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posted on Oct, 7 2013 @ 09:14 PM
Explaining the polarity paradigm through perspective...

Why participate in the argument?

Obviously people aren't arguing over which direction the earth is spinning...because the answer changes depending on perspective. Why people argue over direction in anything a symptom of limited perspective.
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posted on Oct, 10 2013 @ 01:41 AM


If it is not a desire to produce [good] concepts, what is it which makes you choose what is "simply your own intent?"

To say instinct, or just because, would not be answering the question - it is not a deep enough/root answer.

I do not believe in static good and evil- I am aggravated that you insist on describing my inner thoughts in that way when I have already explained it is not part of my perspective.
I have been open, honest and generous in exposing my thoughts and views, there is no reason to make guesses or to assume I am lying.

My various intents and preferences are formed by many different variables, according to my experiences.
-I do not prefer behaviors that I have found uncomfortable or destructive in the past;
- I prefer views that I found gave rise to behaviors which were constructive in the long term;
- I choose intents which look like they would be fun to experience, especially if they have new elements for me to discover.

From those decisions, a sort of good/bad, or positive/negative system can emerge in response to things, but only in relation to the current intents! Like "this is a good thing to do if you are currently learning to play piano because it helps develop specific skills useful in that endeavor."
While a different action might be " bad to do while learning to play piano, because it develops different skills that are not needed and can actually get in the way of your progress with the piano playing."


For me to decide for another whether an action or perspective is good or bad for them, I would have to know them very well, have a close relationship, in which I am aware of their various different intents, and preferences, and have a mutual trust and respect with them.

A stranger, I do not have that important information for, so cannot say.
Even if I have an inkling of an idea, there may be elements I am not aware of , or they might be having that learning experience which will enable them to know the effects of that act (be they positive or negative) and choose with more awareness later.

Lack of respect is only in the concept they have produced, which is why the concept is ignored or disregarded. The concept is the wife of the emotionally dead husband - there is no respect, or care, for it, so it is ignored or not bothered with.

Obviously, we cannot agree on this, because respect is something I feel should be afforded every human being, unless their behavior necessitates a defensive action. Respect is recognition that they are an individual, different from oneself and master of their own life.
Yes, in some cases, that means leaving them alone.

In the case of the concept itself (as an entity, a meme) even there, I percieve that if it is strong enough, true enough, useful enough, or adapted to the individual in front me, it can be "let loose" without further concern about what happens to it. If it is not good, not strong, not useful, then it will die there and not seed the other- and that is as it should be.

You're welcome to have the final word now. I concede - say whatever you want, and you win. It was fun.

Oh please, there is no "winner" or "loser", we have a discussion, and do not agree. We have agreed to disagree, (or at least I have). We do not share the same perspective on these issues. That's all.
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