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The Program Part III

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posted on Sep, 26 2013 @ 04:54 PM
Part I
Part II

Part III

Mitch pauses a moment at the door, trying to make sure this was the right thing for him to do. He had worked for Bauyer for twenty years and felt great loyalty to the company. But what they’re doing is wrong, and he was finding that it was getting harder and harder to look at himself in the mirror each morning. All those people coming out more messed up than when they went in, it just wasn’t right. The Program was dangerous and had to be shut down.

Mitch remembers the first time he saw someone get disconnected. The girl had been put in The Program for a simple drug offense, first timer. She was only supposed to be in there for thirty days. Her program was supposed to rid her of the drug addiction. She was stuck in there for two years. Somehow every time her parole hearing came up they denied it. Finally he was able to pull her out. And although he knew he followed all the reintegration procedures correctly, that very same night they found her scraping her skin off her body with a butter knife from the cafeteria. All the time repeating “this isn’t real, she isn’t real”
That was when he started his research and found out that the government was paying huge amounts of money for these prisoners to be reprogrammed.

But the worst is all the volunteers that just wanted to improve on some personality traits. These people often paid a monthly premium to not be pulled out until they were “fixed”. Years and years have gone by and The Program just keeps collecting their payments, never even a thought as to if they’re ready to be disconnected or not. No, this had to be done, people had to know, and he was the only one who could get the information out there.

He reaches into his shirt pocket and pulls out a pen. Unscrewing the top, he places the data transmit device into the spring and screws the top back on again. This was the only thing he had to keep him alive, the only thing that he could bargain with. If he didn’t make it home each night to reset the timer, the transmitter would automatically send out all the data and conclusions of his research to a few key newspapers, all the three letter government agencies, and some of his trusted peers. Well, it wasn’t really going to keep him alive, because he couldn’t tell anyone about it. But at least he could get the information out there. People had to know, had to understand what was going on, and he wasn’t the type of person that could just not say anything.

Mitch pulls open the door and walks up to the receptionist desk. “I have a four o’clock appointment with Michael.”

“He’s just finishing up with a phone call. I’ll poke my head in to let him know you’re here.” As soon as the receptionist leaves, Mitch pulls the pen from his pocket and places it in the pen holder on her desk. Now it doesn’t matter, I won’t have the info on me and no matter where the pen goes, it’ll transmit the data. Mitch breathes a sigh of relief and sits down in the reception area to wait.


posted on Sep, 26 2013 @ 04:56 PM


“So, Jessica, how are things for you, everything o.k. at school and home?” The doctor sits back in his chair and puts his pen to his lips, unconsciously chewing at the tip as he waits for a response.

“Everything is just great, Mr. Newbody. My school is just great, my home is just great, and everything is fine.” Jessica tugs at a piece of hair as she responds, her eyes drifting to the picture of the dog smoking a cigar that was hanging on his wall.

The doctor went on talking for about thirty minutes, Jessica answering any questions with as short a response as possible. She didn’t like this guy. He was always trying to find out her secrets. He never came straight out and asked, but she could tell that every question he posed was very specific, and the air seemed tight and tense after he asked each one. She didn’t like that feeling and was always looking at the clock waiting for her time to be up.

She knew if she told him anything that was really happening, he would send her straight to the psych ward. He wouldn’t understand that she had someone else inside her head, thinking and talking to her, saying things that Jessica couldn’t even really understand herself sometimes. And that person was always right when she chose to say things.

It took Jessica a few years of therapy before she realized and started to listen to Sarah. Every doctor she saw told her she had a mental disorder, prescribing her drugs that clouded her mind and made her more confused then she already was. So, when Sarah decided to talk, Jessica listened. At first it was just a word here or there, and then it became more. After awhile, Jessica was having complete conversations in her head with Sarah, and Sarah knew just what to say in order to get Jessica classified as “normal”. So, Jessica listened. And she doesn’t take drugs anymore, is allowed back in school, and her mom doesn’t think she’s crazy.

She still has to go to therapy sessions once a week, but they are nothing compared to what she had to go through before.

