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Richard Dawkins Is An Idiot...

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posted on Oct, 3 2013 @ 09:42 AM

...and his "followers" are even worse. Consider the following clip:

Here we have Dawkins, the Atheist High Priest, admitting his own ignorance of Buddhism before proceeding to make sarcastic remarks about it. "I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I'll throw out cheap insults anyway."

And his retarded audience eats it up. "Yaaaay! He made a Buddhist pun!" Are atheists really so driven by their hatred of anything spiritual that they're willing to sacrifice their own logical integrity (something they claim is fundamental to their belief system) in their attempts to crap all over it?

Any ATS atheists want to defend their Master on this one? He's exposing himself for the ignorant jerk that he is.

Firstly you are making the eternal mistake of thinking that Atheists have a leader, I can tell you now that most Atheists (I won't generalise and say all as there are still some nut job fundamentalist atheists out there) are free thinking individuals that are Atheists because they have learned to think for themselves and not blindly follow what other people tell them to believe, therefore making the entire concept of an Atheist leader ridiculous and wholly unachievable.

Secondly Dawkins is a PR whore, he has got to places that he wants to go by being controversial and ruffling feathers. The man is far from being an idiot, he knows what he says will rile the religious types and the fundamentalist atheists will lap it up. He's basically the Simon Cowell of religion to the Popes Bono...

But he does have some valid points as well and a sweeping generalisation stating that his followers are idiots is both unjust and slightly hypocritical. Cherry picking one video for character defamation is cheap..

posted on Oct, 3 2013 @ 09:45 AM
Him saying that actually is a complement for Buddhism.. in fact Eastern religion(Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucius etc etc) are probably the LEAST argued one by him, it because it is not as belligerent as others.

Plus he has been around Abrahamic ones from birth, so it wil be easier to criticize them.

You can see the amount of defense he put against Christianity, Judaism and Islam, compared to the ones i mentioned earlier.

posted on Oct, 3 2013 @ 11:48 PM

reply to post by NthOther

He's a man who spends his life fighting against something that he says doesn't exist. Doesn't sound too bright from the start, to me.

NO. He is not fighting against something he doesn't believe exists, he is fighting against people believing in something that doesn't exist, and he does this because he believes that such nonsensical beliefs do people and the world harm.

The Dawkins-hating religionists in this thread just keeping on spewing falsities and demonstrate their lack of understanding on these matters. You're helping to drive home Dawkin's POV. He thanks you. I thank you.

posted on Nov, 18 2014 @ 09:59 PM
And look, as predicted, the atheists here jump to Dawkins' defence whilst claiming that he is not their "master" "spokesmen" "idol" or anything of the sort as they come to the typical atheist conclusion that anyone attacking them must be a Christian (because other religions and ideologies don't exist in the irrational atheist's worldview). If you guys aren't followers of Dawkinite philosophy (an actual legit term that exists now) then why act so offended that the guy is being bashed?

The OP later comes out with the statement that he doesn't adhere to any particular religion but the Dawkins disciples still continue with the bashing of Christianity which just makes me laugh and just goes to show that these self-professed men of truth and facts don't even bother to do their research or read beyond the OP. The continued bashing of Christianity shows that these guys also have an irrational obsession and hatred towards Christianity (which of course, I'm sure they will deny as they go onto write the next essay about how religion is so evil and how it's responsible for their inability to get laid).

Also, the OP never claimed that atheism was a religion. You guys love creating strawman arguments don't you? When the OP is referring to atheists, he's referring to the internet movement of atheism (or "new atheism") which does have Richard Dawkins at the helm. Face the fact that many internet atheists *are* followers of Dawkins which is why people have begun to generalize you just as you generalize all Christians. Oh how you hate the taste of your own medicine atheists...

Whilst the OP might not think atheism is a religion, I think it is especially with how all you internet atheists feel the need to constantly preach it. Incidentally, atheism is also the easiest religion to troll and atheists seem to have very sensitive skin, no doubt the replies to my message here will prove this.

Stay brainless atheists.
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posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 03:54 PM
a reply to: tweetybird0428

If you wish to believe in a god then that's your right, I couldn't care less. Why is it the religious people always try to "spread the word"? Why do you care if I, or anybody else, believes in your god? Does it make him or her more powerful if he or she has more followers or does it just make you feel better if you think you're right? Why are you so angry at people who don't share your beliefs?

If being an atheist or basher doesn't really bother you then why are all of you on a religious forum patting each other on the back and giving each other stars?" Club mentality? Couldn't care less? hummmm

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