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Viktor Grebennikov and his beetle wing powered levitating platform.

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posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by The GUT

Do you have more details on this theory? As in a scientific description?

posted on Feb, 24 2014 @ 03:41 PM
I want to believe but really I cant. Maybe Viktor is legit with his studies but came up with the levitating platform as a hoax as to having something to show for. 1. Hes Russian. Russians are known to be good scammers, just saying. 2. Really, hes claiming he can levitate hundreds of feet and travel at miles at 1000 but only has a pic of him 2 ft off the ground? Thats like me saying "hey, I have a unicorn in my backyard" and you asking me to see it and I say "no, but heres its poop".

As with the pictures of the Beatles wings magnified that's more scientific. Whats that product that repels water? Its repels water because of its nano structure. Once you start looking at things at the nano level, the playing field becomes very different. Maybe because of the nano structure of the wings you can repel gravity etc etc.

Really now, you really think glueing a bunch of beetle wings to the bottom of a wooden plank will make you fly at 1000 mph? I really wish I can punch him in the face for undermining our intellegence like that. Not just him though, Id punch anybody in the face for spreading outright lies. Theres way to much lies in this world as there is, we dont need more of this bs.

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posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 09:41 PM
Hello Fellow Truth seekers and Permanent skeptics,
Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in on this topic just because I have been reading and reading about this subject for a couple of months now. I must say it is a GREAT STORY that Grebennikov wrote. True or not it really got my curious. To be perfectly honest I am by all definition a LOSER. I'm on disability and just collecting benefits. Never finished college got expelled. and I really haven't done anything worthwhile in my life. That being said I've always wanted to FLY just to have the ability to go somewhere exotic to do something no one else can. This is why Grebennikov's story really had me. So let me just list a few things that I thought would be interesting to look into further and connect it with my "FLY" research. lol

1. Google Pyrolytic Graphite. It has some intersting magnetic properties (diamagnetic or paramagnetic? I don't remember!) All I remember is when a negative and positive pole is pointed at it. It levitates.
2. superconductors of course levitate once super cooled with liquid nitrogen.
3. Maglev Trains are levitated.
4. The insect blathyplectes anurus has been proven to be kind of like the mexican jumping bean during it's larval stage in it's cocoon. Research was done in some University somewhere proving this. Supposedly the cocoon of B. Anurus is filled with Melanin which can be electrostatically charged by the Sun and supposedly the KEY to the secret of it's "JUMPING" is it's white belt around the middle that is not made of melanin and is considered an INSULATOR and because this insulator separates negative and positive charges. Essentially the cocoon is like a Biological Capacitor and only when the Larva inside the cocoon gets irritated or feels threatened (how? no idea!) It pushes with it's tail down thereby connecting is melanin concentrated spine up against the inside walls thereby completing the circuit. Realising energy that propels or makes the cocoon jumping Grebennikov researched this backed then and only now has the academics proven it. Plus he theorized that there is no reason why the larva couldn't "stop kicking" while off the ground and continuously "kicking" and levitating itself perhaps even to outer space with this "technique" So long as the Sun electrostatically charged it's melanin.
By the way? I looked into this melanin. you can't Buy it in it's pure for. Try Google'll find melatonin which is not really pure melatonin. seems like the only way to get it is synthesizing it in your own body.

but I did find out accidentally by chance in a tiny excerpt somewhere that SQUID INK is rich in melanin pure. Supposedly the color BLACK as in African Americans or dark skinned people like India or Arabia or even some asian countries with dark pigments have more melanin that lighter skinned people. Perhaps some stories of actual PEOPLE in history who flew or levitated had the ability to increase their melanin production?

Interestingly enough there is the story of the Arab Historian Masoudi in ancient times who describe how the Egyptians moved the huge several ton blocks by laying them on top of papyrus with wierd writing on it. USING INK. I didn't research what this ink was made of. but perhaps the INK came from Squid INK? or some other source of black color that was rich in melanin? maybe? who knows?
Anyways next

