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October 13 incoming Fatima consecration of pope Francis

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posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 10:09 AM
we live in 30th year after the 1984 consecration. Much was done, as spiritdaily points out and all of us know of the end of cold war etc. Still it is very far away, light years away from the era of peace. I need not talk about all the evil that surrounds us, both as everyday and as super-evil of the last years. Perhaps now the 2nd secret is completed but the 3rd is pending. And, the 3rd text is within the 2nd. I have the feeling some people just dont want us know what s coming. Whoever dies first knows last. What more to say. without repeating old posts? Russia is on the good side now. Don't undermine that in a world that seems to be only evil. Syrian mega war was just averted thanks to Russian initiative and collaboration from all sides.
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posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 12:29 PM
Russia Today some news: 410-meter asteroid ‘may collide’ with Earth in 2032
Recently general said the rocket space forces cannot deal with alien threat.
2 years ago RT reported Moscow is building 5000 NEW bunkers to be ready for 2012.
Just review what they are listing as news. There were at least 3 reports for underground mega structures in the last 3 years, including in far northern city of Norilsk. There were multiple stories of aliens, including but not only Medvedev's "joke" last year. It wasn't a joke. Other politicians also said similar words in the last years.

In summary, the converted Russia pretty much controls the outcome of the saga on planet earth. I don't want to say that USA doesn't have its big role. May be bigger. But to underestimate Russia now when it is on God's side, is to underestimate the salvation tugboat that God has given to our disposal in this era.

Russia was forgotten too fast after the end of the cold war, as the poor neighbor someone the West doesn't want really to be there next to the rich EU and having the vast land twice the territory of USA. The West especially those who believe must realize they cannot be saved without that part of the world. No they won't become martyrs. Nobody will kill them. Not like the Spanish martyrs beatified. They can be saved TOGETHER with Russia, may be thru Russian and combined efforts. And to continue humanity in post-cataclysm world. Whether in the shared underground facilities, that some insiders say have maglev links from continent to continent. Underwater bases included (perhaps even easier built). Technology on the level of nuclear powered drilling machines that liquify the rock and then use it to fill cracks in the walls. WHether a space fleet and a system of stargates to reach other planets as on sc-fi movie. The planets are here discovered by 10y old ex-military telescope. I don't know exactly what the plan is. But it will include any of these components. You will be happy if saved by Russia. Toa void the saying, by ET who help them. What more to say, I expected that process to start 2009 after Obama peace prize and Norway spiral and Kremlin pyramid in the air. 3 years were given more to humanity to grow up. It didn't. Deadline is looming and I hope ISON is the last deadline. If this is not done, the rescue plan, the humanity will collapse on itself, will throw the nuclear flames at each other, and most surely will be punished by the skies with fire as prophecies say. let take the hand and walk together the last path to the physical salvation of humanity. God doesn't need 6 bln martyrs, or 7 bln minus the saved Russians and the saved elites. If we think in such terms of God it is a very narrow image of God. God is God of life and of the iving not of the dead, says Jesus. He wants the life to continue.
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posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 12:55 PM
March of the Cosmonauts
a song that shows the same motivation and zealous action on the side of the Russian organizers and young participants to make that dream come true. This is one of the many space concerts recently flourishing with different young bands.

Uploaded on Apr 16, 2011
Choir of youths from Perm governor's orchestra. The concert took place on 16 April 2011 with a live translation on channel Russia 24

google translate

Tucked into tablets
The space maps
And the navigator clarifies
The last time the route.
Come on, guys,
1 light up before the start,
We have more in stock
Fourteen minutes.

I believe, my friends, in caravans rockets (spaceships)
We will rush forth from star to star.
On dusty paths of far planets
Remain our tracks.

Maybe we guys
Let us recall once, 2
As the roads stellar
3 paved the way
As the first managed
Achieve their goals
And on home soil
Look from apart.

I believe, my friends, caravans rockets
We will rush forth from star to star.
On dusty paths of far planets
Remain our tracks.