“I think your daughter is just fine, Mrs. Johnson. She is just a normal girl going through normal girl things. Mentally, there is nothing wrong with her. Actually, I would say she is very mature for her age and understands things a bit more then she should.” The doctor looks at Jessica’s mom and smiles a reassuring smile. He turns to Jessica and puts his hand on her shoulder. “I’ll see you next week then.”
Jessica puts a fake smile on her face and turns toward the door, following her mom out and closing it a little harder than she should.


posted on Sep, 26 2013 @ 04:59 PM


Sarah had to scream sometimes to get Jessica to hear her. The girl had so many thoughts running through her head, it was hard to get her to pay attention, but every time she did, it made life easier for both of them. The whole thing started when Jessica was going to the therapy sessions. She hated them so bad and Sarah kinda blamed herself for it, as she had been messing inside the girls head for so long, it had to have caused some damage.

But the real reason Jessica started to hear Sarah was because of the meds. Whatever code was written into The Program to act as a med, actually clouded the mind so much, it made it easy for Sarah to communicate. And the fact that they had to wean her off of them slowly, made it easier for Jessica to hear what Sarah said even when she was off them totally.

Mostly Sarah would tell Jessica what to say to her therapist, but sometimes Sarah would get the opportunity to talk with her about other things. So when she did, she would tell Jessica as simply as possible, why she was there and what was happening. It took Jessica awhile to understand it all, but eventually, she did. And now she doesn’t feel like she is going crazy anymore. No, Sarah didn’t tell her she was in a computer simulated world, but she did let her know that somehow, Sarah went to sleep in her own body and woke up inside Jessica’s. That was about as simple as she could make it without causing Jessica more psychological damage.

Sarah had some huge revelations during this time. One was that she wasn’t Jessica and Jessica wasn’t her anymore. They had started out as one person, but eventually, Jessica developed her own personality and was in essence a separate being. How can this happen in a computer program? Was it because Sarah fought so hard to retain her identity that it occurred? Or is this happening with everyone who was in here?

Sarah remembered her husband had said something about multiple personalities being a possible side effect from The Program. Now she understood totally how this could happen. She was living the nightmare and there was no way for her to get out of it unless someone in the real world unplugged her. But what would that do to Jessica? Isn’t she a real person now too? She is living in a computer, but she is learning, changing, and has emotions just like we do in the real world. Would she be killing Jessica if they killed The Program?

She had to let Michael know what was going on. Somehow she had to get a message out to the real world and get some help for both her and Jessica, but how?

Remembering that The Program acted differently when Jessica was on her meds, Sarah started to get an idea, it wasn’t something she wanted to do, but it might be the only way. She had to get Jessica back on her meds to see if she could change anything in The Programs code, and that meant she would have to give Jessica bad advice at her therapy sessions.

Sarah sat in the corridor by the door to her memories and started to cry. It was truly a hopeless situation. She had to try it though, after all, Jessica wasn’t real and she was. She shouldn’t care about what it did to Jessica. Sarah sat on the floor for hours, rocking back and forth, tears flowing down her checks “this isn’t real, she isn’t real”


posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 07:34 PM
I was going to read a chapter and then read more later, but once I started I couldn't stop. This is worthy of publication. Thanks for sharing and do continue.

posted on Oct, 5 2013 @ 08:05 AM


“I am done with this. I can’t take these lies anymore.” Tracy slams the binder down on the desk and turns to look up at her boss. “None of the lies written in here will help anyone. I can’t believe you’re willing to go along with this Jacob.”

Jacob stairs long and hard into Tracy’s eyes, slowly picking up the binder and firmly placing it back into her hands. “You are under the impression that we have another option, Tracy. The way I see it, we don’t. If we speak out and tell the truth, our lives and the lives of our families are at stake. If we keep quiet and speak these lies, it won’t matter in the end. No one will care and there won’t be anything anyone can do about it.”

He gently squeezes her hand and goes on. “The truth is we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The truth is that whatever we say now won’t matter in the end. I won’t remember, you won’t remember, no one is going to remember by the time this is over with. We all are going to take our place in the new world and none of what happens now will even matter in the future.”

“So, you’ve decided to do it then? You’re gonna take the chip and become one of those people we saw in the test facility?”Tracy pulls her hand away and sets the binder firmly back down on the desk. Jacob was right, her options were limited. But they weren’t the ones he was talking about. The way she saw it, she had only two. Take this information and get it out to the world or keep it hidden and become an accessory to the fall of mankind. Unlike Jacob, she wasn’t under any delusions that she would survive either way. They wouldn’t let anyone who knew about this stay alive once the process was complete. But right now she couldn’t give Jacob any idea about what she was thinking, it was too dangerous.