5. Alot of people in here doubt the ability of the Grebennikov platform to levitate a man simply because of how much power is used 9 volt battery (supposedly) I read somewhere that the US B2 stealth Bomber was actually a FLYING CAPACITOR and that yes it uses electricity to generate thrust but at some point the power is cut off and the plane just keeps on going. I think this is what is going on with the G platform. I think the 9 volt battery really is all that is needed to start a CHAIN REACTION. Sucking energy from outer space ( who knows?) that being said. I think this is what Greb was worried about. He believed that this technology he created was nothing new. He honestly believe that all those stories he heard about UFO's that people were seeing were just other people flying the same technology he was flying. He firmly believed that this tech had to have been used in ancient times too only because it was so simple to any inquisitive mind. He believed that this technology was dangerous. Imagine being able to suck huge amounts of energy from the universe using just a 9 volt battery? The important question is once the chain reaction has started and you have already disconnected your 9 volt power source? so now you have a platform that is sucking energy from the universe. How do you stop it? Yea sure you are flying 1000 MPH but eventually you will wanna slow down. It's like a ticking time bomb. I bet stopping would be very tricky to someone inexperienced. Just a thought though there are tons of unexplained radioactive sites on Earth, ancient and recent that people still have no answers to. ( 1908 Tunguska Atmospheric Explosion decimated hundreds of acres of woodland. India Mohenjo Daro, ancient nuclear explosion? )

7. I personally love the quote by Viktor Schauberger " A fish does not swim it is SWUM. A bird does not FLY it is flown." I really believe this statement. Energy is all around us. We just need the right structures to tap into it. Like Grebennikov's Cavity Structural Effect on the Beetle Elytra. He mentions alot of beetles like the Scarab ( dung beetle),Cetonia, and bronze poplar borer but he hid his special Beetle the Dytiscus (Predaceous Diving Beetle) to protect it. It showed him how the "cavity structure effect worked".

Here's my skeptical take on all this bug stuff. just from a logical standpoint. Ok looking at the beetle in flight the elytra is lifted up and the bottom wings flutter really fast. when you see these things fly is amazing especially when you consider their size compared to their paper thin wings. something else has to be going on there.
I've seen the "debunkers" and amateur or professional scientist trying to replicate the CSE and each one of the ones that shows how CSE doesn't work seems to be missing some "components" to make CSE work.

some of these guys post videos on Youtube where they take the Elytra wings face down like they would be on the beetle and then proceed to place another elytra on top of that one face down too. Is that how it really looks on the bug??? is that how it levitates? NO! the way it levitates is it's wings underneath flap around super fast. What that creates? (static electricity? or ionic breeze? I have no idea) but that's how it looks on the bug when it "flies/levitates right? so why do these people feel so cocky when they feel they have "disproven" Grebennikov? when it truth they don't pay attention to how the bug really flies.

In my opinion what the Elytra wings do is suck Energy from it's outer part and since the elytra is made of essentially Chitin (biological dielectric essentially like plastic) the Elytra somehow collects positive charges from above it's wing and like in a capacitor charge collects and collects and leaks out thru the pores underneath the elytra producing more power than what was above the elytra and just like with the Blathyplectes Anurus creates lift. I believe the wings flapping underneath the Elytra creates maybe a way to pull positive ions down to the elytra and through it. when it comes out of the pores underneath the Elytra as Super Positive ions

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 04:44 PM
a reply to: ISAWBIGFOOT

I agree with your statement. I have also done research online and have found that there are also levitating frogs. They don't even have wings. Another thing also to consider is that once the government discover his flying machine do you really think that they would give us the true raw unedited information? I seriously doubt it! The could have added stuff to the information to make this seem like a hoax so that his work would be discredited. You can take EVERYTHING about this story at face value BUT it is obvious that this story has some creditbility just by looking at the known facts about this guy.

posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 04:04 PM
Thank you for posting this.

posted on Apr, 19 2017 @ 09:16 PM
a reply to: ISAWBIGFOOT
Great post. Good Points.

Although Viktor Grebennikov claims can be somewhat overwhelming and dare i say misleading when taken at a glance. Let me provide some actual links to some great information that takes the sting away.

After reading about Electrogravitics, ionic wind and Electrohydrodynamics, Viktor Grebennikov work now seems very plausible.

Lets keep this brief explanation simple since fancy words only complicate simplicity.The wing cases of the Cetonia (Bettle) act as micro capacitor that when charged they release a propulsive force causing the wing cases (capacitor) to move in one direction. These forces are called Ion wind." target="_blank" class="postlink" rel="nofollow">http...://" target="_blank" class="postlink" rel="nofollow">https...://

posted on Apr, 19 2017 @ 10:10 PM
a reply to: ISAWBIGFOOT

When the wing was placed on the aluminium plate, the slow rate at which it slid down, proves that their was something going down with regards to it producing "eddy currents" just the same as a Neobdenim magnet produces eddy currents when dropped down a copper tube/pipe, the speed at which it should hit the bottom is slowed down at least ten times, as it flutters down.

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