It has long been expecting us
The distant planet
The cold planet
Silent field.
But no planet
Not waiting for us as this,
Blue Planet
Called by name the Earth.

I believe, my friends, caravans rockets
We will rush forth from star to star.
On dusty paths of far planets
Remain our tracks.

Here is the new gen performance
Neposedi in Moscow theater 12 April 2013 day of cosmonautics and Gagarin flight.

It is a time for every devote person to re-consider all he knows. And may be to learn a little Russian. Don't worry, your hosts will know English anyway.

The original text in Russian

Заправлены в планшеты
Космические карты,
И штурман уточняет
В последний раз маршрут.
Давайте-ка, ребята,
Закурим1 перед стартом,
У нас ещё в запасе
Четырнадцать минут.

Я верю, друзья, караваны ракет
Помчат нас вперёд от звезды до звезды.
На пыльных тропинках далёких планет
Останутся наши следы.

Наверно, нам ребята,
Припомнится когда-то,2
Как по дорогам звёздным
Прокладывали3 путь,
Как первыми сумели
Достичь заветной цели
И на родную Землю
Со стороны взглянуть.

Я верю, друзья, караваны ракет
Помчат нас вперёд от звезды до звезды.
На пыльных тропинках далёких планет
Останутся наши следы.

Давно нас ожидают
Далёкие планеты,
Холодные планеты,
Безмолвные поля.
Но ни одна планета
Не ждёт нас так, как эта,
Планета голубая
По имени Земля.

Я верю, друзья, караваны ракет
Помчат нас вперёд от звезды до звезды.
На пыльных тропинках далёких планет
Останутся наши следы.
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posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 01:22 PM
I only want to add very briefly, that the hyperspace physics and travel are somethign achieved. Research fo T Townsend Brown, B2 the bomber electrogravity capabilities, and the newer TR-3A and TR-3B. We have the means to go to the nearest stars discovered by the outdated military space telescope! The Russians have the same and more - not triangle wings but whole pyramids that will gather times more people. OK just search the tech side if you are not sure how to pass thru the vastness of space. The way already exists don't worry about that. The planets exist. They await us the humanity for the new chapter of our history. For those who are saved. Russia will do its part but won't save you by force. (physical save). God won't save you by force either.

posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 01:39 PM
I escaped the evil, black Jesuits and so can you. Do it! Run!
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posted on Oct, 18 2013 @ 12:34 AM
reply to post by HUMBLEONE

I have never been under influence or owned by any jesuit or other, if you mean that. If you mean on a larger scale, well everyone of the catholics decide whether the pope wil tell us the truth or not. Now he is pope of billion faithful and not jesuit brother anymore who keeps discipline and fulfil orders. That is by definition, even at the level of a bishop what to say about a pope.

The questions I put forward in this (and other) thread are quite important. I am amazed the catholics and free thinkers do not want to touch them. Frankly other threads that are not talking about religion have more info. You can't have the big 2 superpowers preparing for a doom in the last 60 years and think the business is going as usual. It is just contrary to the normal instinct of survival, let alone higher reasons such as preserving human kind or preserving Christianity in the post-doom era/. No I don't know when the doom event comes, whether it is november 28 comet (unlikely) or unannounced event iwaiting in the shadow that will be announced 3days - 3 weeks in advance. Better take the signs for serious, such as the comet. We has an entire year granted, and 13 yeas post Fatima-3. Because the hidden text speaks of the second half of the 20th century. I don't know what more you guys believe. Your own catholic prophets, the evidence from some prominent non-mainline scientists, or the evidence of preparations of big governments. Or none. If you believe your own perspective alone, thinking you alone can get the truth by prayer, or following contemporary fake apparitions, then you are in a big trouble. I will not name those "apparitions" but Jesus Christ cannot come ona Earth where 1/3 rejects him and another 1/3 never really was told about the Gosel. And what Gospel - what is the real Gospel, should ask the 1/3 who call themselves Christians. What we have is not what Jesus talked for a big part. How about the book of Enoch and others.
40th day before the comet. Accept it as a sign big enough. Great Warning? I doubt it. God gave enough warnings already and Great Warning is not Biblical in first place.

posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 01:05 PM
The ignoring legitimate questions by those old catholics or may be by the hierarchy (who should read public forums as this one), does not make the core questions disappear. They rise not because it is me who rise them, but because they are the logical sequences of actions/inaction of catholics and hierarchy in the last decades.