“I guess you’re right. I know this has to be done; it’s the right thing to do. But sometimes, just sometimes, I can’t help but feel there has to be another way. I mean, we’ve survived this far being individuals and making our own choices. It just saddens me that it has come to this. That’s not what The Program was for, Jacob.” She pulls him into a hug so he can’t read her face as she says the next part. “You know I am behind it one hundred percent. I have never let you down and don’t intend to do so now.”

“Just think about all the positive this will do for humanity. The new chip will make everyone perfect, everyone the same. All the bad traits of the human race will be gone. People will follow the rules and go to work. No more murder or rape, no more wars. All that will be gone. And no one will even remember those days. For years everyone has been trying to make everyone else like them, all the groups and organizations marching and preaching on how theirs was the only way, the best way. Now they have their wish, we will all be the same and everyone will be happy. All because of one little chip they are gonna swallow when they drink some water. No one will even know until it’s done, and even then they won’t have a clue.”

Tracy forces a smile as she pushes herself out of the hug. “Have you decided when this is all going to take place? I just want to know how much time I have left with my family, you know, as me.” She looks down at her feet, not wanting him to see her expression when he gave the answer.

“About six months, maybe less. They are still mass producing the chip and you have to present those final test results to the agency. As soon as that is done, it will only take a week to or so to get the chip into the water systems and they figure about a month to make sure everyone has ingested one. Once that is done, they will activate it across the globe at the exact same time, and we will have our perfect society within moments.” Jacob smiles as he says the last part. By the look on his face, Tracy could tell it was a bittersweet one. She knew that Jacob hadn’t fully bought into the idea either, but he wasn’t strong enough to fight, so had just resigned to it. She, on the other hand, wasn’t about to let this go down without a battle. No, she had to do something. She couldn’t let her little Emily be anybody but who she was. And if she truly loved her family, she couldn’t let this happen without at least trying to stop it. No matter what the cost.

Sarah picked up the binder and walked out of the room. She knew she was going to need some help; this was too big for just one person to take on, but who? Then she remembered the altercation she had witnessed between Mitch Ronald and his boss. Mitch was talking about his findings and shutting down The Program until it was fixed. She had only heard a few seconds of it as she walked by, but what she had heard was enough to give her hope that she might find an ally in him. There was only one way to be sure, she had to talk to him. If her boss saw them talking though, he would put two and two together and they would both be dead in a matter of hours. She could slip him a note to set up a meet, but if anyone ever got a hold of it…No she had to talk with him in person. She would follow him home after work and approach him somewhere on his route when he made a stop. The best way to do this is face to face without any notice, it was the safest way for both of them.

Tracy makes her way to the exit, making a mental note to stock up on bottled water as she did so.


posted on Oct, 5 2013 @ 08:07 AM


Mitch walks out of the gas station, opening his bottle of water and taking a huge gulp. The weather had been so hot lately, and everywhere he went all he saw was advertisements for water. At first he thought it was crazy how much they were advertising it, but then it just became obvious: with ninety to hundred degree weather, why wouldn’t they try to get people to buy more? He walks back to his car and reaches for the door handle when he notices a woman approaching. He turns around to see who it is and recognizes her from work, it was Tracy Nubar. She was in a different department then him so they had never really gotten to know one another. But he did know two things: She was above his boss in the institute, and there was no obvious reason why she would need to speak to him either in the office or out of it. He starts to fumble for his keys and hurriedly tries to open the door when he sees her put her hands up.

She must have saw he was nervous and ready to flee because she yelled out across the parking lot “Wait, I just want to talk to you. Please wait.” Mitch pauses a moment to weigh his options. Finally he comes to the conclusion that this is one meeting he wasn’t going to get out of. If Tracy wanted to talk with him, she could just send one of the security officers to bring him in or worse yet, have the police come to collect him from his home. That was how much power Tracy had and it would be pointless for him to try and avoid her. She obviously didn’t want this conversation to happen at the institute, so whatever she had to say couldn’t be anything that she wanted other people to know. He lets out a big sigh and turns around to meet her.

Tracy had been practicing what to say ever since she had made the decision to talk to Mitch. She knew he would not trust her at first and that she needed him to in order to gain his alliance. So she had decided that she was going to just give it all to him right up front and gauge his response. She had plausible deniability and in the worst case scenario, if he wasn’t who she thought he was, she could have him put into The Program just by stroke of a pen. No, she had to lay it out and let him know she was on his side.

