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For those who see or sense energy - somewhere to share experiences, techniques and observations

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posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by kudegras

Hi kudegras,no it does'nt come with or before migraines-i seldom get those,what I get are those headaches that start with neck muscle spasms,you know those hard knots-and it affects the neck+where my neck+head joins-the back of the head area.Also I have chronic sinusitis,my whole family suffers from that,so we all get those types of milder headaches often-i have found with a real bad headache a triple whammy of paracetamol,codeine+aspirin with a cup of tea+some laydown in a dark room works best,also for the muscle-spasm ones,if you happen to have any pills specifically for muscle spasms that would work too.
But no,there's not been headaches accompanying these streams I see,nor any physical symptoms-it just comes+goes.

About the Down syndrome boy and the weird "nothingness" couple with him-that gives me the creeps for the poor child,I hope to all that is good that he was+is ok-that is very disturbing indeed.

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 08:07 AM
reply to post by Logarock

I think some people are sensitive to energies while others aren't.
Probably no different to an athlete who can run 100 mtrs under 10 seconds.
Or a Mathamatician who can come up with all kinds of equations in their head.
We are all gifted in some way, its just that most of us dont realise it.
As I said my kid can see people as colours and numbers and yet she has struggled with maths her whole life.
It took me all my time to teach her, her times tables and she is 18 and still cant read a normal clock.
Just means that her brain is working better in some areas than in others.
Some people utilize their abilities in ways that can make them money or famous, while others abilities are more mundane and go unrewarded.

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 08:10 AM
Not sure where to go or what to do with this information, I have never spoken or shared anything about my "abilities" in a public forum before. My experiences usually begin in my sleep but manifest while awake and alert. I can feel my energy being taken from my core and out through my fingers and (this might sound weird) but from my ears and cheeks specifically, but generally my face. Most of the "entities" I attract are angry or in pain. I have recently been dealing with a young woman who was harmed by someone she knew in a pale blue bathtub. The location is in a basement or below street level. Very dirty and dungeon like. She has long dark hair and a name with a K. She tried to do something to my husband while he slept and he woke up with bruising on his chest. I spoke to her through out the night and explained that he did not harm her and she had no business in our home. I'm not sure why she presented herself to me or what to do for her.

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 08:15 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Actually that oil and water energy field you see is much like what i see in the dark.
To me I compared it to marble but I get your comparison as well, the thing is the energy seems translucent but some how darker than the darkness and constantly swirling and moving and I can have a physical effect on it by moving my hand through it.
I think in the coming years many things we call strange now are going to be less strange and more prevalent.
Just a gut feeling, cant prove it.

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by NRGmagnet

That is a bit frightening that, what can you do? If you have the ability to see and talk to spirits and they can have a physical effect on your husband I would be seeking the help of some kind of expert in the paranormal field.
I dont watch much tv but I did see the ghost whisperer years ago and that is similar to what you are saying.
I dont doubt that people have these abilities but many will, plenty of snake oil salesman out there.
Be careful who you enlist to help as many will do more harm than good.
Check out some of the older posts in paranormal studies, some of these guys may have some knowledge that can help.
Maybe you could u2u someone who you feel trustworthy via an older thread.
Good luck with this.

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 09:22 AM
I wonder if this is related to like, how when your at home and you can suddenly sense when the TV comes on and when it goes off?? I remember all the time when I was young, I would be upstairs and I would get this really strange buzz feeling, not sound but like a feeling towards the back of your head...I would head downstairs and see the TV as just turned on, but it would be on "Video 1" with a black screen...

The again, this might be normal for everybody, just seems weird that my brother and sister couldn't feel the same thing.

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 01:28 PM
I don't know if this qualifies, but all of my life, I have been able to draw heat into my body from people and objects. I can feel the heat from candles across the the point where I feel heat build up in my forehead and start sweating. In a room full of people, I feel so much heat in my temple, that I have to go outside and drink a couple of glasses of ice water, just to make it stop.

