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Prisons of the Soul & Failed Medical system

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posted on Oct, 2 2013 @ 04:44 PM
I share this story because I am sure there are many people that can relate.

My mother is trapped in a torture chamber of her own body, and there is very little that my family can do for her.

The established medical community which I hold responsible for her condition, will not do anything for her. There is little to no retribution for the thousands and thousands of dollars we have spent to find an answer for her condition.

My mother about 6 years ago started to develop a condition known as Fibromyalga, which I am sure many of you are acquainted with. She was practically bed ridden by this. Her days were limited to minimal activity, and constant discomfort. She made the most of what she could do during the day with little complaint to anyone. Suffering in silence as not to burden the rest of us.

After approximately 5 years of progressively getting worse she met with a local OBGYN and it was recommended that she have a hysterectomy as her uterus was in bad form. She agreed with the hope of restoring her vitality only to be left in a state that was much worst than what she suffered from previously.

After the surgery she complained of intense abdominal pain, the kind of which no doctor took her seriously. After countless visits to the OBGYN he basically "got rid" of her. The pain that she dealt with was excruciating, and still is to this day. She can not sit for any length of time over 20-30 minutes, and if she attempts to sit more than that per day she suffers even more the next. Thru her own research and intense pursuit for a cure she was able to verify that the pain is stemming from two damaged nerves in her pelvic area. Both of which were damaged during surgery. Which the OBGYN preformed incorrectly.

After digging for information from the established medical system and dogmatically pursuing the truth she has come to the understanding that NO ONE in our area will do anything to harm the reputation of another "Doctor" in the area. She spent months putting together a legal case searching for justice, and at the very least a refund of all the money she has spent trying to recover her health only to be let down again and again.

She is suffering from intense chronic pain, and is about to become a grandmother, only to have the realization that she cannot do the things she would like to with her new grand baby. This is destroying her sense of peace, her will to go on, and her drive to continue. I have watched patiently from the sidelines hoping and praying that her health will improve, or the pain at the very least would subside. My father has been by her side constantly looking after and caring for her in whatever way he can. It is an insurmountable mountain of challenges that she faces,and the more time that passes the more they both are accepting the idea that this will be the life they must accept.

I cant accept this, knowing that my mother lays curled up in a ball every day in the same bed, suffering day and night with no respite. No help from the system that put her in this position, and no hope for the future.

Our medical community and system is beyond flawed, We wish that we could take back the decision to have the hysterectomy, but that day has since passed. Her life is one of great challenges, and I know that we must fight our own battles, for our own spiritual growth.

I only wish there was more I could do to relieve her suffering.
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posted on Oct, 2 2013 @ 05:29 PM
I am so sorry to hear about your Mother's suffering. How very frustrating and sad that she hasn't gotten anywhere legally with this. My thoughts and prayers are with her and the family.


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