“Mitch, I overheard you talking to your boss the other day and I’m afraid the issue around The Program goes much deeper then what you think. They are going to chip us, Mitch, every one of us. And then they are going to reprogram us, and then they are going to control us. We will live out the rest of our lives as whoever they deem we should be, none of our choices will be our own, none of our thoughts will be our own, and we won’t even remember who we were before. We will be whatever or whoever they decide they want us to be.” Tracy couldn’t help it; she let out a big sob and pushed her way into Mitch’s arms. It was such a relief to get that off her chest, she didn’t even care if he was going to help her or not. It was several minutes before she pulled out of the embrace and looked up into his eyes. Did he believe what she said? She sat there waiting for some kind of response and as the moments ticked by it became unclear as to if she had made the right decision or not.

Mitch was taken aback by what had just happened. Of all the people he could have imagined would be on his side, Tracy Nubar had never even crossed his mind. He knew he was going to have to have inside help to pull off what he and Michael had decided to do, but, he never thought for a moment it would be someone as high up in the food chain as Tracy. And all this additional information she just blurted out, how does anyone even digest that?

Mitch didn’t know if he could trust her or not. Even with what she just said, Bauyer was very sneaky and he had every right to believe this could be a ploy to sniff out the traitors within the company. Right now, though, he didn’t have any choice but to let her in. She was the in the perfect position to help him and he definitely need all the help he could get.

It was taking him several minutes to decide what to do, and he could see Tracy was very nervous about the outcome of the conversation she just initiated. He decided he had to trust her for now, but he would keep her at arm’s length until he knew for sure which team she was really on. “I don’t know what to say, Tracy. It’s not that I don’t believe you, Bauyer certainly would be the ones to do something like that if what you say is real. But I don’t know what to do about it or how to proceed. Have you any hard evidence to support your claims? Anything we can take to the press or the government?”

“I do have documentation on the whole thing, but you misunderstand how deep this goes, Mitch. The government has been sponsoring the research and is the one signing off on this deal. Matter of fact, all the governments are involved, not just ours. You see, in order for this to work, the whole world has to be chipped, not just our country, every country has to participate.” Tracy looks down at her feet in deep thought and then looks up at Mitch with pure determination in her eyes. “No, the only way to shut this thing down is from the inside. We have to kill The Program and make sure it can never be used again. The chips only work in conjunction with The Program. If we shut it down and erase all evidence of it, then that will give us enough time to get the word out and stop it for good.” Tracy looks up at Mitch to see his reaction. When she saw he was listening, she proceeded. “I can access the mainframe, you can create the virus, and together we can kill it Mitch. We need to kill it.”

Mitch thought about telling her that that was the plan in the first place, but decided against it. If he told her anything he would have to tell her everything, and he wasn’t prepared to throw Michael and Sarah into the equation without at least talking to Michael about it first. No, she would have to think this was all her idea for now.

“What about the people stuck inside The Program? What will happen to them if we just destroy the whole thing without getting them out first?” This was the question that was eating Mitch up inside. He would’ve wiped the program out by himself if he knew for certain that the people hooked up to it would survive. He wasn’t going to be responsible for all those deaths; he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he knowingly sacrificed even one person to save another. It just wasn’t how he was built, his own life, sure, but someone else’s? He wasn’t prepared to make that decision.

“You and I both know it could only go two ways. They wake up and are a little confused, or they die when The Program does. Either way, we have to do this, Mitch. There are no other options.” Sarah had thought about this for quite some time and decided that these people didn’t really matter. According to the tests, they were lost whether they came out of it alive or not. It would probably be better for them if they did die in the process, none of them ever really came back knowing who they were, and a lot of them just flipped and went crazy when they were let out. She thought about the guy who took the razorblade to his face or the one who cut his fingers off with a pair of scissors. These were the kind of monsters The Program made.