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by kudegras

Thank you. I will look for suggested posts. Not sure I'm ready to seek outside help just yet. I'm actually a huge skeptic of "profiteers" in the paranormal.

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 09:05 PM
I have had three conscious OOBEs and I could feel very strong energy all around myself. When I was first interested in lucid dreaming a few months ago, I saw a yellow ball of light travel into my window while fully awake in the middle of the day. It wasn't light you see from the sun it seemed to be more "alive." I've always thought that I saw some sort of energy that day..

Anyone have any insight on that?
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posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 03:18 AM
A little late to the party here, but figured I'd post anyway.

I don't "see" energy, but I sense it a lot. For one, I'm an empath so I'm always picking up on peoples emotions. However, I don't know what you'd call it really, auras maybe, but I can feel energy from certain people and places. Ever since I was little I would instantly know if someone was trustworthy. I don't really know how to explain it any more than I can tell if someone is a trustworthy person or a questionable person as soon as I meet them. Also, I get feelings from certain places, but so far it's only been places where something horrible happened. One such place was in Pearl Harbor.

It can be a bit of a burden sometimes but I'm slowly learning to control it.

posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 03:34 AM
reply to post by Aelfrede

Well, it's weird for me. I started seeing and sensing energy when I moved into my first house, The Pyramid. I've written a little thread about it which I'm yet to update but you can read it here - My experience of living in a Pyramid!

Anyway, it all began then for me. Which was also around the time I began meditation and astral projection techniques. I think moving into the Pyramid somehow released up some kind of energy block for me and since then it's been one heck of a wild ride! I'm not complainig, I love the unknown and mysterious!

....Although my partner can sometimes be a little sceptical. One example of me being able to see energy is when I walk through my house on occasions I'll be able to see a kind of doorway of energy and when I walk through it I can actually sense the feeling of it. It's very hard to explain....

posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 03:39 AM
reply to post by dave_welch

How do you feel if you see a dead animal on the road as you are driving by? I get a shiver up my spine almost as if I can feel their departed energy also if I see someone in pain or someone bleeding I get a strange feeling in my lower torso sort of between root chakra and sacral chakra.
It has been happening for years, many years ago my ex wife had sore shoulders so she asked me to massage them, my hands first started to tingle and then got hot, so much so even though she said it was helping but the heat got too hot for her, so I had to stop.
I also started to do Tai Chi and I actually can feel the buildup of energies between my hands as I work through the exercises.
There is a lot to energy, its around us all the time, learning how to tap into it and then what to do with it is the real question.

posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 03:46 AM
reply to post by kudegras

Animals don't really bother me so much. They did when I was a child, but as I said, I've learned to control it a bit.

Mostly what I do is feel people's emotions. It's especially strong with small children as they don't hide their emotions anyway.

posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 04:11 AM
You gave some useful advice there Krystian! Agree on all of them. Very true about not being able to teach directly. What can be done is help set up circumstances where the individual will more likely be aware of sensing energy. Like you say, most will have had some sort of experience before (however small) that can be built on - by simply putting focus and intent in that area.

You make a good point about going with the original feeling. It is funny how the brain kicks in and questions and can put a cloud of confusion over the initial gut feeling/experience.

Thanks for your input, great to have feedback and observations of what works :-)

A few tips...

1) When "feeling" do not let logic interfere with senses. What I mean by this is when we sense, this is a very distinguished feeling and one can literally feel it was not generated in the brain itself. Once one receives such a "thought" the brain kicks in and tried to connect the dots and piece together a scenario with logic and possible outcomes. These outcomes are no longer the "transmission" but more so logic based what if's and might be's. The original split second thought or feeling is what should be focused on.

2) Acquired taste - I don't believe anyone can "teach" someone how to sense as its impossible to just explain "that feeling" however I do believe each one of us had their "sensing" moments but just didn't realize it. Takes a while to begin distinguishing regular thought from what I like to call, absorbed knowledge.

Simple test - Human Conscious: This is a simple way I tend to explain where this "feeling" originates from and how to begin to look out for it when it happens..

