I'm quite happy with my current situation, but as far as Obama promising, "If you like your plan, you can keep it" that turns out to be a bald faced lie, no question. My premiums go up 200% on January 1st.

So once again, nothing has really changed except the price. Insurance still favors the working, who are by definition healthy anyway. That's what's wrong with the system in the first place, and that has not changed.

posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by beezzer

I have a friend who is in real bad health. He tries to live on his own and survive on about a dollar or 2 a day. He can not get on Welfare. He's a single white man in bad health with no income and no way to make income. He is nearly homeless, some would consider that he is homeless because of his living conditions. He was going to sign up for obamacare and guess what??? They want someone like him to pay more money per month than he spends all year!
I can't believe what is happening in America!

posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 03:42 PM
Obama care is a good thing if that means everyone can get health care. But I feel that health care should be used for trauma care only. Any other form of health care is just stupidity and is liable to get you killed. I never ever ever go to the dr unless I have to.

"If you go into a clinic be careful as you might not come out alive" -- M.D. Robert S. Mendelsohn

posted on Oct, 12 2013 @ 11:12 AM

Obama care will cripple the USA. It will in effect turn us into a part-time workforce. It will fail on it's own merit, but the crisis it cause's in failing will be immense. IMHO it's just a way for BIG INSURANCE to get that much bigger. The different packages of coverage you can buy is, IMHO rigged. If you have the cash you'll get good coverage, if you dont have the cash you'll get crap coverage. Hell that's how it allways was. Except now it has a LAW attached to it.

How in the hell this is legal boggles my mind. Our supreme court is a group of idiots in robes. Bought and paid for. Obama care will be a enormous disaster for my country.

Part time my A$$, I know more than a handful working 56 hours now. That's two 28 hour gigs just to get by..

posted on Oct, 13 2013 @ 10:41 AM

Well, Obamacare is here, in whatever form the pols finally decide upon.
Hope you're happy now! To those who voted Obama in, not once, but twice, I hope you're happy with what you brought the rest of the world!

We have a few members here that will write that it is a good thing that they, and everyone else, is paying out more for health insurance, thanks to the new mandate/tax!

I think they are liars.

I think Obamacare is probably the best thing that'll happen for 3rd party candidates or even republicans. Because no-one is going to want to vote for the progressive morons again!


I hope each and every one of you that voted in this crook/whine-baby/moron end up paying thousands more.

Because that's what you wanted, right?


You wanted the "other" guy to pay more? Too damned bad. Suck it up, buttercup. Dig in and shell out like the rest of us who all said that this wealth distributing jackass would ruin the country.

I have half a mind to just go full on disabled just so you mouth-breathers can enjoy paying for MY healthcare!

That's it. Rant over. Post, ignore, I don't give a crap.

Well if you want to talk about a free ride. What about the uninsured 25 year old has a serious health issue rushed to hospital racks up a 50,000 dollar bill that never gets paid. That sound like a free ride to me.

Obama is going to be a bitch for many no doubt about it. Insurance companies are licking their chops cause they are going to make a ton of cash. Seems only fitting since they wrote the law.

I think, and it's possible I'm wrong, this law is just the start of long effort to reform, or fix our out of control health delivery system, with it's perverse incentives for over treatment and thoughtless obscene profit.

The one thing that is consistent in this new approach to health delivery is higher premiums alone with higher deductibles. Strangely enough people with in the health industry seem to think high deductibles are a good thing driving competition, empowering the consumer. The problem for me with this is that when I'm in a emergency room with a tube up my nose, and pain in my gut, I just don't feel like a consumer.

Oh yeah, going on full disabled might not be as easy or desirable as you may think.

posted on Oct, 13 2013 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by beezzer

Kind of hard to know if it works one way or another if you have half the Govt. crying about it and not giving it a chance....just saying.

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