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posted on Oct, 5 2013 @ 08:08 AM
The Bauyer institute had everyone fooled, even the government. They had falsified and faked so many documents that there was no way anyone could know the truth. But Tracy did and could prove it. She had been collecting all the original documentation since the beginning. At first it was just an insurance policy in case things went bad and they tried to make her the patsy. But then when she realized the true purpose of The Program, it became her one last hope in stopping all the madness. She looked up and saw Mitch take a swig of his water, watching while he tipped it back and took a long hard swallow. She had to turn quickly to avoid hitting him as she bent over to let her lunch spill out onto the ground.


posted on Oct, 6 2013 @ 02:09 AM
Great story! More please.

posted on Oct, 6 2013 @ 05:55 AM


Jessica couldn’t think straight anymore. It had been several months since she had been put back on medication and she didn’t even really know why it happened in the first place. She said everything Sarah told her to say, and the conversation with her doctor had been going really well. All of a sudden, two guys come in and take her out of the office, place her in a white van, and before she knows it, she‘s in the psyche ward. It was too hard to think though. She couldn’t remember what she’d said to the doctor that got her there.

Every day was the same, wake up and take your meds, eat lunch and take your meds, go to sleep and take your meds. She had some fuzzy memories of the stuff she did in between, but nothing of importance. And now Sarah wouldn’t even talk to her. It was more like she was inside Sarah’s head then Sarah being inside hers. She thought she remembered talking with a few nurses, but knew that it wasn’t her thoughts or words she was speaking. And just when she felt clarity coming on again, the nurses would bring in another plastic cup filled with pills for her to take. No matter how hard she tried not to, she would grab the cup and swallow the pills, not even an instant of hesitation on her part. It was almost like someone else was controlling her actions, and she was fearful that she was losing herself.

Jessica felt the clarity creeping in again and decided this time when the nurses came in she wasn’t going to take those pills. She heard the door unlock and saw the nurse walk in, desperately trying to stay in control, Jessica stands up and starts to pace the room, chanting I am Jessica; I am Jessica in her mind as she does so. When the nurse moves forward to give her the cup, Jessica springs into action. She slaps the cup out of the woman’s hand and the pills go spilling to the floor. Scraping and clawing at the woman’s face, she knocks her down to the floor and runs out of the room. The hallway was brightly lit and Jessica had to take a moment to get her bearings. Not knowing which way to go she turns right and runs down the hall to the door at the end.

She charges through the door just as she hears the alarm go off. They knew she was out. She steps into a room and scoots under the bed. A woman was in there rocking back and forth on the bed. Having nowhere to go, Jessica waits in silence for the staff to pass by the room. The smell of sweat and urine fill her nostrils and she tries to hold down the contents of her stomach when she hears the door to the room open.

Without any control, Jessica scoots out from under the bed and walks straight towards the nurse. “I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m so sorry, I’ll take my meds, I won’t hurt anyone anymore, I promise. Please give me my meds. They are the only things that make me feel better.” Horrified Jessica tries to run, but she can’t make her body move.

After a few moments two guys in lab coats enter the room and Jessica is led out back to her own, the woman on the bed chanting in a slow rhythmic beat. This is not real, she is not real. This is not real, she is not real.

posted on Oct, 6 2013 @ 05:56 AM


Sarah hated what she was doing to Jessica. The poor girl had no idea what was happening and it was so sad to watch her work through it. She hadn’t talked to Jessica since she had got her admitted, not that she didn’t want to, but she couldn’t face the young girl right now and she had more important things to do.

Sarah had been trying to figure out how to get a message out to the real world. It took her a lot of thought before she realized that she might be able to use something in here to send a message out there. After all, programmers were always leaving back doors open in case something happened and they needed access to their work. The hard part was going to be figuring out what the backdoor was. So she had worked real hard to be the one in control. She had made sure Jessica got admitted, made sure she stayed medicated, even made sure Jessica was unaware that she was the one caught inside her head, not Sarah. She would feed her images of things that happened every day, make her think she was doing them so she wouldn’t become suspicious. It had been exhausting to hold her in check. But she kept doing it, because she had to find a way to reach the outside, and it would be too difficult to try and tell Jessica what needed to be done.

So far, she had found out several things about this world. None of them useful by themselves, but maybe they would be if they were used together. First, if you knew how to look, you could see everything was a code. Once Sarah figured this out, she tried to access it, but was unsuccessful. It seems each item coded in here was locked. You could see the code, but you couldn’t mess with it. She could read it, though, and if ever she found something not blocked, she would try to change it.

The second thing she found out is that she wasn’t the only one who knew who she was. Most of the people locked up in this place remembered a past life. Some of them were even struggling with the same issue Sarah and Jessica had. Two people trapped in one body. This was not helpful to her at all, except it made her feel better to know she wasn’t alone.