When living we are often brought to very very small life decisions such as "Hmm, should I throw this paper bag on the ground or wait until that trash can" or "Hey I just saw that guy drop a $20, should I give it back or keep it" Now of course, these are simple right or wrong type scenarios, but the importance of this is WHERE that first initial right/wrong urge feels like its being generated from. That will be the same place that absorbed knowledge will come from. In these simple every day right/wrong scenarios, we will be inclined to in a split second "do the right thing" (seeing has nothing to do with "doing the right thing" this is just the easiest example) right before logic and the brain kick in to tell us how much easier and convenient just throwing that bag on the ground would be or how much you can use that $ then one may or may not "do the right thing" but that is beside the point. Once you train yourself on the feeling of that split second feeling, you will be more in tune to it happening in other scenarios where you pick up on these subconscious feelings/thoughts in a similar manner before they are then sent to the brain for processing.

Please let me know if I may elaborate as I realize this explanation can be confusing.

posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 05:25 AM
I'm noticing that different types of energy phenomena stand out more in different lighting conditions (or maybe it's the same energy phenomena appearing differently according to the light spectrum we are exposed to?) Anyone else noticing this?

I need to experiment more in a darkened room. I've been sleeping with a light on in the bedroom for months now as I've been experiencing strange goings on that can feel pretty disconcerting to say the least! I come round to someone/something sitting on the edge of the bed - I can feel the weight pushing against my legs. Also someone hugging me. I've had something squeeze my arm, also breathe in my face. I've also felt a cat walk up the bed and walk round and round (like they do before they settle) and lie down next to me, only to find nothing there (no physical cats in house). Strangely I had a rash develop on the arm nearest to where the 'cat' was like I get when cat fur touches me. Also experience strange sounds. I know about the hypnogogic state, but this can happen before I've even drifted off. This sort of thing happens before sleep and while asleep. If it happens while asleep, it brings me straight round with a jolt (like if someone physically was there waking me) and for an instant I can still feel/hear whatever it was. I find having the light on makes it less likely for it to happen, but still happens at times. Anyone else having this sort of thing as well?

Very interesting about your daughter's synesthesia. I remember someone else mentioning about synesthesia on another thread recently, and commented (words to the effect) that individuals with the 'condition' may well be experiencing similar phenomena to those who see energy.

reply to post by Aelfrede

Actually, I only see it in a darkened room which I think is strange. In a normally lit room if I concentrate I see like a clear energy field but I have seen this since I was a kid.
When I was a kid I would stare at objects and be amazed at how close they would appear almost as if I could touch them, I have felt I could always see energy patterns but this is different, much stronger and clearer.
My daughter actually has synesthesia in which she can see people and interpret them as colours and numbers.
She knows when I am in a bad mood as my colour changes from purple to a purple/ brown shade.
She has met people she doesn't like just from the colour she sees, a guy at school she was always wary of because he appeared as black to her has recently been convicted of raping a girl.
This is good, this ability of hers will enable her to steer clear of people she shouldn't trust.
So there is something to seeing energy and as I said my daughter seems to pick up on peoples energy fields.
How she does this I have no idea.

posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 05:30 AM
That must have been very disconcerting, especially to have your feelings confirmed by your child.

reply to post by Raxoxane

I was walking with my kid through a shopping centre once when I saw this middle aged couple with a young boy who seemed to have down syndrome.
Straight away the hackles in my neck sprung up, I just felt there was something wrong with the couple he was with, couldn't put my finger on why their energy just felt wrong.
I waited until I got home to ask my kid what she saw with those people and she said that the boy was ok blueish colour but the couple he was with had no colour or numbers at all.
I will never forget how wrong they seemed and my kid saw it as well.

posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 05:55 AM
Thanks for having the courage to share about your experiences. My first thoughts are looking into protecting yourself - sounds like you are being drained by these experiences. Have you looked into psychic protection? I would say go with methods that resonate with you, whatever hooks in your intent. From my experience it is our intent that helps protect us.

