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Ritualistic Abuse Victim Sharing Real Life Experiences

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posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 07:23 PM
reply to post by Serdgiam

Those who are open to Help can receive, just as those that seek Biblical based Truth in Foundation can be Graced with due Reward into a firm Rooting with Aiding of the Holy Spirit that knows who is sincere for a personal relationship without need for organised churches/religion to act as 'middleman'.

I testify in a sincere (yet imperfect) loving effort to steer positively. I do not convert in such efforts alone, so I cannot determine if I have helped anybody at all that has encountered testimony of the faithful in Christ.

Do you feel that just because someone invokes the name of Jesus Christ, they follow his teachings?

No. Many who profess a Christian faith are not even aware of the Commands, let alone striving to follow them in their heart's desire to become moreso Aligned to the Will of the Father through His Redeeming Son.

Glad you mentioned the Commands though. Do you believe they only apply to the followers of an 'organised religion'?

I acknowledge I am a 'falling short' sinner and that I face trials and tribulations like all other children prey in this earthly dominion. My passage to the Mansions is guaranteed neither, no matter how much Revelation Confirming insight Granted I consider myself to have been Blessed with.

I will be making a thread on the reality of negative entities (demons) and hell soon enough based on personal experience also that touch on those elements above, so feel free to read or comment after that further sharing takes place.

Blessings to you in sincere efforts of Outreach, for you are not the enemy and my words are not at all inspired in a spirit to set you aside as one.
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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 06:25 PM
From what ive worked out via research is that there are demons attached to the child and they can even be attached before the child is even born via trauma to both mother and child, these demons act as alter egos, personalities or alters which the programmer can control via words or/and hand signs. You wont remember what you alters do unless you have flash backs or see them via visions. Sometimes a person can wake up for a short while and experience what is happening. If you wish to control yourself try using Jesus Christ name for protection. You can ask him to show you whats going on and if you really want to no he can show you. Your right you cant trust anyone you know. And they can send in stangers who will trick you and handle you for them. Going to the police wont help you they will brand you as crazy. If you can find out exactly what traumas and abuse you have experienced you can try to remove the demons yourself in Jesus Christ name. If you look up demon possession, how to remove demons and what allows demons to attach this will all be helpful. Do you remember anything else is anyone else in your family aware of whats happening. You can try filming yourself to see whats going on.

posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 04:27 AM
reply to post by seekeroftruthkiss

I have never heard such dangerous rubbish in my life. Demons DO NOT attach themselves to unborn children; what utter crap. Have you never heard of Victoria Climbie, a little girl who was murdered in the UK because members of her family idiotically believed that she was possessed by demons.
It might make you feel very big and clever to post such sanctimonious #, as if you somehow have supernatural knowledge the rest of us don't, but I am not impressed.
And incidentally, ALL trauma and abuse should be reported, not hushed up and 'filmed'.

posted on Oct, 29 2013 @ 02:56 PM
I've read a lot about this kind of things and it's all very confusing. The problem is there's a lot of disinfo and even disinfo about disinfo. We can't even know why you are actually here, you could also be here to spread disinfo and confuse people or it could have happen to you for real. There's just no possible way to figure this out.

It's the same with every conspiracy out there. It's possible they are thru but it could be that this info is used to occupy people and put them on the wrong track. It even could be the same with the people in charge of "bad" things, the people who execute the program. There's most possibly a pyramid structure from which no one really know the essence except those at the top and they're probably with a lot less then who are executing it, so they're also in a lot of "programming" and "disinfo". Technology is far ahead of what is shown in the media. Look 50 year back and look of what the people knew then. They're also the smartest people (i would be if i was at the top of everything for a long time). Where living in a chaotic time thats for sure and it's getting more and more chaotic.

What i can focus on and tell you is what i see and "feel" that's happening and just not in the good direction. The way politician and people in charge react to real life problems without any emotion. The way children are made to be more and more money and sex orientated and the appearance of a lot of pedophilia abuse (especially in the media). What kind of things there on television which has noting to do with self development or anything positive. How globalization is kicking in and culture is disappearing. How most people I talk to are unhappy but full of potential and goodness, and are lost in society trying to be something their not. How life is not about personal development but about empty materialistic obsessions.

I believe there is a lot of ritualistic abuse and that's it's really hard to understand and get out of. It's even hard to get out of this disillusioned life without being physically abused (where all being psychologically abused). They can't hide the fact about MK-ultra or project paperclip or how they try to hide everything. The solution for this is very hard, because you could go to a support group or any other person, if they know you, they know how to find you and they know what your doing. Even if someone is coming out with what happen (it could even be true) they could still be under programming to lure people in without even knowing.

You should trust in yourself and say goodbye to the person you where and go to Asia and live in the forest close to nature. There are a lot of places (which are cheap, you can work and live for free) and meditate, find yourself and come back to being human (everybody should do this). I'm sorry for what happened and all the stuff that still happening but listen to yourself and be the change you want to see

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