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Mark 'Chopper' Read dead: Report

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posted on Oct, 13 2013 @ 08:26 AM


Dark Ghost
A notable figure in Australia's history whom should be remembered, but I do not understand why so many Australians idolised this man or why the media feel the need to glamorise his life. I do not enjoy down talking people that have just passed, so I won't say more.

Well i'll do it for you then.

Good riddence to a nasty piece of work who brutalised many people during his life.

Personally i'm glad this piece of crap is 6 feet under, one less violent scumbag in the world is the only part of this story that gets my respect.

If his such a scumbag why didn't he accept the liver he was offered, Nope he refused to have it and wanted a kid to have it.
he could of went the other way and lived for a few more years.

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