Would you mind sharing exactly how you 'see' these entities? Are they in your visual field, or do you see them in your mind's eye?

Not sure where to go or what to do with this information, I have never spoken or shared anything about my "abilities" in a public forum before. My experiences usually begin in my sleep but manifest while awake and alert. I can feel my energy being taken from my core and out through my fingers and (this might sound weird) but from my ears and cheeks specifically, but generally my face. Most of the "entities" I attract are angry or in pain. I have recently been dealing with a young woman who was harmed by someone she knew in a pale blue bathtub. The location is in a basement or below street level. Very dirty and dungeon like. She has long dark hair and a name with a K. She tried to do something to my husband while he slept and he woke up with bruising on his chest. I spoke to her through out the night and explained that he did not harm her and she had no business in our home. I'm not sure why she presented herself to me or what to do for her.

posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 07:49 AM

I’ve been able to see and feel energy since the age of 20, 21 years ago. I was always sensitive and had episodes of deja vu , premonitions, dreams etc.

It first happened while walking along a beachside, rainforest track with my ex. I stated to see shimmery, misty, moving, red/pink/violet with some blue/green energy in the air and running through forms. Also glowing lines of energy with fractal patterns, connecting things and composing things. It was amazing! And I had a deep sense of love and connectedness.

I grabbed a particularly inviting looking overhanging branch, it felt good, I could feel a vibration, and energy started radiating out from it. At this point my ex said “I can see that, the energy” and then I was completely overwhelmed by joyous emotion, as my belief system did not incorporate such phenomena up until that point, and I had thought I might be hallucinating.

She had always seen it and called it “the pattern” and had been told, by relatives who could also see, not to talk about it. An echo of the inquisition perhaps.

This is the ethric pattern that underlies and forms reality, uncollapsed wave forms and mandala like information.

I’ve seen various beings, ghosts, elementals, shadows and nasties.

Occasionally the glowing, fractally line things take up large portions of my field of vision. The lines sort of open up into more fractals, moving shapes and colours, which is somewhat disconcerting because it feels a little like going blind, unable to see normally. I’ve found in these situations that I just “know” the way, and if I trust this, I don’t walk into doors or anything. It looks beautiful.

Everything also seems to flicker, vibrate and be composed of little light balls, the Tibetans call them thigle, those that still have the traditional wisdom paint them. Bruce Cathie has some interesting theories about this, that say reality cycles between matter and antimatter/energy the whole time and our brains fill in the gaps. When you begin to be conscious in these gaps, you start to see energy, through time and space.

Thigle – Literally means “drops” and is traditionally used to describe ‘spheres of rainbow light’ which is the ground substance reality.

In traditional Buddhism it is sometimes understood to be a very specific form or shape. However, from a Buddha Brats perspective it is the actual visual experience of the true nature of the universe experienced as particles of light which are seen as spinning or moving dots or wheels, both large and small. It can also sometimes be observed as squiggles or moving shafts of light.

More precisely its ‘nature’ can be described as Dakini (sky dancer) because of the way it constantly moves around. Its ‘form’ can be described as that of Daka (sky flower) when one sees the specific form that the light particles take. This gives one a direct experience of Dakini and Daka as moving, dancing light.

The practical experience is somewhat similar to that of static visible on a television screen. A good way of becoming aware of it is to look directly at clouds on a humid day. When one looks at it one can see these tiny sparks of light jumping around all over the place. These particles of light can sometimes be seen to be strung together in strands or at other times form part of large spiralling discs.

Another example is to look at a dense arrangement of plants just after doing some strenuous exercise. Often at these times one sees the leaves making a kind of spinning circle.

The trick is to realise that this is the true nature of reality, emptiness containing moving bits of energy. Once one experiences this, it is important to remember that everything is made of the same substance, including ones own body.

It is also imperative to remember that it is in fact a projection from your heart and exiting through your eyes, playing out ‘out there’.

This provides one with a direct visceral experience of the Nature of the Mind and the more one integrates it the more one is liberated. This is often described as the process of Thogal.