Maybe the most important thing she realized is she could influence the code in some small ways. If she asked for something to happen, it would eventually. Bad or good, if she thought a certain way, the outcome of whatever she thought would manifest. Something as simple as wanting pudding for desert, or wishing they would show a certain movie on TV. These were the things that she could control to some degree. Sure, she tried asking for something big, like having it rain money on Tuesday, but she knew before she thought it that it wouldn’t happen. They wouldn’t allow something that obvious to happen. Only things that would bring you comfort and make you stop asking questions.

The last and most confusing was the interaction she had with people. When she talked, sometimes they would listen to her intently, like she was the only person that made any sense in the world. Other times, she would speak and they wouldn’t even acknowledge she had said anything. It took Sarah a few weeks to figure out that some of these people were programmed to interact with her, and some were not. She even had her suspicions that the ones who didn’t respond were the ones who weren’t real. It was most confusing because everyone was coded in here, so no one looked any different from anyone else. It took her awhile to identify the one marker in the code that differentiated the real from the fake. And that is how she chose who to talk to and who not to talk to from that point on. She had no idea how this all helped her, but she knew it was all important. And so she filed it away in her mind, so she would have it when she finally made it out.

The psycho ward was becoming an issue. She was going to have to get out of here sooner or later in order to find the back door. But she needed Jessica to stay on her meds in order to keep control. It was going to be a real high wire act to pull this one off. Sara sighed as she lay back on her cot and tugged unconsciously at her restraints. It was getting harder and harder for her to keep Jessica in check, and if she did manage to take control again while they were still in here, it would just make matters worse. No, it was time to get out and Sarah figureif she said and did the right things it would only be a few months before she would be released. Then it wouldn’t matter if Jessica slipped out every now and then. It wouldn’t matter because no one would care out there, they would just give her weird looks and continue to do what they were programmed to do. In here though…she couldn’t afford to spend any more time in restraints, and certainly didn’t want to spend any time in solitary.

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posted on Oct, 6 2013 @ 06:02 AM


Michael took a few moments to clear his head before his next appointment. It had been really hard to keep focused on work these last few days. Mitch had given him plenty to think about and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stop thinking about Sarah. He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of whiskey. He opened it up and took a big swig, not even bothering to use a glass. This was his last appointment of the day, as soon as it was done, he would meet up with Mitch and see how their plan was going. That would make him feel better, some action. He never was one to sit around and wait for things.

Mrs. Trench knocked on his door and poked her head in. “Your last appointment is here, Michael. Do you want me to send him in?” Michael lowered his head for a moment and tried to get centered before he replied. After a moment, he looked up and shook his head yes. The sooner he got this done, the sooner he could meet with Mitch. That was the only thing on his mind right then, meeting with Mitch and saving his wife.

Michael looked up as Mrs. Trench opened the door. A young man walked through with a small package in his hand, great, another student looking for an internship. Michael was just about to dismiss the lad when he stepped forward and held the package out for Michael to take. Unsure of what to do, Michael grabbed the package and looked up questioningly at the boy.

“That is a gift from a friend. This friend wishes to remain anonymous, but is a friend just the same.” The boy moved his way around the desk and took a spot right next to Michael. “The gift comes with a message that I am supposed to give to you verbally. I will only say the message once, and because of its importance, your friend asks that you have paper and pencil ready in order to write it down. Once you write it down, you are supposed to memorize the message and then destroy it. The message is important because without the message, you will not be able to use the gift. Do you understand these instructions Michael?”

Michael nodded his head in affirmation and grabbed a pen and some paper from his desk. He scribbled down the message word for word as the boy relayed it, and as soon as it was given, the boy left. Michael stared at the message he had written down and then looked at the package sitting on his desk. He had no idea who would give him this, and after a moment decided that he would take the box and message with him to show Mitch, maybe he would know what to do.

He put the message into his right shirt pocket and grabbed the package off the desk. Heading out the door, he saw Mrs. Trench messing with a pen as he said his goodbyes and walked out the door.


Mrs. Trench was standing outside Michael’s office. She had left the door slightly a jar so she would be able to hear what was said. She hated spying on him like this, he had been her boss for several years now and he had been a good one. But the Bauyer institute had made her an offer that she just couldn’t refuse and when it came right down to it, family comes first. Her son had been in The Program for a few years now under the prisoner rehabilitation act. When they approached her and told her they could get him an early release, she had no choice but to say yes. He wasn’t supposed to be released for ten more years, but they said if she did this one little thing, they could have him out in six months. And that was all it took to get her to agree.