New generations will come. .

Gordon Duff and Stew Webb on Veterans today and related pages, said Ison has two meteorites to fall on London and the second will be more disastrous without giving the place (may be Atlantic and East Coast). However he gives the date: before November 15. Gordon Duff and Stew Webb pretend they have insider military sources. It is a rocking information. Because we know comet Ison has orbit different from earth's and earth will cross its debris (not meteorites) in January. The only way those meteorites to come and hit the earth in November is if they are moved from the current Ison orbit towards earth by above powers (ET). Practically Gordon Duff and Stew Webb warn of an alien induced cataclysm in only 3-4 weeks, according to their words. Please understand, it doesn't need my approval, or yours. This is info spread online, those people are credible, and the story should be taken seriously. The chance is too big, even if nothing happens! What to do? Accept the rescue that God will provide to you, however inexplicable form it may take. You realize the chastisement will happen in one day, no matter if this day is Nov 1, Nov 15 or let say March 28 2014. The story of continuing postponed chastisement ina world that grows increasingly bad, worse than the time of the flood say some seers, is a story that blinds the faithful and make them inactive. By now, hundreds if not more should have spoken those kind of news and search for more astronomic and physics background that they apparently lack. No one says you should put aside your Rosary, but you should also give adequate information on those who depend on you. How do you spread secrets tomorrow if today you don't want to talk of common things that many non believers know better than you? (most, not all, there are people who do their job correctly). Wormhole does exist in mainstream physics. Please check it, try to get it even without formulas and then accept it as a given fact created by God and used by ET. This is the least you could do in the days ahead. Otherwise the church elite and prayer warriors are doomed because they have chosen so. Not martyrs. New Church will rise from those who weren't so big fanatics.
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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 12:24 AM
Doesn't matter if you like my analyzes or not, I have to continue.

The only way the above scheme is not true (for planet Earth) is if the final Tribulation has arrived on planet Earth. Recent statements of Russian patriarch about that are one solid argument. However he warned of a possibility not of certainty.

Another moment is the Saudi recent moves. 2 Esdras 15:28 until the end and the next last chapter of the KNOWN books show a dramatic development that sees "dragons of Arabia"

2 Esdras 15: 28Where the nations of the dragons of Arabia shall come out with many chariots, and the multitude of them shall be carried as the wind upon earth, that all they which hear them may fear and tremble.

30 Also the Carmanians raging in wrath shall go forth as the wild boars of the wood, and with great power shall they come, and join battle with them, and shall waste a portion of the land of the Assyrians.

Later on he speaks of stars and a star (Arabian or Assyrian is unclear), that will inflict great damage on Babylon. WHile it might be speculated the Babylon fall happened in history, it never happened with the use of a "star". Rather the prophet speaks of the future Babylon the great (not necessarily NY or Rome or any temporary city).

If we are in those days, we can refer to the Revelation chapters as well (Daniel quoted by Esdras in previous chapters).

I DON'T KNOW if we are in that time-line. I leave to your interpretation the current world events. Only pls notice that Esdras (or Ezra) is the only Bible prophet who fixed who stays behind the fearful dragon. Arabians. The Revelation and Daniel don't do that.

The attempts of some ultra-conservative catholic groups to assign that role of the dragon to the Soviet Union and today to Russia are baseless. Some even try to put both the dragon and the beast in the same shoes. Wrong! The beast who was and is not should be the USSR and the red dragon the communism. How then they both are the same political entity? That fell down? Not to mention that the communist ideas are created by Marx who is German philosopher much earlier than Lenin's communist state.
It is easy to throw accusation not based on anything in the Bible. We don't know where the dragon from heaven will land (Revelation 12). But we know it will happen only AFTER the Rapture of the Manchild. That event even a limited rapture haven't happened so far. Neither the space war. Only then the dragon comes for his battle on Earth. 2 Esdras puts that place in Arabia.

