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Yantra Meditation - Spiral Out and In to Self

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posted on Oct, 4 2013 @ 12:32 AM
The shift is underway and many are feeling different or are in the process of change. We are now entering an exciting time of accelerated transition. It is CRITICAL that you focus on your heart centre and grow in self awareness. What you are is what you'll become. Move your focus to that of spiritual inclusion and loving awareness. Stay away from anything that promotes fear or limitation, because you will become paralyzed and easily manipulated by those who seek to drain you of your life force.

Meditate daily and regularly
Don't watch TV
Don't listen to radio
Don't read magazines or newspapers
Be wary of what you view on the net
Listen to uplifting and high vibrational music
Be wary of the people you socialise with, but without judgement
Be careful with how 'substances' alter your consciousness. Now is not a good time to leave yourself open.

This excellent yantra meditation will help you to come back and centre in your 'self'. Try to watch as much as you can, and grow in LOVE.



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