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Category 6 : Bad movie but notice a trend?

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posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 10:56 PM
Unfortunately I sat through the first half of the CBS movie Category 6. It makes The Day After Tomorrow look like a solid scientific film. This CBS film brings up to obviously hot topics. Those topics are energy shortages and potential climate change. What do you do when you are faced with a massive energy shortage at a time when it is needed most? From the news stories over the past year there is no doubt that something is happening to our climate on a massive scale. The change is rapid. Do I believe the climate will warm 5+ degrees C? Of course not. Our climate is far too reactive. The pieces to the puzzle are starting to come together. How far away is the superstorm? We are having some of the earliest openings of ski resorts in the west in decades. There has been significant snow in the panhandle of Texas already in November. Parts of the nation didn't experience a real summer this year. Hurricanes are at record levels. Twisters are being recorded in record numbers as well. And there is this strange thing going on with large chunks of ice falling from the sky. It isn't the blue ice associated with airplanes. No one is really sure at this point what is causing it. Just a couple of days ago a chunk of ice crashed through the roof of a house in the northwest. Some speculate that it may have been caused by ice building up on a jet. But that is pure speculation. Where on a jet could ice build up in flight? They are far too aerodynamic for a chunk of ice to build up somewhere.

It just strikes me that our atmosphere is like a giant pressure cooker and too much pressure is building up. How will it react?

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