Much is speculated for the beast. But as we see the dragon is coming from heaven/space and he is NOT an earthly being. He is extraterrestrial (race). Perhaps the beast could be too. You all have seen the movies of creatures called Transformers. Gordon Duff in Veterans today reported alleged info that on the bottom of the ocean (Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, others?) there is self-conscientious Oil that could be energized somehow from outside ET race. If that is true, that fulfills the nature of the Beast who rises from the sea at request of the dragon. Much more if that oil could add up metallic parts, exactly as it is in Transformers. I leave it to the future inhabitants of the earth to determine whether or not that fulfills Revelation and Daniel. This is what we know at this present moment, and the information flow changes too fast to cope with.

One thing should be made clear. And it could not unless the reader understands the basic principles that drove Einstein's theory. There are enough educational materials online. Michio Kaku is one of them. The fact that the time flow is NOT linear. It appears linear on earth as it appears the earth is flat. But the way the earth is curved in a similar way the time may make curves sometimes. Not to go back in time, I am not going to discuss that. But it is proven that a massive black hole will retain time flow, the flow will be slow downed according to outside observer.

In other words, if the Earth enters into its final Tribulation, it will be closed in a region of space-time called Event horizon and similar to Black hole (the physics cannot be explained so easily in one-two paragraphs). The point is the Earth may have 7 years while in outside Universe millions of years will pass.

Why Millions or billions? Because the Universe has its own timespan. It is nowhere near to the collapse or Big Crunch as some theories envision. Having already at least 13 billion years life, it is logical and consistent with the numerous theories of mainstream astronomy that the Universe isn't going to end any time soon.

In the Revelation final chapters it is written quite clear the very fabrics of the Universe will be changed, including elimination of the death. The elements will change, say Peter and Paul. The sea will be no more. The Universe will be re-created. I don't think this will happen in a 1000 years after 7 y trib. This will happen in a billion years. If indeed the earth goes into the final Trib it will be surrounded by a black-hole-like object that will close space-time for it to have only 7 years during the Universe's lifespan given by God. The last 1000 years after the Second Coming of Jesus are clear - they are the victory of Jesus and he will reign from earth but also the entire Universe. Otherwise we limit His role to one planet only while having trillions of God's creature. It is wrong and narrow minded view.

Let you contemplate on these issues and drill into theory little bit more than what you know today. Tomorrow you will not have that time. Especially if you are unfortunate enough to miss the rapture spaceships and to be enclosed in the black hole earth.

Woman in the desert might be exactly Russian remote lands like Siberia where God is honored most of all, according to modern apparitions. There might be other such lands as Brazil, say other apparitions. I don't know. If you end up there, you may remember what I wrote and expect the end of the Trib saintly there. You will miss the millions of years but that would be what you've chosen.

"The rest of her offspring" Rev 12:17 I see in the Russian revived CHRISTIANITY not beast. Russia will oppose the rising dragon to certain degree. It is clear from contemporary Russian Orthodox policy what role contemporary Russia will play.

2 Esdras 15:29 nails it down. Arabian dragons. Not Russian, marxist, communist, or masonic. Arabian of the most fundamental ones. Those for whom to kill an ambassador of the country that gave them the power in Lybia means nothing more than the next operative action. Be aware they do exist. Whether or not the dragon comes now, again, I don't know. It might be after 4000 years.
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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 06:20 PM


Only Our Lady didn't speak of eternity when promising Era of Pecae right after the consecration to her immaculate Heart, the triumph of the Immaculate HEart. Not an era in illusive future 20, 40 or more years separated from the original generation received that promise. It doesn't contradict the idea of a happier life of soul after death, idea developed by NDE.