She grabbed a pen and piece of paper when the kid told Michael to do so and tried to hear what he was saying as he relayed the message, but was only able to catch a few words. She noticed the pen she was using had the Bauyer institute symbol on it, which she thought was ironic. Did she mistakenly take one of their pens when she met with them the last time? No, she hadn’t needed to write anything down. They must have planted it there. She unscrewed the cap and saw a small device set firmly inside the spring. They were spying on her, she should have known. Not exactly sure what to do with it, she screws the top of the pen back on and sets it back in the holder.

After Michael leaves, she picks up the phone and dials the number they had given her when she first agreed to spy for Bauyer.

“Hello, Mr. Tysdale, this is Gloria and I have something to report” The man’s voice on the other end was always muffled, you couldn’t really tell if he was young, old, or anything about him. Gloria always wondered if he used something to make it that way. And he always spoke as little as possible, which made making the phone calls even more uncomfortable then they already were.
“Report” Is all he said. Gloria takes a second to gather her thoughts. There was always a moment of reluctance before she said anything, and as soon as she had enough nerve, she proceeded.

“I don’t have much to report, couldn’t hear the whole thing. A boy came and dropped off a package. He gave Michael a message verbally and I was only able to catch a few words. The words were: ATS, code, and mailbox. That is all I have.” Gloria knew that the man wouldn’t say anything further. He never said thank you or alright, or anything at all after she reported in. And after a few seconds all she heard was dial tone. It didn’t matter though, all she had to do was wait six more months and her son would be free. She would take him and leave this town, go somewhere and start fresh. No more spying, no more reporting, a brand new life for her and her boy.

She reaches into the fridge and grabs a bottle of water, for some reason, that is all she wanted to drink lately. She didn’t know why as she usually would drink soda or juice. Although they were advertising it more on TV lately, maybe it was all that subliminal messaging stuff those people on her website are always talking about. It didn’t matter, it was better for her to drink water then pop. She would have to start a thread about it though, just in case it was some big conspiracy. They loved talking about things like that on there. And it was her favorite way to wind down after a hard day at work.

If only she could post what she really was doing on there, then maybe they would notice her a little more. She takes a moment to think about all the stars and flags she would get. No, they wouldn’t believe it anyways. It’s always “Pics or it didn’t happen” or “I think you need to unplug for a little while”
Maybe she would start a thread anyways, she could always put it in the short stories section, no one reads that forum much anyways. And she should definitely try to document what’s going on, you know, in case they try to off her or something, and then at least there would be some reference to it somewhere.

Before she leaves, she grabs the pen from out of the holder and puts it in her purse. She would put it the microwave and nuke it when she got home. That’s what they said to do for the RFID chips on the website, maybe it would work on this too. Either way, she would have proof that what she said was true when she posted her thread. She might even take a picture or two and post those up as well. That would definitely get her some stars and flags.

Gloria locks up and starts her three block walk home. Thoughts of her boy, the Bauyer institute, and the website she visits occupying her mind.


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Joseph waited patiently for the boy to return. Had he done the right thing? Or should he have stayed out of the whole affair? No, too many lives at stake for him to just ignore it. If he cared even a little about his family and friends, he had to help out. He couldn’t believe how he had got involved in to the whole thing. A member of his website had put him on the trail. Sure, he doubted the information just like everyone else at first. But then too many things started to fall into place for him to ignore it.

He pulled up the thread and checked the member’s status. Last post was 2008. The guy had posted this and then…nothing. Although he had it memorized almost word for word, he reads it again anyways.

I am a high level programmer at a well known research facility. I just quit my job because of something I found out today that will have severe repercussions for myself and the rest of the world. I have been working on a new chip that was supposed to be used in the health industry. It was supposed to help people with serious physical and mental problems to be able to function normally in society again. We called it the GOD chip, as it would help those who were blind to see, those who were paralyzed to walk, the deaf, the mentally handicapped, etc.

But today I found out they had another purpose in mind for the chip. And it is so nefarious that I have a hard time putting the words to paper. Within the next few years all of you will have one of these floating around in your body, it will be given to you and you won’t even know it’s there until it’s too late.