Usually I can tell what people are like and sometimes I get a very clear sense of a “wrongun”. Deeply disturbed people react strangely to me, sometimes to the point of completely unprovoked violence.

A good example of this would be an encounter a few years back, in a supermarket. I spotted a homeless looking dude, elderly, all black clothes, various demon and skull rings and lol, a wooden staff with a plastic demon skull glued on top. At the same time he saw me and got what could only be called a fright, he jumped. I’m not particularly physically imposing although I have trained in martial arts since childhood.

He then proceeded to pull out a large folding knife from a pouch on his belt. I moved towards some cans of beans, intending to throw one at him. Just before he had the blade fully locked out he seemed to come to, he looked around, realised he was in a store and put the knife back.

The end? Not quite, then he got out some Australian indigenous clapping sticks and performed a little muttering, clapping dance, he seemed to be attempting some sort of protective/aggressive spell.

One things for sure, I aint in Kansas anymore.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my ramblings.

posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 12:44 PM
Hey Guys...I've been waiting for a thread like this because I have some experiences that I'm wondering if anyone else has had with meditation and seeing energy.

I read alot about 3rd eye meditation and started practising it about a year ago. I started out by just picking a spot on the wall and staring at it without blinking and trying to keep my eye's from darting around.

I too have experienced the swirling colors that turn into a vortex type shape, as well as what I would describe as layers of energy fields while doing so...If I get in the right groove I've even seen random scenes morph into shape from these types of experiences.

Later on I just started meditating closing my eyes, but yet focusing on the back of my eye lids..while wearing a sleeping pad over my eyes. (I do this because I usually can't tell if my eyes are open or not, and I want to be sure that what I'm seeing is really..."all in my head". So I know with a sleeping pad on that I'm not seeing colors or lights because my eyes are slightly opened.

Anyway, while doing this in the dark I've experienced all kinds of odd things...For instance...When i'm really in the groove the swirling energy that I see either morphs into a wormhole type structure. I've found that I can zoom in on it by staring at it and focusing on it intently. Many times at the end of the wormhole I can see a scene of some sort. Other times if I zoom into the hole there is a 'star field' that is at the end of it...meaning that it looks like I'm staring up into the night sky and see stars. There is always an incredible feeling that i'm in a large open a dark warehouse, or Imax theatre...definitely I experience depth of field.

Other scenes include whispy shadows of people...many times just crowds of people, shadowy etheric looking...many times i can only make out their form and maybe the shape of their face, wearing a hat, and a few times their facial features come into view. I feel like I'm in a glass bubble floating around in front and through them.

I've seen short scenes of old cities, open prairies, covered wagons, medieval looking stuff, only to get a glimpse of it before it morphs into something else. I usually get too excited and pop out of it instead of maintaining my vibe.

Another interesting thing is that I have these freaky lights that come on, right at the peripheral areas of my eyes..the far right and left...They are like LED lights...usually red on one side and green on the other..sometimes blue or white. They just turn on, like a christmas light but I can't ever look at them directly because they disappear when i try to look to the right or left. Don't what the heck that's all about...But sometimes when the field in front of me is dark, I've seen what looks exactly like a spot light come on at the top of my will pop on, swivel back and forth and light up the area at the 'floor' of my vision. Anybody else had this? Sometimes I've seen it while watching tv when zoned in on a scene of some sort.

Here's my opinion on some of this...

I tend to think at the moment, that when i'm in that state of mind it's like there are infinite layers of energy swirling around in front of me...different colors that just pass through each's like each layer is paper thin, transparent and depending on where I place my focus will determine what layer I see.

This whole experience is also very interactive. I get the sensation like I'm floating or flying over a landscape, but if i direct my focus or attention in a certain way I can zoom in on a form, turn around in circles, go forward and backward etc...I can also affect that I see by how I focus on it. Sometimes if I 'spin" around in circles a different scene will appear with forms of people or places..

It's much like an estereogram..the pictures that you stare at for a few minutes and then a 3d image will pop out in front of you...look it up if you havn't tried this before and it will give you an idea of the sensation I get when energy comes into focus and creates a it's been there all the time but you just have to tune into it.