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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 06:34 PM
Pius 12 said the nuclear war with USSR must be avoded at all cost.
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posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 11:43 AM
I think Fatima 2 is completely rewritten. Published in 1941 after Hitler's attack on USSR, by Pius 12's Vatican that means censored down to the letter. It singles out Russia as the guilty one, and requires consecration.

Now decades later I realize the children in 1917 didn't tell the crowds ANY texts of any secrets. Lucia wrote them decades later, with the first 1,2 were released in 1941.

The hidden part the so called 3rd secret cannot be a Russian invasion on Vatican. This is fabricated. It didn't happen. It is not a "secret" when you have Stalin's army quite near. It is real possibility.

Similarly, after 1960 another landmark year according to Lucia, the nuclear war wasn't anymore a secret it was a real option on the table. Therefore, not even the nucear war is in the 3rd secret because otherwise there was no reason to keep it secret.

to be continued.

posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 12:05 PM
The painstaking efforts of different Vatican teams and popes to keep what is hidden - hidden, lead the searching mind towards what should be really secret for the biggest church administration on earth.

Is it asteroid hitting the earth? It could be so in 1960 but no more in 1980s and 1990s when the asteroids and comets appeared on movies and the topic was quite well defined. They could hit at any time and the humanity does not have reliable means to divert them, except for a lucky heroic story that doesn't happen in reality. Nukes don't help either. So we can effectively rule out the asteroid/comet 3rd secret.

Otherwise John Paul 2 would just release it and wash his hands. He did not. Moreover, he did not mention Russia by name in 1984 consecration. Why that play with words? Indeed Russia "converted" starting some years later with Gorbachev's perestroika. But what was the point of John Paul 2 not to mention Russia in 1984? Not to dare Secretary General Konstantin Chernenko who just entered office after the sudden dead of Andropov? John Paul 2 coud wait one year more and Chernenko would have died too... Therefore this cannot be the the cause at al. Brezhnev ruled most of all, and was one acceptable partner. Vatican 2 and the popes before John Paul 2 never critisized the communists. The communists didn't believe Fatima to a degree to determine their political movements. Let alone invasion on Europe. Why then to fear that some hot head in Kremlin will decide their hour has come only because the pope decided to consecrate Russia to Mary? Or to say that Stalin wanted to invade Vatican? (as shown on the picturesque 2000 official text of Fatima 3).

John Paul 2 almost suggested at Germany Fulda bishops' meeting that the text of Fatima 3 would embolden USSR to do "certain acts". What acts, if they could do a war easily all the time, even nuclear war, not depending on prophecy but on reality? Robert McNamara said that during his service in office they have reached very close to the war on 3 different occasions (pls check the vid of McNamara, very educative). What more emboldening of a power that had 50,000 nukes in 1989 plus space based laser and platform for orbital nukes? It is just laughable they would be controlled by a text of a prophecy dating back 1917.

There is only one possibility left uninvestigated. The real Fatima secret contains information of Russian involvement with extraterrestrial civilization. The release of such kind of information in the years 1960 - 1990 when the world didn't have the knowledge we have now, could mean emboldening of USSR leaders to announce it to the world. If the pope says it too...then why not they say it and manifest their unmatched power to the world?

Now we know what we didn't know then. We know USA also was involved with ET. Now we know the name of the US allies - the Grey. We still don't know the name of the USSR/Russia allies ET.

Now we know that John 23 didn't believe Fatima because he had his own apparitions of the Virgin and was told of alien presence on Earth by year 2000. Ps check his diary. It is unproven (of course not).

If all that reasoning is true, could we talk anymore of any parts of Fatima, of known and unknown, or could we talk of a gross manipulation and fabrication of entire ideas behind the texts instead, for political and geostrategic reasons. Even for the reason of not to make an early ET disclosure possible. Covered with the story of the evil Russia that should be consecrated to Mary and then should convert to God. That story failed when Russia converted to God in 1990s and the era of peace promised in the well known texts never came to planet earth. That all is fake.

Medvedev, former president of Russia, already said aliens are present on Russian territory and strictly kept under control.