The end game has been laid out and I am sorry to say it my friends, but we are all screwed. They plan on having a perfect society, no wars, no hate. Everyone will be doing exactly what they are supposed to do. It sounds great until you think of the other half of it. No love, no happiness, no opinions or beliefs, the only thing in your head will be what the government puts there. You will be a zombie and so will your family and friends.

I cannot offer any proof, but I wanted to warn as many people as I could and put this down in writing in case someone survived this madness and wanted to know what happened. I know it’s a long shot, but still, I had to let someone know.

There are some warnings you can look for that will let you know when the time is near. They will want to test this new technology so you will see something similar to what I described above put in motion, only it will be geared to specific groups of society. The elderly, the sick, possibly the prison system will be effected. And it won’t be hidden; they will advertise it and encourage you to try it out.

Also, you will know what method of ingestion they will use because they will beef up the advertising on that and the price of it will be reduced. They will do everything they can to make sure everyone buys and uses it.

As for me, I’ve done all I can. I wish I knew more or could stop this, but I have a family to think about and if I survive the night, we are gonna pack it all up and go to the mountains. I can only urge you to do the same.

I know most of you won’t believe me, but that don’t matter. If only one person listens and survives this whole mess, then there is hope.


Joseph had read this originally and thought the guy had forgotten to take his meds. It wasn’t until later that night that he truly believed it. He was having dinner with his family when the doorbell rang. A young man was standing outside his door with a package in his hands. When Joseph opened the door, the boy presented the package to him and immediately spoke.

“This is a gift from a friend, he wishes to remain anonymous, but is a friend just the same. The gift comes with a message that I am supposed to give to you verbally. I will only say the message once, and because of its importance, your friend asks that you have paper and pencil ready in order to write it down. Once you write it down, you are supposed to memorize the message and then destroy it. The message is important because without the message, you will not be able to use the gift. Do you understand these instructions Joseph?”

Joseph hurriedly grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down what the boy said word for word. After the boy finished, he immediately turned and left, leaving Joseph at the door staring after him. After a minute, Joseph walked inside and read what he had written down. He had to read it over and over again; he was so distressed by it. As he took in its full meaning, he looked at his family sitting around the table and decided that he would do everything that his “friend” had asked. He reached for his cell phone and dialed up Rick. “I’ve got a job for you and it can’t wait until morning. Can you meet me at the office in ten minutes or so?”

“Um, Joseph, we own a conspiracy website man, everything can wait until morning. Unless were offline or something. And even then, they’ll just think it’s a conspiracy.” Rick rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and sat up straight in his chair. He didn’t even know what time it was, but when he counted the empty Red Bull cans, he knew he had pulled another all nighter. “You know I’ll be there, man. What’s so important that it can’t wait until morning?”

“I can’t say over the phone, I’ll tell you at the office. Don’t bring anyone with you; this one has to be just you and me.” Joseph had known Rick for years, and out of all the people in his life, Rick was the only one he would trust with something this big. Sure, they were like night and day personality wise. And sometimes they were at each other’s throats when things weren’t going well. But he knew that when push came to shove, Rick had his back. And Joseph needed someone he could trust to help him. There was no way he could do this alone.

Joseph comes back to the present when he hears the door open. The boy entered and stood at the opposite side of his desk. “Is it finished?” Joseph asked.

“I did exactly what you said, Sir. He took the package and wrote down the message. There is one thing that I should tell you though. I noticed his receptionist had left the door slightly open and was eavesdropping on the whole conversation. I made sure that when I gave him the message, I was standing very close to him so she couldn’t hear, but I cannot be sure that she didn’t hear some of what was said. Other than that, there was nothing else out of the ordinary that occurred.”

The boy stood silently waiting for Joseph to respond. Could the Bauyer institute have a spy at Michael’s office already or was this just a nosy receptionist? Joseph pulls out five hundred dollars and hands it to the boy. “Good work son, and thanks for letting me know about the receptionist.” He keeps a hold of money just long enough to add “You know this never happened, right? You never met me, I never gave you any money, and you have no idea who Michael is. You go back to your life and we never speak again. As far as anyone else is concerned, you made this money in a card game.”

“I understand, sir. I never met you and I made this money in a card game.” The boy took his money and left. He had no idea what this was all about, and he didn’t care. It was an easy five hundred bucks and he needed the money; he would’ve done a lot more for a lot less.

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