There are other times that I just try to relax and let the universe decide what it wants to show me but it's hard to do when i see so much movement in front of me.

Once I had the experience, in a movie theatre, where I was practicing while the trailors were playing and I could swear that as I was reaching for my drink, with my eyes closed, that I saw the form of my arm and hand in a bluish energy field that slowly focused into actually seeing with my eyes closed. I had to touch my eye lids to make sure they were closed...totally wierd and only happened once. But I can't say for sure that it was real as I didn't have on my sleeping it's possible that my eyes were slightly opened allowing me to see...but it was a really cool experience.

I also get a loud high pitched ringing in my ears while doing these types of things.

There are plenty of times where I feel like I'm on the brink of breaking through to a deeper realm but never quite get there, and not every meditation session is the same...sometimes kind of average and other times it's like I instantly go into a deep level.

I usually listen to either binarul beats, or a nice "ohm" track on youtube that last about an hour.

There's probably other things too that don't come to mind and I don't like posting such a long essay here, but have been wanting to bounce this off of others as I don't have any friends close by that are interested in this kind of thing.

I've had some cool lucid dreams which are always fun, but not that often..they usually come unexpected.

However, the most physical thing that has improved since doing this is my vision. I'm 49 and for several years have had to look at small print from an arms distance as my close up vision has gotten worse due to age I suppose...but now, strangely enough, I can read fine print right up to 2 inches in front of my nose! Not sure how that happened of why but it's defintely true.

Perhaps focusing on the inbetween spaces, the empty air so to speak has worked some eye muscles along the way. I've defintely felt muscles in my eyes moving while my puples dialating or stretching or something.

In any case, I'm kind of addicted to this kind of meditating...each time is a different experience and a welcome relief from the 3d world we have to live in.

Not sure if it's all in my head/subconscience construct, or that i'm tuning into different frequencies or dimensions somehow or what, but it's fun. It's interesting, and I would love to develop it to it's full potential..for whatever benifit it may have.

So, there ya go. Hope this helps someone else. So sorry this is long and drawn out.

posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 05:43 PM

Would you mind sharing more about what you mentioned with regards hearing others' thoughts? Do you still have this or was that just when you were a child? Also, how does this come to you? Impressions that come into your mind or you actually hear the person's voice, or something else?

Also, with regards seeing ghosts, could you explain a bit more how you see them (you mentioned that it's not with physical eyes but like an overhead projector in your mind) could you explain a bit more how you experience that? Are the images you see superimposed over your normal sight? Are you able to communicate with the ghosts?

in regards to hearing thoughts:

its kind of like i feel how they feel when they speak. So if your lying to someone, your mind creates different emotions that you feel as your lying when you talk, its kind of like i feel that. Sometimes it translates into actuall specific thoughts/words but not always.

In regards to seeing ghosts:

its kind of like I'm viewing two worlds as the same time, which is why its pretty easy to turn off if i choose to. It takes a bit of concentration but i see the real world with my eyes and then i see the other stuff in my mind. Its kind of like your trying to remember a memory and you run this video through your mind, only its not a memory, its happening in real time. Yes i can talk to them if they feel like talking to me. I am a ghost hunter so I've run plenty of experiments with EVP and the conversations i hold with ghosts at a site during an investigation. I don't always capture their answers to me on an EVP but i can ussually tell when i do capture a conversation. When i talk to a spirit i can ussually tell if the spirit is a high vibration or a lower vibration. It seems like the lower the vibration of the spirit i talk to, the easier it shows up on the EVP. We use only digital audio equipment but even with tape the results are still the same. I can sometimes attempt to lower the vibration of the conversation through the use of my thoughts to make it show up easier but that doesn't always work either but its the closest we've come to actually pinpointing whats really going on.

sorry it took so long to reply, don't have internet at the house and i can't post on my phone for some reason, the site won't keep me logged in when i move to a different page for some odd reason lol
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