In December 2009 was released the video of a Kremlin giant pyramid floating above the power house in night and in daylight. The videos are likely taken during communist time, because no contemporary witness have ever seen or photographed any such phenomenon in recent years, when the Moscow citizens surely had the means to do so.

Norway spiral Dec. 2009 occurred right above Bulava test in Russian air space. What more proof do we need?

Russia is contacted by aliens. Are they good or bad, and what it means good or bad, I don't know. Dr Uvarov talks more about what he is apparently ordered to release in pubic, in pretty good English. We also have the incredible story of TASS the official news agency of USSR about the Voronezh ET contact of 3rd kind with children.

What is the use of the Vatican to still keep a secret - secret, if the things discussed are no more secrets for those who care to search them online? Perhaps to keep the flock under pastoral care? The moment comes to tell the truth even to the flock.

Because the danger the flock of 1 bln to be exposed directly to the extraterrestrial reality is bigger than the risk to tell it beforehand with care. In fact the flock in Latin America is periodically exposed to mass UFO fleets of 100 and more pieces flying together. The last such occurrence happened last week. Being the most devote and may be least educated part of the catholic church, the Latin americans are shown the extraterrestrial reaity directly.

Or may be we are talking of different ET groupings and interests, agendas. May be the Vatican doesn't have the same interests as the Russian one? Or may be they do. Popes meet presidents quite often since Gorbachev. In anyway it is a time the truth to come out the way it is. 96 years are too much even for a secret of heaven kept by its representatives on earth. Otherwise we will encounter the phenomenon before we are told the real secret. As the occurrences mentioned above. Or as the real public first contact whenever the ET decide to do it. Then the shock for the establishment of the world's religion will be much greater. Added to that the realization of hidden secrets being kept from the flock for may be centuries. I think the contemporary Vatican and the newly elect pope Francis need that the least of all. The world will survive the truth anyway. May be it is more favorable to the future of the Church(es) if it is said in advance.

Or may be the time to say that came and go. May be now the race is against the time.
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posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 12:48 PM
It remains one more connection. John Paul 2 Fulda's talk has two parts. One part is about Russia making certain moves if the secret is announced. The other part concerns cataclysmic event that if known to happen for certain with millions of dead, there shouldn't be any desire such an event to be announced to public, according to John Paul 2. Pls refer to the exact words that I quoted many times and are easily found online.

Why should the extraterrestrials come and manifest in our days, and not let say 100 years ago or 100 y in the future? May be exactly because of a cataclysmic event to befall planet earth in our days. How soon is soon, not even one prophecy guessed correctly so far. Because Fatima 3 according to Neues Europa text should have happened before the end of the century (20th).

Seems someone moved the time clock with 13-14 years ahead of schedule. Seems in prophetic schedule we are still in 20th century. Time loop? Henry Deacon says yes it is possible. Pls refer to his and Dan Burisch interviews on Project Camelot. They both envisioned 2012 as the landmark year, and luckily for us, they didn't guess correctly. neither did the Mayans. Now remains what the Vikings could do.

Whatever the exact dating, the remaining survivors on earth or off earth will not be very grateful to secrets that could save lives of millions.

Or it is just ET contact without cataclysm. That would be the happy end of the story that I want to believe.

posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 01:46 PM
Much more could be added to the above, both as facts and as analysis. In 1983 the gravely ill Andropov almost started WW3. See the documentary Able Archer 1983.
Why should Andropov care of a text of secret or consecration? His finger was anyway on the red button. What was there to lose for John Paul 2 already shot at in 1981 by Ali Agca?

When the Korean Air Lines Flight 007 was shot down by a Soviet Su-15 interceptor on 1 September 1983 the democratic West froze in expectation of the worst case scenario. I remember that moment vividly. It was not only a news number one, it was the news. Similar to 9/11 or so. The shock was complete, because the Soviets always trumped how they care for the people, for peaceful co-existence, for international cooperation, for countries non-aligned, for the struggling working population within the West for more human rights. And at once they shot a passenger plane that did nothing wrong except to cross some Far Eastern frozen border with broken radar and lights. It was like the nuclear war coming. (see Able Archer). And someone will tell me later, John Paul didn't want to embolden a regime that was ready on everything for its own unknown goals? Mistake or not with that passenger plane, Andropov was ready for the war. He was KGB chief long enough during the era of Brezhnev. He wouldn't be moved by anything like Fatima.

