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Obama's Energy Plan

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posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 09:37 PM
I wrote this satire piece a few years back when Obama was first running to be President:
Obama's energy plan...

Watching Obama defending his being a community organizer, in the background I noticed his very nice looking touring bus.....

I said, "Oh look honey, isn't that a nice bus?" She replied," Yeh, I wonder if it is fueled by bio-diesel?" "I wait, it's the new energy technology Obama wants... it's pulled by a team of those nasty executives and as the coachman whips them into a frenzied need to pull they charge the batteries and when the critical charge is reached the bus engine engages so that Obama's driver, Karl Marx, can step on the gas."

After the conference was over, Obama and his entourage boarded the bus. Sat back to relax and have a nice chilled bottle of water, when the sound of the stagecoach driver's whip was heard to C R A C K loudly. The bus slowly started moving and more cracks of the whip were heard. "Faster, Faster," he urged, and the bus moved forward inch by inch and slowly came to speed.

The throngs of Obama supporters cheered from the roadside as they witnessed those American's whom Obama views as not paying enough taxes were hitched together and tied to the bus. The new technology was powered by pulling the bus by their manpower. Oh it was hard to get them to pull, but the well placed whip motivated them, and they began.

Back on the bus, as it started to reach it's critical point of needed charge, the driver pushed a button and engaged the engine, detached the towline, and stepped on the gas. The slight discomfort felt by the passengers was just the bodies of those taxed citizens as the Obama campaign drove over them leaving their mangled corpses in the street.

The next day after a grueling session of more chatting and giving orders on how to smear his opponents family, but not be associated with it, Senator Obama is ready to leave again. "Marx, what's the hold up?" Marx, "Sir, we ran over our last batch, and need more ignition starter." Obama, "Oh, get me the ceo's of blank, blank, and blank." "Sir, we used them three days ago, where should we get the new batch from?" Obama, "Oh, ummm, ummm, well, ahhh, ummm,........" pauses, "hmmmm, let me go ask my 3000 advisers." Three days later.....

Obama yells to Marx, "Let's GO! ! !" The whip cracks over and over, snarling is heard, and the bus inches forward then stops! Obama yells to Marx, "HEY, What's the hold up?" Marx turns around saying, "It's the new starter Sir, they Chewed off the tires! Who the HELL are they?"

Looking down, Obama sees a bunch of pitbulls with lipstick spitting out little bits of rubber.

posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 09:46 PM
reply to post by UnifiedSerenity

And here I though you were going to talk about Obama's real energy plan. Oh wait you did.


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