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Swiss to Vote on 2,500 franc Basic Income for Every Adult

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posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 07:16 AM

reply to post by boncho

Your post is quite encouraging but do you see yourself as representative of other CEO's as well? I'd hazard a guess (and it's just a guess) that most CEO's of large corporations do not feel as you do about employees making more than yourself.

The only real life proof to myself of this came during a discussion that took place in Redmond, WA at a large (unnamed but you know them) corp meeting where the CEO baldly stated to us that the local campus was of no importance, it was just a few buildings to him. One of the VP's told me to my face he didn't care how or in which country he resolved issues if it saved his division money. That was directly after eliminating over 300 full time jobs.

While I applaud your work ethic I don't believe it to be widespread.

No, I'm an owner. Not a CEO. The only reason CEO's have gotten to the status they have is because they have manipulated the playing field through lobbying. Nothing is a fair fight now a days.

People think someone with a million dollars is rich... "Millionaire" is synonymous with images of greed & glory, fun and happiness, high flying life being able to buy anything you want.


A million is nothing.

It is hard to start a profitable business even with a million in starting capital. Yes, there are some businesses that can be started from a good idea and a webpage, which will bring in revenue, but most aren't.

The only way to change the landscape is to remove the powers that let massive corporations operate with no oversight, or, most importantly, socialize the ones that are allowed such broad powers that circumnavigate everything that makes it hard to run a business.

It is a damn struggle running multiple businesses and keeping them profitable. And while people are pissed at big banks, big business (or so they say) they have this uncanny urge to take it out on the small business owner.

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