Perhaps John Paul 2 didn't wait a minute after the death of Andropov on 9 Feb 1984, for the trumped consecration of ..."Russia" on March 25, 1984. He didn't even wait until the Fatima feast on May 13..., only he pronounced "the world" instead. May be because the newly elected elderly Party secretary Chernenko would start the war the next day? He died next year and the only thing he really do was to incude the young Gorbachev in the politburo.

Do we realize that not those words of John Paul 2 in 1984 saved the world in 1983? It is like retarded movie now played for the faithful. Everywhere I hear, because of John Paul 2 consecration of Russia/world the nuclear war didn't happen in 1985 and the communism fell. The war would happen in 1983.The communism fell because of internal tensions first and foremost. Not because of "consecration of Russia" that never became a fact the way as required allegedly in Fatima.
It is easy to play hero when the other side decides to give up slowly but surely. The role of Reagan is almost unnoticed by the Fatima organizations who put all the weight on John Paul 2. He did indeed tremendous work. But he did not do Fatima until the end. USSR did not collapse because of Fatima.

I'd be glad if more view points and facts are added to that.

In 1988 USSR had the space based laser Polyus. It had only one unsuccessful flight. The space platform almost as big as space station MIR (called MIR-2) had onboard laser canon and a storage for orbital nukes. The error to down it back to the ocean was a human error (was it KGB error). Gorbachev was present at the start and ordered no experiments to be done because feared US would accept it as hostile act at the time he promoted Perestroika. Besides Polyus there was Buran automatic space shuttle that made its only maiden flight on automatic regime. Purpose - orbital platform for nukes with deorbiting time 2 minutes on a strip as long as Texas - Los Angeles. Having such weapons now released in public domain, and many more still secret, it is strange that the world's biggest country decided first to disarm and then to disintegrate. Something doesn't fit. Except for if the extraterrestrial partners decided so, in exchange of something much bigger than let say control of Europe. Something like a new planet may be. This is speculation. But something big was promised in exchange. One may speculate that new ET have come to exchange the old ones, with the new better and more peaceful agendas. I don't know. But instead of demonize and close ears, I follow closely what is being posted in public space. Including in Russian documentaries that named several human races, such as Orion and Cassiopeia in contact and abducting voluntarily Russian general for example. Or the president of Kalmykia. It is not a joke, Medvedev! It is serious. And don't understand why the Catholic leaders do not do their part of all that. Francis met Putin. Did they talk of Syria only? Or of perspective of new planets to be populated soon and how to tell it to the people?
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posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 10:19 AM
I assume Pius XII being very conservative, was conservative and strict to himself too. So he posted correct words of Our Lady, but limited words at the same time. As tried to explain above. In other words, the danger for the world could be a non-converted Russia using nuclear bombs in 1960, that is one possible explanation. But the blessing of the world could be a converted Russia using ET tech now. Something that is still not fully reported 96 years after the secret was given by Mary.

posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 03:15 AM
With the possibility the war to start from Asia and not from the Middle East, the assumed prophetic role of Russia diminishes.

Slava the newly discovered Russian 10y old boy predicted a Chinese attack on Russia and invasion up to Urals mts on West (where Europe starts). Then they are stopped by USA. Pls check to my other thread of ET to see more about that remarkable prophet.

The Asian war may leave all nowadays prophets off guard. They all speak as in one voice how Russia will attack either the holy land and/or EU/USA. A Russian monk speaking at Slava's book, admitted the role of Gog in the Bible. Perhaps they advice Russia not to go to war in prophetic important areas because it will lose it.

From the perspective of Fatima, everything should be re-considered. Because there isn't 100% prophecy, there are always secrets, and no prophet alone, not even Fatima's Lucia, don't have 100% of the picture.

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